When I run the world, there will be no Monday.

I propose that we eliminate Monday from the week entirely. Can I get a second? After two snow days at the end of last week, on top of all the others we’ve had this year, my middle child woke up this morning claiming to be sick. She was as chipper as a jaybird so I dubiously took her temperature — 100.5.  Alright then.  I promptly called the school to report her absence (that may be the only time in the four and a half years I’ve had kids in school that I’ve actually remembered to call before the school calls me, pat me on the back) and proceeded to load her up with orange juice and vitamin D.

A half hour later, my oldest woke up with stomach pains, which he tends to get; I don’t think he’s sick, but he’s all laid up on the couch moaning and groaning.

I’m fighting something, but I refuse to give.  I haven’t been sick in over a year, although I often feel like I’m fighting something.  I’m chalking it up to my new eating habits and my super duper immune system because I used to get every head cold and respiratory virus that came down the pike.  I dosed up on Vitamin D and probiotics and some Emergen-C for good measure.

On top of all this, I have design work that is getting backed up further by the hour, a dozen blog posts floating around in my head that I’m dying to write, and it’s my husband’s birthday today (hi Dear, happy birthday!) and I know he doesn’t care if I don’t get to make a cake and his special requested birthday dinner but I can’t live with myself if I let that slide.  Birthdays are REALLY important to me, so I make it my personal responsibility to make sure that everyone in our family gets a special day.

Oh.  AND the kids will have Wed and Thurs off this week for conferences.  And did I mention they are calling for more snow?


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  1. Well we are selling our 4 bedroom 2 bath with a workshop and cottage on half an acre right across the street from the beach if you are interested in moving to Florida! LOL! I”m just trying to help!!
    Just take it easy today and only do what you HAVE to do, like your husbands birthday and let the rest slide for today.

  2. Oh my. They can really justify letting off school when you have had so many snow days? Ack.

    I am happy to tell you my parents DID make it on their cruise! Maybe you and your hubby need to sail away. 🙂


  3. Wow, what a rough start to a week. At the very least you should allow yourself a glass of wine when this long day is over. My 7 yo woke up with a fever last Friday and was kind of puny during the day, but better by morning, so maybe you will be equally lucky. Hope something happens today to make Monday more attractive. 🙂

    1. Thanks, friend. One thing I’ve noticed this winter is that our maladies tend to be mild and short-lived. Which is kind of a double-edged sword. I’m thankful they don’t feel worse, but if they felt worse, they would SLEEP. lol.

  4. I’ll vote for you if this is your soap box!!! We have 3 with sinus infections here – lots of nose blowing going on. Sounds like the tuba section of a band!

  5. I’m with you on this one. Really, if we could just have Thursday and Friday and then go right back into the weekend, that would be great.

  6. I’ve decided to ignore my snow covered yard and pretend that spring is coming soon. I put away anything slightly wintry looking and pulled out some floral throw pillows and am planning a quick shopping trip later today.
    I think Mondays would be easier if they were always sunny and a lovely 80 degrees.
    I hope everyone feels better soon!!!

  7. You’ve got my vote!!!

    And, I agree about birthdays. We try to give everyone their special day. We make it more of a family event rather than something full of school friends and silly treat bags. I think they’ll have better memories that way :o)

  8. I know how you feel. I need time to write this morning, but I had to take my dog to the vet–she’s suddenly epileptic. Argh. All that after a three-day weekend of an overnight orchestra trip, a surprise party for a friend, church stuff, errands, and all topped off by a meeting last night. I think I was home a total of three hours all weekend. Thank goodness I don’t have sick kids on top of it all!

    Calgon? I’d settle for a Starbucks.

    1. Starbucks… even better. Unfortunately I can’t get that either. Kids are all home. My son is still miserable. Don’t know what’s up with him, but he’s not himself. My dd, who is the true sickie acts just fine, which is evidenced by the fighting with her little sis. Is it too early for a drink? HA!

  9. I’m sorry to hear that your kiddos aren’t feeling well. Hold firm on not caving to the illness girl!! I caved to my first cold in a year and I’m miserable! I forgot how much I hate being sick. My little one has a cold too and I just got an email from her preschool saying that pink eye is going around her classroom. Good times.

    I hope your family feels better soon! (Happy birthday to your hubby!)

  10. The only thing I can say that I like about Mondays is that after a crazy weekend, everyone is gone – kids are in school and hubby is back to work, and I have the house to myself to work or do what I need to get done. But being sick, and the gazillion snow days that we’ve had plus the week we had off for February break has given us WAYYYYY too much together time lately and I do feel your pain. Sick kids are the worst, next to a sick self (because us moms don’t get any time off for that, do we??). So feel better, lots of hugs are being sent your way! xoxo

    1. PROMISE? I detest March. LOL. It’s too dang cold, but I always get spring fever anyway. Perhaps we’ve earned an early summer this year. Ya think?

  11. You may not want to know this but I have had a very calm and productive Monday!

    Everyone else went to their allocated places of work/education and I got lots done in a blissfully empty house. Even managed to fit in a walk/run before school pick up time.

    Hope your day (and kiddies) get better

  12. You get a second, third and FOURTH from me! 😉 For some reason I was really dreading this Monday. Maybe it’s because I started Jillian’s 30 Day Shred. Nah, that can’t be it… ;-P

    Hope you all feel better soon and Happy Birthday to your hubby!

  13. i have been really,really sick with bronchitis and my husband had a birthday (yesterday)during my sickness, i rallied enough to go out to eat with him, but i could not find the energy to bake the cake too. so i have promised myself i will bake that cake one day this week as a un-birthday surprise. so far it isn’t happening today……

    1. Well, I made a cake, but I put too much milk in the frosting, and it made a big mess. I guess it will taste good, but it looks like a disaster. *le sigh*

  14. I know! More snow. We haven’t gotten as much as you have this year, I don’t think — certainly no more than you.

    But honestly, I have to sheepishly admit that I’ve enjoyed our snow days this year. For me it’s just an excuse to put life on hold and be totally lazy, not that I really need an excuse for that!!

    As for kids being home sick and blowing my plans — that’s another issue entirely. Hope everyone’s back to school tomorrow.

    1. Yeah, snow days just seem like a lot of work and a lot of soggy clothes these days. Maybe when the kids get older, it will be easier?

  15. Oh I so feel for you!!! And I really hope your family isn’t passing the bug around. Unfortunately it hit our family last week & as careful as I was it went through all 4 of us … not fun!! I hope you’re able to give your husband his yummy bday dinner!!

  16. Happy Birthday to your wonderful videographer!! Sorry to hear that you are starting off the week in not so great of a way. I hope everybody feels better tomorrow and you can wave with a huge smile as you watch them ride away on the bus.

  17. Hang in there!

    And really, no school Wednesday & Thursday? And they have to go back Friday? Who makes these schedules?

  18. I hope you guys are all rested up and recovered in absolutely no time.

    Isn’t it amazing how much our diet affects how we feel?

    Also: I’ve been reading all of your [wonderful] posts on healthful eating and I have a question for you. Have you ever considered gardening…or do you garden currently? Why or why not?

    1. Yes, it took a while. I was disappointed at first, that I didn’t feel better *immediately* but now I can really tell a difference. My tummy troubles *for the most part* are gone, which is AMAZING, there were so many different kinds of stomach issues going on, and they are all virtually nonexistent now.

      As for gardening, there are a myriad of reasons I do not garden. I feel a top ten list coming on…

  19. sooooo…..another in a long line of coincidences- looks like our hubby’s share the SAME birthday! how funny is that?! i’ve been thinking about you the past week or so as i’ve been working on my ‘running game.’ got my flier in the mail, and i think i’ve recruited 1-2 friends from work to run the 5k as well! hope the weather of yesterday and today persists, so that we can meet at the track SOON to run together!

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