Over the past year, the fashion sneaker trend has really taken hold and become mainstream. I hope my fashion sneaker reviews help you weed through the options and find the styles that work best for you.

Nowadays, women wear sneakers with everything from yoga pants to dresses! They’re a great way to keep your classic looks current, but there are so many to choose from.

Last year, I set out to find one pair of go-to fashion sneakers to incorporate into my casual looks and ended up with the solid white Veja Esplar leather low top sneakers.

I explained in that post that I’ve never been one to wear sneakers with my daily outfits, so I was surprised by how versatile they turned out to be, and how much I enjoyed wearing these shoes over the past year.

They’re still one of my favorites, but since I wear them so much, I wanted to add a couple other options to my shoe wardrobe. This time, I set out to look for something a little more fun, maybe with a pop of color or pattern.

Fashion sneakers are like any other wardrobe piece — there are tons of styles to choose from, so choose what works best for your body type, style aesthetic, budget, and lifestyle.

I hope this post helps you weed through the options and find the styles that work best for you!


For reference, I’m 5’5″ and 135 pounds, and I typically wear an 8 or 8.5 sneaker. (I share my height and weight because I believe that factors into how shoes look in proportion to my body.)

On top, I’m wearing the Everlane soft cotton v-neck sweater (size small) and my Rag & Bone shredded hem ankle skinny jeans (size 28.)

I’ve ordered these sneakers from my least to most favorite, but that doesn’t mean it’s a worst to best list. It’s just how they rank according to my personal preference.

Both Neiman Marcus and Nordstrom are running big sales right now, so I sourced these sneakers from those two retailers where I could. Both sites also have free shipping and free returns. I’ll share both the original and sale prices next to each link.

Tretorn NY Lite Sneakers $85 $68

Introduction: Tretorn is a Scandinavian sneaker featuring minimalist styling that was super popular in the 80s, and they’ve been making a comeback. They have a low profile and an almond shaped toe with the iconic Tretorn stripe emblem.

Pros: Out of the box, these are fairly comfortable. They have some cushion and support, and the leather seems durable. They’re also extremely lightweight for a leather shoe. I like how the gold emblem elevates the look.

Cons: I’m not a big fan of the seams on the toe, but that’s totally a personal thing. They’re a little stiff and need some breaking in, but I don’t really have anything bad to say about these, except they’re not quite the look I’m going for.

Conclusion: Overall, if you like the look, they’re a good value for an under-$100 leather sneaker. They run true to size, or size up if in between; I’m wearing the 8.5.

Adidas Stan Smith Sneaker $80$60

Introduction: The Adidas Stan Smith is a unisex court style sneaker that has become something of an American icon. If you want a fun diversion, read about Stan Smith, the man behind the sneaker.

The original had a green tab on the back heel, but I chose the red one to try out for this post. They also come with a navy tab and an all white version. Bonus, they’re 25% off at Nordstrom today! Shop all 4 here.

Pros: I love the pop of red at the tongue and heel, as well as the perforated stripes. They have a traditional but modern look to them, even though they’ve been trending for years.

Cons: Because they’re a unisex sneaker, these run big and wide, and they have a ridiculously long tongue. I don’t know if that’s true for all Stan Smiths or just this pair, but it was a deal breaker for me because of the way it protruded into my leg.

Conclusion: If you have wider/thicker feet, these are a solid style choice at a great price for leather sneakers. Even though they run wide, they still have a low profile, which tends to be more flattering than the puffy sneakers that have been trending.

I love the styling, but I don’t care for how they fit my feet. Definitely size down, if ordering. I tried the 8 Women’s / 7 Men’s M, but I probably could have gone down a size.

Amazon Two Tone Star Lace up Fashion Sneakers $14.99 – $45.99

Introduction: This is the least expensive pair of sneakers I’m reviewing, and the only ones that aren’t leather. I wanted to include an under-$50 option, and these are some of the best I’ve tried. They’re a very trendy style, definitely a Golden Goose copycat, but cute and fun for casual looks.

Pros: These sneakers are very comfortable, considering the price point. The tongue is padded and soft against the foot, and while there is no support inside, they are comfortable to wear and didn’t require any breaking in.

Cons: I don’t care for how they’ve shamelessly copied the Golden Goose star motif, but they’re certainly not the only shoe company to do that The laces are really stiff, and they look and feel cheap; I would recommend replacing them with something a little bit nicer.

Conclusion: These are trendy and fun, and while the quality isn’t amazing, they’re a decent value for the price point. Definitely size up half, as recommended on the website. I have the 8.5, and I could probably use the 9.

Ecco Soft 7 Sneaker $159.95 $119.96

Introduction: Ecco shoes are known for excellent quality and extreme comfort. These sneakers are often mentioned when ladies are recommending supportive fashion sneakers to each other in my comment section, so I wanted to give them a try.

These sneakers have a super low profile, they come in 6 colors, and they have a removable insole in case you want to replace it with an orthotic.

Pros: The comfort and support is definitely there, as is the quality Ecco is known for. The leather is soft and supple, and they have noticeable arch support. The brown tab on the heel is a nice, subtle detail.

Cons: The laces on these sneakers are super stiff and long, so I would want to replace them if keeping. I also don’t care for the cap toe. Overall, the styling is a little stodgy for my personal taste. That doesn’t mean they aren’t right for you, but I don’t love them for me.

Conclusion: If you want a low profile comfort sneaker with good arch support, these are a solid choice. They’re an excellent value for the price point. They run fairly true to size, or size down if in between. I’m wearing the 8.

Paul Green Carly Low Top Sneaker $339 $254.25

Introduction: Paul Green is a women’s shoe brand known for uncompromising quality and luxe materials, and his styles lean toward the more mature side.

I ordered these low top sneakers at the recommendation of a faithful reader who has worn these all over the world and swears by their comfort and durability. They have a leather upper and comfortable terry lining, with colorful stripes around the foxing.

Pros: These sneakers feel surprisingly lightweight, and are extremely comfortable on the foot. I typcially prefer a leather lining, but the terry inside is very nice too. They definitely add a touch of class to a casual outfit, and you can’t beat the quality.

Cons: If I’m going to be picky, the grommets look really big and off-balance to me, and I don’t love the thick platform. Even though they feel lightweight and comfortable, they look a little clunky on my foot.

Conclusion: These are on the pricier end of the sneaker spectrum, so I definitely recommend buying on sale. They’re not as trendy as some in this roundup, but they’re not going to go out of style next year either.

Overall, these are a solid choice for those who have a classic/preppy style and appreciate comfort and quality. They run TTS, or size up if in between; I’m wearing the 8.5.

Everlane The Court Sneaker $98

Introduction: This is a court style leather sneaker with subtle suede accents in a contrasting color (and there is an all-white option as well.) It has a 100% full-grain leather upper and a recycled polyester lining with a leather-like feel, and the sole is a blend of natural and recycled rubber that’s 94.2% free of virgin plastic.

Pros: These sneakers are super comfortable right out of the box. The insides feel nice and smooth against the foot, and they’re soft and flexible. They’re an excellent value for an under-$100 leather sneaker.

Cons: The styling on these looks a little orthopedic to my eye; it’s something about the seaming and design around the toe box. I think these are super cute on younger women, but it may be a little bit tricky to pull them off over a certain age.

Conclusion: These sneakers are an excellent value for the price point. The comfort is unmatched, and you can feel good about purchasing from an ethical company.

That said, the styling could lean a little matronly depending on your age and style aesthetic, so I’m on the fence. They run TTS, or size up if in between; I’m wearing the 8.5.

Gola for J.Crew Bullet Sneakers with Cheetah Detail $95

Introduction: Gola is an English company that dates back to 1905, and they’re known for their soccer sneakers. This classic throwback style has been updated with subtle cheetah details, designed especially for J.Crew.

Pros: I like the soccer style shoe for a change, and I think the cheetah details are so fun. These sneakers are super lightweight, and the comfort is average but on par for the $95 price point.

Cons: These certainly aren’t as classic or versatile as some of the other styles I reviewed, but they’re really fresh and fun with the cheetah details. I don’t have much bad to say about them, except I wish they came in half sizes. The 8 was too small, but I fear the 9 might be too big.

Conclusion: These are a nice marriage of classic and trendy, perfect for those looking for something beyond a basic white sneaker. They run a bit small; I had the 8 and returned them because they my toes were right in the end.

Vince Janna Mixed Leather Low-Top Sneakers $225 $168.75

Introduction: Vince is a brand known for uncompromising quality and effortless style. I’m a huge fan of his shoes, and someone in my Facebook Group requested I include a Vince sneaker in this roundup, so I found these. While he’s well known for his slip-on styles, I wanted a lace-up option for the purposes of this post.

These sneakers are a mix of suede and leather upper on a sturdy platform sole, and they have a classic minimalistic style. They also come in oatmeal and black.

Pros: These sneakers are the usual amazing Vince quality with a luxe look and feel. I wouldn’t call them super supportive, but they’re leather lined and feel amazing on the foot. The styling is classic and versatile, and the combination of suede and leather adds interest. I also appreciate the lack of grommets.

Cons: I have nothing bad to say about these, but I just don’t love the suede/leather combo. It’s totally a personal thing, which is why I included it in both the pros and cons. They’re a great shoe, but too much like my Veja Esplars to warrant keeping them. Plus, I found a couple other pairs I liked better.

Conclusion: These are high quality sneakers with classic styling and a luxe look and feel, plus they’re super comfortable. While they are on the spendy side,  you’re getting a solid value for the price point, especially if you snag them on sale. They run big, though. I’m wearing the 8 and would need the 7.5. (I also had to size down to 7.5 in these slip-on sneakers.)

Golden Goose Superstar low-top sneakers $495

Introduction: For anyone not aware, Golden Goose Deluxe Brand is an Italian luxury fashion sneaker brand that has developed a cult following over the past few years. They’re handmade in Italy, and no two shoes are identical. I’ve heard it said it’s like wearing a piece of art on your feet. They’re part vintage chic, part skater sneaker, part luxury designer shoe, and one of their trademarks is the worn-in look.

Pros: Besides the amazing quality, which sort of goes without saying, these are the kind of shoes you slip on right out of the box, and they feel like you’ve been wearing them for years. They have a suede tongue that is super soft, and the insides are padded and feel so lived-in and comfortable.

I love the neutral styling of the particular pair that I ordered, as it’s more on the classic side, which is best suited to my personal style. But I’m also drawn to some of the fun designs with animal prints and glitter details.

Cons: The price tag is the biggest con I can come up with, but these are also a very trendy shoe and not suited to everyone’s personal style. And of course some don’t care for the distressed rubber soles.

Conclusion: If they’re in your budget, and they work for your personal style, these are such fun shoes. This particular pair is incredibly versatile due to the neutral color palette, and of course you can wear them all year round (as you can any of the sneakers in this post), which helps reduce cost per wear.

Veja V-10 Sneaker $150 $112.50

Introduction: Veja is a French-born shoe company that uses organic or recycled and fairly traded materials, and all products are made in a high standard factory in Brazil. Since I like my white Esplars so much, I thought I’d try a different style with some colorful accents. This V-10 style was named after the label’s 10th anniversary, and these have a navy colorblock V along with a red heel tab, but there are lots of other color combos to choose from.

Pros: The quality and eco-friendly materials are a huge pro to these sneakers, and I just really like the styling. There are some fun details like the perforations on the toe box, and I like the colorblock styling for a change.

Cons: These sneakers are stiff at first, and the tongue is super long — longer than the one in my Veja Esplars.  (They suggest slipping the tongue to the side for a comfier feel.) While I found my other Vejas to soften up and break in fairly quickly, I still consider that a con compared to others in this review that are comfortable right out of the box. They also have organic cotton lining that isn’t especially soft; I prefer terry cloth or leather, but it’s a concession you make for this price.

Conclusion: For a quality shoe from an ethical company with a classic but on-trend styling, these are a solid choice for the price point. I like the looks of them better than the feel. They also run a big large; I’m wearing the 8 but would be curious to try the 7.5.

Tory Burch Howell Lace-Up Sneakers $198 $148.50

Introduction: The Tory Burch brand needs no introduction, and these shoes are a chic court-style sneaker made of a soft, supple leather with a contrasting heel tab accented by her gold logo medallion.

Pros: These sneakers are everything I’ve come to expect from a Tory Burch shoe. They were super comfortable right out of the box, and I wore them all day with no issues whatsoever. They have a leather upper with a combination leather and textile lining and a rubber sole. I like the subtle perforation details and the rounded toe is flattering and comfortable. These are basically an elevated Stan Smith.

Cons: I can’t really complain about the price, considering the quality, but it’s the only con I can think of.

Conclusion: These sneakers are a great choice for those who want a classic style with more luxe finishes. They run TTS or size down if in between; I have the 8.

P448 John Leather & Suede Low-Top Sneakers $265 $212

Introduction: P448 is an Italian luxury street style sneaker brand inspired by the skate world and hip hop subculture, and this is clearly reflected in their designs. These are the most similar to Golden Goose brand, without copying the GGDB signature star emblem, and the price point is much more palatable.

I ordered the John Leather & Suede Low-Top Sneakers from Neiman Marcus when they were on sale a few weeks ago, and they’ve almost sold out. Neimans has a lot of other styles, as does Nordstrom, and all are on sale right now.

Pros: I love the subtle perforated P448 logo and how it adds texture without being in your face, and I think the leopard print suede logo backstay is such a fun detail. The hand-distressed platform has that trendy worn-in look so you don’t have to worry about getting them dirty, and they are super comfortable inside. They have a cushioned footbed, and the tongue is padded and lined with a soft terry material, so they feel really good against the foot.

Cons: I can’t think of a single one other than the price. I love these sneakers, and I’ve already worn them multiple times in the couple weeks that I’ve had them. They’re definitely a more trendy/youthful style, which may not be what everyone is looking for, but I think they’re a great addition to my casual wardrobe, and I can see myself wearing these a ton, bringing that cost per wear down to mere pennies over time.

Conclusion: They recommended sizing up, so I ordered the 9B/39 EU, but those were too big and I ended up exchanging for the 8B/38 EU, so I would recommend going with your usual size or even sizing down.

The Verdict

Every shoe in this post is one that I’d recommend without hesitation. They didn’t all work for me (not that I needed 12 new pairs of sneakers, anyway!) but they’re all good shoes for various purposes/budgets/styles/etc.

Since I have and still love the white Veja Esplar, I wanted to add sneakers with some color or pattern to my closet, so I chose to keep the Tory Burch Howell with navy blue accent for a classic/preppy style, and the P448 John for a trendy skate sneaker.

I really wanted to love the Veja V-10, but I couldn’t get past the stiff tongue, and I probably would have kept the Gola bullet sneakers if they had fit better, but I didn’t bother to re-order in the next size up.

The other pair I really loved is the Golden Goose, but I just didn’t want to spend $500 on sneakers, and the P448 has a similar style with more subtle details for half the price. I’m really happy with those, and I like that they’re a little more under the radar, which I feel suits my personal style.

I also want to give an honorable mention to these Saturday sneakers from J.Crew. They’re backordered, so I couldn’t try them for this post, but I love the styling with the leopard print tab at the heel and black laces.

At the end of the day, these are all good choices. It just depends on your budget and what you’re looking for.

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photos: Alison Cornell

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38 thoughts on “2020 FASHION SNEAKER REVIEWS

  1. Another fantastic review, Jo-Lynne! I’ve been looking at the Tory Burch and Everlane sneakers for a while now but hesitated to buy them because I can’t try them on first. Thanks for sharing the details. xo Nipa

  2. Thanks for a review of white tennis shoes! I love how you list pros and cons. A white shoe would be so versatile. I just forwarded this blog post to my friend who said just yesterday she is wanting to get a casual shoe that isn’t her running one. I am sure this will help her decision process! I just ordered the Ecco one . My biggest factor in shoes is their support. I can’t wait for them to get here to try on. 

  3. Thank you for such an extensive review. I bought a cute pair a couple of weeks ago. They were not expensive and not the most comfortable but I thought them fun. I’ll put a gel insert in them and not wear them on days when I might be walking a lot. Silly me! 

  4. Hi! I ordered the Tory Burch sneakers. Are you wearing socks with these shoes? If so, what type/brand? I cannot not wear socks with my sneakers but I don’t want to look like an elderly man with y’all socks and sneakers!:)

    1. Hi Shana,

      Believe Jolynn never wear socks with fashion sneakers. I also. Well if you purchase a good leather sneakers, you can go without socks. Try them and you’ll get used to this. Besides that it is more fashionable and comfy.


    2. Hey Shana, sorry, I didn’t mean to ignore this question. I saw Kim’s come through and remembered that I didn’t reply. She is right that I don’t wear socks with my sneakers. I make an exception when I’m traveling or doing tons of walking. And then I just wear my running socks –

      But they do show a bit, and I don’t care for that look on a daily basis. Good sneakers don’t seem to make my feet as sweaty as cheaper ones, but I wouldn’t mind finding a true no-show sock that I can wear sometimes. I’ve just never found one that stays on.

      1. I absolutely can’t stand wearing socks in my sneakers, either. I think it’s a comfort thing for me. I find them far too restricting and my feet sweat MORE when I’m wearing them.
        Plus, so-called “no show” socks are anything but – they can still anyways be seen. I’ve also been told that women wearing socks with sneakers is the shoe fetisher’s equivalent of stuffing your bra. 😄

  5. Thanks for another great post! I love white sneakers, and you have found some great options I hadn’t seen before. It didn’t occur to me to look at j crew for sneakers! I really appreciate the way you have continued to post, acknowledging what’s going on in the world, but not letting it take over life. 

  6. This is another great review with your detailed commentary.  I also really like the format, where you name the shoe and the price each time, from the top.  In your signature style, you manage to tell us all about the sneakers, and the which ones you decided to keep, all the while maintaining a healthy dose of “reasonableness”!  Thank you!

  7. Hi. I know you said you’ve gotten a lot of wear from your Veja Esplars. How have they held up over the year? I found them on sale, and I’m considering buying them, but I want to make sure they will last a while. Thanks so much!

    1. They’ve held up great! I have traveled in them, worn them all over Disney World, in the rain, they’re over a year old and still look good. Not like new, but very good.

  8. This was a great post! I really love the ones you chose to review. The p448 are my go-tos, and the TB are great. I just ordered some canvas tretorns from the neiman sale and veja esplars for my daughter from anthropologie. We mainly wear sneakers around here.

  9. What a timely post! Would you say your Vjeys are true to size? Also wondering if the sole is removable so I can add orthotics? 

    I only need one pair and can’t decide between these and the Tory Birch. I would like to wear these with sundresses, shorts and jeans. Your thoughts? 

  10. Fun come on spring!,,i love the Tory sneakers,
    You inspired me to get my new White Cole Haan
    out of closet and brake them in.
    Since we are on shelter in place starting last night.
    Thank you for continued posts.

  11. Love the P448s! I recently purchased some white Steve Madden sneakers that I really like. They have a bit of a pre-loved look but I don’t mind as a mom of 3 little boys. Now I don’t have to worry about the inevitable scuff marks!

  12. Thanks so much for the reviews! I’ve been really looking forward to this. 🙂 No surprise, I love the pair of Golden Goose sneakers you tried. I may splurge some time, but now is not that time. I did just order the P448s after you linked them earlier this week, I think? Just received them and I love them. They felt slightly big at first, but I think going down a whole size would be too much. However, after some lace adjustment, they felt super comfortable. Thanks again, for the thorough review!

  13. I have been waiting for this post. I am on the lookout for the perfect white sneaker.  The struggle between finding something comfortable and something that makes me look like a cool girl is real.   I have purchased the Stan Smith’s, Puma, Veja V10, and am waiting on some Vionics to be delivered.  The v10s are terrible …the tongue is ridiculous.  Do the Esplars feel better ?  The Stan smiths are ok but they have kind of a weird tongue too. The pumas in white slip on my heel.  Oddly the black don’t.  I have some Superga and some leather keds, which honestly look cuter to me than these others , but I am looking for some for some serious walking.       We’ll see what the vionics are like.  I will maybe try the Ecco.  I think comfort will win out over coolness!     

    Thanks for the post!

  14. These posts are so appreciated. While I’m not quite on board with this trend yet, I love having the sizing info and descriptions of the products of each of these companies, as it helps me when ordering other types of shoes from them. These white sneakers just make me think of nursing shoes or walking shoes from the 80’s or something? Maybe I need to try them with some skirts or dresses.

  15. 😆Well it feels like the Nordstrom Anniversary sale deja vu! I followed your link to buy the Tory Burch sneakers and they’re not available….in any size. So then I opened my cart. I  added 6 items in my shopping cart yesterday and all but one is sold out! SO crazy!! Oh well. I guess I wasn’t meant to have any more clothes right now…but the good news is that Nordstrom is keeping the economy moving for sure. 

  16. Wow I have a feeling this could’ve been an endless post like the white t shirts:) so informative .. thanks 😊. Last year I finally found a pair of white leather Nike’s  with a soft pink back tab. They look similar to the Adidas but not as bulky. I wasn’t sure how much I’d wear them and since last year we didn’t have much of a spring I’ve worn them a bunch already the past month .. great post enjoy your new sneaks!!

  17. I’m so glad that I was sitting down to read this post.  I must live a very sheltered life because I had no idea how pricey sneakers could be.  I’m still in shock!  I really appreciate you trying on so many pairs of sneakers and providing us with the pros and cons.  I’d like a pair of white sneakers in a mule, but I haven’t had any luck finding them, so that must mean that that particular style is not in style now.  Oh well!  Enjoy the rest of your day!

    1. Ginger – I know Keds has a some sneaker mules in leather and canvas.  Check out their website.  Maybe JoLynne can put some links.  😊 

      1. Thank you Gina!  Why haven’t I thought of checking the Keds website!  I will check it out today.

  18. Another well-researched and informative post.  Saves us tons of time.  😊 Thanks so much!  

    I have the Adidas in white.  Looking for something not so clunky – like the Keds champion slip on leather sneaker.  

    Everyone stay healthy and safe!  

  19. ECCO…”stodgy”….what the heck??? They don’t look any less or more fashionable than any other sneaker

  20. I bought the Veja Esplar last year and LOVE them. I’ve actually worn them every day this week for “sheltering in place.”  I also wore them for spring training in Arizona at the end of February. They were the perfect sneaker for that, trendy, cool, and comfy. They still look great so I really don’t need another pair of white sneakers; but I am loving those J Crew sneakers and I am trying to talk myself out of buying them!!

    BTW- have you considered reviewing the Vionic sneakers?  I wear a lot of Vionics and I’m just wondering how their sneakers rate. 

    Thank you!

  21. I just got a pair of P448s that were half price to try them – lots of people comment how comfortable they are. I am a school librarian and on my feet all day. I have tried Adidas, APL and Converse and my feet were killing me. Supergas wear the best for me all day and I have also liked Spalwart Marathon Trail shoes. I am hoping I like the P448…. but I appreciate your reviews and I might look at the ones you mentioned for arch support (i have a high arch and it’s often a problem!) thanks!!

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