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5 Colors To Have In Your Closet This Fall

I’ve declared Fall Trends Week here on the blog, and today we’re talking about the trending colors you may want to have in your closet this Fall 2023.

I did a little bit of Google research to prepare for this post, and it makes a lot of sense based on what I’m seeing in the mainstream retailers where many of us like to shop. I’m a fan of most of these, but definitely some more than others. I’d love to hear which ones resonate most with YOU!

5 Colors to Have in Your Closet This Fall

Just remember, colors are just colors. They never go out of style, necessarily, but some are more popular than others at any given time. If you love any of these, this is the time to lean in, but you don’t have to get rid of other colors in your closet that you enjoy.

#1. Red

photo source: LOFT

If there is any color I’m seeing talked about more than another in reference to fall trends, it is RED. And I mean, all shades of red in all of the various wardrobe categories. I’m especially seeing a lot of red shoes, red pants, and red blazers and jackets. You can wear head-to-toe red or a pop of red in an otherwise neutral outfit. It all goes right now!

#2. Chocolate Brown

photo credit: Evereve

We’re seeing a lot of earth tones and shades of brown this fall, but the one is showing up big time is chocolate brown, and I love how it pairs with all shades of denim. This is also a nice color to incorporate into your shoes and bags.

#3. Glacial Blues

photo credit: White House Black Market

I will confess, I had a harder time coming up with the shopping widget for this color because it is going to probably be bigger next spring and next fall, but it’s definitely showing up big time on all the color trend lists, and it’s starting to come in now so I wanted to include it so it’s on your radar.

All shades of blue are going to be huge this winter and next spring, but especially this icy glacial blue. This isn’t a color I typically gravitate towards, but I do like it a lot. I think it will be a run change from all the pink/red/burgundy and the earth tones. Plus, it pairs well with chocolate brown and other earth tones, so it will be easy to integrate with other trending colors.

#4. Buttercream/Salted Caramel

photo credit: Banana Republic

I’m combining these but they’re really two different colors. They’re often taking the form of a metallic more than just a traditional camel or oatmeal, but it’s all out there.

We’re seeing lots of monochromatic looks in shades of camel, caramel, gold, and soybean, but these colors also pair well with the chocolate brown and ice blue that are also trending. They’re also paired quite often with rust and red.

#5. Plum/Wine

photo credit: Evereve

This is another two-fer, but they overlap quite a bit. While they aren’t really new or unique to fall, I can’t leave them out because they seem to be everywhere I look. As with all of the color trends, we’re seeing these in monochromatic outfits, but also paired with neutrals such as grey, camel, and of course denim and black.

What do you think about the color trends for fall 2023? Which ones will you incorporate into your wardrobe this year?

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43 thoughts on “5 Colors To Have In Your Closet This Fall

  1. Love love LOVE these colors! Esp the wine and the chocolate brown! So happy to hear that colors such as rust and olive are taking a break right now 😃

  2. I find myself always going back to pairing red or plum blazers with a black turtleneck during Fall; whether, either as a work outfit staple or for holiday parties. It’s easy to “get away” with (then) hiding the fact of only really wanting to wear stretch pants (obv not gym ones, lol! — knit or velour finish kind I mean) if they’re with a dressier styled top.

  3. I like all the trending colours, but especially red. It’s been hard finding red so I’ll be stocking up this year.
    I’m not sure I can wear the ice blue but it is very pretty. I’ll for sure try it on and see. Paired with a darker blue, like in your inspiration picture, would work.
    I had and loved a pair of chocolate brown jeans years ago and when I needed to replace them, I couldn’t find any in that colour. I’ll be on hunt for the perfect pair. I already have a chocolate brown leather purse and booties.

  4. I am so excited about fall fashion and trending colors this year! A few days ago I ordered the Loft sweater tank and cardigan and can’t wait to try it. Since last summer, I have really liked the buttercream and have purchased several pieces. I am looking forward to the rest of the trends from you!

  5. I love all the colors but ice blue. So many pretty ones and I already have some in my closet now. Yay! Our grand dog likes to stop and smell the roses daily and my son gets impatient when we go because we let Gus take it all in! Lol

  6. I love the glacial blues and absolutely love the plum/wines. I just purchased the Sabrina dress from Evereve to wear to my daughter’s bridal shower in November – it is a stunning dress!

  7. I love all of the colors except for buttercream, because it doesn’t suit me. I have red and wine-colored boots already. I have always loved chocolate brown and will be looking for a sweater or top. I will probably be trying a red sweater or top; I don’t have any right now because I have thought in the past that it didn’t look right on me, but I will check it out.

    Bring on fall, my favorite season!

    1. Same! I would look dead in that buttercream. And the glacier blue doesn’t strike me as a fall/winter color. I have red Rothy’s that I’ll pull out and wear, and I like wine for fall and winter.

  8. I love these colors. I’ve been looking for chocolate brown jeans; flair, bootcut or straight leg but can’t find any.

    1. Wit and Wisdom has their Itty Bitty Bootcut style in 2 shades of brown. I bought the burgundy last year. I like them a
      lot, but they are thinner than traditional jeans.

  9. I’ve just been editing my closet and came across these gorgeous deep chocolate cords w/boot cut. They were in my kiss-kiss goodbye pile but when I saw this post, I said whoa! Not so fast! So timely! Thanks Jo-Lynne!

  10. I’m having to change out my closet some just from letting my hair go grey. Some of the neutrals I use to wear, no longer look right. I find I’m trading out those for more grey and I will do the burgandy and plum and I love shades of lighter blue so I know I’ll do that. I already have the light blue jacket from Evereve I bought on sale early Spring but it’s too warm to wear until Fall. It’s so cute. They still might have it. I hadn’t planned to let my hair go but started becoming allergic to the hair color and made my migraines worse after each coloring. So changing out my closet wasn’t something I had thought I’d have to do. Guess it helped me purge.

  11. I’m excited that red is in! Love those chocolate brown coated jeans! Since leather was in your “out” list yesterday, what does that mean for coated denim? I love coated denim and hope it is still in this year.

  12. Love all of these colors for fall. Just received email from Ann Taylor, (not Loft) their current colors lean heavily on the reds, blues and wines that you featured. Some very pretty combinations and styles.

  13. This is so exciting, I love all of these colors. With that being said I have never had much red in my closet, I definitely do not gravitate to red. I bought a pair of red flats in the Nordstrom Ann. Sale but I think I’ll look for a red top or jacket.
    Thanks Jolynne!

  14. So excited for red, plum, and wine! Flattering to a variety of skin tones and they will carry well into the holiday season. I like the chocolate brown and caramel too. A couple years ago I saw a picture of Kate Middleton in a warm red combined with caramel and I thought it was such a pretty fall color combo!

    I’m surprised at the glacier blue. Pretty color but seems more fitting for spring than fall. Although it would pair well with a light gray in winter. Thanks for the roundup, looking forward to the rest of the week! Fall fashion is always such fun!

  15. I listen to country music. Several years ago there was a song about the girl owning a pair of red high heels. I had to get a pair for myself. I felt so sassy in them and always got compliments when I wore them. I think I may need to get a pair this year!!!

  16. Finally got a chance to listen to you on the podcast. You did such a great job and it was so good to hear your voice. I haven’t heard it since you use to do the Live sessions from your office. My goal is to be more selective on my purchases coming up as I’m tired of having too many clothes in my closet and nothing to wear. Lol.

  17. I only wear colors that go with my skin tone which is warm. I like all the colors except the blues and most plums. I can’t wear any pastels. I’m sticking with rust which I am seeing a lot of, olive green and browns. The red clothes reminds me of the 80s. I had a lot of red clothes back then. I will wear red tops or a dress but not a pantsuit. I like red accessories too. I’m glad chocolate brown is back.

  18. Great colors as far as the monochromatic, red and everything except the brown. A color I rarely wear unless it’s on the bottom. I’m surprised that a dark emerald green or forest green isn’t on the list. 🙁 Great post.

  19. I love all the colours for the fall season! Just curious, who decides what colours are in? This person/entity did a good job this year as imo the colours all look good together, easily to mix and matched.

  20. I like the chocolate brown and the glacial blue! I have not seen them yet but I like. Honestly hoping for a month more of summer Temps.

  21. Love glacier blue, chocolate and plum. I like wine but it depends on the shade. Sometimes it clashes with my red hair. I’m so excited that chocolate is back. It’s been a while since we’ve seen much in that color.

  22. This was a great posting, but I’m really commenting on the Poky Puppy “syndrome.” I have 2 dogs now, and have been involved in dog rescue and fostering for over 20 years. So I’ve walked a lot of dogs! I’ve read vets who say that dog walks are as important to the dog for mental stimulation as they are for exercise. It helps keep them happier and more well-balanced. So I think of this every time 1 of my dogs (my greyhound especially) takes forever to smell the

    1. I’m sure this is true, I try not to hurry her along. This is why I need to go out for my run FIRST, and then come back and walk her. But when I start to put on my shoes, she thinks she is going along. 🙂

    2. I remember reading that dogs think of their sniffs as their social media! I enjoy letting my senior grand dog take her sweet time as we walk.

  23. I like the chocolate brown. I think it could be another basic color like black or navy. Like all the fall info.

  24. I love all of the colors this fall, although I can’t wear the buttercream. I especially love reds and browns and have been adding a few pieces – a brown sweater from the NSale, a red jardigan, red flats, etc. Fun stuff!

  25. I am so on board with the chocolate browns, especially paired with camel and oatmeal tops!!! So pretty!

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