Coffee Talk 08.15.21

Well, we’re already half-way through another month, and this is the big one! In just a few days, we pack up two cars and head up the east coast to deposit our daughter at college for the first time. I won’t wax eloquent yet again on all the thoughts and feelings swirling around in my head and heart, but it’s been a week, let’s just put it that way.

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I think we’re feeling a little better this weekend, or at least, we’re able to focus on all the things we have to do. I’m trying not to think about driving away next Sunday.

We had a group of close friends over to the pool last night for a last summer hurrah, and it ended up being sort of a send-off for C and the other college-bound kids in our group, so that was fun. D had a bunch of friends over too, which always makes it more of a party.

Everyone always asks what I serve at these gatherings. I set out pre-dinner snacks (all stuff we picked up at Costco), Paul did burgers and brats on the smoker, and everyone else brought sides and desserts. There was a zucchini salad, a Caprese salad plate, and potato salad. For dessert, we had Tres Leches Cake, ice cream sandwiches, and chocolate chip cookies. We aren’t fancy; it was mostly store-bought, and Costco was well represented.

I used to be one of those people who had to make everything from scratch, but at some point, that all changed. I’m old and tired, I guess, and the people we hang out with aren’t really into it either. Sometimes someone will cook something really delicious and homemade, but most of the time, we pick up stuff at the store the day of the gathering and call it good. It’s nice because no one feels pressured beyond what they have time for or are in the mood to do. It makes entertaining a lot less stressful, for sure!

It’s been a full weekend because Paul and I also went to The Hooters concert on Friday night. I mentioned in one of my emails this week that I wasn’t sure we were going to go because of the weather, plus we were just at the Phillip Phillips concert last weekend. We rallied at the last minute, and I’m glad we did. It got off to a bit of a rough start because it looked like we were going to get caught in a major rainstorm, but it just drizzled and then passed on by and left a beautiful rainbow.

I always find the pre-show waiting period tedious and boring, and this was no exception. It didn’t help that the opening performer wasn’t really my cuppa tea. But once the band came on stage, I was so glad we pushed through and went on with our plans. They were so good, and you can tell they just love to play together. (They’ve been together since 1980!)

Like Phil Phillips, they said this was their first concert since Covid shut things down last spring, so they were so excited to be on stage again and performing to a live crowd. It was cool to be there for that. The crowd was really into it too, which always makes things more fun.

In other news, R has the first week of band camp under her belt. It’s been a hot and humid week for the kids to be outside from 2PM – 8:30PM. There were several days that the start time was postponed till 4:00, and one night they had to cut practice short due to a thunderstorm, but she says they’re making good progress in spite of it all.

And I guess my other big piece of news is that Paul’s surgery is scheduled for the first weekend of September. He’s very much dreading the process but looking forward to feeling better. He’s hoping to be pretty much back to normal once he has recovered.

We’re off to church, and then I’m hoping to get some time this afternoon to rest and recuperate from our busy weekend. And C has been laying out everything she plans to bring to college, which may or may not include the kitchen sink… so we need to go through all that at some point. #sendhelp

I hope you and your loved ones are staying safe and healthy, and that you have a relaxing and blessed Sunday!

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  1. Oh such a hard time of year now that my kids are older. My two are the same ages as your oldest and I am NOT looking forward to the next few weeks. I go back to work as a school secretary, my oldest goes back to college after a year and a half at home and my youngest goes to college. The house will be quiet. 🥲

      1. I’m in pretty much the same boat. I’m a school secretary, my youngest starts college and my oldest is moving to Boston! It will be so hard to say goodbye even though I’m very happy for them.

  2. I’m sure it will be a week of mixed emotions and ups and downs … I’ll be thinking and praying for you all as you head into this week and Paul’s surgery…
    We’ve been in a heat wave here so I guess we will finish the last official month of summer with a bang! I’m hosting our daughters baby shower next weekend so hopefully the nice weather will hang on for that so I can have it outside.
    Enjoy your day

  3. I completely relate to your feelings about driving daughter away for school. We just drove our daughter from Florida to Boston for college, Needless to say I got teary when we left,
    Thank goodness for social media,

  4. Jo-Lynne,

    I like The Hooters band. Go 80’s! It’s great being part of a concert when the performers are happy to be there. We saw Bob Seger’s last concert at Pine Knob (aka DTE) in Michigan and he was having the time of his life. My husband and I have been to some great concerts, but that one will always rank as one of our favorites.

    Good luck with moving your daughter to college. It’s hard to be excited, optimistic, yet a little sad when big changes come.

    I always look forward to your blog posts. It’s amazing all the content you provide. 😊

  5. I am still laughing about the kitchen sink as our daughter took so much stuff to college her freshman year I thought we would need to rent a U-Haul!

    1. We did rent a U-Haul when our daughter went to college as a freshman! Actually we went together with her roommate and it was great! Soon that daughter will be sending her own kids to college! Hope it goes well Jolynne.

    2. Haha we literally moved my son to college (and back home again after he graduated) in a cattle trailer . . . only in Texas, I guess.

  6. I feel your pain Jolynne. When my son left for college. I cried all the way home! Now I have two grand-daughters who left this weekend, I’m sad but happy for this developing chapter in their life! Exciting times for all these kids!

  7. Lol about the kitchen sink. My daughter (4th after 3 boys) took a car trunk full of things, But my eldest, came downstairs to leave for college with a laundry basket full of stuff. That was it. And he did–sort of– have the essentials– a pillow, sheets, and a blanket. A few clothes and toiletries. He had one pen and a toothbrush tucked in his back pocket. We still laugh about it after all these years. He’s still a minimalist at 39

    1. Boys are so different! A few clothes and a TV set (maybe a gaming system) and they think they’re good to go.

  8. Thinking of you at this change in life for both you and Caroline. Taking my 3 kids to college was the hardest thing for me. I always knew it would be. I was a stay at home mom and my kids were my life, so when I had to take them off on their own it was hard. But, as we have all told you, you adjust and move into a new normal at some point. I did cry every-time they came home and had to leave again. Lol. I always thought college should start in Sept. so everyone got their full Summer. Seems these days August is cut short and into Halloween we go. 😬Sounds like you had a full and fun weekend. Great tips on entertaining. I wish I could get into that mind set. I fuss too much wondering what to make I end up not doing it. Rest up and prayers for your week to come. Do you think Cyndi and you will do some sort of Fall series?

  9. My grandson forgot his pillow. Only an hour away so he’s coming to get a few things he forgot today. Maybe he just missed everyone.😁

  10. Upon my return home after dropping my son off at college the first time, I couldn’t go into his room for 3 days. After crying outside his room all those days. And then I couldn’t go without laying eyes on him like every two weeks or I’d start getting “withdrawals” and have to go visit lol. That was only the first year tho thank gosh. To this day tho (he’s taking the slower college route 😒) I still cry as I watch him drive away after coming home to visit. Which he rarely does because he’s been happy as a clam living there. All grown up and independent. Which is what we want for our kiddos of course. But Mama still has a good cry regardless lol. Here’s to a great school year for all the kids and parents!!

  11. I love the double rainbow! To me, that was a sign from heaven telling you that God will help you and Caroline get thru the upcoming week with more laughter than tears. She is going to be okay and so will you! Does Paul know going into the surgery which path will be taken or will that decision be made during the surgery? Yes, focusing on feeling good again after the recovery is smart. I hope that you are relaxing some this afternoon.

  12. I’ll be sure to keep you in my prayers. You have a lot on your plate and it can sometimes be emotionally overwhelming. And like most everything we go through in life, we adjust. Will keep Paul in my thoughts and prayers with the upcoming surgery, wisdom for his surgeon and for a quick recovery.
    It was definitely emotional for us, sending our first daughter off to college. Two years later her sister joined her at PSU Main Campus. More tears. BUT after that first Christmas break, there were tears of joy – that they were going back!! We adjusted so well to our empty nest, that when they came home, it felt like chaos! And just like when they were at college, they felt like they could come & go as they pleased…..so let’s just say, it’s all about “adjusting”!!

    1. Blessed to have been able to send 6 kids off to college. Advice for the packing, have your daughter pile up everything she wants to bring behind the car the day she is going, when you start to pack ,ditch shoe boxes etc that take up too much room. With a little luck there will be students at the college to help move her into the room. Hope you aren’t trudging up to a 3rd floor room. You will miss Caroline, still remember taking out first away, but enjoy the break, before you know it she will be looking forward to coming home for a visit, not too many weeks into the term. Then you worry about them traveling! Looking forward to hearing how it goes.

  13. When our daughter, only child went to college I could not imagine life without her here. She lives away 4 years. I thought she probably was gone for good but it was not certain. She ended up going to grad s hook to be a Physicians assistant …close by. She moved home to save money as grad school was on her dime. She has been home through 27 months of grad school, looking for a job, and then staying while she and boyfriend who became finance saved for marriage. In three weeks she for sure will leave for good as they get married the weekend your Paul has surgery. She has become a close friend as well as a daughter. I know the emotions you have. Go’s is good and He always provides. Trusting Him to take care of our children is not easy but He does care of them

  14. One thing I would do after my daughter left for school (every fall) was start putting together a package to send. Even though I always worked full time, the kids were the main focus, and picking up things bere and there while I was running errands helped keep that normalcy! My son is at school close to home, so its not as big of a deal.

    I remember dropping my oldest off the first time – the wks leading up to it were so hard! Then when we actually said goodbye on campus she looked happy and was heading off to an orientation event with people, so it was fine!

    Thanks for the walk down memory lane, and good luck this week!

  15. I used to make everything from scratch as well until I discovered how good the premodern things from Costco’s and Sam’s are. If I try something that I used to make and it’s not good, I don’t do it again and go back to making it. I wish they made homemade candy….that’s what I do as gifts or if I’m going to have the whole family here. It’s a tradition.

    Have a great week

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