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EBY partnership disclosure

I’ve mentioned the EBY seamless tank a few times lately, so I was thrilled when they reached out about partnering on a post. This is the multi-purpose undergarment I never knew I needed!

But first, let me tell you a little about EBY, in case you’re unfamiliar. EBY makes top-quality, seamless underwear and bralettes, with a mission for helping women start their own businesses.

They give 10% of proceeds from all purchases to fund micro-loans for women worldwide, so every purchase you make helps women around the world lift their families out of poverty. I love knowing I’m giving back when I shop, especially when it helps empower women.

I ordered my first EBY tank last spring at the recommendation of a friend. It provides light support while sleeping or lounging, and it also makes a nice smoothing layer under form-fitting tops. I wear the MD, for size reference.

EBY Seamless Tank (MD) // EBY Seamless Bikini (MD but need LG)

I’ve never been one to wear a base layer on the regular because I feel like my tops cling to it, but that isn’t a problem with the EBY seamless tank. Knit tops and sweaters glide right over top, and I hardly know I’m wearing it.

Now I often wear an EBY tank under a lot of my looser fitting sweaters for a layer of warmth. It’s also nice under thinner tops and tees to prevent show through, and under cropped styles when you’re worried about them riding up and showing your skin.

You can even wear it as a tank top by itself or under a cardigan. Here I am in the black; it almost looks like a bodysuit when it’s tucked in.

In addition to their seamless tank, EBY also makes seamless bralettes and underwear, and they sent me a few to try out.

EBY Seamless Bikini (MD but need LG) // EBY Seamless Highwaisted (LG) // EBY Seamless Brief (MD)

Like their tanks, EBY underwear is seamless for ultra smooth coverage, and they also have this clever no slip nylon grip on the insides.

It isn’t sticky the way some other brands are; I didn’t even realize it was there until I was reading more about them on the website, but it does work to keep them in place!

All three of the EBY underwear styles I tried are great, but I was surprised that highwaisted is my favorite. These are not your grannie’s panties.

I actually like how they provide some belly coverage and control under leggings and stretchy pants while keeping things smooth through the rear. These are the only full coverage underwear I’ve tried that doesn’t show lines through my workout leggings.

EBY is also running a sale from 10/25–10/31 — all seamless and cotton panties are buy 1, get 1 free with code GOPANTY!

For sizing reference, I usually wear Medium in underwear, and I have the EBY bikini and brief in the MD and the Highwaisted in the LG, and I prefer the fit of the LG. I recommend sizing up, if in doubt.

Finally, they send me the EBY bralette to try. Bralettes are a whole new world for me since my breast reduction surgery. Before that, I never found one that could accommodate “the girls,” but now I love them for wearing around the house under loungewear and sometimes even to sleep in.

EBY Seamless Bralette in Nude (SDD)

But the EBY seamless bralette actually has enough support to wear with street clothes. It even looks great under this body-con top.

After studying the size chart, I debated the SDD or the MD for the seamless bralette. I ended up getting the SDD, and it fits great!

I especially love the breathable mesh back. It keeps you cool and comfortable and smooths out all of the “back fat” — yes, I have it too!

You can wear it with or without the removable pads. I prefer with for daily wear and without for sleeping and lounging.

EBY also has a subscription program. You get 3 panties every 3 months for $39, which saves up to 40% on every delivery, and then all products site-wide are discounted 20% for subscribers. You can skip a month or cancel anytime.

Plus, for a limited time, you get a free bralette with you subscribe, using code FREEBRA. It’s is a great way to update your foundations while supporting women around the world.

Finally, you can use code Jolynne15 to get 15% off your entire EBY purchase! 

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photos: Alison Cornell

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18 Responses

  1. Hi Jo-Lynne.

    I would like to purchase a couple of things but I’m curious about the sizes. When I click on the size guide it will not open for me.
    Do you mind sharing what size you wear in tops and high waisted panties? I am almost your exact size which helps so very much!
    Thank you!

    1. Sure! I’ll go back and add that to my post. I take the MD in the tank and I went with the LG in the high waisted panties. I did the MD in the other 2 styles and the brief is fine but the bikini felt small, so when I went back to get the high waisted, I asked for a LG and I like it better.

  2. Great post, thank you! Are you a med or small in the tank? (So sorry if I missed that). Also, I assume the white tank is not see through?

  3. Great post
    Definitely something I’m going to try
    I wear tanks often under blouses and v necks that are a bit too low. It seems cotton tanks kind of make what you wear over them stick rather than slide or move with you garment. And nylon looks too over the top for casual wear. These sound like a perfect solution
    The bralettes sound like a great fit for under pjs too. Thanks for the detailed info
    You always make my online shopping so easy

  4. Great post. I could order the tank, as I always wear a base layer in the Winter, but I’ve never been successful in ordering panties online. I just can’t seem to get the right size. I don’t like ones that creep up. 🙂 LOL

  5. The neckline of that tank is *exactly* the cut I’ve been looking for! These (the tops and bottoms) look like a practical, fashion-life-saving option for “middle age bodies”, lol, whom want something that doesn’t scream “shapewear” but offers a smoothing base layer.

    So(?): are you saying there is FINALLY a non-thong underwear alternative for workout pants (which will not make my butt look like a wrinkled roadmap, ha!). Amen!

  6. Thank you for sharing EBY – I attempted to look them up when you mentioned them in an earlier post and neither my desktop or iPhone allow me to go to their site. It is flagged. Am I doing something wrong? Could you post their web address rather than a link (to see if I can get it to work)? TYIA!

  7. Hi: I clicked through your Eby post to try to take advantage of the 30% off the blue opal tank and it would not offer me the discount. Thanks, Donna

    1. Evidently, the promotion changed at some point today. Now it’s BOGO free seamless panties, and the code is GOPANTY. Sorry about that! You can still use Jolynne15 to get 15% off anything else (it does not apply to the panties b/c the BOGO deal.)

  8. Jo-Lynne, you’ve mentioned that you have a short torso. I do as well and most tanks are too long. How does this brand fit for length?

    1. They’re plenty long, but not exceptionally so. They’re also very stretchy, so women with longer torsos should have plenty of length to play with, but those of us with shorter torsos just don’t need to stretch them as much? I always tuck mine in anyway, unless I’m sleeping in them.

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