Winter Work Wear Look with a Camel Turtleneck

I’m starting a new 5 Ways to Wear series today, I’ll be styling a camel turtleneck sweater five different ways over the next few weeks. I’m kicking it off with a classy winter work wear look.

Before I continue, I just want to say that I debated posting at all today. My heart really isn’t in it, after watching the violence unfold at our nation’s Capitol last night. But we can’t spend all day watching the news; in fact, I encourage you not to do that.

During the disturbing events that happened of last year, it was clear that most of you appreciated when I went ahead with my posts, so I decided to go ahead and start this series that I’ve been teasing for a while.

When I mentioned doing this series, I had some requests to show a few work wear looks, so I thought I’d start out with an outfit you might wear to the office.

Winter Work Wear Look with a Camel Turtleneck

This is the Halogen cashmere turtleneck, which I’ve talked about a lot already. It’s still 50% off and still fully stocked at Nordstrom!

There are lots of similar options at various price points, but I don’t think you’ll get a better bang for your buck than you do with this one. I’m wearing the small, for reference.

I paired it with my Spanx Perfect Black Pants with the tailored back seams, and I added python print pumps for pattern and interest.

These pants are amazingly flattering, and they run true to size. (I’m in the medium, which according to their sizing charts is the equivalent of a 6 or 8.) I love the pull-on style with a high, flat waist — there is no muffin top with these pants.

And I have to laugh at those boxes stacked off to the side of my desk. There are always boxes in my office!

I realize not everyone wears pumps to work, but I love how they look with this outfit. These run small; I always have to size up half in Sam Edelman Hazel pumps.

We didn’t photograph them again for this post, but here’s a picture of the same shoes when I wore them with a dress back in the fall.

If you want some options for snake print flats, I love this cap toe ballet flat, or for more of a splurge, these AGL notch ballet flats in the cognac snake are gorgeous. DSW also has this snake print penny loafer and this horsebit loafer with a low heel.

I added a long necklace to break up the solid color top. My Yurman crossover pendant was a Christmas gift from Paul a few year’s back, but there are so many options at various price points. I like this double circle pendant on Amazon, and the Kendra Scott Simon long pendant is really pretty as well.

My nail polish is CND Plum Paisley, by the way. I absolutely love it.

For anyone who might be going to the office, or wearing this to church or out to dinner, I added a classic black wool reefer coat.

I’ve had this one for years, and it’s still available, fully stocked, and on sale. It also comes in several other pretty colors. I love that burgundy!

I take a size 6 in this coat, so it’s TTS, or size down if in between.

It’s hard to see, but I’m also carrying a Kate Spade shoulder bag. It was part of the #NSale, and it sold out, but this one is lovely as well. Or a black tote is always nice for the office.

This outfit is so simple, but it looks classy and put-together, and you should be able to recreate it with pieces at any price point. The snake print pumps are what really pull it all together, but if you have leopard or cheetah print, they would work too.

Even if it’s not with the shoes, I would try to incorporate pattern somewhere into this simple camel and black outfit, whether it be a scarf or bag or a piece of jewelry.

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camel turtleneck // black pants // snake print pumps // reefer coat // necklace

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photos: Alison Cornell

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  1. I love this classic and chic color combo. You can’t go wrong. It’s always stylish and an eye catcher. Thank you for your daily emails in the crazy world we are living in. After bus stop drop off, I’m back home readying your emails. Thank you for continuing your fashion blog. It’s a great distraction from “real world problems.” 
    I love Sam Edelman shoes. Loafer, mules, heels, they all fit me like a glove. However, I’m considering the Gucci mules. Have you stepped over to the other side to try them on?  I’ve heard you go up a half size. Have a great day and stay away from the news. 

  2. THIS. This is why we (or at least I) follow you. An acknowledgement of the horror and the fear. The acknowledgement of the need to  be informed AND balanced in our media exposure. A tip for those with kids, a nod to devotions in handling it personally. A gracious offer to opt out today if needed. And then doing your job, as so many will need to continue doing today and every day. Oh, and the bonus of a great post!

    Seriously, readers. Will we get all this anywhere else today? Thank you, Jo-Lynne. Be well. 

    1. Amen to everything Diane said so eloquently!  God bless the USA.  Thank you Jo-Lynne for continuing to post despite the heart ache and chaos.  It is a welcome reprieve from reality.  I love that you feature quality clothes, not fast fashion.  What a classy, timeless look!  The python pumps make the outfit. 

    2. YES! Diane hit the nail on the head! Your words are exactly what I was thinking and going to write – or something close to it! Lol

      As for this outfit…Wow! So classy and very flattering on you! You look awesome!

      Have a blessed day, everyone!

    3. Exactly Diane! I watched a lot of the news and read a great deal yesterday but was happy to divert for a few minutes from that horror  to think about Jo-Lynne’s laundry issues she mentioned on Instagram. And happy to get this post today. 

    4. Yes Diane! I echo your sentiments. We can’t be ostriches nor can we obsess. We must acknowledge and move on. It struck me this morning that we as a nation have abandoned God in a very big way. All this lawlessness and hatred is not the workings of democracy but of the enemy and people on both sides – the radical left and extreme right are both sadly lost. They so emphatically believe in their rhetoric but have lost their faith, if they ever had it. We cannot set this country back on a God-centered path when He’s been expunged from our world and replaced with a world view that is the antithesis of godly living and values. We as Christians can only pray for our country and for wisdom and guidance. Never have the words be in this world but not of it rung truer. 

      Thanks for people like you and Jo-Lynne for a voice of reason when it appears our nation’s leaders have abandoned the ship. 

    5. Perfectly said!

      Thanks Jo-Lynne, I look forward to your blog..especially “Coffee Talk” We are all in this together, it is nice to feel that.

  3. You look fierce in this outfit!!  I love everything about this (for me) except the drop shoulder.  I feel like it is not a flattering look on me and I am much better suited for fitted looks.  I really wish that trend would die!

  4. Thank you for your posts. Work, your posts, and work on the house are what are keeping me sane (kinda) in these difficult times. I agree – I cannot keep watching the news all the time. It is too upsetting and depressing.
    Thought of you as I dressed this morning (after yoga – again thank you for introducing me to Adriene. I am trying to follow this month’s new program.) I have a doctor’s appointment, so I decided to get out of workout clothes. Jeans and the Chelsea28 cowl neck sweater. It is so soft (it does shed a bit, so I have to be careful which bottoms I wear it with.)
    Camel and black are beautiful together. You look great in this outfit today (as always.)

    1. Arna. How do you do the yoga with Adriene?  Is it a online class you pay for? Years ago I did a regular yoga class and built up strength but then teacher retired and I got away from it. I’d like to do it again. 

      1. All free! She has so many single videos plus 30 day ones. Right now she is doing a new 30 day program, Breath. The other 30 day ones I have done so far: Home, Dedicate, 30 Days of Yoga, True. She posts the Breath days one by one, on youtube, since this is a new one. The others are all on youtube. I think she does a new month calendar every January. The other ones I list are past ones.
        She is wonderful, so supportive, funny at times, love her dog Benji. She really knows her stuff, but she is great for beginners (like me). You can look up a video for a specific part of the body, feeling, etc. I try to get on the mat 4-5 days a week, but this month I am aiming for every day.
        Try her! I think you will really like her.

  5. Love this look! Thanks for sharing. I typically don’t like snake print but I love your pumps and they make the outfit- classy and classic with a fun little twist.

    I loved what you wrote in your email about yesterday’s events. The world we live in feels so heavy to me. I have to constantly remind myself that I can only find true peace in Him, that He remains sovereign and that none of this surprises Him.

  6. We are on the same wavelength today. I had already planned to wear this color combination. Yesterday I received 2 sweaters in this color — the exact one you are wearing and a Vince cotton and wool v-neck. I can’t decide which one to wear, but they are both fabulous sweaters.  I look forward to 4 more ways to wear a camel sweater.  And thank you for the gracious way you addressed the current situation in the capitol, and then moved on. Yes, we all need distraction from what is going on, and your blog is a safe and fun place to be. I appreciate you. 

  7. love the classics – thank you – thanks for giving us something else to think about and see today. Be well

  8. Hi Jo-Lynne, you are truly a class act. I love how you acknowledge what is happening, give an empathetic response, and then treat us to a diversion. All of that is much needed and I thank you. The outfit is lovely as well.

  9. Thank you for acknowledging the violence that occurred last night. Most bloggers will just skip it by saying that they want their blog to be a place of light or whatever bs term they use, when all they want are click$ and to not offend anyone in order to preserve those click$. This is why I come HERE to see an adult with wonderful taste who isn’t afraid to show a little of how she truly feels. Thank you again.

    1. Thanks, Carol. Although I do want to say, this space can be a really hard place to be during times like this, and I respect each blogger’s decision to handle these situations the way she feels best. There are a lot of expectations to say things in a certain way and on a certain time table, and it can be very stressful, on top of balancing the needs of kids and families and those conversations that need to happen as well. It all gets to be, well, a lot. 🙂

  10. Beautiful classic look, can’t go wrong with that combo!  Glad you decided to keep on posting, we have to have something to look forward to!  
    Like everyone else, it was shocking to see what went on in our Nation’s capital.  With all that is going on with COVID, the last thing we need is our country to be in an uproar.  
    Speaking of COVID, hubby and I are getting tested today as we’ve had symptoms, although it feels like we both have colds. He actually feels worse, having had a temp on and off plus we both lost our sene of taste and smell.   Our daughter just tested positive and granddaughter got tested on Monday, just waiting for her results. It’s unreal how fast this spreads, as we haven’t been with our daughters since Christmas Day.  Now our niece was just exposed as her coworker tested positive.  Her parents babysit for her, so now they’re anxious about having been exposed….and on and on it goes……
    Praying for our Country and everyone being touched by COVID.   🙏🏻

    1. Gin. Hope you both are going to be ok and don’t test positive but loosing your taste and smell sounds like it. My mom tested positive Dec 28 th in assisted living and so far just very over tired. It does spread fast. 

  11. First, love the outfit post. Second, but more importantly, thank you for addressing the trauma of yesterday.  Thirty-five years ago I was commissioned as an officer in the Air Force.  I raised my right hand to defend the Constitution from enemies foreign and domestic. I have always felt honored and humbled to have served.  I am heartbroken today and in tears as I write this.  Democracy is a fragile thing and takes all of us to help defend it.  I know none of you know me but feel this is a place I can share my pain. We were once referred to as “that shining city on a hill”.  What happened?  Can anyone watching the scenes from yesterday say all people are treated equally? Again, Jo-Lynne a heartfelt “Thank you” for addressing this as only you can do.  Hope Savannah is doing well after her dental appointment yesterday.

    1. Thank you so much for your service, Karon. The events of yesterday were so disheartening. I’m praying this country is able to begin to mend the division.

    2. Thank you for your service, Karon.  I can’t imagine how your heart hurts seeing what happened yesterday. And thank you, Jo-Lynn, for addressing the heaviness and yet giving your followers a bright spot in the day. Your blog is the best. 

  12. Beautiful outfit, classic pieces, Jo-Lynne, thank you.
    And thank you to Diane for your eloquent words that sum up my sentiments exactly .

  13. Beautiful work or church out. I love how you styled it and the various price options provided.

    Thank you for posting today!  The despicable actions of some of our fellow Americans is sickening and unacceptable. Posting provided a much needed distraction. I too started my day with prayer and devotion. I am grateful that I have my faith, you and fellow Jo-Lynne Shane followers during these troubling times. 

  14. Lovely, dignified, elegant, professional, polished, put together and comfortable.  Well done — a perfect look for this day as we all pick up and move forward and keep working.

  15. Thank you Jo-Lynne for doing what you do. A very welcome distraction in an unsettling world. Love all these classy outfits!

  16. Beautiful classy outfit!! I too started my day with devotions and that always helps set the tone and direction of my day. Please don’t ever feel you shouldn’t post your blog. Like Diane so eloquently said, you have a great balance of acknowledgment, compassion, guidance and levity. It is important that we have a place to go to escape difficult and challenging times and your blog is a welcome relief! That said, please be sure to take time for your own self-care. God Bless!

  17. Woot-whoo! I love this look! Very polished and sharp. Your blogs are a wonderful distraction, please continue doing what you do. I have a heavy heart today. I agree completely with your take on the news. Sometimes all you can do is turn it off, focus on your family and say a prayer.

  18. I really wish I could have gotten the black spanx pants to work. I ordered them on sale way back when you first styled them. I’m 5’3” and like 120 lbs. I ordered the small and petite small. Both were wayyyy tight and showed everyone lump and bump. Infact the small was worse than the petite small…. strange. Yours on you look so slimming and nice. If I went with the medium than they would no way be true to size for me. I’m always a size 4. Just wonder if a petite medium would work. I need to get to a store to try on as these seem like the perfect basic black pant to have and I need. You look great and so professional in this outfit. As for current affairs as of yesterday, I appreciate you sharing your thoughts and so glad you went ahead to post. We need fun, distraction from this crazy world and we shouldn’t sit and watch TV all day. I woke up heavy hearted too and turned on the TV to see if the count was finished and it was then turned off the TV and went to my devotional and prayer and then checked out yours and Cyndi’s blog. Cyndi’s verse in her BFTH was so fitting and I passed it onto my friends. John 16:33. Good reminder who has overcome this world of ours. Trust in HIM. Have a good day and hope your run helped clear your mind. 

  19. Thank you for posting. I appreciate that bloggers and influencers mention the current events but if I want to read about political opinions and news, I go to the news sources. I like to have a respite from all that and fashion, food, home decor are a break and good for my mental health. We all need a break.
    I love this outfit & how classy it looks and just love the shoes!! I know you’re not a color expert but could you talk about the different shades of camel? I feel like I have similar coloring as you but clearly I don’t because you often to wear camel, pink & pastel shades that I cannot pull off. I’ve tried and they just don’t look good on me. I look much better in the jewel tones, black, grey, etc… the classic “winter” colors. Are there camel sweaters with warm undertones and camel sweaters with cool undertones? Which do you usually look for?
    I just went through and read the other comments & I echo their words. Thanks for being a class act!

    1. Hey Gina. So yes, there are cool and warm shades of almost every color, all colors? This is what Kelly Snyder teaches in her Adore Your Wardrobe class, and it makes sense, but I’m not the best at determining which is which. (Her next class starts on 1/2/21, if anyone’s interested. It’s well worth it: https://bit.ly/AYW2020)

      Camel is a tough one, and I go with my gut. Some look really yellow to me, and I don’t care for them. This one is darker than some, which I like b/c it gives more contrast against my pale skin, and I do think it leans to a cooler shade, but I’m not 100% sure of that. I think my dark hair helps too.

      And thanks for your kind words. 🙂

  20. Carry on dear friend. This is why I follow you. Acknowledgment of what is going on and knowing God is our savior, mentally, spiritually and truthfully.  Post on. We all need the normal. 

    1. Oh, where’s my head?  I LOVE the outfit Jo-Lynne. Camel and black are the classiest of color combos and you elevated the look with style. Gorgeous. 

  21. Jolynne, I am same height as you and interested in the pants. The inseams are 26 for regular and 28 for tall on the spanx website. This seems odd to me as I am usually 28 for a regular. Are you in regular or tall?

  22. I bought this sweater. It’s very soft, and VERY warm. I didn’t realize how warm cashmere can be! Thanks for the tip. I love it. 

  23. You are always classy and show your kindness and thoughtfulness daily. I appreciate your acknowledgment of current events while still providing your content (it is a great distraction!) I will be taking a break from social media and blogs for a little bit. After all the events yesterday, my social media channels are filled with hate and I’m so done with it all! I don’t know what to believe anymore. But I refuse to accept the narrative that our country is trashed. There is so much more good happening that never gets reported. Thanks Jo-Lynne for being one of those “good people” who bring positivity to our lives. 

  24. Wonderful post JoLynne! Not just the outfit (you look great, beautiful combo!) but your nod to the goings on in the world is spot on. We don’t watch the news on repeat at our house either but just enough to know what’s going on. Thank you for continuing to post. We all need a little distraction and this is just the sunshine needed today. Keep it up! 🙂

  25. Wonderful post today.  Not only the beautiful outfit, but your thoughts as well.  Thank you for sharing and for continuing on with your post and giving us a welcome distraction.  It’s the perfect balance.

  26. Thank you so much for addressing yesterday’s horrors rather than just doing a normal cheery post today. While I usually look forward to a distraction from trouble by thinking of fashion etc., today it was important for me to know that others recognize how difficult today is for so many Americans and your post actually provided some comfort. 

  27. Beautiful outfit, JoLynne! I wish I could wear heels as they lend such a feminine, elegant look to an outfit. 

    As a Canadian, I won’t comment on what happened in your Capitol last night, except to say you handled it exceptionally well in your post today. 

  28. What a classy outfit that you look so very nice in.  I see this outfit appropriate for so many life events.  Do the Spanx pants ever go on sale?  If so, I’d like to have them replace one of the ones hanging in my closet, that are older than dirt.  I’m glad that you did post today because as you said, we don’t need to dwell on the real nastiness in this world, but focus on the One that can help us the most.  Enjoy your evening!

  29. Love this outfit – but I read it wrong, I thought there were going to be 5 ways to wear camel turtleneck, haha.
    Please keep posting fashion and your personal touches. Just reading the comments here make me feel there is hope for our country.

  30. Thank you for the thoughtful remarks. I pray that what we witnessed this summer along with yesterday’s events are not representative of most of the American people. I pray for God’s favor on this great county, Sincerely,

  31. Thank you for acknowledging the disturbing events from yesterday.
    It was really difficult to see it all played out on tv.
    I’m also pleased that you decided to post today, since it is always fun to read your thoughts on fashion (and we could use the distraction from all the stuff). You always strike the perfect balance between the outside world and your lovely community of fashion followers. 
    This outfit looks amazing on you! I just received my sweater a couple of days ago. It’s so soft and fits perfectly but I haven’t worn it yet.
    I knew it would look great with black pants. Those shoes really make the outfit. Looking forward to seeing the other ways it can be styled. Thanks, Jo-Lynne!

  32. I have this exact outfit thanks to your recommendations and I love both pieces!❤️ I can’t wait to see other ways you style this sweater.  

  33. You look absolutely beautiful!! I love the camel and black together very classy. Thank you so much for all your hard work you put into your job each day! Thank you for expressing what is going on in our country right now. Sometimes I have no words to offer except pray and meditation. You are an example of a women to your beautiful family. 

  34. Reading this on the weekend—love this outfit and your posts.  Thank you for posting an outfit for work.  When we do return to the office I think even formal offices will skew toward casual and this outfit would be perfect.  Although I’m blonde and camel is an iffy proposition with lighter coloring, I’m giving it a try.

  35. I live in DC. I really enjoy your posts. During the COVID quarantining getting dressed up has helped me stay positive mentally and emotionally. It has also distracted my daughter from worry because she sees me bright and pulled together daily. Keep encouraging others. Your recommendations make it easy to think about creating a confident look.

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