April Favorites

And just like that, another weekend is over and it’s back to the grind! I hope you all had a lovely weekend. I’m finally getting around to posting my April Favorites. This is a roundup of new finds and old favorites that I’m particularly loving right now.

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I actually compiled this list a couple weeks ago, so I have a few new additions at the end of the list that aren’t pictured in the graphic.

April 2019 Favorites

one // These earrings are so fun for spring and summer. They’re super lightweight and easy to wear.

two // I’ve been really pleased with these dark wash Lucky Brand legging jeans. They’re a nice basic, and under $50!!! (The 40% off sale ends today.) They’re TTS or size up if in between; I have the 29.

three // This stripe ringer tee is a really nice, lightweight piece for spring. You can also cuff and push up the sleeves for warmer days. It has a really fun, sporty vibe, and it’s currently $16 with code GETITGETIT.

four // I’ve already shown/worn this sweater so many times, I don’t think there’s much left to say about it. I absolutely adore the neckline, and the variation in the grey knit is so pretty. The quality is outstanding, and it comes in several other colors too. I can see wearing this all summer long — I’ll wear it with shorts and sandals once the weather is too warm for jeans. It’s TTS; I have the small.

five // This is another piece that probably needs no introduction. The fit is so nice, it’s thin but not flimsy, and it has a nice stretch to it. I recommend sizing up if in between; I have the medium.

six // I get this from my hairdresser, but I also found it online at Walmart and Amazon. (It’s much cheaper at Walmart.) This volumizing spray is great for my thin, fine hair. I use it liberally every time I wash my hair — I spray it in when my hair is damp, just before blow-drying.

seven // I love this hooded sweater for spring and cool summer nights. I haven’t worn it as much as I thought I would, and I’m not sure why. I think I’ll wear it more when I can put it with shorts.

eight // Absolutely in love with this bag. It took me a while to find my go-to daily handbag this year, but once I put my hands on this one, I knew it was The One.

The size is perfect, everything is so accessible, the quality is amazing, and it’s understated yet still so gorgeous. I usually find myself reaching for it instead of one of my higher priced luxury bags. If I could only have one bag in my wardrobe this spring and summer, this would be it.

nine // Still loving these mules, although admittedly, I end up wearing my TB Minnie ballet flats that are a similar color far more often, simply for practicality and comfort reasons. These mules are comfortable enough, but I tend to tweak the tendon behind my right ankle bone when I wear mules for more than an hour or two.

That said, when I want a trendier shoe with the menswear-inspired vibe, I go for these mules. They’re still on sale but sizes are starting to get depleted.

ten // I discovered these pants after I put this list together, but I couldn’t leave them out because they’re all I want to wear. I got them for 25% off during Bloomingdale’s Friends & Family, and now they’re $50 off at Neiman’s with code NMAPRIL. You may have to put the code in again on the checkout page, but they are included in the promo.

They’re TTS for Paige; I have the 29. Also, Nordstrom has them now in pink and stone (but not on sale).

eleven // I’ve mentioned it a few times, but really loving this new concealer. Of all the new products I tried for my spring makeup refresh, this is my favorite.

twelve // Another pair of shoes I’ve been loving lately, and one that I find more wearable for long periods of time, are these d’orsay espadrille flats. They come in 5 colors, and while I love the white leather, I’m also crushing on the latte nubuck. Also, if you like my black leather espadrilles, these come in a black leather option as well.

If you’re not familiar with Eileen Fisher, this brand is known for comfort and quality and ethical business practices. You pay a little more than you do for fast fashion, but you’re getting a good value for the price point and supporting an ethical company to boot.

thirteen // Finally, this tee is on constant repeat because it is cute with so many things. It looks good with denim, with my cargo pants, with shorts or jeans. It has a nice shape to it, I like the quality a lot, and the neckline and sleeves should be flattering on most anyone. I like it so much, I’m considering ordering the navy one with the stripes.

Okay, that’s a wrap! I have an early morning appointment with my ENT to get my balance testing results. I’m curious what he has to say, but judging by how nothing they did made me dizzy, I’m afraid he’s going to order more tests. Hopefully we can get to the bottom of it!

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22 Responses

  1. Great post! Wish I could get most of these items. May I ask what size did you purchase in the JCrew striped tee? Thanks so much!

  2. I don’t know why, but several times lately, your emails say “No Content” and there isn’t anything there to read. I’ve come directly to your website so I could tell you. It’s not every time but it’s probably the 3rd or 4th time in the past two weeks. Just thought you might want to know. It could be happening to your other followers as well.

  3. Great post! I’ve ordered the white denim jacket. I’ve been eyeing it for an upcoming cruise and finally decided to try it! However, the medium is out of stock. I’m going to cross my fingers on the small!

  4. I love the gray sweater on you. Is it actually a deeper v than pictured? I thought about purchasing it, but it looks like a deeper V on the model.

    1. Kristen–I bought this sweater in the washed black and I was also concerned about the depth of the V. I actually love it! V necks are tricky for me because I have a point where I feel they are too low. I agree with Jo-Lynne that it’s more wide than deep. This one fit so nicely, I just ordered another in a 2nd color! Hope this helps!

  5. Apparently your favorites are mine! I am loving the mules. So glad I bought them. I’ve already worn them several times. I also have the Everlane sweater– you just can’t beat Everlane’s quality and they are a company I like to buy from. Also bought the Boden shirt and have gotten several compliments. Finally, went to pull the trigger on the Paige cargos because I realized I didn’t have a single pair of casual pants that weren’t jeans– then found that the Bloomies sale was over. But I’m not a quiter. Found them at Neiman. Made me chuckle when I opened your post this morning. So many good finds. Happy Monday, everyone!

  6. Does the concealer help eliminate the bags under the eye area? I don’t have dark circles or wrinkles in that area . But in the mornings I feel like I have a little bagging not major by any means.. did you show a before and after pic? I think this is from Ultra and I can visit their store when I’m to the states next month. Happy Monday 😀

  7. thank you for all the thought and effort you put into every post, just wondering if you could please plan a series on sustainable fashion, fabrics etc. Thank you 

  8. I had to laugh at the time marching across your face comment. I once saw a quote in a book on French beauty to “Love the face you have today; it’s the one you’ll wish you had ten years from now.” 

  9. I can’t begin to tell you how many times I’ve kicked myself…I bought a KUT white denim jacket at Marshall’s a few years ago and returned…WHAT WAS I THINKING (it was before I knew what KUT was) It was so comfortable.

  10. I’m s glad that I got the hooded sweater from Nordstrom.  Ow well can’t wait to wear it.  What did the doctor say about the balance test you did?

      1. I hope you will be able to have the bloodwork and MRI done soon, so that y’all can get to the bottom of it.  Good luck!

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