What Jeans are In Style For 2021?

Everyone wants to know what jeans are in style for 2021, and if they’re going to have to part ways with their beloved skinny jeans. Now that I’ve had a chance to play around with more styles, here’s my take on the situation!

Yes, my friends. Skinny jeans are on the downward slope of the fashion trend spectrum, and straighter styles are on their way up, or perhaps even at the top, depending on where you live and how fashion-forward it is. But that does NOT necessarily mean you should go into your closet and clear out all of your skinny jeans. On the other hand, if you’re feeling over your skinny jeans, or perhaps you never really embraced them to begin with, there are plenty of other options out there right now.

Before we get going, allow me to make my standard disclaimer: You should wear what you like, regardless of trends. If you feel good in it, then wear it. End of story.

But you probably wouldn’t be reading this post if you don’t care at all about what’s in style. I enjoy analyzing fashion trends and personal style and how they work together for each unique person. Is it the most important thing in my life? No, but it’s the point of this blog. So let’s discuss!

My goal as far as fashion trends are concerned is to be stylish and modern, while staying true to myself. I don’t care to be a slave to fashion and embrace every trend that comes down the pike, but I’m open to trying them.

Fashion is always evolving, and I don’t want to be left behind, so I’m always experimenting with what’s on trend at the moment. Plus, this blog would be really boring if I stuck to the wearing same styles year after year! Also remember that our perception of what styles look best on us may change as fashion evolves and our eyes adjust to new trends.

Mother Insider crop bootcut jeans (TTS) // sweater // sandals // bag

When it comes to denim styles, I like my skinny jeans and feel good in them, but I also don’t want to get stuck in a rut and end up looking dated and out of style because I wasn’t willing to try new things… or old things that are coming back around in a slightly new way.

I’ve had a lot of people tell me recently that they’re overwhelmed and frustrated with current denim styles and whether or not to embrace them, and I get it. I’m right there with you. But just because one article says that a certain article of clothing is “out” according to one particular age group doesn’t mean you should immediately toss all your favorite jeans. Let’s think about how trends work.

How Trends Work

Most trends have a life cycle, if you will, and they exist on a spectrum. They will gradually increase in popularity until they eventually peak, and then slowly decrease in popularity as they phase out.

I mean, sure, some trends are here today, gone tomorrow — like cold shoulder tops, for example. One summer, that’s all you could find, and by the next summer season, you could barely locate one in a mainstream retail store. But denim styles are rarely that cut and dried.

As each trend rises and falls in popularity, it overlaps the other trends that are also rising and falling, but they rarely rise and fall in synchrony. Older styles get phased out as newer styles arrive on the scene. Envision one of those line charts from 8th grade math class. I’m totally making this up, as far as the actual data goes, but here’s a visual to illustrate my point.

Also remember that where you live has a lot to do with when these trends rise and fall, and which ones have the most staying power, and your eye will adjust as the new styles become mainstream. It’s okay to wear a variety of styles, and slowly phase them in and out of your closet over time, as your budget allows and your eyes adjust to new silhouettes.

That said, there are definitely styles you can wear that will make you look dated, and some styles that will make you look more fashion-forward, and sometimes it’s the smallest details that make all the difference… such as the rise or wash of your jeans, rather than the leg style.

So, what jeans are in style for 2021?

All of them, really, but as I said above, some are on the rise and some on the decline.

I definitely see the pendulum definitely swinging back towards straighter, looser styles… often with higher rises and shorter inseams, but the full-length relaxed styles are right behind them.

To keep to the illustration above, skinny jeans have peaked in popularity and are on the downward slope of the line graph, and straighter, more relaxed styles are on the upswing.

Madewell high waist ripped bootcut jeans (TTS) // boots // jacket // tee

Some of you will tell me that where you live, the pendulum has already swung back, and straight styles are all you see, even among women our age. Where I live, it’s still a mix. Women in my area of the suburbs are definitely still wearing their skinny jeans, but when I’m at the mall, which is a good 15 miles closer to Philadelphia, I see a lot of the straighter styles, mom jeans, high rise cropped flares, and even some of the long baggy jeans.

The best jeans for you depends on where you live, your body type and personal style, your lifestyle, and even your age, to a certain extent. (I don’t believe age should dictate what we wear, however, some styles are harder to pull off as we get older.) And remember, it doesn’t have to be all or nothing; you can have a variety of denim styles in your closet.

My Advice

If you’re one of those who loves her skinnies but wants to keep up with current trends, my best advice is to start experimenting with some straighter styles, but take your time with it. Don’t start ditching your favorite jeans just yet.

Try different lengths, different leg shapes, different rises, and different washes to see what looks best on you and what feels most true to your personal style. I’ve tried on tons of different styles and finally found several that I really like.

Last winter, I discovered the AG Mari, a straight ankle style that fits close to the thighs like a skinny, but it’s cut straight from the knee to hem so it fits easily over Chelsea boots.

AG Mari straight ankle jeans (TTS) // sweater // jacket // boots // bag

I also tried to incorporate more cigarette leg jeans into my outfit rotation. This is a slim straight style that is cut close to the thighs but then a bit straighter from knee to hem. It’s not as trendy as a vintage mom jean but it’s not the same legging-like fit of the skinnies of the past few years. The AG Prima cigarette ankle jeans is a good example of this — the leg opening is a couple inches smaller than the AG Mari.

AG Prima ankle cigarette jeans (TTS or size up if in between) // sweater //  loafers // tote // sunnies

Then over the spring and summer, I started wearing straighter cropped styles and crop flares. I surprised myself by falling in love with these Mother Insider crop bootcut jeans. If you don’t like the rips and tears, they have other options. And for a lower price point, check out the Madewell demi boot style.

Mother The Insider crop bootcut jeans (TTS) // tee // sandals

Here’s how these translate to fall with booties. This pair runs smaller than the ones above — I recommend sizing up a full size in these.

Mother The Insider crop bootcut jeans // sweater // tee // boots

If you’re not into the crop flare, consider a crop straight. The AGOLDE Toni is similar to the AG Mari, but it’s more of a crop length. The leg opening measurement is 13″ — so right in between the Prima and the Mari styles above.

AGOLDE Toni straight ankle jeans (TTS or size down if in between) // similar jacket // similar sneakers

I feel like these are a great way to bridge the gap between skinnies and straight leg jeans if you’re trying to keep it modern without totally embracing the mom jeans trend.

AGOLDE Toni straight leg jeans (TTS or size down if in between) // sweater (sold out) // sneakers

Speaking of mom jeans, I’ve tried a lot of them, and they’re not my favorite silhouette. Usually a mom jean is relaxed through the hips and thighs and slightly tapered toward the ankle. I just found this KUT from the Kloth Rachael mom jean style that isn’t terrible… still not my favorite, as I prefer a closer fit in the thighs, but it’s a nice compromise between the mom jeans my teenager wears and the slim straight crop styles that I like.

KUT from the Kloth Rachael Fab Ab Mom Jeans (TTS) // booties // thermal top

I’m also seeing longer lengths coming back into vogue, and I love how they pair with booties for fall. I added this pair of NYDJ straight leg jeans to my closet during the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale this summer. They’re a full-length straight cut with a more relaxed fit than the AG Mari, and they look very current to my eye. They have a 10″ rise, which is mid to high, depending on your body type.

NYDJ Marilyn straight leg jeans (size down) // boots // sweater

And this Madewell pair is actually a bootcut, but I feel like it has more of a straight silhouette. It’s not sloppy, but it’s definitely more relaxed. The rise is very high, though, so be aware of that.

Madewell high waist bootcut jeans (TTS) // sweater // boots

And I hate to say it, but yes, evolving denim styles also means you may need to reassess your tops and shoes. That’s probably the most frustrating part of the process for me. I have so many sweaters and tops that I love, but they don’t all look quite right with the straighter denim styles — especially when the jeans are a crop length. I have several posts on how to wear cropped jeans for different seasons, and I address tops and shoes in each of those posts.

If you love skinny jeans and plan to keep wearing them, try styling them in a more modern way. I recommend pairing them with Chelsea boots, combat boots, or hiker style boots… rather than the lower shaft fashion booties you may have been wearing for the past few years.

Also, pay attention to the rise. A higher rise looks more modern than low rise… for now, anyway! I’m hearing that low rise styles are on their way back, but I really don’t think this middle-aged middle can handle that trend again. I just got used to high rises, so I’ll stick with that for now, thankyouverymuch!

Express high waisted skinny jeans // boots // scarf // sweater // similar jacket

Another way to keep your skinnies looking modern is to wear them with fashion sneakers or mules, if your weather permits, and pay attention to the length. It’s more on-trend to wear them at or slightly above the ankle bone. Lighter washes are trending as well, so keep that in mind as well.

rag & bone Cate mid-rise ankle skinny jeans // sweater  (sold out) // similar sneakers

Whatever you do, don’t stress out over it. Fashion should be fun. We aren’t curing cancer here. It’s just clothes. You will have days you don’t love your outfit, and that’s okay.

At the end of the day, wear what you like and feel most confident in because confidence is always in style.

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119 thoughts on “What Jeans are In Style For 2021?

  1. I love it when you address the jean topic !! I have never ever been able to wear skinny jeans and feel comfortable. I am very slim and the silhouette has never been flattering on me. The flared crop and straighter styles looks so much better on my body type. For years I stopped wearing jeans, didn’t like any. Now I probably own 20 pairs of jeans. It helps that my job now accepts jeans as our dress code, so I don’t feel bad investing in pricey jeans, I know I will get a good cost/per wear. I saw the pic of the Mother jeans you had on, cannot wait to hear your thoughts on those. I think they look great in the pic 🙂

    1. Yes, flares and straight styles definitely flatter a lot of body types. I’m glad you’re finding some good ones. I love those Mother jeans, but they look kind of rag-tag with the raw step hem and rips in the knees. I’ve always been kind of drawn to that look, but also feel like I’m ready to move past it. Anyway, we will discuss more on Friday!

  2. I LOVE my skinny jeans but I know I have to add more styles of jeans to my wardrobe. The problem I have is that I only like jeans that have a 9 or 9 1/2 inch rise. Anything over 9 1/2 feels too uncomfortable to wear. Thanks for this post, Jo-Lynne.

    1. I completely agree about the rise, Bev. Anything over 9 inches covers part of my rib cage (not an exaggeration). It’s been increasingly hard for me to find that true midrise over the last year or so. 

    2. Yeah, it is important to find the rise that works best for you. I still see 9 inch rises around, though. The rag & bone Cate, for instance. I’m sure there are others, that’s just the one that comes to mind b/c I have them.

  3. My eye is starting to adjust to the new jean styles. I wear jeans 99% of the time and love my skinnies but am loving the shorter lengths and finding the looser fit through the legs is fun. (I will not be wearing the big, baggy jeans no matter how popular they become.) My first “alternate” shape was the Rag & Bone Dres and I loved the leg on them, but struggled with “baggy butt” syndrome, even going down 2 sizes. I also love the leg on the Madewell Stovepipe jeans but find the rise just a little too high making them not super comfortable. So I am still looking for the right brand in this looser style and have decided I’d rather have one or two pairs I love than a closet full of them that are not quite right. So the hunt continues.

  4. Great post! I’ve seen a lot of 30 somethings wearing chunky, white, running style sneakers. Are those going to be the future of fashion sneakers?

  5. Thanks for this awesome, well written post. First, I agree you have to wear what works for you. I’m a petite 5’1 almost sixty year old and although I love trying new trends, some just don’t work for me. Like the flare crop jeans. I have two pair from last season and didn’t wear them. But I’m going to try them again and I think I’m going to ease into a new pair made for petites, so I’m going to try the Gap pair for $62.  

  6. “Confidence is always in style!!” You hit the nail on the head with that one!!! I used to work in retail and we would always tell our customers to “OWN IT”!! Whatever you’re wearing, wear it like it’s intentional! I have many many different styles and lengths and weights of denim jeans, and enjoy picking out my pair for the day. Yes, it will depend on my top, shoes/boots and the weather!! Right now my skinnies are perfect when I want to wear taller boots (which I still LOVE to wear in the winter weather, and my boots give me joy!!) But I’m looking forward to wearing my cropped, cuffed, straight, and/or flared jeans when the weather lets me wear sandals! Great job, Jo-Lynne!

    1. I don’t think skinnies will totally go OUT because they make so much sense with boots in the winter, but that said, they were definitely NOT around much at all 15 years ago so we must have worn something with our snow boots. LOL!

      1. HAHA, I certainly remember rolling over the hems on my looser fitting jeans to tighten them and then be able to stuff them into my knee-high boots! We looked like pirates with the puffier pants ballooning out at the knees and above! But, we all looked that way, so no shame! HA

    1. Totally forgot to answer this! I love watching Emma Hill’s videos, although I liked her style better a couple years ago. I still love hearing her talk and watch all her videos: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCYUE4U_lp7YPIB0iXxnTjbw

      Then this IG account is fun to follow: https://www.instagram.com/alicecatherine/

      This one is interesting too: https://www.instagram.com/sarahdenizz/

      I also love this lady out of Germany, she’s older, and so elegant. I’ve been scrolling for like a half hour and can’t find her in my feed this morning, lol.

      1. Thank you! I had forgotten I even asked that question. I like to follow bloggers from Europe as I think they are a little ahead of us when it comes to fashion. I’ve been following Emma Hill on LTK for a while but I didn’t know about her YouTube videos. I’ll check Alice and Sarah. Thanks for sharing.

  7. I’m actually glad that skinny jeans are falling out of fashion. I’m petite and pear-shaped…skinny jeans never worked for me. I’m actually looking forward to shopping for jeans for the first time in years!

    1. Yes, there are a lot of ladies who look better in straight and wider cuts! This is your turn. 🙂 🙂 I have loved the skinny trend, once I got on board, which did take a bit of getting used to at first. Funny, to think I used to wear bootcuts exclusively.

  8. Nope, I will never give up my skinny jeans…my legs are the thinnest part on me, so I just like them….cropped jeans especially flared will never visit my closet, as I’m only 5’3 and I think they make the leg look shorter.  I like straight jeans, and a nice slight boot cut also.  I think you definitely have to wear what you love, trend or no trend.

  9. Great post!  If I let the area where I live and shop influence what I wear, for the most part, I’d always be wearing clothes that say I don’t care what is modern, in any shape, form, or fashion.  That is just part of living in a very rural area.  While there are some trends in jeans I won’t try, I like having various styled jeans in my closet.  As much as I love my skinny jeans, one negative to me is that when I sit and stand throughout the day, the legs of them don’t follow suit.  So I find myself tugging on the legs to get them straightened out.  The higher rise jeans are a lot more flattering on my body, and I prefer jeans that consist of something to help hold my tummy in.  I do find it interesting how the fashion industry for women changes over the years, a lot more than it does for the men.  I hope you have a great day!  The rain has moved in here and will be around through Saturday.  Quack 🦆 

    1. You make a good point… there’s a fine line between fitting in where you live and staying in style. 🙂 I like to be a bit ahead of the trends, I always get bored once I see it everywhere. But I can’t seem to let go of my skinnies…


    1. I love that style too… it still looks a tad dated to my eye, even though I try it every once in a while, but I am rooting for it to come back too! Anything snug in the thighs works best for me.

    2. Thanks for this great post! Hands down, a great boot cut jean always looks best on me. And I feel good in them so have been wearing them all along. Every now and again, I’ll throw in another style and wear them occasionally, but mostly grab my boot cuts. Of course, what I pair with them can keep me current as well. But I love them! And I love wearing what I like, what I’m comfortable in and what suits my personality and lifestyle. Makes getting dressed pretty easy. 🙂

    1. I struggle with the crop flare. I have wide hips, and I feel they accentuate that and make my legs look short. Which is funny b/c I love a full-length flare.

      I’m still seeing cuffed styles, for sure.

    2. I have noticed the rolled cuff too. Buckle.com is my favorite jeans store and almost all of their new arrival straight leg jeans have rolled cuffs. (That might be a mid-west region store.)

      The pair of rolled cuff jeans I have from there requires me to wear a higher heel.

  11. Jo-Lynne,

    Thanks for this article. I like the straighter fit. I have a curvy shape and I feel the straighter fit balances me out. I still like cropped skinnies.

    I liked your chart. Visual art is great!

    Also, when I read this…
    “I  definitely see the pendulum definitely swinging back towards straighter, loser styles.” I read it like loser, not looser. No disrespect intended, it just cracked me up. 😂

  12. Of course, just when I get comfortable with the current fashion – it changes. Well I am married to my holy grail Wit and Wisdom Absolution jeans and that is not going to change any time soon! Thanks for doing the leg work for us but I like your last sentence the best; I always say “just because it’s in style doesn’t mean you have to wear it.” I have been trying to balance being fashion forward without looking like “mutton dressed as lamb” for quite awhile, the struggle is real!

      1. I look forward to that review; however, I believe that cropped pants do not flatter my 5’2″ petite pear shape – too many horizontal lines; that’s why I threw in the towel on capris. Having said that, I will at least try them on, maybe it’s all in the styling, but if I have to work too hard to make something “work” it’s not worth it to me. As a side note, my adult daughter recently wore clogs, which she teased me mercilessy for wearing in the 90’s. I said “give me my shoes back!”

        1. No, I get you. Really, and even though I’m 5’5″ I think full length jeans are inherently more flattering (and require less work to make me look proportional.) But I do like the practicality of ankle lengths, and crops are kind of summery and fun. But you definitely have to wear what works for you and what you feel comfortable with.

      2. I just looked at the ankle straight Wit and Wisdom you linked for a lady saying she loves Wit and Wisdom Absolution. I love the Absolution but find the Wit and Wisdom bad in the knees or me.  But, the real thing I am not liking with the ankle crop as they look straight from the side but from the front I don’t like that little flare.  Its not much, but looks funny to me and I’m only 5’3″, so it looks funny and cuts off my leg if flared.  I tread jean shopping now.  My skinnies are so easy.  Looking forward to you helping us find the right ones for us.  

  13. Great timing as I was wanting to hear more about what jeans are going to be up next. I am embracing a more higher rise as I am tired of the mid rise (and never cared for the low rise). I have some that are labeled Natural Waist Fit and I am trying to get more of these into my closet. As you so appropriately said about letting your eyes get used to a less skinny jean. Ease in to the styles. I wouldn’t go drastically from skinnies and jump in and get a wide bell-bottom leg (or whatever they are calling them). Yes I wore them and at that time swore I wouldn’t give up my hip-hugger bell bottom jeans. I also have a boot cut that I am enjoying this winter wearing with booties, but I don’t think they will look right with flats, and the glass slippers of the south…flip-flops. I have cut off some of my pants for shorts since wearing shorts in the south is about 9 months out of the year. Looking forward to how you style the straight legged or slightly flared and especially for summer. Fashion is fun…and you are correct…don’t stress and wear what works for you. Confidence and a smile are one’s best accessories. Looking forward to you and Cyndi teaming up next month!

  14. I’m slow to move on trends…but I’m getting there. I’ve ordered a bunch of jeans to try and see how it goes. I think you’re right about it being easier to wear some of these trends with the more spring/summer shoe styles.

  15. Oh no….we all knew this was coming. The older I get the harder change is lol….I really like skinnies! 🙁 At least the slow transition may make it easier. I just am finding the new styles frustrating as none of them seem to be similar. So far I am like the girlfriend jeans that I am seeing.

  16. I worked in the fashion industry. They keep changing the styles of clothing so we have to keep BUYING the new styles to stay “in fashion!” Profit, profit, profit! Ugh! As for the new high-waisted, cropped flares…..I just CAN’T. I have yet to find somebody who actually looks good in them. Even my twiggy nieces can’t pull off the look. At least the straighter styles are much more flattering. I appreciate your advice to wear what makes you feel good. I will rock my skinny jeans forever!! Lol!!

      1. Interesting article. I’ve heard the same theories about home decorating trends as well; they go through a transformation cycle about every 20 years. Which is why those Tuscan style kitchens of the early 2000s are really looking dated and “tired” now. I’m fascinated by analyzing stuff like that. 

  17. This post is SO helpful!  My teen daughters and I are discussing jean silhouettes all the time lately.    Honestly, they are just as confused about what to wear as I am; they just care a lot more about appearing on trend than I do.  This is good advice for women of all ages.  Thank you!!

    1. Funny, my teen girls still wear skinnies exclusively. 🙂 I do think my area of the suburbs is a bit behind on the trends, but I still find it interesting that they haven’t even wanted to try any other styles yet.

  18. Interesting post! I agree that the internet keeps more styles “current” in more areas, because you are able to see more of what’s out there than pre-internet. I also wonder if, as the population ages, the styles that are more flattering on older women will have more staying power than they might have at one time. I have stayed about as thin as I was, but things have definitely…ahem….shifted. While I could have gotten away with paper bag styles in my 30s, I could not pull that off today. I prefer a skinnier leg, because it enables me to wear a less fitted top without looking like a sphere. I have some wider legged cropped jeans, but they are not what I reach for (although as I was reading your post I decided I am wearing them today!). On a related note, my 19 year old tells me low rise is coming back into style. Please no, lol…

    1. “a sphere…” snort!

      I’m not surprised low rises are coming around again… what’s old is new again! It seems like trends keep cycling faster and faster these days too. I think everyone is always looking for what’s next, rather than settling into a style for a while. And of course the fashion industry drives it all, as it benefits them greatly.

      I’m hitting that awkward time where I feel like my age does influence what I wear to some extent… it is odd, but as I get closer to 50, I feel that more and more. I want to be classy and in style but not try-hard.

      In my 40s, I felt like I could get away with some of the sillier trends (ripped jeans, chewed hems, dirty sneakers…) but now I’m feeling like I want to be a bit more elevated than that. But I’m still drawn to those styles… argh. It’s a weird spot to be in, and having it all publicized on the internet makes the pressure to figure it out and be consistent more intense.

  19. I love your postings, Jo- Lynne. They’re so helpful in demystifying how to think about fashion and how to style clothes. For fun, I just consulted my 16-year-old daughter about whether skinny jeans are “out.” Here’s her reply: “No, they’re still in. Except some people are trying to make it so they’re not, but they always will be in.” LOL! I will definitely keep wearing my beloved skinnies, but I do appreciate flair and bootcut jeans, which are the most elongating and flattering style on my short-legged, petite frame: 5’2″.

  20. I haven’t got rid of my skinnies but reach for straight leg more often. The straight leg crop just doesn’t look right with booties but are cute with runners or sandals so I’ll be adding them to my rotation come spring. As you said, our eye has to get used to the new style. But the new oversized baggy jeans I’m seeing on the young can stay on the very young. I’m not seeing boot cut anymore on fashion bloggers or around town.  Are they considered out? 
    Loved the graph!

  21. I live in the California Bay Area, have teenagers, and work on a university campus (except for Covid WFH). The teens and college students here have fully embraced the mom jean. Skinnies are personally my most flattering fit, and I can’t do a rise higher than 10 inches. I wish that the AG Primas and Rag&Bone Cate would bump up their rise just a touch since I love those fits. I also like a girlfriend jean in the summer with sandals and a pretty top. It’s funny, I barely have worn jeans this year with WFH despite it being my on-campus work uniform, though I stick with darker washes with no distressing at work. My own daughter has always refused to wear jeans, she’s a leggings and joggers girl!

  22. This was a great post! I was just thinking earlier today that I need to update my jeans. I got a WHBM flyer yesterday that had all their jeans styles and it got me thinking that maybe it’s time to get a straight or boot cut pair again which I haven’t worn in quite a few years. I’m like you and LOVE my skinnies. I’m 5’7″ with long legs and I’m hippy. I feel skinnies are the most slimming on me. Even thought I’m a little taller and my hips are a little wider than yours our body types are similar.. So, usually the jeans that look good on you are a good indication of what will look good on me as well. What are your top 3 favorite non-skinny jeans right now? Also, have you considered doing a jean try-on sesh at WHBM? Their jeans tend to fit me well and hold up well, with a nice mid range price point. 🙂

  23. Thanks for the post and for being our guinea pig, lol!  I love the crop style, but, like you, I have a hard time with it on my shape.  I have a somewhat similar shape to you…it seems like the gals who are super curvy, or have more of a boyish figure rock these the best!  I’m not giving up though.  I did find some from J. Crew last summer that I loved.  Love the Mother ones you were wearing in the post!

  24. I see this post struck a chord  with a lot of readers, not just me. I found it interesting and informative on several levels. 
    It took me awhile to try the skinny jeans, too. I am embarrassed to say how many I have. Let’s just say, I have to get rid of some if I want to buy any more. Your post will help with that. The ones with a lower rise are going. I like the higher rise so much better—no sliding down, no muffin top. I have slowly been buying the straight cut. And they are growing on me. I can’t wear a baggy leg. On the last season of the voice, one of the contestants wore the big, baggy style more than once. She was 25, I believe, and very fashionable. My husband said “what is she wearing?”.  I had to explain that it was the style, at least for the younger set. He said he hoped  I didn’t buy any of those, and I told him not to worry, I could never pull that off!  I am only 5’1” and an hourglass. They would swallow me up!  I have never liked the destruction look either. I had bought a few pair and wore them last year a lot, but I am over that too. I think it’s generational—I am 62.  My mother would be horrified if I had bought jeans already torn!  Anyway, I look forward to seeing the post with jeans. I always like your explanations of why something does or does not work. 

  25. You know, I don’t mind the various silhouettes and leg styles, but I’m having trouble with almost everything being at least slightly cropped. I’m 5’7″ and kind of long legged. So crop lengths create too much of an awkward gap above my ankles for winter wear. I think I would need some of those mid-calf boots with the narrow shaft to possibly make it work, but those never really worked well for me in the past, and I think that would really be a desperate stretch to try to make crops work in the cold anyway. I honestly don’t want to have to work so hard to figure out boots for what amounts to jeans that are too short. I just want to throw on some cute jeans and a cute top and cute footwear and go. For that to happen on me, they have to be long enough, or else it better be sandal season. 🙂 Good thing spring is on the way!

  26. You should win an award for this post! Change is hard, especially as we age. I love all the different fits, with skinnies being my least favorite now. It is mandatory to reassess your tops and shoes to make it all work, if one skips any component, the entire look falls a part. I have replaced a lot of shoes & boots perfecting my look. Thank God I have a 26 yr old daughter & 27 yr old DIL guiding me.

    1. My name is Jan, too! I totally agree. I found when I updated by shoes & boots ( last yr) all the straight and flares styles looked so much better on me, even crops. While updating your jeans you must update your shoes.

  27. This makes me so sad. I love my skinny jeans! When I wore bootcut they always pooled around my feet and looked sloppy because I have short legs. And you have to wear heels or a wedge with bootcut, so not so practical for just a mom running to the store. Straight styles looked ok, but not as good as skinny jeans. I love being able to tuck my jeans into my snow boots and it not look sloppy or baggy. I think I felt the most confident in my style since wearing skinny jeans, so I’m sad to have to figure something else out. But I also remember hating skinny jeans when they first came on the scene, so I’m sure my eye will change as I see the trends change.

    1. Tiffany…..I agree with you.  Skinny jeans are just all around easier and I feel more fashion forward in them.  Easy to pair with any top and shoes.  I still don’t know a new style I’ll try.  Need to get to a store and try some on.  

  28. Jo-Lynne, those “Toni straight leg” jeans look really good on you. I like that they are more tailored looking, rather than baggy. Kind of a mid way point between skinny & girlfriend.
    I also have found that jeans with looser legs tend to look better rolled at the bottom. Seems to give them a bit more style.

    The flare leg just is Not for me..(I disliked them the first time around too) and the cropped version just seems like an experiment? I haven’t seen them look good- even on the people who model them.

    Want to thank you again for assisting me on my jean style journey. Your advice brought me to a perfect style that is exactly “me”.

  29. You mentioned that you follow fashion influencers in London and in the USA. Please consider writing a post about the influencers that you admire and inspire you.

  30. Great post- I love the graph! Looking forward to your try-on haul on Friday.
     I actually wore white sneakers with a floral dress on the weekend and felt very on-trend and cute. 😉 I used to wear white sneaks with skirts and dresses in the 90s and always loved the look then and I guess I still like it now. One thing’s for sure: sneakers sure are comfortable. My husband and I went out to dinner on Saturday night for our anniversary and I got dressed up in heels for the first time in 11 months and my feet were killing me by the time we got home! 

  31. JoLynn, I know you sometimes say you are over thinking or over sharing, but I really like your educational approach to wearing fashion trends. It’s helped me to understand why some things I put together are working and why some aren’t . It’s helped me to be more critical of the clothes rather than being critical of my body. And I’ve also been able to put outfits together from what I have more easily. I really appreciate you putting yourself out there for the rest of us. You always look so nice. Thank you

  32. It will be interesting to see what else becomes popular and in style with the new trending jeans. It seems that boots became very popular because of skinny jeans.

  33. Loved this post. Thanks for all the info. I still hate thinking about giving up my skinnies. My question – what about cuffing our jeans? Is that out? still ok? I’m short and it’s a great way to adjust the length depending on the shoe (booties, sandals, sneakers).

  34. Chiming in to say thank you for this post – it’s great. I’m going to check out the Madewell stovepipes. I may try the crop flare look too – for work – with high wedges or heels. Saw a Boden pair – worth a shot anyway! I’ve been in skinnies for years, and before boot cut… Appreciate your insight on this and had to reply!

  35. Love this post! Can you do one on styling the straighter jeans as well as boot cut?  Especially with shoes? I’m currently doing the AYW course and according to my body type I need to be veering away from skinny jeans (which is pretty much all I own).  I’m embracing the straighter, flared styles ,slowly but surely , but also  realizing how much easier it is to style skinnies especially with shoes.  You can pretty much wear any shoe with skinnies.  The other styles require effort and thought.  Help!

  36. Ya the new style jeans really frustrate me. I haven’t gotten to a mall to try any on. I’m 5’3” so some of the new styles will probably hit me too long. I do love my skinnies as easy to wear with ALL shoes. I think the baggie mom jeans is awful. Thanks for this post. Looks like we are getting snow in Oregon tomorrow for a few days. I’m excited. 

  37. I have short legs for my height, do you think cropped straight jeans could create the illusion of even shorter legs? (Something I can’t afford lol).

    Also, I’ve found with high rise petite jeans that there is often a horizontal line that forms along the area where the crotch meets the very top of the thighs, so it looks sloppy and bunched up. This is when trying on my regular size and they fit well everywhere else. Thinking I may have to stick to mid-rise for this reason! Not sure if anyone else has had this experience or if it’s just me?

  38. I’m a slave to my skinny jeans. I have a curvy figure on a 5.4 frame carrying the largest portion in the chest (38x28x30/31). Depending on the brand, etc. I wear a 10 or 12 in jeans but I’m finding the straight leg jeans give me no shape: being a larger size they make the legs look like tree trunks. I’m always on the hunt for jeans (straight leg and/or boot cut) that have a slight taper in the leg as to not look like I’m standing on stumps. I also have the same struggle with tops: to fit the chest area everything else is huge on me (they think if you wear a large your arms are huge). Any advise-short of the tailor owning my wardrobe) on brands, etc. would be great!! And I love your style-almost spot on to my own!

  39. Like everyone else, I’m very critical of how jeans fit me. 
    For my frame, lower or medium rise jeans look better. High rise jeans make my butt too long.  
    Love that now there’s a wide variety of fits.  It’s very annoying when your favorite fit is no longer available because it’s not trendy. However when a new trend starts, the selection is 7 to 3, ( 7 being the new trend ones). 
    I prefer skinny or narrow straight leg jeans as well as tight thigh fits. 
    Thank you for your review 

  40. My name is Lynne so this caught my eye. But I like the styles you show & some will help me. My prob is my ht 4’11” & I am 66. Now I don’t feel my age with any of your styles, I shop almost solely at JJill.
    My prob is I never wear pumps, my feet ant take it & it’s really not my lifestyle. Anyway I’ll wear loafers with my stretchies & tight jeans, I occ wear shorter wider jeans with loafers or suede sneakers.
    Now my prob is dresses- I wear them to top of knee & I wear kitten heels.
    Have you any other ideas should I have to attend something formal or just more dressy?

  41. The straight crop and the straight with a fuller leg is a no go for me, I’m only 5’0 and a little overweight. They make me look shorter and wider. I do wear straight leg jeans but they need to be more fitted on the leg. I do think straight leg jeans go with just about any shoe style. I’ll continue to wear my skinnies ( I’m not ready to ditch them just yet). But give me a dark wash bootleg ( especially baby bootcut) and a nice pair of boots in cooler weather and I’m a happy girl, I think they make me look slimmer and taller. So for me they never really went out of style, they’re just harder to find.

  42. I for one am very glad to see skinnies go away. 9 out of 10 look terrible in them. I bought 2 bootcut and 2 straight leg ( not ankle or cropped ) jeans which should last me at least 4 years. Because next year what looks good on me won’t be in the stores. I stock up when boot cuts are in style.

  43. Ha ha. Funny how fickle fashion can be. Glad I always wore what I want, when I want it and only if I liked them and flattered me, regardless of stupid supposed ” fashion rules” and whims. I wear all kinds of jeans styles, had always done. Must be a drag to be a slave to fashion.

  44. I definitely like the new denim trends, but gosh darn I miss the stretch that denim used to have. I recently bought a new pair of lighter wash AG Mari from the AG store here in So Cal and the rise is a higher 11 inch and there’s no stretch. I exchanged my size 28 for a 29 but now they fit better in the waist but seem looser everywhere else. It’s fine standing still but can’t imagine working in them (too uncomfortable) and jeans used to be my go-to for comfortable yet cute outfits. I’m living in wide leg palazzo pants with an elastic waist or skirts these days. I’m having a hard time with jeans. 😩

  45. Hi-Lynne, Your denim blogs have been so helpful and have inspired me to try different styles. I always struggle with denim, I’m never sure what looks best from hem length to waist height. I’m currently loving the crop flares. I have a curvier bottom “pear” (funny, I don’t like that some of our body shapes can be minimized to fruit shapes) so let’s say curvier on bottom, that style balances slightly wider hips, very flattering.

  46. Great post (and comments too)! Mother denim has been a game changer for my petite, pear shaped self- comfortable and flattering. Wanted to share I’ve found pre-loved pairs on EBay, Real Real and new on Nordstrom Rack at more affordable prices. Also, I recently had a pair of ripped, step hem light wash Mothers hemmed- was a lot going on for my short legs lol.
    Thanks as always and best for college drop off!

  47. I like seeing the trends. I’m excited that straight is coming back, as I’m a pear so need straight or bootcut jeans. They were harder to find a few years ago.

    Can you do a piece on how to match layering pieces to jackets? I find myself buying jackets during the Nordstrom sale, but then don’t know what to put with them. I want something with coverage so I can take the jacket off, and also something not to clingy around the middle 🙂 Thanks

  48. This post is very helpful and informative! I will say I’m a skinny Jean gal perhaps more out of comfort and convenience. They don’t seem to require much thought for foot wear and coats! Pretty easy… but when we start getting into different cuts , lengths and styles it can really change up our footwear etc that we put with them either making or breaking the outfit. Would love to see how you style these jeans for the different seasons,

  49. Thank you So Much for this post. I am so glad that the straight styles are back. I love my skinnies though. The Modern Skinny was my go to from Loft. They weren’t too skinny but just right for me as I have muscular legs. Anyway!! Thanks A BUNCH!! Have a Great Day!!😀🌻

  50. So glad to hear you say you aren’t going to do the low-rise trend again! I didn’t like it the first time around (and it wasn’t nearly as flattering on most people as they seemed to think it was), and I’m definitely not about to “go there” again. This middle-aged pot belly needs high rise jeans!!!

  51. One of my favourite and most useful posts!I am a jeans girl and do not think of saying goodbye to my good old skinnies,because they are the ones which better suit my body type,which is very similar to yours:height and weight (and well endowed ladies we both are😂)But I have two pairs of cigarette jeans,one in a darker wash,the other in a lighter,and I feel very comfortable when wearing them.I also have two pairs of bootcuts in my closet which I used to wear a lot,though they are a bit forgotten,poor ones,in favour of my skinnies…To be honest,when I started wearing skinny jeans I thought they were too much body con,but now,oh my,they are my basic,staple,go to resource.These days I only wear jeans jeans jeans…I’m kind of obssessed,but they are so cuuuute!I pair them with my beloved Superga canvas sneakers,my new pair of suede monkstrap shoes ,and tons,literally tons,of shirts in every style you may imagine,but I do have a soft spot for Oxford white shirts and 100%cotton printed blouses.Jeans and shirts,shirts and jeans and a good leather bag and nice pair of shoes,that’s style perfection to me!😜

  52. I’m totally into the straight leg jeans. My skinnies are in the back of my closet. I can see some still wanting skinnies if you live where there is snow. They fit into snow boots neatly.
    I’m thinking fall/winter jackets. Will you do a post on what’s trending that will pair nicely with straight leg jeans?

  53. Great post! I agree when you said that you try new trends because you don’t want to be left behind. Because of your blog, I bought white kick flare crops, which I love! I just ordered a couple of denim in that style; they haven’t yet arrived but I am excited to try them on. I love your informative and fun blog!

  54. Thank you! It is fun to read about the trends and to hear your opinion! I love your ideas. Of course skinnies are my favorite still. I do love the cropped kick flares ! I’ll try some straighter styles too. The thing that’s hard for me to get used to is the high waist…I’m just feeling too frump in it…but will give it a chance:)

  55. Jo-Lynne, thank you so much for all of the time, effort, and research that you put into this post. I have various styles of jeans in my closet and can say that the skinny jeans are my least favorite because the legs don’t stay in place. I know that I will continue wearing jeans with a higher rise because those are what I feel most comfortable in at almost 65 and with my shape. You are right about not letting fashion and what’s current get the best of us. In the grand scheme of things, it just isn’t worth it. There are more important things to be concerned about. Enjoy the rest of your day!

  56. So funny that literally moments before I opened your post in my email, I had gone through all my clothing store emails and I thought, what the heck is with all these jeans styles? Your post helped me clarify the different styles. Loved the line graph! Only fashion wonks could appreciate that! Always enjoy your blog.

  57. Great post. I have been following European bloggers for some time and noticed that skinnies have had their day over there for some time. Skinny jeans look dated to my eye now. However, as they are the best fit for my high winter boots I have no plans to toss them out. To look stylish though I find kick flares look the best.

  58. Love your insight on the denim trends. I took a ride today to shop for a few new pieces to add to my transitional wardrobe as I head into my last year of work. I literally left every single store with NOTHING………..I either had something similar and/or the cut of tops would not work with my body type. I didn’t even find any new jewelry………is it a bad time to shop or what…………….helpppppp

  59. I’m the minority that is soooo glad skinny jeans are on the way out 😃 I’m a short pear /hourglass shape and they never did anything for my legs lmao Yay crop flares!
    Thx so much for your post-so helpful and timely for me. Love the raw hem style!

  60. Thank you so much, Jo-Lynne, for this post. It’s very informative and the photos make it so easy to understand.

  61. Your daughter will adjust wonderfully to campus, just keep your cell phone on you to field the calls as they come in! 📱🥰
    Great post on the denim trends. I love them all (except the mom jeans-I just can’t) and I’m glad I kept my tried and true Levi’s bootcuts in my jeans bin 👍🏼!
    However this does explain why I was able to snag a pair of Democracy skinnies last night for super cheap! Unloading the “downward trend” styles, thank you, NordstromRack! I think I’ll always keep those for shearling boots and cute sandals ❤️

  62. Thanks for this post – so helpful! I have cigarette jeans (black and medium wash) which I wear with leather sneakers on repeat thanks to your encouragement. You helped me nudge onto the sneaker trend and found a cute pair of Roxies beige sneakers with a leopard detail that works with everything. Thank you for helping me stay current and nudge me out of my fashion ruts! Have a fab Mom/ daughter day getting mani-pedis and lunch. You have a lot on your plate right now with moving Caroline and your husband’s upcoming surgery. Thinking of you and praying for you. ” This too shall pass” as my Mom says.

  63. Think I’m going to chop off some of my skinnies and fray them to see if look more current-not all though, because I love a skinny in a knee high boot!

  64. So overwhelming to me for sure. It’s the shoe thing hardest to figure out. I don’t like the big lug soles boots that are in or the high heel ones that look best with wider leg jeans as I’m
    More casual most the time. etc etc. I only have one new wider style I’ve added and they are light wash and it’s been so hot I rarely wore them but I need to figure out jeans for Fall. My eye having hard time with full length ones. I have to get to a store to try for sure. 😬Great post. But hard to hear how fast skinnies are going out.

  65. So helpful, thank you! Love the reminders that it’s ok to do what feels right regardless of what’s in style. Also, to just try different styles and see what you think….you would think I would I remember that after all these years of dressing myself 🙂

  66. Again, I feel compelled to say- I recognize all the heavy things going on in the world around us, but what you do brings so much hope and joy to those of us who follow you. It really matters. I work so many hours and just don’t have the time to research and try on everything. The fact that you do the work and distill the information for me is such a huge blessing in my life- saving me time and keeping me relevant. I just can’t thank you enough!

  67. It’s VERY hard to find jeans other than skinny jeans in the stores .
    It is frustrating .
    I’m over the skinny jeans look.

  68. I live in an area of the south west . You can wear jeans any place. Really feel more comfortable in Jeans just because most people wear them. When I wear something else I feel out of place.

  69. This was very helpful! I am at an age now where comfort is my top priority, while also wanting to stay fairly current. I have begun trying different styles of jeans and currently have my straight leg, high waisted, distressed jeans on repeat. I’ve also found brands that have some “give” to offer the comfort I am after while also keeping shape.

  70. My 2 cents worth- most of these pictured are TOO SHORT. Flood pants. They don’t look good, most women need a more flattering cut as well. These all look like they’re riding up in a bunch and causing a lack of length.

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