Status Update

I’m thinking this is a good day for a list.

1. The good news is, my neck is no worse.  The bad news is, it is no better.  So while I am thankful that I haven’t the need for injections or chiropractory at this point, I am hoping that it doesn’t decide to up and worsen right when this impending snowstorm hits our fair city, some time this afternoon or tonight.

2. While my neck seems to be no worse for the wear, I can’t say the same for my knee, which I gracefully nailed on the doorway yesterday. It hurts every time I move it.  To which my husband would likely say, “So don’t move it.”  Yeah, m’kay.

3. Perhaps this is as good a time as any to announce that I am speaking at Blissdom again this year! WOO!  I’m speaking on Wednesday at the Wisdom Workshops on the hyper local panel. I pitched this panel to Blissdom because of my work on Eat Local Philly and because hyper local is such an up and coming niche in the blogging world.  I actually have big plans to expand Eat Local Philly to other cities, and I’ll fill you in as soon as I know more.  If you have considered starting a blog dedicated to local foods in your area and would like to be a part of a bigger network of similar blogs, please let me know!!

4. Speaking of upcoming blogging events and travel, and by association, Nashville and the famed Opryland Hotel, I am excited to be taking a quick trip to Music City the weekend BEFORE Blissdom (yes, I’m going to Nasvhille TWICE this month!!) to CAbi’s The Scoop — the launch of their Spring 2011 Collection. I get to travel with my good friend Whitney and meet up with some other mom bloggers to cover the event and to get a sneak peek of the new Spring 2011 clothes line.

Gotta give major props to my husband, who told me to go after I had immediately declined, assuming two trips in one month was ridiculous. He’s really supportive, and I can’t begin to say how much I appreciate that. And also, my mom is coming up to help, so thanks Mom!

5. I feel like there should be a fifth. Anyone got a fifth? I can’t end on a 4. My OCD is protesting.

Oh here ya go.  I just checked the extended forecast.  Snow, snow and more snow.  AND ICE.  I should be okay getting to and from Nashville for CAbi but the week of Blissdom is looking really dicey.  I may just have to stay through both weeks.  Ha!  Wouldn’t my family love THAT.

This post needs a picture, but I don’t think I’ve dusted off my new camera since I got home from Virginia, even though I’ve had some great photo opps with all this snow we’ve had.

Oh well.