2 Casual Spring/Summer Dresses {Under $15}

Greetings, friends, and cheers to a long weekend! At least, I hope some of you get a few days off for Easter. Our school district has a 5-day weekend, and my daughter is definitely psyched for that.

I’ve had some requests for more budget-friendly alternatives to shorts, so that’s what I went looking for when Walmart invited me to collaborate on another post. Today I’m sharing two casual spring/summer dresses from their We Dress America collection that are each under $15.

The first one is actually under $10. This sleeveless knit swing dress comes in a bunch of different striped and solid color options, and the material is nice and soft and drapey. It even has pockets.

This dress gets great reviews. It’s super soft and not at all see-through, but what I especially like about it is the length. Oftentimes swing dresses seem to run short for my 5’5″ frame, but this one hits just above the knee. It runs true to size; I’m in the small.

This dress would be cute with sneakers or wedge sandals, but I also like how these criss cross gladiator sandals look with it.

They’re super comfortable and easy to walk in. They have a cushioned foam footbed, and the straps are really soft against the foot. They run true to size as well.

And you know I had to throw a denim jacket on top. I always bring along a denim jacket when I’m wearing a casual dress in case I get chilly, and it helps provide some structure when a dress is a little loose in the waist.

The other dress I found at Walmart is this woven notch neck shift dress. It also gets stellar reviews.

This dress is made of a soft woven cotton fabric, and it’s fully lined so even the lighter colors are not see-through.

It’s also a nice length and comes in a bunch of solid and striped color ways. It has pockets, but I found them to be a little bulky, even after ironing, so I’d probably have them removed. I hear that’s fairly simple for a tailor to do.

I would also probably have it taken in a bit through the waist to give it more shape, but it fits the way a shift should. I just prefer a more fitted sheath style for my body type.

I decided to pair this dress with sneakers to show another option, but both dresses could be worn with either the sandals or the sneakers.

These remind me a lot of the Converse Shoreline, but for a fraction of the cost.

Also, this packable straw tote reminds me a lot of a tan one I got last year that came with a much higher price tag. This bag is roomy and fully lined, making it perfect for the pool or beach. Plus it folds flat for easy packing.

So there you have it, two budget-friendly casual dresses to wear to your spring and summer gatherings, to run errands, or basically anywhere you want to be casual and comfortable but prefer not to wear shorts or pants!

Outfit Details:

sleeveless knit dress // crisscross gladiator sandals // similar denim jacket // woven notch neck shift dress // slip on sneakers // packable straw tote

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photos: Alison Cornell

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  1. I love swing dresses. I have a few for the summer (and winter). I prefer a neckline a bit lower (since a higher neck does nothing for my larger chest 🙂 FYI I am styling you today – the beautiful long cardigan from Loft in the pink/purple, deep green leggings from Loft and a sleeveless Loft (ha!) thin sweater top. I even have on my white Sperry sneakers I found at Macy’s during the sale you mentioned a few weeks ago.) Thank you for your ideas, as always. Good luck with your tests this morning. Arna

  2. I love this adorable little swing dress pared with the white jacket. It’s a perfect go anywhere type of outfit. I would also wear white sneakers with it. I definitely will be getting this dress…thank you for such great inspiration.

  3. Wow Walmart is really stepping up their fashion game… now if we can only get the Canadian buyers for Walmart on the same page. Looks like they’ve decided to compete with the Target lines…  such great cute pieces and can’t beat  those prices and as long as the quality is there who knows where you shopped.  I’ll be checking out Walmart during our trip early next month. Thanks for sharing. Good luck with your test:)🤞.

  4. I love swing dresses I have several now might have to add this one to my collection. Thanks for styling Walmart clothes that’s the only place in town for us to shop without having to drive up to 30-40 miles.

  5. Thanks for the budget friendly options today! Cute dress options for when it warms up. Forgive me for doing a shout out to Walmart corporate (maybe they read the blog comments on an off chance??):
    please bring American content/ brands like Time & Tru, the Ellen Degeneres clothing line, Drew Barrymore’s Flower make up and new furniture line to Canada. Not sure why we don’t have these products available here. Not convenient. There is a market for these products up here: 36 million Canadians!

  6. Haha! I picked up a dress exactly like the green one last year and LOVE it – especially the pockets. I find as I get older (and a little heavier) that I really like the option of a great dress in the summer. Thanks for showing these two great looks! I wish the Walmart in Canada carried the same stuff – oh well maybe a trip down south is in order! 🙂 Have a great Easter weekend.

  7. The problem with buying from Walmart is that you’ll see yourself all over town. I’m choosing to pass. Although, both of these dresses are cute on you! 

    1. I find this comment offensive, insensitive & tacky. Some people can only afford Walmart, please keep that in mind. 

      Thank You Jolynne for showing looking good, doesn’t have to cost a fortune. 

      1. I in no way meant to offend anyone. I live in a small town with very little shopping opportunities except Walmart.  I would be seeing the same outfit on many, so I shop in the closest big city. I did not say anything derogatory about Walmart. I’m afraid you read more into my comment than was there. 

  8. Cute dresses!  Thanks for featuring Walmart again.  They really do have some cute things out now.  And you can’t beat the prices.  Hope your balance test goes well.  Enjoy your long weekend!

  9. I love that bag, so fun and you can’t beat the price! I’m always thrilled to see less expensive options, especially on trendy pieces. I hope your balance test goes well and that it will be useful to determine what is going on. Have fun with your girls over their break…my kids are grown now but those days off from school were always little gifts tucked in through out the year for family fun and lasting memories!

  10. Those are really cute dresses!  I like that Wal-Mart has upped their game in regards to women’s clothing.  How did the balance testing go today?  Enjoy your long weekend.  We are preparing for severe weather to arrive early tomorrow morning.  

  11. I really like the dresses from Walmart!! I also like the bag!! I bought three dresses last summer at Walmart! They price was fantastic! I am going to looking for these dresses you wore too! Happy Easter! you, your husband and children!!🐰🐣🐇🌹🌷🌼🌸😊🙏

  12. These dresses look awesome on you, but it will not look good on people like me, who are size 12 and above.
    It’s just my humble opinion. No offense to anyone.
    When majority of America is size 12 and 14, why do designers not design clothes apropriate for them?

  13. I love the green dress. I have the navy blue and menthol green. Have out grown most of the funeral appropriate dresses I owned (now donated). How could I style the navy one for a funeral?

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