2019 Fashion Sneaker Reviews: GOLDEN GOOSE, P448, VEJA, TRETORN, GREATS, SUPERGA & MORE

Well, it’s finally here — my fashion sneaker review and comparison! I’ve been teasing this post for a while, and I finally have it ready to go.

As always with this type of post, I always wish I had tried more styles, but as it is I compared 9 pairs of fashion sneakers ranging from $65 to $550, and these are the results.

2019 FASHION SNEAKER REVIEW & COMPARISON: Golden Goose Superstar, P448 John, Veja Esplar, Tretorn Nylite2Plus, Greats Royale, Superga Cotu, Taos Star, Josef Seibel Caspian | Jo-Lynne Shane

First, a little back story. You should have known, right? I always have a story.

I’ve tried many fashion sneakers over the years and styled quite a few for the blog, but in actuality, I rarely wear them. I like the idea of a fashion sneaker, but I almost always reach for a pair of ballet flat or loafers or flat boots with my casual outfits. The exception is when I wear a sweatshirt and jeans, and then I feel like sneakers are in order.

Lately, though, I’ve been noticing a lot of the bloggers I follow for fashion inspiration trading in their booties and loafers for fashion sneakers — and wearing them with jeans and sweaters and other casual-but-not-sweatshirt-like tops. I like the juxtaposition of the athletic footwear with street clothes, and the look is growing on me.

My go-to sneakers for quite some time have been the Converse Shoreline, and I still like them, but they’re beginning to look dated to me.

Now, please don’t get all upset and tell me you just finally bought your first pair of Converse or ask if you should stop wearing yours. No, not at all. I’m not giving mine away just yet, and there’s nothing wrong with them, but I’ve been wearing them for several years, and I’m ready for something new. In fact, what I’m looking for is a different style entirely, and there is room for both in my shoe wardrobe.

What I have in mind is a white leather sneaker, and ideally I’d find one with some metallic or black accents so they’re not quite so stark, but plain white is okay too.

(Yes, I’ve done the Adidas Superstar, and I like them, but they felt heavy and clunky and never really broke in well, so I ended up passing them on to my daughter.)

The shoes that started me on this quest are the sneakers gracing every other post in my Instagram feed these days — the Golden Goose.

If you haven’t heard of this hot trend in elevated athletic footwear, Golden Goose Deluxe Brand is an Italian luxury fashion sneaker brand born in 2000 that has developed a cult following over the past 19 years and is now one of the hottest street style trends among celebrities and fashion bloggers.

Prices average around 500 U.S. dollars per pair, although you can find a sale if you’re patient. They’re a part vintage chic, part skater sneaker, part luxury designer shoe; and one of their trademarks is the worn-in look. They’re basically the sneaker version of distressed premium denim.

GGDB shoes are handmade in Italy, so the quality of materials and workmanship are bar none, and no two shoes are identical. I’ve heard it said it’s like wearing a piece of art on your feet. Well, when you put it that way…

Here’s the thing about me, though. I like to have the latest and greatest (#justbeinghonest) but I also like to be a little ahead of the game. While I like the Golden Goose sneakers more the more I see them, they’re starting to get so ubiquitous that I’m almost at the point of not wanting them anymore. I’m a contrarian that way. Plus I’m actually not even sure I’m cool enough to pull them off. They definitely have a youthful vibe, and as a 46-year-old suburban housewife, I’m probably better off with a more classic style.

All that to say, I set out to find a fashion sneaker I like as much as the Golden Goose, but something a little more under the radar… a “grown up Golden Goose,” if you will. I’m willing to consider luxury brands, but I’d rather not spend more than $200 on this purchase. I’m sure some will still think that’s insane, but when you consider that it’s less than half the price of a pair of Golden Goose, I figure I’m being downright frugal. Haha!

Naturally, my hunt to find new fashion sneakers turned into a project for the blog. Many of you were interested to see my findings, and some of you gave me suggestions or made requests, so I decided to photograph all the sneakers I tried and report back.

I’m comparing comfort, fit, weight, price, as well as look and feel. I obviously don’t want to keep 9 pairs of sneakers, so I can’t thoroughly test them out for longterm comfort, but I can tell you how they feel out of the box and as I wear them around the house for a few minutes. I tested them out in the carpeted areas upstairs so I could keep them in pristine condition.

Let’s get started!

Fashion Sneaker Review & Comparison

For reference, I’m 5’5″ and 135-140 with an hourglass figure, and I typically wear a size 8.5 sneaker. I share my height and weight because I believe that factors into how shoes look in proportion to my body.

#1. Superga ‘Cotu’ Sneaker $64.95

2019 Fashion Sneaker Comparison: Jo-Lynne Shane wearing Superga 'Cotu' Sneaker

2019 Fashion Sneaker Comparison: Superga 'Cotu' Sneaker

2019 Fashion Sneaker Comparison: Superga 'Cotu' Sneaker

Introduction: Superga is an Italian company that has been around since 1913! They’re a favorite shoe of the stylish and always classy Kate Middleton, and they’re best known for their rubber soled canvas kicks. I’ve had a pair before so I knew they aren’t exactly what I’m looking for this time, but I ordered these at a reader’s request because they’re a good option for a canvas sneaker and I thought the would help round out this review.

Pros: They’re lightweight and fairly comfortable right out of the box, and the classic styling is flattering and versatile. These look great with everything from jeans and pants to shorts and skirts.

Cons: They don’t have much cushion or arch support, so if that’s important to you, you should know that. Also, being all-over bright white canvas, they look like a shoe that would get dirty quickly and not be easy to clean. They’re also fairly heavy for a canvas sneaker, weighing in at 14 oz each.

Conclusion: Stylistically, I’m fairly neutral on these. I like them better than, say, Keds… but they’re still plain canvas and very white. To be honest, I feel like they look better in photographs than they do in person. They look okay here, but in person, I was very meh about them. That said, they have a nice understated look, and the price is right. For size reference, I ordered a 9, and they are definitely too big on me. If I were to keep them, I’d need to get an 8.5, so I’d say they’re true to size.

#2. Taos ‘Star’ Sneaker $79.95

2019 Fashion Sneaker Reviews: Jo-Lynne Shane wearing the Taos 'Star' Sneaker in White Canvas

2019 Fashion Sneaker Reviews: Taos 'Star' Sneaker

2019 Fashion Sneaker Reviews: Taos 'Star' Sneaker

22019 Fashion Sneaker Reviews: Taos 'Star' Sneaker

Introduction: Taos is a brand of comfort shoes out of New Mexico. Signature touches include natural stones, metal ornaments, and playful embroidery — all referencing the area’s natural heritage. I’ve worn Taos brand sandals before so I knew they made a good quality shoe, but I associate them with comfort shoes and didn’t expect to like these sneakers as much as I do. These were a reader recommendation, and I’m so glad they were brought to my attention!

Pros: For a canvas sneaker (which, as I said, is not really what I’m looking for) these are really cute. And they are also extremely comfortable and lightweight (11 oz each.) They have a really good arch support for such a low profile sneaker, so if you need that, definitely try these. I also like the contrast stitching, and they have a flattering shape to them.

Cons: Honestly, I don’t have much in the con department. They’re not leather, which is what I was looking for, but otherwise, I’m definitely tempted to keep these.

Conclusion: These are a good bang for your buck since you’re getting arch support and some modest padding, and the styling is surprisingly good for a comfort sneaker. They’re not really what I was looking for, but I was pleasantly surprised with these, and they’re definitely a contender. I also think they would be perfect for my Disney World trip in March because they have support but are also lightweight and breathable. They will also pair well with shorts. They’re also true to size; I have the 8.5.

Sidenote: if you like slip-on sneakers and need arch support, these Taos Soul slip-ons look really cute and get great reviews. 

#3. Tretorn ‘Nylite2Plus’ Sneaker $84.95

2019 Fashion Sneaker Reviews: Jo-Lynne Shane wearing the Tretorn Nylite2Plus Sneaker
2019 Fashion Sneaker Reviews: Tretorn Nylite2Plus Sneaker

2019 Fashion Sneaker Reviews: Tretorn Nylite2Plus Sneaker

2019 Fashion Sneaker Reviews: Tretorn Nylite2Plus Sneaker

Introduction: Tretorn is a Scandinavian sneaker featuring minimalist styling that was super popular in the 80s, and I hear they’re making a comeback. I’m not sure if they’re going to take off or not; I’ll be curious to see how that pans out, but I decided I had to do my fashion blogger duty and order a pair for old time’s sake.

Pros: Out of the box, these are fairly comfortable. They have some cushion and support, and the leather seems durable. I chose the White/ Gold color combo because I thought the gold emblem elevated the look a bit. They’re also extremely lightweight for a leather shoe, just 10 oz each.

Cons: I’m not a big fan of the seams on the toe, but that’s totally a personal thing. They’re a little stiff and need some breaking in, but I don’t really have anything bad to say about these, except they’re not quite the look I’m going for.

Conclusion: Overall, if you like the look, they’re a good value for an under-$100 leather sneaker. They run true to size; I’m wearing the 8.5.

#4. Veja ‘Esplar’ Extra-White $120

2019 Fashion Sneaker Reviews: Jo-Lynne Shane wearing Veja Esplar Extra-White

2019 Fashion Sneaker Reviews: Veja Esplar Extra-White

2019 Fashion Sneaker Reviews: Jo-Lynne Shane wearing the Veja Esplar Extra-White

Introduction: I can’t remember where I saw these for the first time, but I’ve started noticing them on more girls now that I’m turned onto them. Veja is a French-born shoe company that combines fair trade and ecology. They use organic or recycled and fairly traded materials, and all products are made in a high standard factory in Brazil. As an aside, I really wanted the ones with the black V logo on the side, but I can’t find them anywhere in my size, so I ordered the plain white ones.

Pros: I love the styling on these shoes. They have very clean aesthetic, and the logo is subtle (more so on these than on the ones with a contrasting color, but it’s still not in your face.) These remind me of a more refined Adidas Superstar. They fit my thin, narrow feet very well and don’t feel heavy or clunky. They’re also fairly lightweight, weighing in at 12 oz each.

Cons: These have no support to speak of, and the tongue is very stiff. Every review I’ve read say they require some major breaking in, and then they’re great. I’m  justnot sure I want to work that hard for $120 sneakers, even if they do look great on. They also have a cotton lining that isn’t particularly comfortable. It’s not uncomfortable, but when you compare it to the Greats and the Josef Seibel brands (below), it comes up lacking.

Conclusion: I wanted to love these shoes. I like the idea of supporting companies practicing fair trade and ethical production methods, they look great on — maybe the best of all I tried. They’re definitely one of my top contenders, but I don’t know that I have the patience to break them in, and I really prefer a more luxe lining. They’re true to size; I’m wearing the 39.

#5. Josef Seibel ‘Caspian’ Sneaker $129.95

2019 Fashion Sneaker Review: Jo-Lynne Shane wearing the Josef Seibel Caspian in Platin

2019 Fashion Sneaker Review: Josef Seibel Caspian in Platin

2019 Fashion Sneaker Review: Josef Seibel Caspian in Platin

Introduction: These were another reader recommendation, and I also ended up ordering the Josef Seibel Sina (see below.) I hadn’t heard of this brand before, but it will definitely be on my radar going forward. Josef Seibel is family-held German shoe company, and they pride themselves on premium quality materials, the best workmanship, and comfort. They also boast anatomical footbeds and foot massage insole systems to maximize comfort and increase blood circulation. Basically, if you love a good comfort shoe, you will want to check out this brand.

Pros: Out of all the shoes I tried, out of the box, these are by far the most comfortable and lightweight as well. They only weigh 9 oz each! They have good padding and support, the tongue doesn’t push into the front of my leg at all, and the low profile sides don’t bother my ankle bones either. They fit great, and they look and feel like good quality shoes.

Cons: Um, well. I can’t think of much. I don’t love the styling, but that is a subjective criterion. I also don’t care for the color choices in this particular style; I really wanted a white pair — which is why I also ordered the Sina below. But otherwise, yeah… these are great shoes!

Conclusion: These also aren’t exactly the style I was going for, although I do like the perforated details on the side. They’re definitely a low profile sneaker, and I wanted something that looks a little more substantial, but I’m finding that comes with comfort issues. For the comfort alone, these are a contender. They run true to size; I’m wearing a 39, which equals an 8.5 in American sizes.

#6. Josef Seibel ‘Sina 11’ Sneaker $134.95

2019 Fashion Sneaker Review: Jo-Lynne Shane wearing the Josef Seibel Sina 11 Sneaker in White

2019 Fashion Sneaker Review: Josef Seibel Sina 11 Sneaker

2019 Fashion Sneaker Review: Josef Seibel Sina 11 Sneaker

Introduction: I ordered these because I wanted to try one of the Josef Seibel styles in white leather, and from looking at them online, I couldn’t tell which style I liked better — these or the Caspian (above.) Also of note, the white leather isn’t really white — it has a grey tinge to it that may be a good thing or a bad thing, depending on what you’re looking for. They also have a slightly higher profile than the Caspian, which is not a pro or con, just an observation.

Pros: While I didn’t find these quite as comfortable as the Caspian, they’re still very comfortable due to their cushion and arch support, and they’re extremely lightweight at 10 oz each. Both this pair and the Caspian are leather lined, making them extremely comfortable and breathable, and giving them a luxe feel that belies their price point. They also have removable insoles that can be replaced with an orthotic, if need be.

Cons: All I can think of when I look at these is bowling shoes. I’m not sure what it is, but something about the style of them doesn’t quite jibe with what I’m looking for. Also, the tongue pushes into the front of my leg, and they’re also higher on the sides, so they aggravate my ankle bone a little bit as well.

Conclusion: All that said, I am mainly comparing them to the Caspian (above.) Compared to the other shoes in this list, they’re lightweight and quite comfortable. If you like the styling, they’re definitely worthy of consideration. They run true to size; I’m wearing a 39, which equals an 8.5 in American sizes.

#7. Greats ‘Royale’ Sneaker $179

2019 Fashion Sneaker Review: Jo-Lynne Shane wearing Greats - The Royale - Blanco White Italian Leather

2019 Fashion Sneaker Review: Greats - The Royale - Blanco White Italian Leather

2019 Fashion Sneaker Review: Greats - The Royale - Blanco White Italian Leather

Introduction: I discovered these through another blogger, and I really love the mission of this brand. Greats is a sneaker brand that was born in Brooklyn and are made in Italy. The two founders are passionate about building the best footwear in the game at the best price, and these shoes have been dubbed the “most accessibly-priced luxury sneaker in the world.” I have to say, I’m impressed!

Pros: Where do I start??? The quality is outstanding, and the second I put my foot in these shoes, I was obsessed. They’re leather lined and so luxe. I did want sneakers with some other color details, but I ended up ordering these plain white ones because I didn’t see any others I liked better. They have a very clean aesthetic, which I appreciate.

Cons: Unfortunately these are the heaviest of all the shoes I ordered… weighing in at a whopping 17 ounces per shoe. They also fit my foot a little bit big. I actually ordered the 8.5 and the 9, and the 8.5 was too short while the 9 seems a little big on me. I have narrow, flat feet so they look a little clunky compared to the Veja, which is the most similar of all the ones I tried.

Conclusion: These are a strong contender… very strong. I love the quality for the price, I love supporting a company based in Brooklyn, and they look great on. If I had thicker/wider feet, they would be perfect. I need to wear them around the house a little more to decide for sure if I can deal with the extra weight for the luxe lining and classic styling.

#8. P448 ‘John’ Sneaker $250

2019 Fashion Sneaker Review: Jo-Lynne Shane wearing the P448 John Sneaker in WHITE/ROSE METALLIC

2019 Fashion Sneaker Review: P448 John Sneaker in WHITE/ROSE METALLIC

2019 Fashion Sneaker Review: P448 John Sneaker in WHITE/ROSE METALLIC

2019 Fashion Sneaker Review: P448 John Sneaker in WHITE/ROSE METALLIC

Introduction: P448 is an Italian luxury street style sneaker brand that was born in 2014, and they get their inspiration from the skate world as well as the hip hop subculture. This is clearly reflected in their designs. These are the most similar style to Golden Goose, and they’re actually the shoes that got me on this sneaker quest. Even though they’re over my $200 budget, I was curious enough to order them to see how they compare to the rest.

Pros: I love the grey and rose gold accents and the subtle perforated P448 logo. It adds texture without being in your face. When you slip your feet inside, they are super comfortable. The tongue is soft and lined with some kind of suede or terry material, so it doesn’t jab into your leg like most of the other leather sneakers do.

Cons: I can’t keep them on my feet! They came laced this way, so there’s no good way to tighten them unless I re-lace them and tie them in the traditional way, and I’m assuming that will detract substantially from the cool factor, haha! While the sole is rather stiff, but there is good padding, and I can see how they would break in fairly easily if the shoe would actually stay on my foot. Maybe I should give it a try before I return them. They’re also heavy, weighting in at 15 oz.

Conclusion: I love the styling on these, and the comfort when you put your foot inside, but I’m not sure I’m cool enough to pull them off with my daily outfits. While I’m willing to up my budget to $250 for a pair of sneakers I truly love and think I’ll wear a ton, I’m a little too wishy-washy on these to justify the price tag.

#9. The Muse: Golden Goose ‘Superstar Metallic’ Sneaker $550

2019 Fashion Sneaker Review: Jo-Lynne Shane wearing Golden Goose Superstar Metallic Sneaker

2019 Fashion Sneaker Review: Golden Goose Superstar Metallic Sneaker

2019 Fashion Sneaker Review: Golden Goose Superstar Metallic Sneaker

photo credit: Alison Cornell

Yes, I bought them. I couldn’t resist. I HAD to know how they compare to the rest. I ordered these Golden Goose Superstar Metallic Sneakers from Nordstrom on a whim the day before I was scheduled to shoot these pictures. The reason they’re purple is this was the ONLY pair in the store in my size — and they’re actually a size too small. I really wanted to try these or these — as I said above, I prefer a sneaker with some black accents — but at least with these purple ones, I could get the gist of the brand and make an informed comparison to the rest.

Introduction: Golden Goose Deluxe Brand is an Italian luxury fashion sneaker brand created by two Venetian designers, a husband and wife team, and I think I gave a more than adequate background to my interest in these shoes at the beginning of this post.

Pros: I was instantly impressed when I pulled these out of the box with how lightweight they are, and how high quality the materials look and feel. They weigh 12 oz, just like the Veja Esplars. I slipped them on, and they are everything I dreamed they would be… even though they’re a size too small, they feel like I’ve been wearing them for years. They have a suede tongue that is super soft, and the insides are padded and feel so lived-in and comfortable.

I did read that they also require some breaking in, but they seemed pretty comfortable to me. These also have a built-in wedge that gives you a little extra height, and thus some support for walking as well. These particular shoes have a very low side profile so they don’t bother my ankle bone at all, and the tongue is short so it doesn’t protrude into my leg. I could definitely see wearing these right away and being comfortable in them.

Cons: The price tag, duh! But honestly, for the quality and comfort straight of the box, I think they’re worth it… IF you would wear them often enough to get your cost per wear out of them. I also don’t feel as comfortable in the skater-inspired style as I do in the more minimalistic, classic styles of the Greats and the Veja sneakers. These definitely have more of a youthful, trendy vibe. That is not a con for everyone, but it is for me.

Conclusion: If I had received these in my size in the one of the white/grey versions, I would be verrrrrry tempted to keep them. Just for the comfort alone, I could justify this purchase. BUT I do feel the Greats Royale and Veja Esplar — and even the Taos Star — fit my style aesthetic better. I just wish they were as comfortable.

The Verdict

Would you believe, I am still undecided!

If I could combine the style of the Veja with the comfort of the Golden Goose or Josef Seibel, I’d be sold. The Greats are actually the strongest contender at this point because of the combination of comfort, style, and quality. They just don’t fit quite as well as I’d like, and they look a little clunky on my feet. I’m also tempted to keep the Taos in addition to one of the leather pairs, as I can see them serving different purposes.

I’d love to hear your thoughts!

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  1. Interesting post. I’m not a big sneaker fan as I’d prefer to be barefoot if it was clean, legal, and always warm but…. So “I” prefer slip on type sneakers – the kinds WITH backs too just not having to tie them. My FAVORITES are actually madlove from target. For an inexpensive shoe they actually have great support I think, elastic type back which makes for comfort in walking in and wearing all day long. “I” personally could never see myself spending “real” money on sneakers I was wearing “just for the looks” of them and I can’t even wear my converse shorelines out without getting some sort of smudge on them so keeping them clean is another huge task I’m not interested in dealing with. All that being said I think other people look great in these shoes 🙂

    1. I agree on the Madlove. They are so comfortable and $25 is just right for me to spend on a fashion sneaker that I don’t wear often. I have them in several colors.

  2. I feel the same way about my Converse shoes. Tretorn is such a blast from my 80’s past…I think that would be my pick out of your options, just based on nostalgia. Thanks for this fun line up!

  3. Hi Jolynne, I love your blog, and wanted to comment on the Golden Goose superstars.  I am a 49 year old mom of teenagers who works at home too.  I contemplated the price, style for my age etc. for years, and finally took the plunge last year on a pair.  Best decision ever!  They go with so much (dressed up/down) and I reach for them often, even though I never was a “sneaker girl”.  I think if you can find them in the right size, and a more conservative color scheme you will love them!  Just my 2 cents!  Don’t want you to wonder, hmm what if…..   Thanks for the al your hard work in your posts!

    1. Interesting! I can’t say I didn’t consider it… at least to know for sure. I would like to try them. I still think I like the looks of the Veja or Greats best, for me personally, but I can’t quite bite the bullet and wear either of them out. I’m still not sure about them.

  4. Wow, you really outdid yourself with this post! I love all the detailed info on the companies and your honest evaluations on each sneaker.  I too am feeling my Converse are a bit behind the times these days, although I will still wear them when hanging out in the backyard, etc.  i love the look of the leather options but not ready to commit to the prices, so I will keep my eyes open for sales!! 

  5. I definitely like the Taos the best!  I think the Greats look way too clunky.  Based on your personal style and your recent post about items you purchased but didn’t wear very often, I think the Taos is your best option – unless you want to spring for the Golden Goose in your size and preferred color!  It would be a spurge, but in my opinion, a better investment than a $200 pair that you rarely wear.  

  6. Hi Jolynne! I love your blog and read it daily! My favorite are the TAOS pair! I’d love to see you style then a few different ways! I, for one, need arch support and comfort out of the box! I am going to give these a try! 

  7. Well I will say I love my converse and have them in white and grey… I wear the chucks because they had the best fit and most comfortable on my ankles( narrow). and that elastic really helps. I will though be looking for a white leather sneaker as another option and of course they seem to be trending. Will I be spending a fortune? Nope not at all, I will look for a happy medium without compromising style, and of course fit and comfort, at 50 I need to look after my feet. So . I did really like #1 and #2 sneakers although they were canvas… #3 did look rather stiff, and so did #4. #5 I didn’t mind the color if you wanted that color, but they made your foot look a little longer than I think it is. #6 I agree bowling shoe look, and #7 looks really good but the price is high so would have to be really comfortable, and be worn daily..#8 not a good fit and too much going on especially for the price,, and #9 a no for me they look like they were through the war zone, not worth the big price tag. I will be watching our department stores and will also try some I have seen styled at Aldo, for around $80.00. I think these are going to be ones I need to try first.. but I will be on the hunt. Thank you for giving me lots to think about.

  8. Hi! Loved reading your descriptions of the different styles of fashion sneakers. I’m much more into running shoes, but for this type of sneaker, I love my Tretorns. For me, I like the elongated look of the Tretorn, versus the more rounded toe of other options. And they are comfortable enough for how much I wear them, which isn’t that often. Good luck with your decision! My advice is “When in doubt, do without!” It’s what my mama always told me. Maybe you haven’t found the perfect pair of fashion sneakers just yet.

  9. I can’t believe I’m saying this but I really like the $$$ golden goose sneakers on you! 🙊 Yes, I’d prefer the grayish white ones with the black star, but the purple aren’t bad.
    I just bought a pair of Converse star egret suede low top sneakers from Nordstrom and I love them! They’re not stark white, which I love, and they’re a mix of suede and leather. I think I’ll get a lot of wearvout of them. I wear sneakers to work every Friday.  I know you said you wanted something different from Converse, but these kinda remind me of the look of Golden Goose (low and with the star on the side) but have a $75 price tag and that familiar converse fit). Check them out. 

  10. I’m sorry but paying $550 plus taxes for a pair of SNEAKERS seems crazy to me. My husband is a runner and pays good money for top of the line runners. To me it’s worth it to protect his feet as they pound the streets. But as a fashion statement – no! Perhaps, if I was wealthy. I do realize as a fashion blogger you need the latest. I’m not criticizing just stating my personal opinion. 


    1. I wouldn’t say I need the latest, but I think it’s good to know what’s out there. Whatever I decide to keep, it is for my own personal use and because I love them. 🙂 Oh, and there’s no tax on shoes in PA! That helps! haha!

      1. No tax on shoes… how great. Try adding 15% which is what we pay and  on clothes too. This is why I love shopping in tax free states:) when we visit.

      2. Perhaps, I wrongly worded my comment. I meant to say they were out of my budget.  My intent was not to criticize what you or anyone else buys. We all have priorities in our life.

        1. I know, I getcha! 🙂 I just meant I don’t feel being a fashion blogger means I need to have all the latest big designer items — I like to have things that are currently linkable, but this purchase is more about what I want to have for my personal wardrobe, not for the blog. I actually think my more budget-friendly purchases are better for styling for blog posts because they’re more accessible to more people.

  11. Holy cow!  You sure did try on a lot of sneakers.  I had no idea how expensive some sneakers are.  I snickered about you wanting white sneakers because that is the one color I stay away from.  I hate for my shoes to get dirty, if they are not yard shoes, so when I see any dirt on them anywhere, I am cleaning it off.  And we have so much sand in our yard & live on a dirt road, so it is a real challenge keeping your shoes clean.  I actually ordered the Taos Star sneaker from Nordstrom in the khaki canvas because I felt that color would go with so many other colors, and they won’t show dirt as easily.  I paid attention to their recommendation and ordered 1/2 size, when I shouldn’t have, so I have to exchange them.  I love that they have really good arch support and aren’t heavy.  Good luck making your final decision.  Stay warm!

  12. Great post! I think the Taos would work for my Morton’s neuroma, so I’m going to give them a try. Good price and your review was super helpful!

  13. I actually like the Gucci white with blue and red stripe with the honeybee or without. Seems like a simple, cute sneaker to me, but wow! What a price tag. LOL. Have you tried any of the Guccis?

  14. Also an interesting input. I can relate to both yours and Karen’s comments, haha! With decisions like this, sometimes you just don’t know until you decide to keep them, unfortunately.

  15. I don’t wear sneakers much, but I like the Taos (I have the retro star.) Maybe I need a white pair? Love the look! The superga look great too, but I I would choose Taos for more support.
    I personally would never spend any amount of money on shoes that look used and worn. I also could never bring myself to buy jeans that look used either. If my shoes look like that then it better have happend from lots of wear by me LOL. Just my thoughts!

  16. My favorite leather sneakers are Ecco Soft 7.  On my wide feet, I have to open up the laces a lot, but on narrower feet they would be perfection.  SO comfy.  I wear them to organize garages for clients which is an arduous all-day (or multi-day) task.  They are pretty classic so I can also wear with skinny’s, distressed jeans, leggings. Zappo’s carries them.  

      1. I ran over to DWS a few days ago and ALMOST bought a great pair of olive green Eccos. They were so comfortable and looked awesome. There were white ones as well I think they were selling for $105.

  17. I have been eagerly awaiting this one! As always, thanks for breaking all these down with such great detail. Just based on looks alone, I’m partial to the Greats and Vejas. I’m curious to know which ones, if any, you end up keeping.
    I’ve been yearning for a new pair myself. I wear my beige shorelines and black/white Superstars so much, they are getting old to me as well. Plus, I’ve been wanting a more neutral and lower profile alternative to my superstars. I’ve been seriously considering trying the UGG milos in white/silver. They don’t appear to be stark white, but they’re not heavily distressed either which is exactly what I’m after. I’ve been holding off for this post, and now I have a couple more contenders to check out! Thank you!

  18. I had no idea this kind of shoe was becoming a big deal ( guess that’s why I rely on you to keep me informed about this stuff 😊)
    I love, love, love the Caspian, even though they are gray, not white. Those are definitely going on my wish list, but I am currently pushing the limits of our budget on my competition prep so they will have to wait. But just as soon as I free up some cash…. 😁

  19. One thing I love about this blog, and have learned from following you is that quality pieces are always worth it. The older I get the more I want to invest in footwear and fashion that last and make a statement because of their quality and this blog helps me do that.

  20. What a great post!  Thanks for doing all the research and passing it on to us.  I think I like the Taos the best as far as style and comfort goes, but they aren’t leather.  I have several inexpensive canvas ones that I love, but aren’t great in heavy rain, so I’m on the hunt for something more water resistant.  You’ve given us some great info!

    1. Yes, one reason I want leather. I’d like to be able to wear them now and when it’s a little messy out. Of course, I’m looking at white so… I’ll have to see how easy they are to clean up.

  21. I was looking forward to this… I never loved the way the converse shoes looked on my feet.  Loved them on every one else, but proportionally, the made my size seven feet look large.    Love the all-stars, but agree they’re a little clunky.   Glad to see the Tretorrns…I’ve always been a fan.  The Golden Goose are neat, but I t think my crowd would see them as dirty sneakers, lol.  The Greats were my favorite look on you…but for me, it’ll likely be Tretorns and whatever colors Vans offers in their slip-ins.   Thanks for the legwork (see what I did there)? 

  22. Well that was fun!  Many of my son’s friends have the golden goose sneakers.  They are cute, but so trendy, and the price….gack.  I have a pair of Vince leather sneakers.  I bought them about two years ago because I love the look of white leather sneakers (and I found them for around $30, so I couldn’t resist), but the truth is I don’t wear them as much as the sneakers I can slip on (without bending and crunching).  I like them, and I like the substantial look of the leather sneakers, but I generally don’t choose them.  I still love the converse and the van style.  Maybe it’s my age, but I’m not wearing sneakers – no matter how pricey – for other than casual.  Several of my son’s girlfriends wore them to prom with short dresses, and looked adorable….but they’re 18 and I’m not.  So I’d say unless you love the GGs more than anything else, I’d pick something else, because something else is going to come out soon enough that you’ll feel like you can’t live without…..

  23. Thanks for trying the Greats – I’ve been curious about those. And, sorry to throw another brand mention into the mix, but thanks to the fellow reader who recommended Ecco Soft 7s in the comments section a few weeks back when you first mentioned fashion sneakers. I ordered the warm gray from Zappos and the white at a good discount from Nordstrom Rack, and they have just the clean, classic look I wanted. Super comfortable, too – I work from home and try to walk around the house during long conference calls, but I don’t always want to wear athletic shoes for my workday.

  24. I like the taos and golden goose style best on you.
      I am looking for a slip on sneaker because I don’t like fooling with laces. Maybe that could be a future post.😊

  25. Wow, lots of ideas on fashion sneakers.  I prefer a ballet flat or sandal myself, but do love all my Josef Siebel shoes, so am not surprised you found them comfortable and so lightweight.  I feel like many of the fashion sneaker styles look clunky.  I would most likely go with a simple pair of Keds or the classic Chuck Taylor style of Converse.  Thanks for showing us what all is out there.  Very helpful post!

  26. Oh I totally see you wearing the Golden Goose shoes!
    And despite the price I really think you’d get your money’s worth out of them !! Even in the pics I can see how your expression changes with each shoe and you look like you love them the most !
    Thank you for doing this review on white sneakers!!
    I appreciate all the time and effort you put into this post 

  27. Thank you for putting this post together. A very fun read. For price point, I’m still a TAOS fan. Love mine and get asked about them all the time. White leather sneakers aren’t for me…I feel like I see only my feet when walking!! I am interested in the Caspians as I love a low profile sneaker and with our trip to Great Britain this summer, need something stylish but easy to walk in all day.

  28. This is a super comprehensive review and I thank you for that. I too was feeling swayed by the GG trend and the fact that every influencer seemed to be telling me I needed them. But as you have been going back and forth so have I, the price is just too eye popping. With that in mind I found a pair of Vintage Havana sneakers that are a GG dupe without the dirty sneaker look. Their prints are so cute, they are lightweight, and very comfortable with good materials (leather laces ftw). Hth..

    1. I am finding some GGDB without so much distressing, which I prefer, but the one I liked best in my size were $615. UM, NO. LOL!!! I just looked up Vintage Havana and there are some cute styles! Which ones did you get?

      1. I got two pairs, one at Nordstrom Rack (Broadway Grey Cheetah) and one through Zulily (Ryder) which I’m still waiting on (wth is up with their shipping 2 weeks after you order, idek). Got them in my usual size 7.

  29. I’ve been excitedly waiting for this post. You tried a great range! Unfortunately, I don’t think white leather is what I’m looking for. Still this introduced me to some styles and brands that I don’t know much about. I think the Golden Goose ones look terrific on you (in a less “out there” color combo) but like others mentioned, there is no way I’d spend that much on sneakers (or any type of shoes). Even though they are comfortable, it doesn’t sound like you’d get a lot of wear out of them. It didn’t seem like lack of comfort is what is holding you back from wearing sneakers regularly. From your description it’s a personal style aesthetic sort of thing. IMO having a pair of $500 sneakers isn’t going to magically make you want to wear that type of outfit more frequently.

    Of the ones you tried in leather, I think I like the looks of the Veja pair best. The Greats just look so clunky to me and the P448 pair are not much better. I do think you could tie the laces on those the regular way and not lose the cool factor. I think they’d look similar to the GG pair if you tied them in the standard fashion.

    Personally, I wear sneakers a pretty good bit, especially slip-on styles. My favorite, by far, are Vans. I know you’ve tried them, though, and they aren’t the look you’re trying to find. Right now I’m in the market for a gray suede or nubuck pair. I think. I keep changing my mind. 🙂

    1. Sorry to add on to my already long comment but I meant to ask if you’d looked at the ones from M Gemi? They have a couple of white leather sneakers that are sort of in the style you’re trying out.

    2. I think I like the look of the Vejas best too… I went back and put them on again today and wore them around around a bit without the laces in the last hole so the tongue isn’t quite as stiff, but then I put the Greats on again and I was like, oooooh that leather lining… and then they both started looking clunky and white and now they’re staring at me from the floor, mocking me. I finally found the Veja with the black logo in my size, so I ordered them to compare.

  30. Oh my gosh! Thank you for this review!!!! Fashion sneakers are on my mid-winter shopping list, too! You and I seem to have similar feet and the same size, so this is extremely helpful! (Yep, can’t stand the tongue sticking me in the leg and there’s nothing worse than a shoe that hits your ankle bone!) I’m tempted to try the Tretorn. I have pink canvas ones, but they’re super summery, and not 100% the current trend. I think you should keep looking…why settle?! (Except the Taos would be cute summer sneakers.) Have you tried the Adidas Stan Smith? I loved them back in the day. I’ve thought of trying them again, but every time I look for them at Nordstrom, my size is sold out. 

    1. You know, I haven’t, and I like them. I guess I wanted something “newer” but maybe they’d be a good compromise. They don’t look as clunky as the Adidas Superstars.

      1. I get what you’re saying. My dad owned an Athlete’s Foot (sneaker store) back in the late ’70’s, so I kind of like the whole old school vibe of the Stan’s. I never liked the Superstars much…too much shoe and a little masculine for me. 

      2. I second the Stan Smith’s. I’m buying them for myself for my birthday next week, when I turn 47. I had them in middle school, they are preppy/classic, but also a bit edgy, and seem to be making a comeback. Plus the price is right so if you get tired of them in a year or two, it’s not a big deal!

  31. Coincidentally, my sneaker post came out today also.  Yours gave me a different perspective. Thanks for that!  I’m leaning toward the G by Guess Backer Lace-Ups in white or gold.  I love the look of white but think the gold will look cleaner longer, lol.
    I enjoyed your post!

  32. What a great post! I enjoyed getting a look at so many brands and styles.
    The Tretorn ones appealed to me the most. I like the gold accent and features. Thanks for including the weight of the shoes. “Lightweight” is very important to me.

  33. I’ve tried a lot of fashion sneakers and as expensive as Golden Goose are they are worth it to me because they are so comfy. I once wore a pair and walked for 8 miles, i wasn’t wearing socks and had zero blisters. I wear mines all the time so it’s worth it for me. My second favorite is Isabel Marant, they are super comfortable and less expensive than GG.


      1. Honestly, I agree with Rachelle. I absolutely love my GG sneakers.  They are extremely comfortable and super cute!  (I have the white with distressed metallic silver stars-they go with everything).  Think cashmere sweater, AG skinnies and GG sneakers…the perfect casual outfit!  😀

  34. Thanks for all your effort on this post.! You tested some shoes I have been interested in too.  I know you are looking for more of a tennis shoes, but since you love your loafers and mules you may want to look at the UGG Gene Nubuck Slide Sneakers.  I bought the black ones originally and wore them so much I now own the light grey and chesnut. They are super comfortable. Another interesting option is the Allbirds.  They are wool not leather, so they may not be what you are looking for but they are lightwight and comfortable. 

  35. Based on looks alone, I’d go with the Veja or Greats. I’m not much of a sneaker girl myself, but the look has been growing on me.

  36. Thanks for putting the detailed opinions on all of these sneakers.  It must have been a lot of work, but fun too.  I like the Taos sneakers.  I prefer lightweight but supportive sneaks.  I cannot see spending 5 Benjamins on a pair of sneakers that I’m super rough on.  The purple color of the Golden Goose sneakers sure is unique and eye catching, but again, suburban housewife, not sure either.

  37. What a fun post! I am a fan of Supergas, but my current pair is navy because I adore navy sneakers best! I was also excited to see the Tretorns (go 80s girls! <3 ). I have been seeing these a bunch of places, although after trying a pair on recently, I realized how their quality has gone downhill since I wore them in high school. Good luck deciding- you have a lot of great options here!

  38. I bought Golden Goose sneakers in the white – I kept it neutral so I could wear it with more, plus I mostly wear neutral colours.  Best decision I made as I wear them all the time and they are super comfy.  I tend to spend more for quality rather than having five pairs of running shoes that just sit in the closet.  Go for it, you won’t be disappointed…

  39. Jo Lynne this is such a fantastic post! I love all the details you included and appreciate that you styled every pair. I love the look of a white sneaker but usually hesitate to wear flats because I always want a little height – I’m 5’4 and like a little heel or wedge. I’m going to try the Vejas and the Golden Goose ones just for comparison. I’ll keep you posted 😊

  40. You need to check these out. I just ordered Sperry Crest Vibe, very reasonably priced and lots of colors.
    The silver metallic is what I ordered, gold is very cute also and they have white!!!

  41. What a post!  That’s a lot of work, and I appreciate the informative and thorough writing for each pair!  I’m on my 3rd pair of Stan Smith’s (Adidas) because they are just the best I’ve ever found (only the all white style), and have been wearing them for years.  But now the talk around the PacificNW is AllBirds, which, to me, are just not very attractive.  So thank you for your post–my next pair just may be those GREATS.  They look terrific.  Reasonable price point too.  STAY WARM!

  42. Honestly, I don’t care for any of them on you but if I had to choose, it would be the Vejas. I’ve seen the Golden Goose sneakers on instagram and honestly can’t even imagine spending that much on a sneaker. Unless I wore them every single day there is no way I could justify that purchase. 

    1. I would definitely have to be wearing them a few times a week if I went that route! I think the Vejas are the winner actually. I wish they felt a little more luxe, but I think they look best of all the ones I tried, and the style is more in line with my personal style aesthetic.

  43. I was hoping there was a clear winner, at a reasonable price. I want to try a pair of Ecco Soft 7, just waiting for my size and color combo to be in stock. They show really good reviews on Nordstrom’s site. 

  44. Wow!!!!  What a detailed post.  You really worked hard.  Great post.  The only one I’d even consider for me is #2, but it would have to be leather, as I’d never buy white canvas. I don’t really like sneakers, so won’t be going to this trend.  I like the slip on type of sneaker, but not the tie.  They always look so clunky to me and make peoples feet look bigger than they really are.  I never liked the white and black adidas trend. Plus, I have a relative who works for Nike, so can’t wear adidas.  🙂 LOL  I’m sure you’re going to get all kinds of comments, making your decision even harder. In the long run, you are the one wearing them, so get the ones you like. 

  45. Thank you for your hard work! I say this in the politest way possible but white shoes are really hard to wear because they make {your/ insert any name here} feet look huge. I’m not sure if it’s because of the skinny jeans, but that’s why I like the shorelines.  I would prefer a pair of white athletic sneakers to all of those. I hope you find a pair you like! 

    1. That is true! I till like the look, though… can’t say why exactly.☺️ I think that’s another reason why the GGDB keeep calling me… they aren’t as stark and the way they’re designed, they don’t make your feet look huge.

  46. I have not worn my Greats out yet and got the black perforated pair. I do like their look. I had Tretorns in the ‘80’s and when I bought a pair a few years ago they were not as comfortable and just different.  Josef’s are so comfortable. 

  47. Jo-Lynne – This is a great post and I really like the pros and cons of each style – so helpful! I happen to have a pair of the Josef Seibel Sina 11 that I bought a year and a half ago. The color is a dark nude color (Nesti Oil/Kombi Nude) – not quite coral but goes with most everything. The material is leather but it feels like more of a suede. They are very comfortable and I love the quality of this brand! I also have two pairs of Superga which I like a lot but they aren’t totally a great fit (feel a little big in places). It all depends on the feet – right? Thank you for this post and all of your hard work! Blessings!

  48. Thanks for all the research on fashion sneakers I really appreciate it but I think you said it best when you said they look like bowling shoes!!  To me all the styles do. I don’t find any flattering. I find they make feet appear clunky and larger than they actually are. Sorry!
    For comfort fashion sneakers I love my black leather Guess slip ons. I also have them in a denim colored canvas. I’m giving Steve Madden a whirl this spring as I just purchased his slip on sneakers in beige suede.
    Let’s face it, I’m lazy.  No bending down and tying sneakers for me. 

    1. Honestly, I hate tying sneakers too… one reason I’ve loved my Converse Shorelines. I did see a tutorial on how to knot the laces on sneakers so you can slip them on and off — the way the P448s were tied, I guess. I may try that, depending on which style I end up with. Not sure it would work on the Greats or Vejas.

  49. Tretorn was My shoe of choice in 1980! As much as I still love it I couldn’t wear them again without feeling silly. I can’t embrace the white sneaker trend. Currently I’m loving my Puma Vicky sneakers and have them in navy, olive and blush. On a side note I just ordered my first pair of Everlane’s Day Glove. Have you worn these? Your thoughts?

  50. First of all, thank you so much for your hard work and detailed summary of each shoe! Wow – that is a ton of work! Secondly, -9F or -22C is tough. Lets call a spade a spade: that just plain sucks. Hope warmer, milder weather is quickly on its way to you pronto! Thirdly (is that even a word?), I nearly keeled over with some of the shoes #1 – 4. I used to work in a hospital and saw older nurses wearing those orthopedicy style white nursing shoes when on duty with their nursing caps and I can’t get that image out of my head. Its something of the” One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest” era of nursing.

    I agree with the other’s comments that white shoes really can make all of our feet look so much bigger and more obvious. Not sure if I ever want to draw that much attention to my clod hoppers!
    I really like shoes #5 and 6, the Josef Seibel Caspian and Sina 11 sneakers. Thanks again for the summary! Stay warm!

    1. I’m so glad you said that about the nurses!! That’s exactly what I keep thinking! Ha!!
      Still…great and fun post as always! With 3 boys still growing…I just keep thinking about how many pairs of pants and basketball shoes I could buy with $500!

    1. Evidently you have. This is a fashion blog, where I consider matters of fashion, and yes, sometimes I look at luxury brands that are trending and see for myself why they are so popular. I tried sneakers ranging from $65 to $550 with lots of lower price points to consider and reported my findings. That’s what I do.

      I’m a huge believer in cost per wear and purchasing the best your budget can afford, and if you read through the comments, there are several who do indeed believe $500 tennis shoes are worth it. There are others who do not, or simply find them out of budget, but they were polite in sharing those opinions. If you feel you have stumbled upon the wrong blog, feel free to move on and find one that makes you happy. Life is too short!

  51. I have always been a Sperry’s girl. They are my Go-To shoe. However, I have tried Superga and found them not to be very supportive( I have flat feet). I would like to get out of my comfort zone and try the Taos or Joseph Seibel. Thanks for the post!

  52. Drooling over and trying to justify $500 fashion sneakers is not a sign of having fashion style- it’s a sign of being a fashion victim! Your blog is clearly not for me.

  53. I have a pair of Josef Seibel sandals and LOVE them. I purchased them for a DC trip and walked 45 miles in them in one week without a blister or sore feet and never broke them in. We even got caught in a thunderstorm with no shelter out by the tidal basin and they were sopping wet and they still are in great shape and almost look like new. They have a cork footbed. I had been having some foot discomfort prior to the trip and was really worried. They are my go to when I want comfort. Stodgy but a little less stodgy than some others I tried. Would highly recommend this brand to anyone who needs to worry about the comfort and support of their feet.

  54. They are not white leather but I am going to try the Vessi’s.  They are woven but waterproof and the reviews I have seen are very good for comfort.  I think they would pack smaller than regular tennis shoes and be practical and versitile for travel.  I love the gray ones but the white with gold trim look pretty tempting.

    I know others that swear by Allbirds.  Again – not leather but they are supposed to be very comfortable.

    I think both of these are cuter, less clunky than many of the white leather ones.

  55. I like the Veja and Josef pairs, but personally, I wouldn’t spend more than $100 on sneakers, I just don’t wear them enough, which also makes them last a long time, lol! My opinion on the GGDB shoes are- not impressed at the style. Like at all. I love distressed jeans, but seriously could reproduce this look on any of my shoes! lol! They look TOO worn out already to pay that much. I’ll let the ‘celebrities’ keep them! 😀 So there’s that! Have a super awesome day and stay WARM! <3

  56. I would never even consider $200 or $500 sneakers
    Just my personal opinion that I could do much better things with that amount of money.   I do own 2 pairs of the Taos & love them.  

  57. Thank you SO much for taking on this sneaker comparison! Although I think that spending $500+ for a pair of dirty looking sneakers is crazy, I now appreciate their appeal due to your descriptions. I keep hearing about Golden Goose and was intrigued. You did a fantastic job in your thorough details and comparisons. Thanks also for introducing me to other brands I was not familiar with. Well done!

  58. This was just the post I needed! I have a huge sneaker wardrobe (all I wear, really, thanks to a nerve injury- luckily I’m a rural PA housewife so no need to be dressy much!)  But I’ve yet to take the plunge on white sneakers because they just seem to overly highlight my feet…  and everything here is muddy and unpaved… We’re headed to Disney in late March though and I’m trying to look a bit more trendy than normal 🙂  Currently I live in Saucony bullets and Frye sneakers but the Seibels are calling me b/c of comfort… thanks again for doing the legwork (ha ha) on this!

  59. I’m 43, mom of 2, sheltered from the bloggers and influencers I never saw a golden goose until today at the park with my kids and I fell in love instantly. Skateboarding brought me to this country, 20 years ago because of my ex. I have pink hair, I have several vans, adidas and pumas, and I do think the gg were made for me!!!  The funny thing is that I’m a contrarian too but in this case I will make an exception, the p448 is catching my eye too and a sweeeter price is super appealing, I never spent so much on a shoe before but this my be the time! I’m obsessed!!! It’s so my style!!!

    1. LOL! Andrea, I totally get the contrarian thing. I wanted the p448 to work for me for that reason. They’ve got the same vibe without the icon status (and crazy high pricetag.) I hope they work for you!

  60. Interesting post, being that I myself am looking for a new pair of white leather sneakers. I also just purchased a pair of Rag and bone black leather mid high tops. Couldn’t pass up the deal. Well I just put them back in the box to return , after my 18 year old son commented on how they seem like a shoe a 20 year old wears. So yeah , back they go. By the way my 15 year old daughter, who is already a Fashionista, was the one 

  61. This post is AMAZING!  It’s so nice to have comparisons of all the “now” sneaks in one place!  I will say I am in complete agreement with you regarding the Veja and the Golden Goose. I have a pair of the stark white Veja Espalar and another pair of the Veja V-10 with gold metallic accent. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the aesthetic of both pairs so much (although I did get the V-10’s dirty almost immediately 😒), but the tongue of the shoes keep me from wearing them constantly. They hurt the front of my ankle so badly!  I tried GG a while ago, but I just felt ridiculous in the worn-look (35 year old work-at-home mom). However, I did recently find two “clean” versions of the GG (one from Farfetch.com and the other from Nordstrom) and I’m currently contemplating on keeping a pair. One pair is stark white and the other pair has a black accent heel. They are so darn comfortable. 

    1. Yeah, I do like them… and I like the idea of a “clean” pair. I just don’t wear sneakers much this time of year so I think I’m going to wait till fall to decide. 🙂 I do love my Vejas tho!

  62. What a GREAT post!!!  Thank you.  I’m 66, and totally LOVE sneakers.  After watching Bohemian Rhapsody and being a Queen fan since their inception, I desired a pair of Adidas like Freddie Mercury wore for Live Aid….classically cool and timeless with that white and black look you wrote about.  I ordered the Adidas Original Samba’s.  I don’t think looks-wise they’re THE shoe that Freddie wore, but close enough.  Having worn Adidas way “back in the day,” I must say they felt terrible.  The leather is stiff, the sole is stiff, there’s no support whatsoever, and you sort of walk with a flapping motion of your feet.  I wanted to love these, but Adidas has used cheap materials compared to the soft leather of the 70s and 80s.  I would think that if Adidas came out with a high end, better quality shoe resembling Freddie Mercury’s Adidas, they’d have a bunch of old rockers like myself plunking down some cash for them.  That’s my rant.  For a sneaker rave:  I have a pair of Paul Green’s which are made in Austria.  Classy take on Converse.  Very comfortable, quality leather, excellent arch support.  You can never go wrong with any style of Paul Green’s.  Finally, allegedly according to UPS and Nordstrom, I’m to be receiving my first pairs of Golden Goose.  The Nordstrom reviews were too good to pass these up.  I opted out of sparkles and flashy looks for a more plain weathered white.  We’ll see how they fit my narrow, size 6-6.5 foot, and if I at all resemble Freddie Mercury.  Lol.  

  63. Steve Madden has some excellent dupes that are amazing quality. The ones that are good are the Steven brand by Steve Madden and they are made in Italy and leather. He does have others that are man made and are not as great. Check out the Rezza and Rubie styles and let me know what you think!

  64. Great post! I’d recommend you didn’t try Vince sneakers for their comfort and minimalist styling. Also, Ash sneakers are fun and comfortable and quite reasonably priced. I recently bought white leather lined Frye sneakers which I also love. 

  65. What size did you buy of the Golden Goose Shoes. You said you normally wear an 8.5 and these weren’t your size but these come in European sizing. The general rule of thumb with GG is to go down a size if you wear a half size. I’m wanting to get a pair but are hard to find a place that carries them around me. 

  66. Thanks for taking the time to review these for us. I love how the Golden Goose sneakers look on you and you’ve certainly helped me make up my mind. I’m going for them – hope they look as good on me as they look on you. Take care of yourself

  67. I’d love for you to do a 2020 version of this! MGemi is another brand with great white sneakers as is Freda Salvador.

  68. Hi – great blog. definitely will follow you…are you on IG also? Just a thought……KK – my issue is that after years of wearing flat shoes, I now have a wider toe box than ever. I used to have narrow feet — not anymore. I’m in my 60’s but don’t want to look like a nurse in tennis shoes….Are there any of the above you’d recommend for the toe box size – regardless of age!! Thanks so much

    1. Oooops, I’m sorry! I pressed SEND too soon. It’s been a year since I tried these, so I’d have to go through them again to be sure I’m giving good advice for toe box size. But I hear ya – I actually have a wider toe box compared to my heels. The Greats definitely had a roomy fit. I’m very comfortable in the Vejas – the ones I kept. I am also giving the P448 another try this year, and I found them more comfortable this time around.

  69. I came across this post via Google. Did you ever choose a sneaker? I’ve heard the Veja Campos are the most comfortable Vejas. I’m considering the Esplars because they come in more color options I like. I recently tried the Everlane court sneakers, and they are comfortable but honestly a bit frumpy with certain outfits. I’ve also come across a French alternative to Supregas called Spring Court, which might be worth investigating. I’m not a fan of the classic looking Keds but some of their other models are pretty cool looking imo and more comfortable than Supergas on my feet.

  70. A comparison between sneakers at the same price range would be much more meaningful. Just a personal opinion of course.
    I’m 68 years old and I wear a all white Golden Goose Pure star with great pleasure. Of course it is a matter of preference but 46 years of age is too young to go classical. You looked wonderful with the GG on.

  71. This is such a great blog. Thank you! You are a fashionista w sensibility! Love it
    Btw did you size up or down for half sizes w the P448s?

  72. I love your blog! Thanks for taking the time to research these! I have been looking for the perfect pair of white sneakers as well, for an upcoming trip to Europe. I’ve narrowed down to the Ecco Soft 7 and the M. Gemi Palestra Due (Italian brand- amazing!). Have you tried either of these? I’d love to know your thoughts! Thanks!

  73. How did your shoe sizing compare in Vejas vs. p448? Im also a 39 in Vejas but can’t decide what size to get in p448

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