When It Rains, It Pours

Quite literally, in fact.  I feel like I lived two weeks in the past three days.  This weekend was a flurry of rain showers and thunder storms and DIY projects and sick kids and social events.  How ’bout you?

Friday night Shannon and I drove in the driving rain to Sarah’s home where we met up with a bunch of other local bloggers for Wisk’s Bubbles and Bubbly event.  We first compared BUBBLES (Wisk’s regular laundry detergent with their HE version) and then the BUBBLY (two different kinds of champagne.)  You can probably guess which experiment was more popular.  Please forgive my blurry Blackberry photos.  I hear the iPhone takes pretty good photos.  I wonder if it does better than the Blackberry.  Can anyone confirm?


Look at Sarah double-fisting it.  Now that, my friends, takes balance and coordination — two skills which I unfortunately lack.


Here are a few more pictures I borrowed from Sarah’s post.


That’s Shannon and Mindi (and me, of course.)


That’s Shannon, Kelly, Mindi, and Patti.

It was a delightful evening until I arrived home and found out my daughter had come down with a fever.

My kids are prone to fevers, so I was much more concerned with my Saturday night plans than with my daughter’s well being.  Because that’s the kind of sensitive and caring mom that I am.  It occurred to me as I climbed into bed that it could be more than a mild fever, and I remember praying as I nodded off to sleep, “Lord, please let this just be a fever.  Or anything that doesn’t involve puke.  Or, you know, the swine flu.”

We woke up the next morning to a chipper but feverish child — an unusual combination, but one I was thankful for.  Despite her feeling under the weather, we spent the entire afternoon tiling our kitchen backsplash.



That was a stencil, by the way.  I never really cared for it, it’s a tad busy for my tastes.



It still has to be sealed and grouted, of course, but it already looks SO much better than it did before.

On Sunday, I hopped a train to NYC with Melissa and Sarah for a LeapFrog sponsored event on internet safety.


We had a great time, but the best part of the trip was walking back to Penn Station down Madison Avenue and 5th Avenue, window shopping and discussing terribly significant topics such as perfume fragrances and the most flattering style of boot.

Needless to say, I’m ready for an uneventful day at home, which it looks like I’ll be getting because that fever my daughter had on Saturday?  My son has it today.  Fortunately it’s been mild, and I’m just thankful to say that so far it doesn’t involve puke.  Or, you know, the swine flu.