What NOT To Do When Having Company For Dinner

1) Do not assume that just because you have all day with no where to go that you can fritter away countless hours on the computer and still accomplish everything on your agenda.

2) Do not plan a meal that requires all last minute preparations.

3) Do not plan a dessert that you can’t make ahead.

4) Do not leave all your housecleaning for the day of the dinner party.

5) Do not wait until the husband gets home to change out of your pajamas and grab a shower.

6) Do not waste 10 minutes of valuable last minute preparation time blogging about your poor time management skills.

Are you sensing a theme here?  Is there such thing as Procrastinator’s Anonymous?  If not, I should start one.

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  1. I hope the dinner went well for you. People come for what’s on the seats, not what’s on the plates. Or something. 🙂

  2. Yea, I’d join, but I would prolly wait too long and lose my window of opportunity. I am such a slacker.

    I bet your dinner party came off JUST FINE! 🙂 I always do the exact same thing, and mine nearly always come out satisfactorily 🙂

  3. Girl you just wore me out! I’m so exhausted after reading your post! I’m sure it all got worked out and you had a wonderful time. And there’s probably not a person here that doesn’t feel your pain.

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