When Fall Feels Like Summer . . .

Greetings and salutations on this dreary Monday morning!

I took a break from Coffee Talk yesterday because I didn’t feel well for most of the weekend and wasn’t feeling chatty yesterday morning. I did send out my email newsletter, though, with some weekend sale picks. (If you’re not signed up for those, you can do that HERE.)

Today I’m styling this floral sleeveless blouse. It’s perfect for this warm fall we’re having here in Pennsylvania, and it’s currently 50% off plus free shipping at LOFT!

I’m a warm weather girl through and through, and I don’t mind it a bit that fall is slow to arrive this year, but I do like my outfits to give a nod to the season even when the weather isn’t cooperating.

Florals grounded on a dark background have more of a fall vibe, but the lightweight material and sleeveless style keep me cool even when the weather feels more like summer.

I’ve already worn this top with grey jeans and a denim jacket, so for today’s post I’m styling it with my favorite blue jeans.

It also looks great paired with olive, khaki, white, and navy blue.

This top runs true to size; I have the small. And if you like the print but aren’t a fan of sleeveless, it also comes in a long-sleeve version.

SALE ALERT: 50% off your purchase + free shipping at LOFT with code OMG. See my LOFT Favorites in The Shop!

I wore my favorite peep-toe sandals and carried my trusty taupe tote. I like how these light neutrals provide some contrast against the darker colors of the rest of the outfit.

For accessories, I wore a silver layered necklace and hoop earrings. I also added this mixed metal bracelet.

All are Lucky Brand, so they work really well together without being too matchy-matchy.

While I’m definitely looking forward to sweater weather, I know it will last a long time once it gets here, so I’m trying to make the most of the warmth while we have it.

Adding a couple of sleeveless tops in fall colors to my closet is the perfect solution — and when it finally gets cold, I’ll just throw a cardigan on top and keep wearing them!

Outfit Details:

floral blouse (50% off) // similar jeans (option) // shoes // tote // earrings // necklace // bracelet

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  1. I purchased this shell at my local store. I absolutely love it! I love the contrasting fabric on the back, it’s so comfortable. The colors in this blouse make it versatile. Thanks for sharing it! Happy Fall:)

  2. You and I are close in age and I can sympathize with your issues. I have one med that I take to as needed to keep things manageable (without it, I couldn’t leave home) and I use essential oils for the rest. Its draining, makes me tired and irritable, can’t sleep, can’t concentrate. Sigh. But my older friends remind me that it will get better soon.

  3. Hope you are feeling better! I am loving this warm fall – just throwing a cardigan over sleeveless tops. BTW This morning my husband noticed I was wearing a belt! I told him – this was my focal point for my outfit (jeans, white t-shirt, animal print belt, open toes booties), haha! I am learning so much from you, Kay and Cyndi. Thank you!

  4. Thank you for this post! Yesterday in Minnesota it was 64, today 82:( I love warm weather too, but it really makes it hard to plan any outfits. Plus, it feels weird wearing summer clothes when the leaves are starting to fall and change colors. We are the same age and I feel for you on the woman issues:( I have to say that working out really helps me though, mentally and physically with how I feel during that time–even when all I want to do is stay in bed. Hang in there!

  5. Glad your feeling better today and although I am past menopause, I still remember how hard the transition was. Regular exercise really helps but rest and keeping your stress low is very important as well. This is definitely a Texas fall outfit and I missed that top when I looked at the Loft sale yesterday. It was 98 this weekend so I would have worn a very similar outfit to church. 

  6. Hopefully you’ll get over that “hump” soon……I’m past that phase of my life, but certainly can sympathize.   That floral top is stunning for fall, I just love that berry colored background!  We’re spending a few days in our favorite part of the State (Lancaster County) for a little R & R, and it was really hot yesterday. Then today, cool & cloudy – makes one crazy trying to dress for this weather!  Even though I’m in a different season of life, I still like my lists & use my phone calendar w/alerts set.  Since we are a big part of our grandkids lives, it makes things easier for our daughters to share kid events we need to know about.  And….I’ve taken to making  daily list now.  When I’m sitting having my coffee in the morning. I’ve got a small clipboard w/a notepad.  I just jot down a few things I really want to accomplish, whether it’s cleaning out a drawer/closet, etc.  Seeing it in written form on a list, instead of on my phone, seems to help me get it done!  I leave it on my kitchen counter & just check things off.  #whateverworksforyou!  Have a great Monday!    

    1. Yeah, I’m not much of a list maker — never have been. I find that I need to put things on my calendar, or they never get done. Even then, I often reschedule them a few times. I think this is where scheduling some time blocks would help. Like, make a block of time to make ALL the phone calls. (I procrastinate phone calls the worst!)

  7. I was wondering about jean wash and top/blouse/sweater color choice. It seems I find that the grey blue jean color looks best with certain colors and the jeans that sort of have brown trim or wash (thread colors) look best with earthy colors. Do you find that you choose jean wash depending on the color of your top? Do you have a “rule” that would make this a little easier? I have never been a big jean wearer. I’m 52 and lost quite a bit of weight and now I have them in all sorts of wash & styles. It’s great until I go to get dressed. I know what top I want to wear but I end up trying on all my jeans to find a pair that sort of “go” with the top. . . if that makes sense. I know all about what you are going through #midlifewomanissues. I had two last month two weeks apart. . . TWO! So not fair. I have struggled the past three years. Been to my Dr numerous times, anemic and all that and nothing works and my Dr won’t consider removal. I guess it’s the way it is supposed to be. . . at this stage of my life. But boy it would be nice to leave the house and not worry. . . . Best of luck!

    1. Hey Rosa, I definitely consider the shade of denim when I pick my top/jeans combos. It really is more complicated than it seems it should be, isn’t it? 🙂 This pair seems to be my most versatile at the moment. I have to make myself try other pairs, so I’m not wearing these every day!

      Yeah, I don’t want to do anything invasive so I’m trying to just get through with massive amounts of Pamprin – but that makes me feel crappy too. Still, it beats the dreadful cramps I’ve had a few times.

  8. This outfit is so cute on you! I love the colors of that top. I hope you feel better this week.  I remember those days even though I’m years beyond them.  It will get better.  Just take care of yourself.  I’m with you on the calendar – it’s my best friend.  And, I love Gina P’s idea with the clipboard and having a little checklist each morning!  That would eliminate my need for all my sticky notes.  Ha ha

  9. I, too, like to get things done in the morning.  But I realized I was trying to get everything done then and it just doesn’t work that way.  For me it was running errands before the herd was out, getting my dogs out in the cooler morning air, exercising, etc.  Something has to get pushed to the afternoon whether it’s my best time to do it or not.  I try to just be mindful of what my subconscious is making me think so I can break out of it, if that makes sense.

    I, like someone else mentioned, love a list.  I’ll even write something down after I’ve done it if it wasn’t on there before just so I can cross it off.  Haha!  Mind games  ; )

    Glad you are feeling better and hope you have a good rest of your day.

    1. YES! That is my problem. I want to do ALL THE THINGS in the morning b/c it’s the best time to work uninterrupted, the best time to get exercise out of the way when it’s not too hot out, the best time to run errands when everyone else is at work, and on it goes. Something has to get put in the afternoons.

      I think I make too many doc appts and things in the mornings – maybe I need to try to make some of those in the afternoons.

      1. Yes, I was just thinking the same thing.  I need to make the appointments for after lunch.  I just automatically take that morning slot.  But really, is it that hard to be out in the afternoon?  I mean, the reason it’s more crowded is that other people are out, which means they can handle it!  Haha, I really have that conversation with myself.  

        Outdoor activities (for me dogs, for you running) are the most impacted by any delay during the warm weather.  And, the grocery store is an entirely different experience in the afternoon.  I am going to exercise in the afternoon more even though, even though, even though  ; )

    2. Diane…I had to laugh when you said you have even written something down when you had already done it just to cross it off.  I thought I was the only one who did that. My dad was an avid list maker and I inherited that. I could not do without my list. It can get frustrating if you make too many on different papers, so over the years, I’ve tried to keep one pad and try to keep everything on the one. I’ve been known to have notes everywhere and that is not good.  I just haven’t got in the habit of making list in my “notes” on my iPhone.  

      1. Kathy, I wonder if it’s a personalty type or just habit.
         I do like a central list, sometimes sectioned off as far as category, but for especially busy times like holidays, you need the master, then the individual.  It keeps things from running through your head.  Oh, we list makers . . . 
        And, no, for me, there is no satisfaction in the iPhone list.  I keep running lists of clothing items I need, shows to check out, etc., but not ‘Things to Do.’

        Hope you get your list all checked off today!!

        1. Diane…..I so agree with all you wrote back. I use my IPhone list for the same things you mentioned. 🙂  I do think a lot of it is personality and then finding what works best.  Actually, I have done pretty well lately crossing off my “to do” list. 🙂  Feels good thats for sure.    

  10. We could have a whole conversation about the midlife lady issues. What’s getting to me most is not being able to concentrate and inability to get things done. I’ve never been a list maker but lately, I’m finding if I don’t make a list, I either can’t remember or get side tracked. Hoping to be better when all this is over. Hope you’re feeling better as well

  11. Jo Lynne love your outfit.  That’s such a cuts top.  Wd had a rough weekend with drastic weather change.  Lots of rain and no power for 24 hours.  8 inches of rain caused havoc   But now it’s a beautiful day back in the 80 s.   Sorry you are having a rough time with your kids change issues.  Hang in there and it does get better.  I love your idea about writing everything down on paper that is priority.  My husband does that all the time and he gets so much done.   If I don’t exercise in the morning I won’t do it.   That’s just the way I am.  Have a  great day and I have decided to order some  of those Great  sales from Loft and Amazon.    

    1. Jo Lynne love your outfit.  That’s such a cuts top.  Wd had a rough weekend with drastic weather change.  Lots of rain and no power for 24 hours.  8 inches of rain caused havoc   But now it’s a beautiful day back in the 80 s.   Sorry you are having a rough time with your monthly  change issues.  Hang in there and it does get better.  I love your idea about writing everything down on paper that is priority.  My husband does that all the time and he gets so much done.   If I don’t exercise in the morning I won’t do it.   That’s just the way I am.  Have a  great day and I have decided to order some  of those Great  sales from Loft and Amazon.    

  12. Hi – adore the outfit – fab blouse – what a useful item for the wardrobe.  I just always have to make ‘to do ‘ lists – it sounds very formal but believe me it keeps me focussed and I don’t forget anything!
    Sorry your weekend wasn’t great and hope you are feeling much better🙏

  13. I started prioritizing exercise years ago. I would set my alarm early in order to hit the gym when it opened. That way I was guaranteed to get it done before rushing home to get ready for work. I put everything on my calendar. I check it every morning and feel my I’m in charge of my schedule. No surprises! 

    Those jeans are a perfect fit on you. I wish our weather was warm enough for sleeveless but we’re into long sleeve tops on the west coast. 

  14. Love this outfit… we have entered the wearing a cardigan stage and I think it might be here to stay.  Only going to see mid 50’s to low 60’s this week. Glad your having a better day today:) Some days it’s just no fun being a woman 😂.
    I prioritize quiet time in the morning then on to exercise and daily duties. However some days just don’t work out as planned and I’ve had to learn to be flexible so not to stress… if I’ve got a morning appointment then my exercise gets done later in the day… and yeah I Always feel like I’m cramming too much into the mornings, but we do have the afternoons… the days just go by way too quickly. I’m also a list maker…

  15. That versatile top is so pretty.  Now that I have started using the WiiFit, I know to do it first thing, while the coffee is making because it helps get me energized for the day.  Enjoy the rest of your day!

  16. Hopefully you are feeling better – sometimes you just need to stay in your PJ’s and chill. 🙂 I can totally sympathize! Jealous of all the nice weather you are having, as we just had our first taste of winter with a big dump of wet snow over the weekend. Pulling out all the sweaters that were tucked away to wear this week! Thanks for the advice too about the “summery” fabrics, but in the fall colors – If we get a bit warmer I am going to pull out a couple of tops I have tucked away!

  17. Whatcha got for when fall feels like winter? We had an almost 22 inch snow dump in two days around here! Yikes.

    But that outfit is seriously cute and I love the color of the blouse. And those shoes!! Love Vince Camuto. That brand is one I am always drawn to!

  18. I LOVE this top! Saw it previously on the LOFT website and didn’t go for it because I know I have (way more than) enough clothes for fall, but it’s gorgeous and looks great on you.

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