When Does 1 + 1 = 16 ?

When does 1 + 1 = 16? When you put the Perfect Pot and Always Pan together, of course! You know how I love shopping math, and cooking math is almost as fun.

Always Pan // Perfect Pot // Home Cook Duo

Last month I introduced you to the Perfect Pot from Our Place, a lightweight 5.5-quart multi-use pot that comes with a straining lid, beechwood spoon designed to nest on your pot, and nonstick roasting rack that doubles as a steamer.

Perfect Pot

And you know how much I love my Always Pan, and right now, you can purchase this pan for $30 off! We’ve had ours for over a year, and it’s the first one anyone grabs when they want to make eggs or a grilled cheese sandwich because it’s so lightweight and easy to clean.

Always Pan

Our Place now sells these two cult-favorites together as the Home Cook Duo — just in time for holiday gift giving!

Together, these two pieces of cookware can replace a stockpot, dutch oven, sauce pot, roasting rack, steamer, colander, braiser, and spoon rest. That’s basically an entire 16-piece cookware set, and you can now purchase them as a bundle for extra savings.

Always Pan // Perfect Pot // Home Cook Duo

The other night, I used the Home Cook Duo to make one of our family’s favorite weeknight dinners, spaghetti with meat sauce. I couldn’t believe how quickly and easily it came together.

Walnut Cutting Board // Everyday Chef’s Knife // Perfect Pot

The Always Pan was perfect for making the meat sauce. I just sautéed diced onions in olive oil until they were soft and then added the meat to brown.

Always Pan // Perfect Pot // Home Cook Duo // Main Plates

My secret is to use ground pork in my sauce. It’s so much more tasty than ground beef!

Always Pan // Perfect Pot // Home Cook Duo // Main Plates

Meanwhile, I heated up the pasta water in the Perfect Pot.

Perfect Pot

I love the built-in spoon rests on both pans; they eliminate the need for an external spoon rest and keep your stove top and counters nice and clean.

FYI, it is recommended to use low or medium meat with these products, and the meat browned up just fine without using high heat.

Always Pan // Perfect Pot // Home Cook Duo

The Perfect Pot made cooking the pasta super quick and easy as well. The lightweight pot heats up quickly, and it’s compatible with all types of stoves, even my convection cooktop.

Always Pan // Perfect Pot // Home Cook Duo // Main Plates

It also has a modular lid that allows you to strain and pour, so it’s perfect for draining pasta. I normally use a separate colander, but I don’t need it with the Perfect Pot.

Perfect Pot

The last step is to add the sauce. Shhh… I just buy a jar of prepared spaghetti sauce. Sometimes I add oregano or basil, if I have some fresh. Otherwise, I just plate it up and add some Parmesan cheese on top. Add a couple pieces of bread and a side salad, and dinner is served!

Always Pan // Perfect Pot // Home Cook Duo // Main Plates

The best part about cooking with Our Place cookware is they are super easy to clean. The ceramic coating simply wipes clean, and if you get any stuck-on bits, just scrub it gently away with the natural sponge that comes with the pans.

Always Pan // Perfect Pot // Home Cook Duo

Both are made from cast aluminum with a non-toxic coating, and they’re free of teflon, PRFEs, and PFAs. Also, shipping and returns are free at Our Place, and you can use code JOLYNNESHANE10 to save 10% off your order! Some exclusions apply, and you cannot combine this discount code on already reduced items.

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photos: Alison Cornell

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