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Winter Try-On Haul: Denim & Boots

Hi friends! I have a quick try-on haul for you today. And yes, I said quick and try-on haul in the same sentence. I don’t have a TON of items to share, but I also didn’t want to allow anymore time to go by before I put these up because a lot are on sale.

Plus, I promised to play around with winter boots and straight leg jeans, and I’m a woman of my word! Most of the time, anyway… So yeah, let’s dive in. As always, links are at the top, and I’ll list my sizes for reference.

Winter Try-On Haul: Denim & Boots

SIZING NOTES: I’m 5’5″ and I usually wear a small in tops, a 28 or 29 in jeans, and a size 8 shoe. Gifted items are indicated by c/o; everything else I purchased myself.

AGOLDE Riley Long Jean (29)

 10% off at Evereve // sweatshirt 30% off (S) // sneakers (39)

I ordered these jeans after saying my slim straight leg jeans are starting to read more as skinnies to my eye. I know I don’t like straight leg jeans that have a lot of volume in the thighs, but I thought these might be a happy medium.

I like how Evereve describes them:

A full-length inseam updates the easy-to-love Riley jean by AGOLDE. This straight leg silhouette features a flattering high rise, button fly closure, and distressing at the pockets and hems. The medium blue wash is perfect for everyday wear.

While they are described as full length, the inseam is 28″, which is usually considered ankle-length. Plus, they are pictured as more of an ankle-length jean on the models, so that’s how I would describe them. The rise is somewhere around 11″ high; it hits me right at the belly button, and it has a button-fly.

These jeans are 99% organic cotton, 1% elastane, so they have the look and feel of a more traditional rigid denim, but that 1% elastane gives them just enough stretch to be comfortable.

They break in more like 100% cotton jeans, though… they feel stiff and snug at first, but after wearing them for 30 minutes or so, they mold to the body and feel really good on. I wore these all day on Sunday, and I’m a fan!

Before I decided to keep them, I also wanted to try them with booties.

These are the Dolce Vita Volli, and they’re 65% off at Zappos! I like the subtle Western flair; it keeps them current, and the pointed toe is flattering.

They have a 2 3/4″ heel with a 1/8″ and a 5″ shaft, so they slip easily under straight leg jeans, and there’s no tab in the back for the pant leg to get caught on so I don’t have any issues with that.

As you can see, when I sit, the hem of the jean just meets the top of the boot, but when I stand back up, they slide right back over top. I will wear a camel colored sock with these, or no-show socks.

By the way, Sheec Socks are 25% off if you sign up for their mailing list. 

VERDICT: These are keepers. I’ve already worn them once! I think they’ll be a nice addition, since I wear straight leg blue jeans so often this time of year.

UGG Adirondack Waterproof Booties (size 8.5)

at Nordstrom // at Bloomingdale’s (Power Points eligible) // at Macy’s // at Amazon // jeans (29) // sweatshirt (S)

First, let’s discuss the boots, and then I’ll show you a few ways I styled them. The boots are amazingly warm, and much lighter than they appear. The insides are completely lined with UGGpure™ wool, so they feel amazing on.

I did size up to a 8.5, per the recommendation on the website, but I’ve ordered the 8 to compare. They seem a little roomy, and I don’t really need room for socks.

They have 200g insulation and are temperature rated to -32 degrees Fahrenheit. They’re also completely waterproof, so your feet will stay warm and dry, no matter how inclement the weather conditions might be.

I also like that you can wear them with the shaft folded down to expose the shearling lining, which is the way they’re pictured on all the websites, OR you can wear them with the shaft extended for extra warmth.

As for styling, I wanted to see how these pair with straight ankle jeans, since I have several pairs in my closet. These are the Frame Le High Straight, with a 28″ inseam and 14″ leg opening.

I first tried cuffing my jeans above the boots, but the cuff on cuff is a lot.

So then tried just letting the jeans scrunch on top of the boots… I mean, I feel like jeans and snow boots are meant to look a little rugged and sloppy.

If I want to wear the shaft extended, these jeans do tuck inside pretty easily. This honestly doesn’t bother me. If it’s cold enough to wear these boots with jeans, I doubt I’ll be trying to make a serious fashion statement.

Then I thought, what if I do want to look somewhat put together when wearing these boots?

The trim is black, so I pulled out my washed black Fidelity Cher slim straight ankle jeans, with a 27″ inseam and 13″ leg opening. They are just a smidge shorter and slimmer than the Frame pair I’m wearing above.

I topped them off with a camel sweater and black faux leather puffer vest to coordinate with the black and chestnut colors in the boots.

First I tried it with the boots folded over, and the jeans just crunched on top.

I think I like this look better with the jeans tucked in. They stay pretty well with the boot shaft folded over.

But I might like this look even better with the taller shaft. It just seems cleaner and more streamlined without the white shearling cuff breaking up the leg line.

I usually only wear a boot like that when it’s snowing or I’m going to be in some really messy conditions… like when we go to the Christmas tree farm. But what about when I want to wear more of a winter fashion boot, like the Sorel Explorer Joan or Sorel Lennox Lace-Up Boots?

Sadly, I sold my Sorel Lennox boots at the end of last season because I just wasn’t reaching for them. I’ve decided I don’t love the hiker style lace-up boots on me. I’ve tried several styles, and I just feel like they’re too rugged or something.

But I do love the Sorel Explorer Joan, as it’s more of a sneaker boot. I dug these out of my basement so I could try them with the same jeans and see how I might want to wear them this year.

Sorel Explorer Joan (size 8.5)

at Zappos // at Sorel // at Macy’s // at Nordstrom

These boots are incredibly lightweight, and so soft inside with a microfleece faux fur lining. Even though the UGG Adirondack boots are cozy and comfortable and lighter than they look, these Sorel sneaker boots feel like slippers in comparison. In fact, I’ve been known to wear them around the house on really cold days here at home.

They have 100g insulation, so not as much as the UGGs, but they’re still very warm. They’re also waterproof and have good traction; plus the cushioned insole, arch support, and memory foam footbed makes them friendly to finicky feet.

I styled a look I might wear with these boots, going for a sherpa jacket and performance tee rather than a cashmere sweater, and once again, I started by trying the jeans with a single cuff so they sit on top of the boots.

Because the jeans and boots are both black, I don’t mind the cuffed look as much with this outfit, but the top of these boots is actually fairly narrow when tied, so then I tried pulling the jeans over top of the boots, and guess what? It works!

I actually really like this look, and it’s less to fuss with. Even with skinny jeans, the bottom of my jeans usually scrunched a bit on top of these boots…

I sat down, got up again, and moved around, and the jeans pretty much stayed over top of the boots, and these jeans are quite narrow in the leg opening, at 13″ — most straight leg jeans are 14″ or 15″ wide.

I think this proves, you really have to just try things on and see. You might be surprised how easy it is to style wider leg pants and jeans.

AQUA Sequin Shell (S)

at Bloomingdale’s (S) // jeans (29) // pumps (8)

I just have this one festive top to show you, but it’s on sale, and sizes keep going in and out of stock, so I want to be sure to alert you before it’s gone! This is THE perfect NYE top to dress up your favorite jeans, or pair with dress pants or coated black jeans as I did here.

The fit is a bit boxy, but it has a nice drape, and it’s fully lined so it’s not too scratchy, the way sequin tops can sometimes be. I need to play around with accessories, but I’m thinking something with black and silver tones combined.

Also, these pumps are 25% off at Bloomies. They’re my go-to for dressier winter looks. The low heel keeps them walkable, but the pointy toe looks dressy.

As I said, this is a quick one, but I hope it’s helpful in some respect!

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18 thoughts on “Winter Try-On Haul: Denim & Boots

  1. Thanks for styling the Sorel Explorer Joan! I have these boots and absolutely love them. However I only tend to grab them when there are several inches of snow because I always have trouble not making them look too sloppy. Great tips!
    Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family!

  2. Ugg Adirondack cost per wear is amazing! I hope you love them as much as I do. I’ve had the same pair for 4+ years and they are still the warmest snow boots I own and we get a LOT of snow so they get a lot of use. Cheers – Katie

  3. What are your thoughts on the striped sleeve Evereve sweatshirt you have on? Did I miss that? It’s currently on sale and I was thinking about getting it-if it’s not too cropped. Thank you!

  4. Love the looks! I agree. if its that cold to wear boots, I’m not usually making a fashion statement. I like the new jeans with the snow boots better than skinnies …. Happy Thanksgiving!!

  5. I have been wanting to get some Sorel Winter booties but not sure ones to buy. I like the Sorel Explorer Joan you have. Are they the same ones showing in black on Zappos? Did you change out the laces or do they come with two different colors? What weight sock to you wear? I see you sized up 1/2 like Zappos site recommended but the Sorel site says 1 full size. I don’t usually wear a heavy sock, as our Winters are mild. I don’t like when my jeans bunch with Winter boots, so I need to try them with my straight leg jeans. I just feel frumpy if the jeans don’t lay nice. Thanks for doing the Winter boot try on and all your commentary. It really helps to read it and see the side by side photos. I was hoping the Sorel boots would go on black friday sale too.

    1. I have the Sorel Explorer Joan and bought my usual boot size (8) and they have been great boots. I bought them 3 winters ago, and they’re still going strong! I could’ve sized up to an 8.5, but not a whole size up. Also, I think Jo-Lynne’s are the original Explorer Joan (mine are too); the link is the Explorer Joan II, which is the newer model of the same boot.

      1. MMASC….. Thanks for your reply. I was wondering if hers were a different model. I’m usually size 7, but guess it wouldn’t hurt to go up half size. I like that they are waterproof, but not so big and bulky. Thanks again. Hoping for a sale.

    2. Yes, I have an older version, so they may have changed the color of the laces. Mine also have a grey lining and the new ones have black. I rarely wear socks with these, they are so comfy. If I do, it’s b/c my leg is exposed a bit at the top, and I usually wear bamboo or cashmere crew socks, so they’re a light/medium weight.

  6. Just in case you don’t know, I want to tell you how helpful it is when you show us comparisons, like you did in this post. Not only can I read about the choices and thought process, seeing them brings it up a notch. Thank You! I am considering the Sorel Explorer Joan since ad you stated, they aren’t as chunky as the winter boots I have in my closet, which better suits me. Have a great day!

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