What I Wore Lately Vol. 90

Hi friends! It’s Wednesday, and that means time for What I Wore Lately! Our weather has been unseasonably cool this fall… more like what we always expect fall weather to feel like.

I’m actually loving it, but I feel like I went straight from wearing t-shirts and shorts to sweaters and jeans. I haven’t had a lot of opportunities to create cute layered looks.

All that to say, I feel like I’m already apologizing for how similar all my daily outfits are, but maybe I just need to accept the fact that this is how I roll and own it. I just like simple outfits, and since I spend so much time at home, it’s easy to resort to a seasonal uniform.

Seasonal Uniform Exhibit A: Cashmere sweater and jeans with loafer mules. This is pretty much all I want to wear from October through February… and March and April if the weather is as fickle as it usually is that time of year.

Vince sweater (S) // similar Mother Denim (29) // similar mules // Kendra Scott earrings & necklace

I picked up this Vince cashmere sweater at Saks OFF 5TH back in the summer. This is one of the thickest, plushest cashmere sweaters I’ve ever put on my person. Not all cashmere is created equal… Not even all Vince cashmere is created equal, as a matter of fact, but this piece is sublime. I did tell you all about it at the time, but unfortunately sizes are picked over now.

The next day was a photo shoot day, and I kept this outfit on and wore it the rest of the day, but I never thought to get a mirror selfie when I got home. I remember running some errands in the afternoon and taking the jacket off because it was quite warm. That’s the nice thing about a graphic tee/jacket combo, it’s a fun outfit even without the jacket.

Sundry graphic tee (S) // KUT from the Kloth Kara in Chestnut (M) // Fidelity Denim (28; similar) // Veja Esplar (39) // LV Neverfull MM (option/option) // AllSaints belt (M; similar) // YSL sunnies (similar for less)

This was a Saturday, and I had to drop off a meal for a high school marching band event, then I came back home and worked all day.

I really don’t know why I bothered putting on jewelry… at least the necklace and bracelets. I almost always wear earrings, even if I’m home alone all day in pajamas. And I didn’t even realize I was wearing my Airpods until I went to upload these pictures. #ooops

KUT from the Kloth Jacqueline (S) // Vuori Performance Joggers (M) // ATM tee (M) // P448 John (39) // Lagos earrings // Lagos bracelet one & two

We didn’t go to church that Sunday because we just found out Paul was sick and didn’t want to risk spreading anything, and I just wore workout clothes all day. I’m sure I took Savannah for a walk or two.

Then I got showered and dressed on Monday even though I wasn’t going anywhere, simply because it made me feel more productive. At least this time, I remembered to pull my Airpod out of my ear before I took this picture.

Equipment Madalene (S; budget option) // Frame Denim (29; similar) // Steve Madden flats in Black Plaid (8) // Lagos earrings // similar pendant

This was Tuesday, and I just took a few walks in the neighborhood and worked for the rest of the day. Thus, the activewear. I slept in my jewelry, which is the only reason I had it on.

Vuori Performance Jacket (S; updated version) // Zella tee (M) // Vuori Performance Joggers (M; also in Long) // Brooks Ghost (9) // Lagos earrings // similar pendant // glasses

I had a photo shoot on Wednesday, and I curled my hair for a video. (Stay tuned for more on that!) I wore this outfit for the rest of the day.

Talbots Zip Collar Sweater (S) // similar Mother Denim (29) // similar mules // Madewell hoops // Lagos bracelet one & two

Last Thursday was my biweekly nail appointment, and I wore this Vuori matching set. I took Savannah for a walk first; that’s why she is sitting at attention at my feet! She was waiting patiently for her walk.

Vuori Halo Crew c/o (M) // Vuori Halo Wide Leg Pants c/o (M) // On Cloud Running Sneakers (8.5)

Then I met a friend for lunch on Friday. I was so excited to have somewhere to go and get dressed for, and I wanted to use the opportunity to wear something fun and different, but I ended up back in that same Vince sweater. For some reason, nothing else was coming together, so I reverted back to what is easy and familiar.

At least, I wore it with flares this time, and I like how the light colored boots bookend the look. I also added a fun mixed stone necklace for interest. Unfortunately, it’s from last year, and it’s sold out.

Vince sweater (S) // Mother Raw Hem Flare Jeans (28; budget option) // Sam Edelman boots (8) // YSL belt (M; option/option)

I wore a plaid wool coat on top, but it’s also from last year. Since I was already downstairs and running late, I snapped a quick pic in front of my foyer mirror.

That brings us to last Saturday, and the Homecoming Dance. I was planning to hang out with friends after I sent Becca off, so I once again grabbed an easy, comfortable combo — this ivory fisherman sweater and crop straight leg jeans.

Jenni Kayne fisherman sweater (S; budget option) // Frame raw hem jeans // similar mules // old John Hardy hoops //

I wore my loafer mules while I was at home, but when it came time to leave for my friends’ house, I realized it was getting chilly, so I threw my J.Crew Excursion Vest and switched into sneakers. I didn’t get a picture of that, though. I also wore this EBY tank underneath for an extra layer of warmth.

When I went to get ready for church on Sunday, I first put on this tried and true outfit, but then I realized how cold and damp it was outside.

Kut from the Kloth Kara (M) // ATM Schoolboy tee (M) // Paige Claudine (28) // Darby clogs (8)

So I switched into a sweater and booties, and I grabbed the same necklace and earrings from Friday.

These jeans are black, by the way. I love camel and black together. And the brown boots are new. I like the lower heel, and they’re really comfortable. I wore these Sheec socks with them, but when I went to search for them to link for you, I discovered these fleece lined ones. I think I need to order those!

Equipment sweater S; similar for less) // Paige Claudine (28; similar style) // Dolce Vita Volli Boots (8) // old earrings & necklace

I grabbed my trench coat instead of a wool coat because it was threatening rain. This trench coat is from LOFT last year, and it doesn’t look like they brought it back, but I found a similar style at Mango. I love a single breasted coat; it’s much more slimming than double breasted styles.

similar trench // Equipment sweater S; similar for less) // Paige Claudine (28; similar style) // Dolce Vita Volli Boots (8)

And then this was Monday… and most of yesterday too. It was cold and rainy, and I didn’t do anything other than work out at the gym and then work from home the rest of the day. It sounds gross, but we lift heavy and rest between sets, and I really don’t sweat that much.

Vuori hoodie c/o (S) // Vuori joggers c/o (M) // similar Zella top (S) // Bombas socks (M) // On Cloud sneakers (8.5)

I just got the new Vuori Performance Hoodie 2.0. They made it with a slightly more relaxed fit, and it’s a smidge shorter. I like it so much better than the original! Of course, they raised the price too. Prices on everything are going up, I’ve noticed. Le sigh…

We had a marching band event last night at the high school, so I finally rallied and put myself together. It’s been a rainy few days, but it was dry last night and not terribly cold either, which was nice since we were outside.

I wore this faux leather puffer from last year over top the Treasure & Bond thermal from the #NSale. I’m not sure why I didn’t wear the Vejas with the black logo; I just grabbed the P448s because they’re comfy.

Treasure & Bond Thermal Top (M) // similar Mother Denim (29) // similar vests here and here // P448 sneakers (39) // Lagos earrings //

And that’s it for this week! I’ll try for more variety for the next one. I have so much stuff that I need to unpack and try on, so hopefully I’ll find some fun new pieces that are well stocked!

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27 Responses

  1. Love all the styles of jeans here! Would wear the last outfit (but) with the ivory fisherman sweater and, imagine I’m at a seasonal farmer’s market/orchard with my husband on a clear crisp Sunday morning this time of year…wandering around for hours with a pumpkin spice latté in my hands (though getting somewhat shell-shocked by seeing ALREADY the tons of Christmas decorations on display while we haven’t yet reached Thanksgiving!).

      1. One of my favorite subject(s) in high school, talking now (depressingly!) 40-years’-ago, was lol: English 12AA. Back then, we were instructed to practice writing a journal — just daily thoughts and musings. That (or being a dreamy-eyed Scorpio, I suppose?) is where IT comes from(!). A lot of people have said to me the same thing (you two did) and, I know they’re sweet and it’s all good amongst friends!

        It just tends to look long-winded when you’re typing on the mobile site and have to scroll the screen while minding the keyboard cursor at the same time, ha!

  2. I love the “what I wore lately ” series. I’m thinking of trying the Quince cashmere sweater you posted as a less expensive option. Do you know how they fit? According to their size chart I should order the xl for the right bust fit, but xl is usually too big in most brands. Just wondering what your experience was.

  3. Hi Jo-Lynne, love your blog, always inspiring.
    Was wondering what your thoughts are on the Talbots zip sweater quality and fit. It looks really nice and great on you. Thanks!

  4. LOL – “seasonal uniform exhibit A” – funny 😄 I have a uniform too and thanks to your Anthro code yesterday, I added a gorgeous cashmere sweater to it! and I got my teen a pair of UGG boots. It was a WIN! Thanks

  5. Hi! Thank you so much for these posts! How are the pockets on the new Vouri performance hoodie? Specifically do you notice that your phone falls out of the pockets? I had one of the early ones and if I put my phone in the pocket and walked much it tended to slide out. I loved it except for that problem.

    1. There is no zipper on the pockets, so I would never put my phone in it. Also, my phone is really bad and it doesn’t quite fit. They have a new stripper that I really like that has zippers in the pocket but it’s much heavier.

  6. Even if you think you have a daily uniform, you still look put together because you wear jewelry. I like the fisherman’s sweater. I just looked at the Sheec socks and they are sold out. I’m thinking I should submit my email for notification when they are back in stock since I do need socks to wear with my booties. The afternoons here are still warm enough for short sleeves. I love sweater weather and it probably won’t really hit until mid Nov., and despite us needing rain, we are still having some pretty fall colors. Have an awesome day!

  7. Great post Jo-Lynne. Never apologize for what you actually wear and post. I think its what I and the rest of your followers love from you. Its real and we like to see how you really dress. So many bloggers buy from Amazon and I know send most of it back. I’d like to see what they really wear. I think we all have that “uniform” we like and feel comfortable in and I so related when you were going to get ready for your day out finally with a friend and wanted to dress if up a bit, but still leaned toward your uniform. I do the same thing. Its like I’m so casual for so long and then when I go to dress it up some to meet a friend, I feel almost too dressed up and overthink it etc. But, I don’t like having a closet full of clothes I don’t wear. Its different when you work from home or retired like me. Believe it or not, I’m still struggling with the new jeans and booties. I just can’t get it right for me. I’m much shorter than you and I don’t like running around in pointed toe, higher heel booties. My white sneakers have been not a good choice since the rains hit and either have my loafers, which I like the best with the new jeans. I’ve needed my rubber booties and the jeans get stuck on the back tab. Oh my. It really is so different when you can’t just grab your skinnies out of the closet and know any shoe/boots goes. I have to go pack to leave for my daughters and today before packing am going to have to try on jeans with shoes, to even know what goes with what, so I don’t get there and have nothing that works to wear. 🙂 I might just need to stay in my P.J.’s LOL Soooo, I like to know, even you try on outfits and change your mind etc. Thanks again for being sooooo real. Love all the looks here.

  8. PS How do you not get dark jean stain on your light booties when wearing them together, especially in the rain? Am I the only one? Referring to the Mother dark wash flares with the light Sam Edelman booties. I’ve ruined suede booties from this.

  9. I ordered the Vince drop shoulder sweater. They actually still had my size. I love your no-makeup days. Thanks for keeping it real. So many bloggers and influencers just post the perfect pictures.

  10. Like another of your readers, I used the Anthro code you posted to finally pull the trigger on a cashmere sweater that had been in my cart for 3 weeks! I actually saw it in the store but could not decide if it was worth $198, but the code made it worthy. Also the Dolce Vita brown boots you show today are just what I’ve been looking for, a western look without all the stitching. Thanks for finding them for me!

  11. Thank you so much for putting these posts together, I love seeing them! A couple of weeks ago you recommended the Kut from the Cloth corduroy flare, so I took a chance and got them too. They are so cute and fit perfect!! I tried the “Karen bootleg” from them too and just had to pass them along to you also, they are perfect too, not sure how many pairs of cords we need, haha. Are you going to cut yours? Would you suggest cutting cords?

    1. Good to know about the Karen, and so glad to know the flares worked for you! I’m leaving mine long to wear with heels. I’d be afraid to cut cords, but I’d have them hemmed if I didn’t like the length.

  12. Love the post! How do you like the fit of the DV Volli boots? They look so similar to the ones you wore in Nashville called the Vikram I believe. The Evereve site is the only place I’ve found the Vikram and sizes are almost gone. I love the look of both styles but really wanted a suede finish but I’m all about comfort when it comes down to it! Thanks!

  13. We have very similar lifestyles so I love to see how you put yourself together. I have never found your posts repetitive or boring. I especially love how you keep it real!

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