Coffee Talk 09.10.17

Good morning, friends! This Coffee Talk will be brief because I’m headed out to church in a few, but I didn’t want to skip it.

It’s been a busy weekend here, but in a good way. Paul and I went to see the band play pre-game on Friday night and then left to go get dinner with the girls. As we were walking out against the tide of people coming in for the game, the security guard at the gate said to us, “Let me guess… you just came for the band!”

Yep, guilty! Haha!

We went back home and picked up the girls and then went into town to try a new Asian fusion restaurant. (When I say “into town” I am not talking about Philly. We live an hour outside of Philly, or more with traffic, but there are a lot of cool industrial towns around us having a revival with good restaurants so we like to take advantage of those.)

The food was good and the atmosphere was nice, so that was a fun find.

Yesterday we shot three outfits before heading to church for a service project to help recovery efforts in Houston. It was an absolutely gorgeous day, so after that, I headed out to one of our outdoor shopping centers to do some shopping. I ended up at White House Black Market because I love their styles and they’re having a 25% off sale! I took mirror selfies that I meant to post with links on my Insta Story, but I haven’t had a chance yet. I did buy a few things I’ll be styling for the blog so stay tuned!

I did some photo editing when I got back, and then we went down to my husband’s old stomping grounds with some old friends for a 40th anniversary party last night. I wasn’t really looking forward to it, but it ended up being fun. (Isn’t that always the way?) I felt bad for being a curmudgeon.

So this morning we’re off to church, and then I’m looking forward to a nice, relaxing afternoon. I have a new book I downloaded to my Kindle that I want to start reading, and plan to enjoy this gorgeous weather we’re having because it’s supposed to turn this week. I guess we’ll be getting remnants of Irma.

Speaking of Irma, I have some good friends in the Tampa area as well as quite a few blogger friends scattered throughout the state, so I’m keeping an eye on my Facebook feed for any news from down there. If you’re down there, please check in when/if you can! Leave a comment here, or on my Facebook wall. I’d love to hear from you. Everyone is in my thoughts and prayers. It sounds like most people are well prepared so I’m hoping for the best for all of you guys!

And that’s about it for me. Hope you all have a blessed Sunday!

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  1. Is there a blogger you know of to follow for cool temps.
    I’m from NY (not New York City)
    I love reading your blog but we are into fall here where socks are needed and layering!
    There are wonderful ankle boots but how do you style them with socks? Everywhere one looks they are styled for LA or warmer areas right now!
    I guess I looking for  transition outfits for fall with socks! Lol

    1. LOL! I do follow some in Boston and other areas in the Northeast, but I don’t think they’re styling heavy outfits yet. Wearing socks with booties is tricky but it can be done. I do it some in colder weather. I try to match the socks to the booties or to my pants, or wear monochromatic looks. The easiest is black booties with black socks.

  2. Too funny about leaving after the band performed. When my daughter was on the dance team we would stay to watch her perform then left right after the half time show was over. Lol. They had a terrible football team that year so we weren’t miss anything. But back to fashion,  I heard that Gap and WHBM would be closing stores soon but they would be keeping Old Navy stores open and putting more focus Athleta. So we may be seeing more sales from those stores? 
    P.s thanks for the tip on the Old Navy petite burgundy jeans. I’ll have to check them out because some of their petite jeans are still too long on me. ????

  3. Preparing for what will be Tropical Storm Irma when it hits here in the Atlanta area. Expecting lots of rain and very high winds.  We are just waiting to get the call that school is canceled. My Hubs is busy taking all our stuff in from outside. Hoping we won’t lose power but really, compared to all the devastation happening all around, I’m not complaining. Enjoy your Sunday. Whatcha reading? 

  4. We evacuated from savannah to Milledgeville ga. Now we are in the path for tropical storms. Oh, well. We’ll find out more tomorrow.  Hope all stay safe.

  5. Hahaha. I’m a band parent, too. Always running in to the football game saying “I didn’t miss the band, did I”? 🙂

  6. Hope you had a relaxing Sunday.  Our weather has been amazing and even a bit chilly, which I love.  Now we are feeling the effects of Irma – tropical storm – but nothing terrible so far.  Two questions for you on jeans.  First, what do you think of J Brand?  Do they hold their shape?  I bought an oddball pair of black J Brand jeans at Off Fifth (edgy, according to Ellie :)).  Skinny ankle jeans with very little stretch, but that fit me like someone measured my body before making them.  So that was nice, but I’ve never worn this brand before, and I was curious what you thought (I don’t recall you mentioning them).  I sized down in them, which helps (I credit you with getting me to do that every now and then – it’s definitely right when it’s right!).  Second – LOVE the burgundy jeans outfit you posted the other day, but I feel like 7FAM doesn’t fit me well.  Waist is too big or legs are too skinny or they are too stretchy or something.  I know you posted a link to any old navy pair, but those don’t fit me well either.  Other brands you like in that color?  Also looking for a nice burgundy (yeah, I don’t really know what the means either – more blueish than yellowish I guess?).  I saw a pair online that were a good buy – IRO jeans?  Never heard of them though.  Have you?  Thoughts?  Thanks in advance!

    1. Yeah, J.Brand makes a good quality jean. I do have one pair that I LOVE – https://rstyle.me/n/cq9nuagthw. They do slide down on me tho.

      I like the fit of 7s but I don’t find the rear view very flattering in my burgundy ones. I didn’t notice till I was editing pictures, LOL. (That is always very eye opening!) I do not like the quality of Old Navy jeans. I link them b/c some people like the price, but they always bag out on me and feel cheap. Nordstrom had a pair of AG in burgundy during the #NSale and they sold out. AG is the gold standard, in my opinion. But they are $$$ and harder to find at off-price retailers. Paige is always a safe bet for me and most people like them too. They have a lot of colors in their Verdugo style. In fact, I had a pair from them last year they called Aubergine (close to burgundy) and I loved them but I bought them too big and I passed them on at the end of the season. I don’t see any burgundy at the moment, tho. https://rstyle.me/n/cr8uawgthw

      1. Here are the IRO jeans.  They only have a 27 left, and not sure if they run big or small (was hoping you could tell me since they can’t be returned).  Good price though!  https://www.saksoff5th.com/main/ProductDetail.jsp?PRODUCT%3C%3Eprd_id=845524442156850
        Here are the J Brand jeans.  As I said, not much stretch.  On the thick side, and very black (more black than jean).  Makes them a little more formal to me (even with all the silly zippers), so good for class.  https://www.saksoff5th.com/main/ProductDetail.jsp?FOLDER%3C%3Efolder_id=2534374302023886&PRODUCT%3C%3Eprd_id=845524442175158&R=886943819899&P_name=J+BRAND&N=4294966655+302023886&bmUID=lVsfXGA

        The Joe version you posted does not come in my size.  The one pair of Joes I got stretched out a ton.  I should have read your blog before buying them!  🙂

        1. Oooh I like those Joe’s!!! Yeah, strange that I don’t know IRO. For that price, though, it’s almost worth the gamble. I searched them on the Nordstrom website b/c they always have sizing recommendations. They only have 2 pairs but both say: Runs small, order one size up.

  7. Oh I love Liane Moriarty too! Read The Husband’s Secert and just finished Truly, Madly, Guilty which was an audio book! Soooo good! And feeling blessed to have survived Irma with no damage or power loss although lights were flickering badly and thought we would. Schools closed yesterday and today! Kids are happy! 

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