Coffee Talk 09.10.17

Good morning, friends! This Coffee Talk will be brief because I’m headed out to church in a few, but I didn’t want to skip it.

It’s been a busy weekend here, but in a good way. Paul and I went to see the band play pre-game on Friday night and then left to go get dinner with the girls. As we were walking out against the tide of people coming in for the game, the security guard at the gate said to us, “Let me guess… you just came for the band!”

Yep, guilty! Haha!

We went back home and picked up the girls and then went into town to try a new Asian fusion restaurant. (When I say “into town” I am not talking about Philly. We live an hour outside of Philly, or more with traffic, but there are a lot of cool industrial towns around us having a revival with good restaurants so we like to take advantage of those.)

The food was good and the atmosphere was nice, so that was a fun find.

Yesterday we shot three outfits before heading to church for a service project to help recovery efforts in Houston. It was an absolutely gorgeous day, so after that, I headed out to one of our outdoor shopping centers to do some shopping. I ended up at White House Black Market because I love their styles and they’re having a 25% off sale! I took mirror selfies that I meant to post with links on my Insta Story, but I haven’t had a chance yet. I did buy a few things I’ll be styling for the blog so stay tuned!

I did some photo editing when I got back, and then we went down to my husband’s old stomping grounds with some old friends for a 40th anniversary party last night. I wasn’t really looking forward to it, but it ended up being fun. (Isn’t that always the way?) I felt bad for being a curmudgeon.

So this morning we’re off to church, and then I’m looking forward to a nice, relaxing afternoon. I have a new book I downloaded to my Kindle that I want to start reading, and plan to enjoy this gorgeous weather we’re having because it’s supposed to turn this week. I guess we’ll be getting remnants of Irma.

Speaking of Irma, I have some good friends in the Tampa area as well as quite a few blogger friends scattered throughout the state, so I’m keeping an eye on my Facebook feed for any news from down there. If you’re down there, please check in when/if you can! Leave a comment here, or on my Facebook wall. I’d love to hear from you. Everyone is in my thoughts and prayers. It sounds like most people are well prepared so I’m hoping for the best for all of you guys!

And that’s about it for me. Hope you all have a blessed Sunday!