What I Wore Lately Vol. 43

It’s been a pretty slow week around here (meaning, not much style inspiration) but some of the things I’ve worn are on sale or low inventory, so I figured I’d go ahead and post What I Wore Lately again this week.

For anyone just tuning in, this is when I share my daily outfits from the past week or two.

SIZING NOTES: I’m 5’5″ and unless I say otherwise, I’m wearing a 6/28 in pants/jeans, a small in tops, a 6 in dresses/jumpsuits, and size 8 shoe.

What I Wore Lately

Last Wednesday was spent mostly at home, but I think I ran out to the grocery store at some point.

My wedge sneakers with the faux fur trim are comfy and warm and give my feet some support throughout the day, and this sweater is currently on sale.

It comes in several colors, and it’s really soft and comfortable — easy to throw on with jeans. You’ve seen it before, but here’s a look from the side. It has the split hem and hangs longer in the back.

I like it best with skinny jeans because of the boxy silhouette with a traditional length and split hem. I feel like it would look sloppy with a wider leg pant, especially if they fit looser through the thighs as well.

cowl neck sweater (S) // similar jeans (28) // wedge sneakers (8)

I had a chiropractor appointment on Thursday, and threw on this Indoorsy tee with joggers, and I used the opportunity to wear my new sherpa jacket.

Indoorsy tee (sold out) // Vuori joggers (M; also at Nordstrom) // On Cloud trainers (8) // GapFit sherpa (S)

This is what I wore to my workout on Friday morning… I lift weights, so I like to wear joggers or leggings for ease of movement.

I took my sweatshirt off once I got warmed up, of course, and then I wore it for a while after I got back home before getting showered and dressed for the day.

This performance tee is moisture-wicking, so it dries quickly and I don’t get cold after I cool down.

Zella performance tee // Zella hoodie // Vuori leggings // Brooks sneakers

We visited with friends on Friday night, and I kept it casual. They came to us, so I pulled out these Tory Burch ballet flats. Sometimes boots seem a bit much for around the house, and I wasn’t feeling the sneaker vibe.

I used to wear these flats all the time with jeans and sweaters, and lately they’ve taken backseat to fashion sneakers and mules, but I can’t part with them. They’re perfect for casual entertaining or just for wearing at home when I want to be dressed and wear something light on my feet.

Naadam sweater (S) // AG jeans (28) // similar Tory Burch flats (8.5) // Yurman hoops

And then I went to the mall on Saturday with Paul and R. I went for a run that morning, so I did the whole shower/hair/makeup thing again.

It was actually a mild afternoon, so I took the opportunity to wear my AllSaints moto jacket. It’s amazing how warm a cashmere sweater under a leather moto can be. I was perfectly comfortable walking to and from the car at the mall and then again at the grocery store on the way home… although I have to admit, I felt a little overdressed for the grocery store.

Here’s the mirror selfie version — sometimes it gives a nice alternate perspective.

You’ve seen this all before. I like the contrast of the light grey sweater and off-black jeans with the oxblood on top.

AllSaints leather moto (8) // Reformation sweater (M) // similar Good American jeans (6) // Vince boots (8) // Yurman hoops // B-Low the Belt belt (M)

And then it was all downhill from there…

Sunday was a snow day, as you can probably see from the window behind me, and I decided to keep it cozy and comfy.

I didn’t even put on makeup, but I did put on some jewelry. I almost always do at least that much. By the way, my sherpa is on clearance for $25! I have the small.

Not sure why I look so excited here. Maybe it was the snow.

Abercrombie sherpa (S) // Zella lounge leggings // UGG slippers // specs

When I woke up Monday, it was STILL snowing! Crazytown.

I did manage some makeup and a real outfit, but I stuck my hair back in a clip for another day. I wasn’t going anywhere, and I figured who cares.

This was the day I spent writing about what jeans are in style for 2021, so I was inspired to pull out these Agolde straight ankle jeans.

Because they’re shorter and straighter than my usual skinny ankle jeans, I always pair them with a shorter sweater and give it a front-tuck. This sweater was an #NSale purchase, and it’s still available, but I think I paid even less than it’s going for now.

Vince sweater (S) // Agolde jeans // Veja sneakers

And then yesterday, I went for one of my oldest, most favorite sweaters and AG jeans. I think this sweater is Theory, but I can’t remember for sure; the tag fell out once at the dry cleaner’s.

I also wore these Sorel boots… I didn’t go anywhere wearing this, but I was cold, and they’re cozy. They’re also on sale!

old sweater // AG jeans // Sorel boots

And that’s all I’ve got! I told you, it was a slow week around here. When I know I’m not going anywhere or seeing anyone besides my family, it’s hard to get motivated to wash my hair and do the whole get-ready thing.

I’ve been trying to wear jeans more, though, because I’ve put on a few pounds, and I need that waistband to remind me not to snack. Who’s with me?

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  1. I hear you about the jeans…the first lockdown last spring I got up every day and showered, put on real clothes and makeup so I felt productive. This time around (we’ve been in lockdown, stay at home since Dec 26 here in Ontario, Canada) I haven’t been as good about it….comfy clothes are more the norm…but i do try to do hair and makeup everyday.
    Anyways one question…do you really wear shoes and/or boots around your house every day? I am pretty much always in barefeet, birkenstocks or slippers when I’m at home. Shoes in the house just seems unnecessary to me so I’ve always wondered about bloggers who show tie up shoes and boots etc in the house.

  2. Totally agree about putting on the jeans! I’m a big fan of joggers/leggings around the house this time of year it just feels more cozy and comfortable plus being dressed up too much just doesn’t fit in for my daily activities around the house. It’s nice to put them on when friends or family come over or a trip out shopping! Sometimes when I’m home I just put them on real quick like a try on session to make sure all is good lol. I’m curious about the boots and shoes around the house too! Like Sharon I’m in Canada and I don’t think I’ve ever been anywhere where boots and shoes are in inside unless they’re an indoor shoe🤷‍♀️. I love what you wore shopping and to get groceries!! I’m sure you were the best dressed 💕

  3. I think I might have to start wearing jeans to help keep motivated as well. I’ve easily fallen into a dressing slump. I really liked the Zella Lounge Leggings, but I had to return them. They fell down, or crept down is more like it. I could never seem to pull them up enough, and when I walked the crotch was getting lower and lower – I’ve already lived the 80’s, I don’t need MC Hammer pants, again 😂. I am so grateful for Nordstroms return policy ❤️

  4. I’ve also learned the hard way to try on my accountability size 28 or 29 jeans 1x/wk otherwise not all is well. Is it just me or are carbs cravings worse in the winter?  Enjoyed my SuperBowl treats but have to wisen up now. Love your oxblood moto jacket. It’s gorgeous. This polar vortex deep freeze in Alberta, Canada is tough -26C or -15F…..ugh…. Not wearing outdoor shoes inside is definitely a Canadian, Russian and Scandinavian cultural thing 😉  We take shoes/ boots off at the door inside and wear slippers or indoor shoes at home. No Sorrels indoors. So looking forward to dining out. Restaurants re opened to indoor dining at 50% capacity this Monday and dining only with your own household. 

    1. I usually put on more weight in the spring/summer b/c of so much outdoor entertaining, but this winter I have struggled with so much time at home and it being so cold. I just want to eat all the carbs. I’m doing a paleo/keto-ish diet for a few weeks to try to get back into my comfort zone. Everything is tight and I hate that feeling.

    2. I’m in Minnesota and no one here wears their outdoor shoes in the house, either. It probably has a lot to do with the weather and the mess our shoes can go through outdoors, as well as cultural norms. 🙂 I have slippers I wear around the house, as well as some clogs and flip flops for indoors only, since my feet need the support. I even bring them with to put on at other people’s homes.

  5. I hear you on the snacking…I went back to my intermittent fasting. I recently received Dr. Jason Fung’s book The Complete Guide to Fasting which is a must read for anyone who doesn’t understand how not eating, insulin and metabolism interact. For me, I must stay very low carb or my cravings just get out of control. He explains why this is in the book. I already knew all this, but it was a reminder that there’s more at stake than tight pants. 

    I also was amused by your ‘overdressed for grocery store’. Where I live, lace up shoes and combed hair are dressed up. The average woman in this neighborhood is stuffed like a sausage into too tight leggings with serious amount of flesh exposed under her too short top or she’s wearing flannel pj bottoms. Footwear is usually rubber flip flops or really old Uggs. 

    My grandma always used that expression ‘I wouldn’t be caught dead in that’. I took that to heart I guess. Anyway,  by acting like a person who cares about her appearance you are elevating the standard. Nothing like a little class!

    1. I need to read that! I loved Obesity Code but it didn’t all apply directly to me. I have kept up with IF but I am tightening up my window a bit, and also focusing on nutrient dense foods and trying to cut out the snacks.

      1. I get it completely. People who aren’t technically obese still can have metabolic problems. As a diabetic educator I met loads of women who were thin to normal but still had blood sugar issues due to hyperinsulinemia and insulin resistance. I think right now I’m focusing on eliminating all inorganic produce (glyphosate) all seed oils (high omega 6 fatty acids) and sugars of any type. And my biggest bugaboo is milk in my coffee. It’s a viscous circle. I drink coffee as an alternative to snacking and it’s lower carb milk at only 6 grams per 8 oz but it’s enough to really trash a fast!  So it occurred to me that not eating anything after dinner at 6 and postponing that first coffee til 6 is a 12 hr window. And it’s not easy to get up later but dinner could be earlier. After dinner snacking is the absolute worst for me. 

          1. Yes I should but I hate it black and it seems to bother my tummy. We’ve been drinking Peets only. I know there are some lower acid coffees out there. We drank it black in Paris because it was quick and cheaper at the counter. I think coffee in Europe is mostly African origin rather that Central American grown. It seemed milder. Ah Paris, land of my dreams.  

  6. I too am with you on the jeans. I am on the upper end of my weight limit before I can’t wear but one or two pairs of pants. So I put on jeans the other day with tall boots and felt like a million bucks at the grocery store! My eyes are finally adjusting to the shorter and straighter leg jeans too. Still don’t like it, but they look normal to me now. Found your raw hem Levi’s at Target. Yes. My daughter even couldn’t believe they had regular Levi’s. I had to size up, but they didn’t bag out and wore them with slip on sneakers to watch the superbowl. They have a high waist and didn’t show a superbowl belly! Not a bad pricepoint to try a new trend, $59.99.

    1. Char, 
      If it’s any consolation I have to size up on both Levi’s and Lee jeans. For most 10s work but Talbots I need 8s. Chico’s size 1 are snug and 1.5 are loose. Go figure. Mostly it’s if the hips fit the waist is too big and lower cut, they tend to sag so I’m looking forward to higher rises and fewer belts. But no mom jeans. My perfect jeans are NYDJ and I have 8s and 10s and one old 12 that I dried on high! So they may be closer to a ten. 

      I’m hoping by taking all the between meal snacks out will just take care of the holiday excesses. It’s essential to be aware of eating and tight pants are a constant reminder!

  7. I’m with you on the jeans!  I need the structure for sure.  A few pounds have crept on this last year and my jeans are telling the tale!  I’ve never been one to wear lounge clothes during the day and I guess it’s a good thing or it would be more than just a few pounds!  I do enjoy cozy joggers or leggings in the evenings though. 

  8. I had to being wearing jeans for the reminder too. I’ve been doing a lot of Shut-IN baking (which usually I only back for a birthday and Christmas. As far as shoes I need to wear supportive sneakers around the house or my feet will be aching by mid afternoon. I’ve never been a “barefoot” kind of person even as a child.

  9. I completely get the clothes fitting part. In New Zealand we had a really strict lockdown at the time, with only grocery stores and pharmacies open; no retail shops or restaurants open, no takeaways even and no online shopping. So staying at home the whole time, and lots of home baking. Even the slouchy pants weren’t fitting. First day after restrictions lifted, I was off buying jeans and jogger pants. I’m still working hard to keep to that size, but much easier with it being summer here.

  10. I don’t wear my Abercrombie Sherpa pullover too. UHC because I get to hot in it inside, but I still really like it.  It is hard to get dressed on days when you know that only your family will see you, but I’ve found that I am happier when I look in a mirror, if I’m a little more presentable.  Jeans and other pants with a regular waistband don’t work well with my sacroiliac, so I do prefer to be in joggers, etc.  I hope that you did t get too cold during the photo shoot.  Do y’all still have snow on the ground?  While we didn’t have sun today, the temp made it to 68.

  11. Loving the casual vibe! Not much open around here so other than picking up food to go and eating outside not much to do. I am inspired to get out of my leggings and wear some cute tops with jeans and boots!

  12. Fun post! I’m one that has to get dressed, even when I’m home. I may be more casual and not have make up on but I need to put on pants or I just want to sit in front of the TV and watch movies with a blanket.

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