5 Ways to Wear a White Denim Jacket

Greetings, friends! I’ve had several requests for various ways to wear some of our go-to closet staples, and one suggestion was 5 ways to wear a white denim jacket.

I wear my white denim jacket a ton during spring and summer. It’s perfect for dressing down a dress or skirt outfit, and it also has a way of dressing up jeans or colored pants. Plus it adds that “completer piece” that so many outfits need to take them to the next level.

Here are 5 easy ways to wear a white denim jacket now and through the summer months. Most of these are outfit formulas that can be recreated a ton of different ways, depending on what you have in your closet.

5 Ways to Wear a White Denim Jacket

#1. With a Casual Dress

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I love to add a white denim jacket to a casual dress during spring and summer. It gives an outfit that element of juxtaposition by combining a feminine wardrobe piece with one that is more tough and rugged. A blue jean jacket does the same thing, but I feel like the white denim adds an elegance that works especially well with a dress.

You can always wear a cardigan if you need a layer over your dress, but the denim jacket provides more structure, which I think keeps it from looking frumpy.

Here are a few more examples of how I’ve worn this look over the years:

And I rounded up some other casual dresses that would look great with a white denim jacket:

#2. With Floral Top + Blue Jeans & Heels

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This is my favorite spring/summer date night outfit formula for sure. Whenever I wear blue jeans with a floral top, I find myself popping my white denim jacket on top.

I love the combination of white and blue, it’s such a fresh and clean look. Add a floral to it and some neutral sandals, and you have a great outfit that will take you so many places this time of year.

Here are some other ways I’ve worn the white denim jacket with a floral blouse and jeans:

How to Style Light Wash Jeans

And here are some more floral blouses that would look great with this look:

#3. With Black Pants + Black & White Top

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I suppose this outfit formula is the same as #2 — just with black jeans and a black and white top — but it seemed like it should have its own designation because it’s a little more sophisticated than the light-and-airy looks that I created with florals and blue jeans.

A black + white outfit is always crisp and fresh, and while you can certainly wear black + white all year round, I particularly like this combo in the spring and summer.

Here are some more black & white tops for spring:

#4. With Blue Jeans + T-Shirt and Sneakers

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This look came together when I threw on a bunch of my favorite spring wardrobe basics. I love the all-neutral color palette for an effortlessly chic casual look.

Of course, you could wear just about any color t-shirt with this outfit. You could also change up the footwear, but I think the sneakers are the perfect laid-back vibe for the jeans and tee outfit.

#5. With Colored Pants

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I love olive cargo pants with a blue jean jacket, but white denim is fun too for a change. I think I’d prefer a grey tee with this, but I did a grey tee in the look with the bluejeans and I was trying to keep some variety.

I also like a white jean jacket with a grey tee and pink jeans, but I couldn’t find any pictures in my archives. Maybe I’ll wear that today and photograph it!

Shop White Denim Jackets

If you don’t have a white denim jacket, I highly recommend the Kut from the Kloth Helena — the one I’m wearing in all the photos above. It’s lightweight and has great structure through the waist area. It’s also stretchy so it’s very comfortable to wear for extended periods of time. This jacket runs small; I have it in the medium.

Another great option is the Vince Camuto white denim jacket. I have the blue version and it’s also got a great shape to it and nice stretch. It runs big, though; I take a small in that jacket.

I’ve included those and some more budget-friendly versions in the shopping widget below:

This post contains affiliate links. When you shop through my links, it helps support my business (at no additional cost to you) so thank you!

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24 thoughts on “5 Ways to Wear a White Denim Jacket

  1. Thanks for the reminders of how I can switch up my denim jacket for a white one. Time to replace the one I’ve got. Really like it over the t shirt dresses. Hopefully our rain will stop soon. Maybe some sun on Thursday. Time for some brighter days.

  2. Loved this post. The whit jean jacket is truly an amazing completer piece. I like it a lot with the gray short dress; with the floral shirts & loved it with the black & white options. Really great ideas. 

    I have to be honest – I’m not a fan of the utility pants – but that doesn’t take away from the jacket. 

    It’s cold & rainy here today – 58 high. Brrr – but we need the rain. Guess we can can just look at it as “showers of blessings”, put on a warmer outfit & get going. 

    Thanks again – I’m getting a white denim jacket!! 

  3. Thank you so much for doing this post!  I need to start wearing my white jean jacket, now!!  With the highs already being in the 80’s, I don’t need a jacket of any kind in the afternoons, when I’m usually out & about.  So when I am putting an outfit together, I don’t include any of my jackets or cardigans.  It appears that a white jean jacket can be worn with just about any other color, and that all of the outfit pieces does not have to be the same color.  Have a fabulous day!

  4. Great post. I love my white denim jacket! What is your opinion of wearing the white denim with a maxi dress?

  5. Thanks for this post! Love all the looks. Do you have any tips on how you keep your white jacket stay white, for those of us who seem to attract stains like crazy?😂
    Do you use a stain protector? Or just avoid drinking/ eating while wearing a white jacket?
    Good luck opening up your pool today. Another step towards spring/ summer. Yay!

  6. Love, love. love all the looks with the white denim jacket but with white (natural) hair color, I cannot wear a white jacket.  I have a denim jacket but it’s just not as cute or trendy!  The gray dress with the white jacket and gray shoes is one of my all time favorite looks for you.

  7. Thank you for another post that we can wear what we already have or just get a couple of new additions to our current wardrobe. Your backyard is beautiful. Your pots look really pretty. You definitely have a creative daughter just like her mom. Have a terrific Tuesday!

  8. You inspired me to buy a white jean jacket. I bought one at a great price from the Gap on one of their 40% off days, but had also ordered a linen one. (Tommy Bahama marked down at Bloomies, but my local TJmaxx had them, too) The fabric of the linen is so light and I love the movement of the fabric. My intenton was to just keep one, but now I’m trying to think of all of the reasons I need both. I have a khaki-colored Eddie Bauer linen jean jacket that must be 10 years old and I still wear it. Yup, I may be keeping both. Happy Tuesday!

  9. I just wore my white denim jacket for the first time on Easter.  You’ve inspired me to wear it more often.  As long as it doesn’t rain!  I love all these ideas for outfits.  Hoping to get more use out of it this year.  Your flowers are so pretty.  More inspiration for me to get out and plant!

  10. Am I right in thinking the new website design is up and running, or is it just my phone playing up?

  11. Great post!!! I currently have a white denim jacket but I don’t care for it so I ordered a new one today and this gave me some great ideas for this spring and for summer nights.

  12. Love the white denim jacket – any advice on length of the jacket like where it should hit – yours seem to all hit your waist? Is that what I should look for?

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