When I run the world, there will be no Monday.

I propose that we eliminate Monday from the week entirely. Can I get a second? After two snow days at the end of last week, on top of all the others we’ve had this year, my middle child woke up this morning claiming to be sick. She was as chipper as a jaybird so I dubiously took her temperature — 100.5.  Alright then.  I promptly called the school to report her absence (that may be the only time in the four and a half years I’ve had kids in school that I’ve actually remembered to call before the school calls me, pat me on the back) and proceeded to load her up with orange juice and vitamin D.

A half hour later, my oldest woke up with stomach pains, which he tends to get; I don’t think he’s sick, but he’s all laid up on the couch moaning and groaning.

I’m fighting something, but I refuse to give.  I haven’t been sick in over a year, although I often feel like I’m fighting something.  I’m chalking it up to my new eating habits and my super duper immune system because I used to get every head cold and respiratory virus that came down the pike.  I dosed up on Vitamin D and probiotics and some Emergen-C for good measure.

On top of all this, I have design work that is getting backed up further by the hour, a dozen blog posts floating around in my head that I’m dying to write, and it’s my husband’s birthday today (hi Dear, happy birthday!) and I know he doesn’t care if I don’t get to make a cake and his special requested birthday dinner but I can’t live with myself if I let that slide.  Birthdays are REALLY important to me, so I make it my personal responsibility to make sure that everyone in our family gets a special day.

Oh.  AND the kids will have Wed and Thurs off this week for conferences.  And did I mention they are calling for more snow?