9 Stylish Ways to Wear White Fashion Sneakers

Greetings and hello Monday! Now that I’ve decided on the sneakers I’m going to keep, I had some requests for a post on various ways to style plain white leather sneakers. Well, that was a fun project!

I read once that you should never buy something if you can’t think of at least three ways to wear it, and I often think it would be good practice to do this with every new item we bring into our closets.

These are all mirror selfies because in case you haven’t heard, we’ve been having a bit of cold spell.

Also, I set out to come up with 5 ways to wear white fashion sneakers, but I ended up with nine! The possibilities are virtually endless, of course, and all of these are pretty simple with solids and neutrals, but that’s the easiest type of outfit to copy.

9 Stylish Ways to Wear Solid White Fashion Sneakers

Also, I’m linking to general categories of clothing in my summary of the outfit formula, and then I linked to exact pieces under each picture when I could.

9 Ways to Wear White Sneakers

#1. with a cashmere pullover & straight cropped blue jeans

Any pullover would work, but I went ahead and threw in “cashmere” because what I like so much about this look is the juxtaposition between the luxe cashmere and the sporty sneakers.

I also had a question recently about how I select the wash of jeans for an outfit. In this case, the sweater is navy, so I chose jeans that are a lighter wash so there is some contrast. Also, the lighter wash is more casual and works better with the sneakers, in my opinion.

Jo-Lynne Shane wearing VEJA Esplar with 3x1 W3 Straight Crop Jeans, Nordstrom Signature Cashmere Pullover Sweater, and SHASHI Women's Warrior Double Pendant Necklace

sweater // jeans // sneakers // necklace

#2. with black jeans, grey sweater & denim jacket

Any color sweater would work with this outfit formula, but I like the all neutral vibe with the grey sweater. Plus the black jeans and white sneakers provide a stark contrast, so I like to wear some mid-tones on top to create a bridge between the light and dark.

Jo-Lynne Shane wearing VEJA Esplar with black AG legging ankle jeans, Two by Vince Camuto Denim Jacket, and grey cashmere pullover

similar grey sweater // black skinnies // denim jacket // sneakers // earrings

#3. with an elevated sweatshirt & grey jeans

Any color combination of an elevated sweatshirt and jeans would work, but I thought this white & grey combo was fun and a little different.

Jo-Lynne Shane wearing VEJA Esplar with grey AG legging ankle jeans, Wildfox clean white pullover, and SHASHI Women's Warrior Double Pendant Necklace

sweatshirt // jeans // sneakers // necklace

#4. with a LBD & a denim jacket

I’ve had this dress hanging on my rolling rack for weeks. Someone asked me to share various ways to style it, and I ordered it, and then totally forgot to do the post. #sosorry

Of course, now it’s sold out in the black and most other colors/sizes too, but I thought it was perfect for this post, so I styled it even though I can’t link it. I did link to the other colors below as well as the sleeveless version, which is perfect for summer.

Jo-Lynne Shane wearing VEJA Esplar with Leith Ruched Sheath Dress and Two By Vince Camuto denim jacket

Jo-Lynne Shane wearing VEJA Esplar with Leith Ruched Sheath Dress and Two By Vince Camuto denim jacket

dress (sleeveless option) // denim jacket // sneakers // earrings // necklace #1 and #2

#5.with black jeans & a long cardigan

I don’t know why I don’t wear more cardigans. I like this look, and I was so cozy with two layers on top! I rarely wear layers; they just feel constricting to me. Or at least they do until I get them on and settled in, and then I’m so cozy and warm, and I’m like, Why don’t I layer more often???

This cardigan also comes in a really pretty pink, a mustard yellow, and a classic black. Size down, though. I’m wearing a small and I wish I had the XS. You may think it looks the right size, but there’s a lot of extra material in the back.

Jo-Lynne Shane wearing VEJA Esplar with black AG legging ankle jeans, Caslon long sleeve t-shirt, and Madewell Kent cardigan

cardigan // tee // black skinnies // sneakers // necklace

#6. with a grey sweater, taupe moto, & white jeans

This is probably my least favorite of all the looks, but I went ahead and included it.

Taupe and grey isn’t a combination I’d typically think of, but I’ve seen other bloggers combining these colors and wanted to try it. I like the color combo, but this sweater is too short with this jacket. The sweater I linked below would look better.

Jo-Lynne Shane wearing VEJA Esplar with white Paige Verdugo ankle skinny jeans, BlankNYC suede moto jacket in Midnight Toker, and a grey cashmere pullover.

similar grey sweater // white skinnies // taupe moto jacket (similar option) // sneakers // necklace

#7. with joggers & a denim jacket

My denim jacket got quite the workout when I was taking these pictures! I like how the denim jacket elevates the joggers in a way a sweatshirt or plain tee would not.

Unfortunately these joggers are a size too small for me. They really should be a little more relaxed. That said, they are incredibly comfortable, so I keep them and only wear them with longer sweatshirts.

Jo-Lynne Shane wearing K-Swiss Women's Court Frasco Sneakers with Zella Taryn Ultrasoft Recycled Jogger Pants, Caslon Long Sleeve Scoop Neck Cotton Tee, and Two by Vince Camuto Jean Jacket

Jo-Lynne Shane wearing K-Swiss Women's Court Frasco Sneakers with Zella Taryn Ultrasoft Recycled Jogger Pants, Caslon Long Sleeve Scoop Neck Cotton Tee, and Two by Vince Camuto Jean Jacket

denim jacket // tee // joggers // sneakers // necklace

#8. with olive pants & a grey sweater

I love these olive sailor skinny pants from Loft, and they work really well with the white sneakers. A denim jacket would actually look great with this look as well!

You could put a black sweater or an ivory one on top, or even coral or pink, but I like the way the grey blends in and keeps the look all neutral. In this case, I like the shorter sweater length with these pants because it allows the buttons to show, and it creates a pleasing 1/3 to 2/3 overall body proportion.

Jo-Lynne Shane wearing VEJA Esplar with LOFT Sailor Skinny Pants, and a grey cashmere crewneck pullover sweater.

similar grey sweater // olive pants // sneakers // necklace

#9. with blue jeans, a black leather jacket, black sweater, and a grey scarf

I saved my favorite look for last. I’m sure you’re not surprised that it involves a leather jacket and ripped skinny jeans. 🤷🏻‍♀️😂

FYI, these Vigoss skinnies are a great alternative to my pricey AGs. I love the mix of luxe cashmere scarf, edgy black leather jacket, rugged ripped jeans, and sporty sneakers. So much good visual tension going on here!

I’m learning that having some juxtaposition in each look is key to making an interesting outfit. Would anyone be interested in a post on that topic???

Jo-Lynne Shane wearing VEJA Esplar with AG Raw Hem The Legging Ankle Jeans, black Bernardo leather moto jacket, and Everlane cashmere scarf

Jo-Lynne Shane wearing VEJA Esplar with AG Raw Hem The Legging Ankle Jeans, black Bernardo leather moto jacket, and Everlane cashmere scarf

similar jacket // similar sweater // similar jeans (budget option – so good!) // exact scarf // sneakers

In case you missed it, I reviewed 9 white sneakers in this post and since then I’ve tried even more. Below are my best recommendations. You can’t go wrong with any of these, it’s all about the look you’re going for and your budget.

Shop White Sneakers:

This post contains affiliate links. When you shop through my links, it helps support my business (at no additional cost to you) so thank you!

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51 thoughts on “9 Stylish Ways to Wear White Fashion Sneakers

  1. The last look is hands down my favorite. I also really like the gray/taupe/white colors together, but I get what you mean about the sweater length. I think the solid neutrals have a classy look. I love your idea of a post with juxtaposition looks!  

  2. Great post !! I am thinking of getting some white sneakers and love all the ideas you have shown. I really want to pull the trigger on the Golden Goose sneakers but then again it’s such a lot of money to spend on a sneaker (a handbag or a boot, I am all in). I like the Ugg option you linked so I will look into those.

    1. It is, but ask yourself if you will wear them as much as a boots or a handbag? I felt that I, personally, wouldn’t, but the quality is there. It’s really about budget constraints and cost per wear.

  3. Love the looks!  thanks for easy things to copy! I love my white sneakers — Tory Burch — can you do a post on socks?  Sounds dumb but I”m struggling with ones that don’t show, are comfortable and stay on! 

  4. GM! Glad it’s warming up there and it will be 72 in South Texas. It’s nice but it’s also hard to know what to wear from day to day. One day it’s in the 40s and the next 70s. My favorite outfits are #5 and #8.
    Have a wonderful day. 

  5. So many fun outfits in this post! I really loved the denim jacket with the black dress, and the joggers with the same jacket and shoes.
    I would be super interested in a post about juxtaposition. You do this so well and I could really use a tutorial.
    Have an awesome day!

  6. Thanks for the contrasting styles! Love the jeans and joggers looks with the sneakers. So glad that you are warming up to the 40s and 50s. It makes everything so much more tolerable. Just leaving the house is painful in our polar vortex.

    Congrats to all the Patriots fans (the words are choking me 🙂 Have to say it was the lowest scoring Superbowl in history and on the snoozey side at times. Awful half time show ever.
    Thanks for doing the Gal-entine’s looks. Looking forward to it!

  7. This is great; thanks for sharing.  I have a pair of all white Adidas that I really like but each time I’ve worn them I’ve had comments like “wow, those are some white shoes”.   I’m thinking “why yes they are, that was the intent” but I’m also thinking I may have styled them wrong.  I sooooo appreciate these suggestions.  
    Have a marvelous day.  

  8. Yes, yes, and yes! Thanks so much for this post! This is my absolute go-to everyday style. Love all the looks here and even wear some similar ones regularly. Now I have a few more ideas to add to the mix!
    Oh, and I ended up loving the UGGs and even the cheap GG dupes I mentioned ordering. You definitely don’t get the same quality, but you do get a similar look for way less. I’m not usually into major knock offs, but I knew the others just weren’t an option. I’ll be wearing them both a ton I’m sure!

  9. I love wearing my white Adidas with a striped tshirt dress or a sweatshirt dress and a jean jacket… super comfy yet put together look for running errands or a casual lunch or dinner. #9 was my favorite and I also liked the outfit with the cardigan. Have an awesome day!! Raining for days here in California!! 😩

  10. I have the Cole Haan GrandPro Stitchlite Tennis sneaker and also the leather version- most comfortable sneakers ever!

  11. Yes! A post on how to create some tension in an outfit would be helpful. I see all these outfits and wonder what makes a great outfit? What makes it stand out from all the others? 
    I love these outfits and can see you wearing your white sneakers a lot more than you thought. You’ve convinced us all to add a pair to our wardrobe. 😀

  12. Looking good Jo-Lynne! I can relate to being cold. Today it is -25C with the wind chill a balmy -35C. Let me tell you I am sooooo glad we have a heated garage at our house and that my work has underground parking, so I really don’t have to go out in this!

  13. I bought the Ugg sneakers and just love them! I have hammer toes and often cannot wear the shoes I love to look at. This time fashion and comfort came together for me, and I thank you for your review and suggestions. You rock!

  14. I agree the last one was my favorite 🤗🤗 and I am so going with this look as soon as we get some milder weather. I was able to wear my black Nike’s today( nice break from my uggs lol) but still a little drab for white. It was the Swiss you went with?  Also yes… what is meant by juxtaposition ?? I agree the suede jacket with white jeans wasn’t a winner for me. I’d probably add that nice denim jacket or an olive green maybe? Love these posts!!! Thanks for all the ideas. Now to just get the leather sneakers.. ( but my white converse can work in the meantime )😉

  15. Loving the white sneakers! I’d really be excited to hear more info on juxtaposition/visual tension. It seems like there’s a fine line between “that looks awesome” and “that doesn’t go together”. I tend to stay too much on the safe (boring) side!

  16. I really enjoyed this post! All great looks but I’m with you, #9 was my favorite! I never would have thought to pair a leather jacket with the white sneakers. I hadn’t thought about wanting to purchase white sneakers but now-maybe! I’d love a post on havong juxtaposition in outfits! 

  17. Darn it! I think you are winning me over to the white leather sneaker side! When you started featuring these I was all “I love a fashion sneaker but light gray or beige is as close to white as I can go”. And now I’m thinking, “Hmm, maybe I would like a pair of Vejas”. Oh the power you hold!

    The only combo you showed that I didn’t love is the one with the taupe jacket. I do like the white jeans and gray sweater with the sneakers but something about the jacket doesn’t work for me. I think gray and taupe could work but those exact ones don’t seem to be quite right or something.

    And yes! I’d love a post about juxtaposing styles/fabrics/high-low to add interest to outfits.

  18. Great post!  Having at least 3 different ways to wear one item before adding it to our closet is a great idea.  I am enjoying wearing my white leather Keds.  They fit my budget and have the necessary arch support, but they do have the silver eyelets.  Oh well!  I would like to see a post on juxtaposition because I definitely don’t know how to do that.  Like you, we are enjoying warmer temps, but I hope it doesn’t last because we really haven’t had a winter down here.  I hope you had a great day!

    1. I’ve changed gold buttons to silver using nail polish. Maybe you could use a while nail polish to cover up the silver grommets.

  19. Jo-Lynne – Love all these looks and especially the last one! I love to wear scarves and would like to see you address your thoughts on them sometime on FBL. I actually prefer them to turtlenecks as I can control the tightness,etc. Thank you for all you do! Have a blessed day!

    1. Me too Joanne. I hope they don’t go out. I see the infinity ones aren’t really around much anymore but they never were my favorite style ones anyways.  

  20. Yes….please do post or comment on LIVE what juxtaposition is all about.  Love the looks but yes the last one seems to be YOU!!!!  I just have a hard time matching grey with olive.  Just can’t do it. 🙂  I’m not a warm toned person, so I think grey is better with cool tones.  I’m still trying to get use to the white sneaker idea too. You are much younger than I am.  🙂  

      1. Ha Ha  You could be right.  What do I know. LOL  I guess I just don’t wear olive.  Please talk about juxtaposition on LIVE. 🙂  I finally got a dusting of snow in NW Oregon this morning and I’m sad it already melted. UGH. I wanted a big snow. My daughter however in Seattle area got 6 inches.  So funny how opposite the West and East Coasts seem to be.  Have a good day.  

  21. I love your sneaks! I have the Leith ruched, black dress like yours, except it’s black. I definitely plan to wear it with with leather sneakers…which will be my next project after I find white loafers…it’s a challenge to find shoes to fit my low volume feet. Thanks for all your fab posts, JoLynne! 

  22. Love the outfits! Do you like the Two by Vince denim jacket better than the Kut from the Kloth? I have those Zella joggers too and I love how soft they are but I had the same issue being in between sizes. Ultimately I decided on the smaller size since I really only wear them inside the house.

  23. Thanks to all your talk on leather sneakers, I’m wearing mine more, which makes me happy!  I particularly liked the black jeans and grey sweater look.  Those black jeans are gorgeous on you, and I like the contrast of the black and white.  The only look I didn’t love was the white jeans, which is perhaps because I missed the contrast.  I think I prefer the white jeans with flats or booties, but maybe a colored sneaker?  I generally prefer white sneakers, but I’ve seen some cute colored sneakers on my kids’ friends lately.  Are you keeping those 3X1 jeans?  They really do look good.  Surely they’ll go on sale on of these days.

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