3 Ways to Style Burgundy Jeans: Blush Poncho

Good morning and welcome back to 26 Days of Fall Fashion! Everyone seems to like it when I show multiple ways to style something, so this is part one of three ways to style burgundy jeans. Since I’m doing an outfit every day this month, I’m going to break it up into three posts.

I’ve also started tagging my posts based on some of the pieces I’m wearing that I tend to repeat, and those tags can be found at the end of every post. They’re clickable so you can easily see other ways I’ve styled some of my wardrobe basics. For example, on this post I have tags for burgundy jeans as well as poncho outfit. I hope you find that helpful.

Today I’m styling burgundy jeans with an open fringe poncho in blush.

I really like pairing burgundy with blush. This poncho is Lucky Brand, and it’s made of merino wool with a touch of cashmere so it’s super soft, cozy, and warm.

They call the color mink, but I’m calling it blush because it definitely has pink undertones. I wore a white long sleeve tee underneath. This is a great basic tee. It’s 100% cotton, which I always find more flattering than tees with spandex. It’s a great length and it’s not see-through.

I could wear booties with this outfit, but I opted to dress it up a bit with black ballet flats and a coordinating black shoulder bag. The bag is from last year so I don’t have a link, but I found some great options if you’re looking for suggestions. I find myself carrying it when I wear these shoes because it’s the only black bag I have with gold hardware.

I’ve shared these shoes before. I picked them up at the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale, and they’re a great closet basic. I find myself gravitating to them even more than I thought I would. I’ll link to some other options below because the price is up there and they’re also getting sold out. Frankly, I find the Tory Burch Minnie flats way more comfortable, but I do like the look of these a lot.

As I often do with an open cardigan, I wore a long pendant necklace. A long pendant with an outfit like this serves two purposes. It breaks up the expanse of white t-shirt, and it draws the eye in and down to the waist which helps create the illusion of that coveted hourglass silhouette.

I wish this pendant were about an inch longer. It is adjustable, but I have it on the longest setting. I probably need to get a necklace extender to use in situations like this.

Also, these jeans fit great and they’re really comfortable. They’re also back on sale. (They were another #NSale purchase.) Size down if you’re in between; otherwise they’re TTS.

poncho // tee // jeans (option) // shoes // similar bag (option) // necklace // gold bangles

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29 Responses

  1. I just bought some burgundy jeans…love this open poncho…may have o get it!  I so wish I could wear flats but they just kill my heel.  These Tory flats are super cute.

  2. Love this outfit and I have been searching for some petite burgundy and olive jeans, in my price range. Trust me when I say ” the struggle is real” to find them in a 6p. With a daughter is college I have to stick  to my budget but I did find some grey petite jeans (on sale) at Nordstrom Rack online.
    Also liked that you tagged your other outfits with similar items, but I almost said, happy bday to your daughter but then noticed it was a post from last year. Lol ???? 

  3. Love the jeans… may have to add burgundy to my wardrobe for bottoms have an olive green pair already.. I’m just so in to jeans I guess, but it’s a nice change and can be easily dressed up. 
    Have a great weekend 

  4. What a great transitional outfit!  I’m so glad you are going to show different ways to style basic pieces.  I suspect I’m not the only one with a limited clothes budget that needs to create different looks with our clothes.  Well, I have to start moving outside furniture, etc., to an inside structure for Irma, so I best get moving.  Irma keeps shifting in a direction that is not to our advantage, here in south central Georgia.  Praying for everyone in her path, while still praying for TX.

      1. Yes, Irma is very fickle!  I will keep the group updated as much as possible.  Our winds have already kicked up today.  The change is definitely in the air.

  5. I love the burgundy jeans so much & want a pair. I had some previously that I purchased at Gap (the girlfriend jeans), but they stretched out so badly that I finally got rid of them. Do you have any recommendations for skinny-type jeans that are not really tight in the calves? My calves are large & a constant source of struggle for me with all the skinny pans/jeans styles. That was one good thing about the girlfriend jeans–calves weren’t tight (but the waist grew larger as the day wore on). Thank you!

    1. I, too, struggle to find skinny jeans that fit my large calves. I have literally spent hours trying to find jeans that will comfortably accommodate my calves.

      NYDJ Alina (legging), purchased at Nordstrom last year, works for me. Though they are labeled as leggings, they fit me like skinny jeans. Size down.

      I also found a Madewell style last fall at Nordstrom that had more space in the calves. Sorry I don’t recall the style name as I ended up returning them.

    2. I hope Elizabeth’s suggestions are helpful. I have the opposite problem, generally. The one thing I do is look at the leg opening when I compare jeans. I like a 10″ leg opening for my narrow calves, so maybe try to find some around 11″.

      1. Thanks! I Recall your mentioning that in previous posts–and it seems like Nordstrom’s is good about posting that info in their descriptions. Other retailers, not so much (or maybe just not the ones I shop with!). I need to remember to check that more. Thank you!

  6. Love the burgundy jeans and am looking forward to seeing the other 2 outfits that you style with them. One question on the Caslon long-sleeve T-what size do you wear? The  description says that they run small. Also any recommendations on a similar long-sleeve V-neck tee?

  7. Such a cute outfit on you.  I love burgundy jeans, but haven’t found any the right price, without frayed hem.  I love my jeans I have frayed, but want the burgundy pair to be a little more dressed up look.  I have cords I thought were burgundy from last year, but they tend to have more of a raspberry color.  I got them at Loft.  I want true burgundy, like yours, as it will go with more.  Thanks for great post.  

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