Stripe Cardigan Outfit

Greetings, friends! Today I’m styling a stripe cardigan outfit with white leather sneakers. I figured this was a good follow-up post to my fashion sneaker reviews.

When we photographed this look, I was thinking the Greats Royale was going to be my winner-winner-chicken-dinner. Now I’m not so sure, but I haven’t given up on them just yet either. I still love how they feel when I slip my feet into those smooth leather lined vessels of Italian goodness! They’re just a little clunky on my thin, narrow feet, so I’m still considering a couple other pairs.

Jo-Lynne Shane wearing grey multi stripe Caslon Open Front Pocket Cardigan with Rag & Bone Raw Hem Ankle Skinny Jeans and Greats The Royale in Blanco. #fashion #womensfashion #outfit #winteroutfit #whatiwore

Reading all of your comments on my fashion sneaker reviews was very enlightening. Sometimes I think it’s not fair — I get hundreds of people helping me figure out my wardrobe. Who has that luxury? Your collective feedback is better than any one personal stylist. Honestly, I wouldn’t be nearly this far along in my personal style journey without the input I’ve had from blog comments over the years.

On Monday afternoon, I went back and forth between these Greats and the similar Veja Esplar, and every time I put a pair on, I was sure it was the one… until I wore them for a few minutes and started over-thinking their pros and cons and took them off and put the other pair back on…. and wash, rinse, repeat.

Who needs this shirt?

Hold On. Let Me Overthink This. Graphic T-Shirt

So you wanna know what I did? After reading through all of your comments and trying on the Greats and Vejas several times over, and I went to SSense and ordered these Golden Goose Superstars.🙈 I just had to know, you know??? Before I put this decision to rest, I wanted to try a pair of GGDB in my size and a color combo I like.

First of all, if you’ve never ordered from SSense, they are AH-mazing. I ordered on Monday at almost 2PM, and my shoes arrived via FedEx yesterday (Tuesday) at 9AM. NO JOKE! This is only the 2nd time I’ve ordered from them, and they carry mostly luxury brands, but if you’re ever considering a luxury purchase and want it fast, go to SSense.

Anyway, I really prefer the GG that are more neutral with less distressing (like this pair — but that pair is $615 in my size 39!!!) so finally I went ahead and ordered these because I was curious to know how I’d like having some black accents, and also they’re slightly less expensive than the average GGDB sneaker… for whatever that’s worth, ha!

As I said, they arrived yesterday, and of course I wasted no time trying them on.

Jo-Lynne Shane wearing Golden Goose Deluxe Brand Superstar Distressed Leather And Suede Sneakers with AG the legging ankle jeans and Nordstrom Signature Cashmere Pullover Sweater. #fashion #womensfashion #outfit #winteroutfit #whatiwore

They are super cute, and I do love this look, but seeing them on my feet confirms what I knew down deep inside all along — the styling is just a little too youthful/hip-hop for my conservative style.

Plus as I said in my review post, I did not want to spend 5 franklins on a pair of sneakers anyway — not that I think there’s anything wrong with that, if it fits your budget and you will get your cost per wear out of them — but for me personally, I’d rather allocate that budget elsewhere. The whole purpose of that post was to find a lower priced alternative… which evidently makes me a fashion victim. Ha!

So the verdict is, they’re going back… but not without a few tears. I am SO glad I ordered the 2nd pair because now I can lay the whole thing to rest. They’re not for me, but oh man, when I slip my feet inside… they feel amazing. They have some type of magical suede lining, plus I like the hidden wedge. I can see why some of you commented to say how much you love yours.

For a split second I considered keeping them just because they feel so good on, but every time I look at them, I know they don’t quite jibe with my personal style aesthetic. I also took them out last night — all of them, the GG, Greats, and Vejas — and gave my husband and daughters a fashion show, and they all agreed.

For me, and I think I knew this all along, but I am one of those people who has to see it to really be sure, I want something that looks like the Greats Royale or Veja Esplar.

I know some people don’t care for the look of the bright white leather sneaker, but that is the look I’m drawn to most when I’m scrolling my Instagram feed. They have a classic look about them that works with my conservative style, but they also lend a fresh, modern vibe to sweaters and jeans outfits. They’re cool but not too hip, and the leather is practical all year-round. (As opposed to the canvas styles I tried.)

Which brings me back to today’s outfit!

Jo-Lynne Shane wearing grey multi stripe Caslon Open Front Pocket Cardigan with Rag & Bone Raw Hem Ankle Skinny Jeans and Greats The Royale in Blanco. #fashion #womensfashion #outfit #winteroutfit #whatiwore

This outfit shows you how I will style my new white leather sneakers when I decide on a pair. In addition to wearing them with jeans and sweatshirts for more casual days, I’m really liking the idea of pairing a fashion sneaker with a casual sweater and jeans outfit.

If you didn’t read my sneaker review post, these are the Greats Royale. Greats is a Brooklyn-born brand of shoes that are made in Italy with the goal of being the best footwear in the game at the best price. These shoes have been dubbed the “most accessibly-priced luxury sneaker in the world”, and I can get on board with that.

These sneakers are super luxe right down to the leather interior, and they’re $179. That’s not chump change, but for a luxury shoe, it’s pretty remarkable. Compare these to the $500 you’ll shell out for Gucci or Golden Goose, and you have yourself a bargain. Ha! Okay, I’m being facetious of course, but I do believe you’re getting a lot of bang for your buck with these sneakers.

Jo-Lynne Shane wearing Rag & Bone Raw Hem Ankle Skinny Jeans and Greats The Royale in Blanco. #fashion #womensfashion #outfit #winteroutfit #whatiwore

They are heavier than some I tried, but I really don’t feel it when I put them on. They lace up snugly and fit comfortably even without socks. I’ve spent a bit of time walking around in them on the carpet in my home, and they really do feel great on. Haha… see what I did there?

My biggest holdback at this point is that they look clunkier than the Veja pair that I’m also considering. I also wanted to find a pair that isn’t so stark white, so I’m waiting to make a final decision until the Veja with the black logo arrive… nothing like complicating matters with more choices, right!?!

Jo-Lynne Shane wearing Rag & Bone Raw Hem Ankle Skinny Jeans and Greats The Royale in Blanco. #fashion #womensfashion #outfit #winteroutfit #whatiwore

Now let’s discuss this cardigan because it’s really good and sizes are selling out fast. This is the Grey/Multi Stripe, and it does run really large… like even large for Caslon.

I ordered the small, and I think an XS would be more flattering. I prefer my cardigans to have a slimmer fit, but I love the material and the colors and pattern. It also has really well-placed pockets.

Jo-Lynne Shane wearing grey multi stripe Caslon Open Front Pocket Cardigan #fashion #womensfashion #outfit #winteroutfit #whatiwore

I wore it with black jeans and a white tee for a simple monochromatic look, but with a lot of contrast between the lights and dark tones in the outfit.

As an aside, I think bright white sneakers look best when there is white somewhere else in the outfit, or at least a lighter color. They can also really pop an all black outfit, so maybe I’ll try that next!

Jo-Lynne Shane wearing grey multi stripe Caslon Open Front Pocket Cardigan with Rag & Bone Raw Hem Ankle Skinny Jeans and Greats The Royale in Blanco. #fashion #womensfashion #outfit #winteroutfit #whatiwore

These are my Rag & Bone black skinnies from the #NSale, and I thought the raw edge looked particularly good with the sneakers.

Unfortunately they’re no longer available, but if you’re in the market for a pair, Madewell makes a good pair of black jeans with a raw hem, and this Paige pair has a fabulous faded black wash with raw hem and is 40% off. (For reference, I size up to 29 in both Paige and Madewell jeans.)

Jo-Lynne Shane wearing grey multi stripe Caslon Open Front Pocket Cardigan with Rag & Bone Raw Hem Ankle Skinny Jeans and Greats The Royale in Blanco. #fashion #womensfashion #outfit #winteroutfit #whatiwore

I wore two delicate necklaces — a shorter pendant that I’m wearing at choker length (it’s adjustable) and a slightly longer gold star necklace.

I love the current trend of layering delicates, especially with casual outfits. These two pieces are just enough to fill the neckline of the tee, and since they’re both on the shorter side, they don’t get in my way when I move around as longer pendants tend to do.

Jo-Lynne Shane wearing grey multi stripe Caslon Open Front Pocket Cardigan #fashion #womensfashion #outfit #winteroutfit #whatiwore

This is an outfit I can totally see wearing to run errands or meet a friend for coffee. The sneakers give the traditional cardigan a fun modern look, and the raw hem black jeans help to tie it all together.

Jo-Lynne Shane wearing grey multi stripe Caslon Open Front Pocket Cardigan with Rag & Bone Raw Hem Ankle Skinny Jeans and Greats The Royale in Blanco. #fashion #womensfashion #outfit #winteroutfit #whatiwore

Finally, just to give you some perspective and show another option, I also threw on my favorite black suede mules with this outfit. (Here is a similar style since mine are mostly sold out.)

These are one of my favorite pairs of shoes EVER. I know not everyone is a fan, but I love the way a backless loafer gives a feminine twist to the menswear-inspired style, and I feel like they take a basic cardigan and jeans from safe and maybe even boring to modern and fashion-forward. Both the white leather sneakers and the black suede loafer mules have a way of doing that.

Jo-Lynne Shane wearing grey multi stripe Caslon Open Front Pocket Cardigan with Rag & Bone Raw Hem Ankle Skinny Jeans and black suede R Minkoff Mika Mules. #fashion #womensfashion #outfit #winteroutfit #whatiwore

stripe cardigan // white tee // similar black jeans (options here and here) // Greats Royale sneakers (option) // gorjana Chloe pendant // Gorjana star necklace // black mules // similar tote

photo credit: Alison Cornell

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45 Responses

  1. For a minute there I thought you actually had a tattoo but it was the fringe from your jeans! That would throw everyone off! Lol

  2. I realize that everyones style is their own, but I disagree about the GG sneaks.  I am several (hmmhmm) years older than you and have similiar style as you and I think the GGs keep us current without trying too hard.  I have a pair that I am getting good use of.

  3. Thanks for doing a cardigan outfit. I love it all the ways you show it and know it would be a great Winter to Spring transition outfit.

  4. I love this post!  Yep, the saying on the black top, fits me to a tee.  The cardigan is fabulous.  If only I weren’t on a clothes buying freeze.  Darn it!  After looking at your outfit with the white leather sneakers and reading your thoughts on them, I now feel that I need a pair in my closet.  Way to go on joining the gym!  Our temp will be in the upper 60’s today with scattered rain, and we are expected to have storms tonight, then the cold returns tomorrow.  This roller coaster is crazy.  Enjoy your day!

  5. Love the cardigan and it comes in petite Yaaas! But I vowed not to buy anymore sweaters this season as I live in Texas and will have to pack them up soon and need to wear the ones I already have. I didn’t get to comment on the sneaker review but thank first for all the effort you put in. Like you I’m not a sneaker wearing gal. I rather wear flats or boots for casual but I did last year get on board with the slip on sneakers and really liked that trend with Athleisure wear on the weekends. I sure hope those stay in style. I am also with you on the Goose shoes. They are definitely a young trendy style and I feel sorry for all the moms of teenage girls who are begging for a pair. Then next year they won’t want to wear them when their not in style anymore. 
    Loved your FB live and so glad you joined a gym. I’ve been a member of the YMCA for over 20 yrs (on and off) and tend to do best with classes like kickboxing and Pilates which I’ve lost 20 pds doing. But my husband is a runner and he will do the treadmill thing once in a while but that’s  just too boring for me. I’ve also found that I’ve made more friends going to the classes and we all hold each other accountable to go and text each other when someone doesn’t show up lol. 
    One last thing. I found the cream sweater you were wearing yesterday on Amazon (so cute) but what size did you get? 

  6. Glad you finally found sneakers that make you happy. Cute relaxed outfit today.  What caught my eye is the white textured vase in your foyer corner. I’ve been searching (sorta like your sneaker search) for a white/textured neutral tall vase for my foyer for ages. Can you share a link or where you got it?  I think I could finally put the vase issue to rest.  Then I’ll buy the tee shirt. 😉. Thanks & enjoy your day. 

  7. Fun sneaker review. I have worn white canvas sneakers all summer long for about 30 years. White sneakers go with everything casual and the right shoe gives good support. I am currently loving my Naturalizer Morrison sneakers in black leather with tan suede heel detail.. Out-of-the-box comfort for my finicky feet, cute enough style for this grandmother of three, and about $90.00.  I am ordering the same style in white leather with taupe suede heel detail. If anyone is looking for comfort sneaks that look modern, but at a comfortable price point, I highly recommend these. 

  8. I have to admit, when I saw the pic where you’re wearing the navy sweater (sweatshirt?) and GG sneakers, I thought…”Those look amazing!” And I hadn’t been that impressed with the first pair of GG sneaks that you’d tried on. But I totally get that you prefer something more classic. It’s a good thing those are just too expensive for me because I love them. I just don’t think I could justify the price. 

    1. Yeah, I really do think they look cute on — especially in the picture (as opposed to looking down on them on my feet, lol.) I think it’s one of those things if I kept them and wore them, I would end up loving them — sometimes it takes a few wears with a style that’s a little “out there” for me. But it really did come down to the price tag this time. I think the Vejas will be more versatile too. I follow a few bloggers who have both, so they sort of serve different purposes.

  9. Jolynne…I really Love your outfit! This is one if my go too outfits also! I am retired and right much older than you, but it’s a great look for running around with the Grand kids. Love your Blog!! Keep the Outfits Coming!! -Linda-

  10. Love the outfit. Very modern and stylish looking. What is the black bag that you’re carrying? Thanks for sharing with us.

  11. Love the cardigan and have really enjoyed reading about your journey with the sneakers! 🙂 So I have a question for you about the Kate Spade bag you showed under currently crushing……………… I have never purchased designer anything but am in love with Kate Spade. I just celebrated my 25 work anniversary and am allowed to pick out my gift. Should I take the plunge and finally get a designer bag? My current (and for the past 10 years) purse has been a Michi. I’d love to hear anyone’s thoughts. The other option I am looking at is jewelry.

  12. Have you tried Eccos? They have a lot of different styles and colors. I like the Soft 7 with the zip because I have low-profile, slim feet, but there are lots of tie/laced versions. I’m about your age and feel just right in them…definitely not “try-hard” which I’ve felt with some
    other fashion sneakers.

  13. I am totally hooked on the fashion sneaker saga!!! At first, I was like, “whatever!” and now I can’t wait to see what you pick. Like I commented, I love my Tretorns for fashion sneakers. But now I’m wondering about the Greats. I love supporting American businesses!! Decisions, decisions. Good luck! Keep us posted!

    PS – got the overthinking shirt! Guess what, it’s made in the USA 😉

  14. Hi Jolynne! If you haven’t completely decided on the white leather sneakers, which I too love, check out the K-swiss line. The Court Frasco Sneaker is so cute, and comes in at 75.00! I think I am getting the ones with pink trim!

  15. Love this outfit! I realize I’m a little late to the party with a suggestion for white sneakers, but I bought the Cole Haan GrandPro Tennis Shoe in Optic White last year and I love them. They’re really light-weight and were comfy from day one, although not super-cushiony, if that’s important. I liked the color because it looks white, but it’s a bit toned down, so doesn’t stand out quite so much, which appealed to my conservative sense of style, haha! I would say they’re TTS – I usually wear a size 6 and that’s what fit me the best. 

  16. Very cute. I don’t think you have to worry about the sneakers being too white.  By the time you wear them a few times, they won’t be.  I agree, I’d look for ones not so chunky. Thats the reason I can’t get on board with these type of sneakers. I think they make my size 7 foot look like a 9. Love the cardigan. 

  17. Thank you for the sneaker review! I am not a big sneaker person, but I bought the SPERRY SEACOAST sneakers (leather) which are similar in style to the ones that you reviewed. They are very comfortable and not very heavy. I have actually worn them with sporty skirts and dresses in the summer. My feet are somewhat narrow, so I was happy to find stylish/sporty sneakers that fit my feet well.

  18. Love your outfit.. and I love the white sneakers. I can’t wait to start trying some; although I don’t think I’m going to invest the time you have been lol. Can’t wait to see which ones you finally pick…

  19. Just watched  your LIVE. Fun.  I always watch on Wed.  Glad you found your dog. I already commented on your outfit etc. but don’t see it posted. UM?  Have a great day.  

  20. Your outfit is also my go-to outfit everytime I want to wear my white leather sneaks.  I definitely think the white tee pulls it all together.  And I agree that the GG with the black star is too youthful.  You are too stylish a person to be caught looking like you’re “trying to hard.”  GREATS for the win, although I look forward to seeing your final decision!!  And I don’t think you are overthinking this at all.  We don’t have endless closet space, so you gotta be picky!!

  21. love todays outfit with the tennis shoes I would so wear this
    It would be a great outfit for here in Fla cold in the mornings hot in the afternoons

  22. I love this outfit! So cute for a mom on the go!!! Just wondering, do you have any info on the black tote bag you’re modeling in your pics? I’m looking for a decent medium sized tote bag. I love following you daily on your blog! I feel like you’ve become a good friend!  

  23. Well this is a super cute look with the white sneakers. These and the Vejas were two of my favorites from the bunch you reviewed. I do like the more neutral GGs on you, and wouldn’t mind having a pair myself if they were more budget friendly. I’m glad you were able to make a definitive decision about them though. I do really like the styling, but the overly distressed look still hasn’t grown on me yet. I ordered a very inexpensive pair of dupes that have fewer scuffs just because the style is super cute. They may be a total bust, so I ordered the UGG sneakers too for good measure, haha.

  24. Before I say anything else – I literally laughed out loud when I saw that t-shirt!  How is it even possible to over-think a life altering decision like sneakers???  🙂  Anyway, I love this outfit on you.  It’s cute with the mules, but better with the white sneakers.  The white at the bottom ties together with the white t-shirt.  Jeans look like they fit you perfectly (I like the true black).  And I love that cardigan on you.  It does not look too big at all.  Fwiw, I also like the blue sweater that you wore with the GGs (not sure if you decided to keep it).  And yes, the GGs are cute, and I actually think you’d have no problem carrying them off (they don’t look too hip hoppy or whatever).  To me, the other ones look just as cute for a lot less money, but that’s me.  

  25. What am I missing because I wear white leather adidas with the black stripes I think they are called all stars. Does that fit the bill ?  I thought I saw a lot of bloggers wearing them   What am I missing? 

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