Menu Plan Monday and OWIE!!!!!!

A few months ago I had a horrible pain in my neck (and no, there were no design clients involved, ha!) that got to be so painful and debilitating that I went to the doctor. He somehow convinced me to let him give me a bee venom injection. Now you have to understand one thing. I don’t do needles. Not unless I’m under duress or it promises to relieve the pain of childbirth. But this was so bad that I could hardly move and I was desperate. It was not a pleasant experience, the injection, but it worked so I was grateful. Every since, I have lived in mortal fear of having to endure that torture again.

Guess who woke up this morning with the exact same pain in her neck? Evidently this is an equal opportunity neck pain because this time it has occurred on the other side.

So now I have to decide. Do I go to the doctor and beg for another injection? Or do I suffer it out?


In other news, I need to start meal planning again or my poor family may revolt. It’s just not fun around here when mommy doesn’t meal plan. I don’t know how I flew by the seat of my pants for so many years. I guess I didn’t eat as much “real food” and I certainly wasn’t avoiding the most convenient of the major food groups. At any rate, these days, meal planning is crucial to having a decent meal on the table at a reasonable hour, so meal planning is what I shall do.

I’m not feeling particularly motivated this morning, although I did just look over Kelly’s Monday Menu Plan Plus What I Ate Last Week for inspiration. She’s doing a Weight Loss & Wellness Adventure that focuses on a real food diet high in fats, protein, and veggies and low in carbs and sugar, if you want to follow along.

Okay, I’ve procrastinated long enough, I believe.  Let’s see what I can come up with.

Menu Plan Monday

MONDAY: Pot Roast with carrots and potatoes.

I have a bolar roast in my freezer from the cow I bought last fall. I have no idea what a bolar roast is or what to do with it, so every time I go to my freezer to find meat for dinner, I look at it, move it out of the way, and select something I’m familiar with. Well, we are down to ground beef and the bolar roasts so I decided it’s time to figure out what to do with it.

According to eHow, the bolar roast is most popularly used for pot roast.

Well, I suppose I can handle that. What a shame I passed over the poor bolar for so long. Our family loves pot roast. I have a box of gluten-free all purpose flour from King Arthur brand that I keep on hand for gravies and sauces so I can enjoy those too!

TUESDAY: Brined and roasted turkey with stuffing (I’m using Udi’s gluten-free whole grain bread; I sat and watched my family eat homemade stuffing twice over the holidays, so I’m going to make some that I can have!) and mashed potatoes and roasted broccoli.

WEDNESDAY: I think I’ll try Kelly’s Sausage Balls and throw some seasonal veggies in the oven to go with it.

THURSDAY: Leftover turkey dinner.

FRIDAY: If I can get to the farm for more boneless chicken breasts, I’d like to try Kelly’s Cheesy Pesto Chicken with seasonal veggies.  If not, I’ll fry up some burgers.

SATURDAY: Assorted leftovers.

Okay, so that much is done.  Now I just have to make a grocery list and power through the neck pain to go shopping and prepare dinner.

What are you having for dinner this week?

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  1. Have you ever considered finding a good chiropractor? I’m visiting mine today. I fell on black ice yesterday while holding my 2 year old. My feet flew straight up and I landed flat on my back. I thought for sure I would not be able to walk this morning, but the pain isn’t as bad as last night. (Full disclosure – my hubby is a chiro)

    1. My doctor suggested that last time, if the bee venom didn’t work. But it did, so I didn’t pursue it. Frankly, I never gave a whole lot of credibility to chiros until recently. I’d be more open to that now. Maybe fI should try that before the injection.

  2. Oh I hope your neck pain gets better!! What was the bee venom supposed to do? I’ve never heard of that before- is it used a lot for pain?

    1. I think it’s kind of an old fashioned thing. My doctor is an MD but he’s very open to natural remedies and such. I don’t think these injections are very common anymore.

  3. Good morning, Jo-Lynne, I hope your neck is better soon. Issues anywhere on your spine are those kind that when you’re hurting, you wonder why we don’t thank God every minute when we’re NOT hurting like that – we take so much for granted, I know I do anyway.

    Quick note on the cheesy pesto chicken – you can make it without the pesto, too, and it’s just as good! If I don’t have the stuff to make the pesto I’ll just put the chicken in a buttered pan, sprinkle sea salt, pepper and garlic powder on top before smothering in a couple different kinds of cheese, then bake at 375 for a half hour and it’s done. So easy and kids love it, too. I often take this to others when I’m bringing a meal to someone and it’s always a hit. 🙂

  4. I’m telling ya, a chiropractor is the way to go to get you feeling better! Bet you have a friend who could recommend one near you.

  5. I agree on the chiropractor. I go to a great one in Trappe. I’ve been to a not so great on in Limerick before that.

  6. I had horrible, debilitating neck pain for 2 years until last year and I found tendonitisexpert.com and did what he recommended for whiplash. I used a bag of peas and iced my neck 15 minutes on and 15 minutes off for almost a whole month, every waking moment. When I wasn’t doing that, I was messaging my neck or wiggling it. I did have my neck fused but even that didn’t help. I have been literally been given my life back after discovering this website. I had gone to chiropractors, physical therapists and finally had surgery and nothing helped but icing, wiggling and messaging. Now whenever I hurt myself I start icing and messaging (for my broken arm, sprained foot, pulled muscles in my back, shoulder tendonitis) and it works every time!!!

  7. Good Morning! Hope your neck feels better, when I heard you mention bee shots it reminded me of “The C Word” on Showtime. Laura Linney went to Canada to meet “The Bee Man” and got injected several times. Made me think of you going to a back shed somewhere getting bee injections 🙂 LOL But m hey if it works and all natural…go for it!
    On another note…LOVE meals plans, I too have to do it weekly otherwise we don’t eat as well and we certainly don’t eat as a family because I get unorganized. Thanks for sharing yours and also Kelly’s. BTW…everyone is loving the raw milk!

  8. I second Kristia’s recommendation of a chiropractor. About 15 years ago I started having neck pain and numbness down one arm. I saw my doctor, got x-rays and learned I have three compressed discs in my cervical spine. My doctor wanted to refer me to a neurosurgeon but I decided to try chiropractic first. The first few meetings were painful but I never did need to see the neurosurgeon and I have been pain free ever since.

  9. I haven’t planned a full week yet, but I have some ideas. We had delicious beef stew last night, a recipe that I have pretty much perfected and look forward to eating every time. I used to not like beef stew but I have seen the light. I think we’ll have chili one night this week, and turkey pot pie, and some chicken and pasta one night. That’s as far as I’ve gotten. 🙂

  10. oh gah I am sorry! And yes yes yes without dinner planning over here as well things go wacko. You know what I do on crazy days is just a baked sweet potato bar. I feel less guilty because afterall they are SWEET potatoes…a little better for you, eh?

  11. How’s your neck doing? Hopefully it’s better! i, too, am scared of needles, that’s why I’d much rather go to the chiropractor. They might have to put you in a traction, to straighten your injury out. That, too, can be quite uncomfortable, but hey, as long as I’m not getting poked or prodded by a needle, I will endure anything!

  12. Tonight I fixed a wonderful Asian Chicken & Rice bake. The idea comes from Campbell’s kitchen website. There is a link on my blog. It’s a one dish meal, and it turned out quite tasty! I don’t think it’s gluten free (I don’t really know how all that works), but for others, it may help you!

  13. Wow. Turkey and stuffing on a weekday? You are an ambitious woman. And cheesy pesto chicken? Sounds delicious! We’re having chicken tortilla soup, southwestern chicken pot pie, pepper jack chicken, and chicken piccata. (Apparently it’s a chicken kind of week).

  14. I hope your neck is feeling better. That used to happen to me almost every morning. My chiro actually suggested buying new pillows! That solved it for me. He recommended replacing pillows every 2 years. Hope you are back to yourself soon.

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