When You’ve Had One Too Many . . .

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Also, any bloggers who would like to review CHOFFY may contact Melisa.

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A few weeks ago I tried to give up coffee. I didn’t get very far. But I still try to limit myself to 2 cups a day, and I usually have them both downed by 7am. With this cold weather, and working from home, there are many times throughout the day that I find myself wishing for another warm mug of . . . something. I tried Dandyblend, but I don’t love it. I tried another coffee substitute, and I didn’t love it either. I’m not a tea drinker. Often I’ll have a mug of homemade hot chocolate with the kids, but sometimes I want an adult drink that isn’t going to increase my caffeine intake or irritate my sensitive tummy.


CHOFFY is brewed chocolate.

Do I have your attention yet?

It’s not sweet like hot chocolate; it really tastes more like coffee, but it doesn’t have a funky aftertaste like other coffee-imitations I’ve tried.  CHOFFY brews like coffee and is naturally loaded with antioxidants.  They claim that it supplies you with long lasting energy and promotes whole body wellness without the negative effects found in other drinks.  I highly recommend it to anyone who is trying to reduce their coffee consumption but wants to enjoy a warm coffee-like drink from time to time.

Oh, and one more thing.  They make truffles.

And not just any truffle, either.  These are to. die. for.  I will totally be ordering these to give as teacher gifts if I can keep myself away from them long enough to give them away.  (They are bigger than they look in this picture — bigger than an average truffle.)  Incidentally, they would also make a fabulous Valentine’s gift for the one you love.

WIN IT! My distributor, Melisa, has a 12 oz bag of CHOFFY and a truffle to mail to one lucky winner. Just leave a comment on this post and tell me why you’d like to try CHOFFY. I’ll select a winner at random on Friday, January 14th.  Please have a U.S. mailing address.  Thanks!

If you don’t win, you can always purchase a sample bag for $3 (shipping included!)

Disclosure: I received a sample bag of CHOFFY and a truffle to facilitate this review.

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88 thoughts on “When You’ve Had One Too Many . . .

  1. I would like to try Choffy for the days I want a second cup of coffee but not the caffeine of the real stuff.

  2. 1st time commenting! LOVE your blog. I was recently looking for a coffee substitute because I really miss my morning coffee! I drink green tea but lets face it, it’s not the same!! I will look into purchasing this soon! Thanks for the heads up!!

  3. Wow – that sounds so interesting! And I do love to drink hot tea all day, but sometimes I get bored of it! I’d love to try anything related to chocolate! Thanks!

  4. I would love to try some Choffy! Dark chocolate is so good, so I think that I’d enjoy it.

  5. I adore chocolate AND coffee and really love them together. I have the same issue with limiting my coffee consumption to 2 cups a day. I try to add in cider or tea when I think I’ve had enough coffee. It would be nice to try something new!

  6. I’m not a huge coffee drinker, but I would love to give this a try. You can’t go wrong witih chocolate!

  7. Oh. my. word! That sounds amazing. I am nursing and my little one just can’t handle me having too much coffee. Would love to give it a try.

  8. I’m very curious to try this…not a tea drinker either. Tried the others…teechino…blech…I’m nursing so more than one cup of coffee is not good for me or baby–it makes us both jittery. And, chocolate??? It seems as a respectable chocoholic I would have heard of this before but it’s all news to me. Anxious to give it a go!!!

  9. Oh yum! I have given up caffeine for the new year so I could go with something like this! 🙂 What a fun teacher gift too!

  10. I’m trying to limit my caffeine but love coffee and chocolate! So this would be fabulous. My husband would be a big fan too.

  11. Because I love chocolate, of course!! I thought of you recently when I heard a food radio show talking about different types of rice and using some of them as breakfast foods…thought it might help with your gluten free options…have a great weekend.

  12. I’ve been tossing around the idea of giving up coffee but I doubt I ever actually will. There are times, like you, when I’d like something else warm to drink later in the day. And really, it’s hard to go wrong with cacao.

    (Did you change your font or is it my computer?)

  13. I am always up to try something new! I would love to try Choffy, what a neat idea!
    I love coffee, but I limit myself to two cups max a day. This would be great during the
    winter months. I LOVE chocolate too, especially dark chocolate. This is why I would like to try Choffy. For all these reasons. Have a great weekend!

  14. I am overcaffinated. I love chocolate. Hence, I want this stuff. YUM.

    Curious – did you add sugar or milk to it? Or drink it black?

    1. I added cream. I’ve been taking coffee with cream only (no sugar) and I’m finally adjusted to the taste.

  15. I have given up coffee for the month of January and am trying to find a permanent replacement for me expensive Starbucks habit. Choffee sounds great. I like the idea of the truffles A’s gifts too. I can use them for my Sunday school teachers.

  16. I, too, am a first time commenter. I have heard about your site so much from your Mom’s friend, Gail D., who is my MIL. My confession is that I have been stalking your site for about a week and have not had time to sit down and comment.
    I will make time to comment because this is the comment for me! I love coffee…totally trying Choffy! I love chocolate ….so I totally need to win 🙂
    P.S. Would love to chat with you about blogging.

  17. I would love to try Choffy to help ease my caffeine intake…I really want something warm to hold and drink…and I *love* chocolate so this would be great to try!

  18. As a coffee snob, I am very curious about Choffy and would love to try it. Can you make Choffy in a french press or does it have to be in an automatic drip machine?

    1. I made it in the French Press. There are directions for French Press and drip coffee makers.

  19. I would LOVE to try Choffy. I’ve also tried the coffee substitutes – Yuck! The truffles sound wonderful, also. (clever name)

  20. We drink half-caff coffee around here to cut down on caffeine, for health reasons. It would be very interesting to try this product, and see how it compares caffeine wise, and also I am just plain old curious about the taste!

  21. Wow…that sounds interesting! I have a morning routine that ALWAYS includes coffee(usually only 1 cup) , but I would like to not drink it as often. I would love to try this as a coffee alternative!!!

  22. OOhhh… that sounds so good. I could definitely use limiting my coffee intake with a wonderful chocolate substitute like Choffy!!

  23. There are so many times in the afternoon when I want something hot to drink, but don’t want a lot of caffeine and don’t feel like dragging out the cocomotion.

  24. My reason for wanting to try Choffy? Coffee + chocolate = Awesomeness!

    P.S. Love your blog!

  25. This is totally up my alley. Love my sweet tea in the summer but don’t do coffee and LOVE anything chocolate. I need a warm drink in the winter.

  26. I would LOVE to try Choffy! I, too, need a non-caffeinated hot drink as I have to seriously limit how much caffeine I take in each day. This sounds perfect!!

  27. OMG!! I would love to try this! I only drink hot drinks, mostly tea because I don’t like the bitter aftertaste of coffee, but always have said I wish I could drink it. Now it comes in the form of chocolate!!!! Wow!!!

  28. I have been wanting to limit my coffee consumption as well, and am having a hard time! This sounds like a good alternative!

  29. I so want to try this. I only drink one cup of coffee a day (and not even a whole cup) but I am interested in something warm in the afternoon, like you. And well, truffles are one of the food groups, yes?

  30. I would LOVE to try the Choffy and truffles. I gave up caffeine two years ago, but there are times my tastebuds CRAVE something besides sprite, tea, water, hot chocolate or lemonade.

  31. I can’t drink coffee, I love hot bevs and chocolate— so this sounds like a great answer for me. Plus who doesn’t like to be on the cutting edge of something so yummy?!

  32. Coffee has been upsetting my stomach lately too! I need a choffy right about now, well deserved after being up all night with my little one who has the darn flu. This is the second time she has ever had it so needless to say the vomiting part scares her to death (she turned 5 in Aug). Not what I had planned for the weekend. I hope yours is wonderful though.

  33. I’m not a coffee drinker and I find most hot chocolates too sweet. I’d love to try a hot drink that’s in between. Thanks for the opportunity!

    1. Email me Sarah and I can help you with that. On the website, my contact into is in the top right corner. My email is smile 4 choffy @ hotmail . com. Thanks!

  34. Sounds interesting, I too like a afternoon hot drink, and chocolate just kicks it up a notch!!

  35. I love coffee and chocolate but have had to limit both due to the fact that I am pregnant. I would love to try Choffy! I have been drinking tea but it is just not the same 🙁

  36. Oh yeah, I’d love to try this! I’m currently nursing my 2 month old, so I’m always trying to be careful about my caffeine… which is exactly what a person with a 2 month old NEEDS. Oh the irony.

  37. Um, why would I like to try it? Because it is CHOCOLATE. Brewed like COFFEE. Two of my favorite things. Enough said!

  38. I’m a coffee addict looking for something else to enjoy during these cold winter afternoons. Choffy sounds ideal!

  39. This sounds like what I need at night! I love a cup of coffee at night after the kids are in bed, but it keeps me up a little longer than I would like!

  40. Hello, i am a truck driver and i do not drink coffee, never liked it..but have been wanting to try the choffey..cause i love chocolate, gave up my diet dr pepper for crystal light..
    and I am doing really well on it…

  41. I drink coffee only 1 time per day in the morning
    Dark chocolate must-eat. It strengthens memory and gives a generally very useful product

  42. I would love a chance to give this a try! I am cutting back on coffee this year and looking for a good replacement!

  43. What a wonderful product. I can’t believe that I’ve never heard of it before…. I am forever trying (and failing) to cut back on caffeine. Maybe this would do the trick!

  44. I too have been working on cutting back my coffee intake, 1/2 mug a day the past week. I feel better with less caffeine, the Choffy website goes in detail about the difference between the stimulants in coffee and chocolate for anyone interested. This post is good timing for me, and with a giveaway!

  45. I would like to try it because it really does sound yummy! I had not heard of it before – but I will for sure be checking it out now! Thanks for the opportunity!

  46. I would love to give this a try since I’m always looking for healthy alternatives to my bad habits!

    Also, I saw you’re speaking at Blissdom, and I’m going to Blissdom, and would LOVE to hear you speak, but I don’t want to miss it. Can you reveal when, where, etc? Thanks!

    1. HEY! Yes, I’m speaking on Wednesday at the Wisdom Workshops on the hyper local panel. I hope to meet you. Please, if you see me, come say hello!!! (Love the name of your blog, by the way. Hilarious.)

  47. I would be THRILLED to try your CHOFFY! I have read about it and googled it and want it!!! I don’t drink coffee, but love chocolate, and have been looking for something warm to sip without always drinking hot chocolate! I don’t really do tea either! CHOFFY! I would Love to try it! :0)

  48. I would love to try this brand out!

    I’m always willing to take one for the team and test out the new chocolate products! : )

  49. I’m not a tea drinker either, hot chocolate made right has too many calories and I don’t need the caffeine after 10AM…. yum choffee

  50. Aside from an occasional cup I quit drinking coffee a few months ago because I was feeling anxious all day after a morning cup. I also knew I wasn’t sleeping as well as I should be but I sorely miss it and would LOVE to try this.

  51. Choffy has Truffles now!? Yowzah. You know, the first time I tried it I didn’t understand that it needed to be brewed the same way you would coffee – I just mixed it in with water as one would hot chocolate…it didn’t work:)

  52. Oh, I would love to try that! I like coffee a little too much and need to cut back because of anxiety issues and sleep problems. And the truffles sound delish.
    I have been reading your blog for a while and really admire you for focusing on better food and all the information you provide. You give so much important information so well, without being overbearing or judgemental.

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