30 Days of Summer Outfits

This 30 Days of Outfits Challenge was much harder than I expected. I collected all my pictures in this nifty collage, and if you love me you will PIN IT on Pinterest because it took an age to put together. No, really. I am so OCD, I had to resize all the pictures to match and then arrange them so there were no two denim shorts photos together and so on and so forth. It took an entire afternoon. So pretend to be impressed, m’kay?

Are you ready?


30 Days of Summer Outfits

30 days of summer outfits

So, what did I learn from this silly exercise? Not much except that I really like to repeat outfits. HA!

No, really, it’s nice to get the most out of one’s wardrobe, but when you stay at home 5 days out of 7, it really doesn’t matter if you repeat outfits or not. I do think I got some wear out of a few pieces that I might have otherwise overlooked, but at the end of the day, I still ended up wearing what I like best; I just tried not to pair anything together the same way twice.

Did anyone else play along?

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11 Responses

  1. I love all the outfits! I too, and OCD about everything looking exactly the same (regarding pictures sizes, ect.) I really liked how you used a lot of the same pieces more than once. It gives people, like, me, with a limited wardrobe ideas on how to stretch their clothing!


  2. I was a faithful follower of this series and was inspired to purchase a few new basics as well as add some accessories to dress up those basics:) Good job, Jo-Lynne! FWIW, I’ll be wearing a version of the black tank and cuffed jean shorts today. Just need a necklace to fill in that neckline:)

  3. I pinned!! lol. I really love the collage! I am the same way when it comes to things like that. 🙂

    Like I said the other day I ended up not remembering / be too unexpectedly busy to stay up with the photos. But I have been wanting to do a “look book” for myself because I tend to wear the same 4-5 things most days. So I’m doing the challenge for July and I think I may do it again in the winter with all my winter only clothes. 🙂

  4. I did not take time to participate, but I enjoy seeing your outfits. They are adorable and it helps me evaluate my own closet and style as well!

  5. I couldn’t play along because I don’t have enough maternity clothes to make 30 different outfits, LOL. If you do it again sometime I’ll try to participate!

  6. I am SO impressed with your OCD (or should that be CDO as it’s in alphabetical order!) – I think my 30 days would include A LOT of days where I wore an identical outfit again!

    Of course I would love to know if there is a Janmary Designs bracelet somewhere in there!

  7. Hi, new reader here! Great blog, I really struggle with Summer clothes. Doesn’t anyone make skirts anymore? Just added white jeans to my ‘collection’ – worried they’re not ‘age-appropriate’ LOL!

  8. I’m sorry I missed this challenge. I would have liked to have joined you. During the summer I’m the worst, hence the challenge I guess. During the school year (I’m a teacher) I do a great job of not wearing the same items over and over. Your post inspired me to do a post on my favorite maxi dresses soon. So thanks!

  9. I played. Obviously … I’ve just been lazy about posting/taking pictures and we’ve had surgery and broken foot and anyways .. I’m still taking my time getting the posts up.

    pinned you 😉

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