He Is Risen! #CoffeeTalk

Greetings on this beautiful Easter morning! I hope you’re all having a nice, relaxing weekend whether you’re traveling or staying close to home.

I spent almost all of yesterday reading a book. It was glorious, but by the end of the day I felt so lazy and antsy — like I needed to go out and run a mile. Of course, I didn’t. I just went to bed, so I guess I’ll have to take care of that this morning.

Earlier this week, I finished reading Finding Georgina. (I recommend anything written by Colleen Faulkner — who also happens to be a blog reader and frequent commenter, which is so fun!) I was looking for something new to read, so I polled Facebook and got tons of suggestions!!!

After reading through them all, I downloaded A Well Behaved Woman, and I could. not. put. it. down.

It’s the story of Alva Vanderbuilt, and I love anything based on a true story, even better if I can learn some history from it. I have to believe there’s a lot of fiction involved to keep the story going, but I have no idea how much is documented and how much was a figment of the author’s imagination. After I finish a book like this, I always want to read up on the person to see what information is out there and how much was accurate.

At any rate, it was a fascinating read, and I would definitely read more from the author. I tend to do that if I like a book — I go see what else I can find by the same author. If you have an author you particularly enjoy, let me know!

So the rest of our week was pretty busy. I had a variety of appointments and things going on. I had my balance testing on Thursday, which wasn’t terribly unpleasant, but I won’t get my results till tomorrow.

When I got home from that, my younger daughter was here alone and bored on her first day of Spring Break. (My older daughter was off with a friend.) I didn’t have the heart to spend the day working, and I was pretty caught up (for once!) so I suggested that we plant some flowers. (I had a few planters I wanted to fill. I’m not tackling the yard just yet!)

I’m usually lazy and buy planters already assembled, but I wanted to come up with something fun to do with R, and I had a feeling she might enjoy arranging flowers. You see, she is very creative and craftsy, and I am, well, not. Haha! (My older daughter is just like me.) R definitely got that gene from the other side of the family! I often feel guilty that I can’t do more of that kind of thing with her.

But this is something I can do, and I had a feeling she might enjoy it, and she did! As it turns out, she really has a knack for picking plants that are pretty together, and I think we may have found a new hobby to do together.

We filled two urns for the front porch, one ceramic planter for the side entrance, and one hanging planter for the light post out front. Now we want to go back and get some planters and flowers for the back deck.

We moved into this house in July of last year, so I never got around to putting any flowers on the deck, but it will be so much nicer back there with some color. I just need to figure out what sizes and combination of planters I want back there. Sounds like a job for Pinterest!

Friday was more errands, then C made Easter cupcakes and R helped me make dinner. D came home from college for the weekend, and some of his friends ended up hanging out, and it was almost like “old times.”

All in all, I’m really glad we decided not to travel and to just hang out here at home.

Today we have church, of course, and then we’re going to visit my in-laws this afternoon, so I better get a move on!

I hope you all have a blessed Easter Sunday, celebrating our risen Savior!

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21 thoughts on “He Is Risen! #CoffeeTalk

  1. That book sounds really interesting…I’m going to have to get it.  Karen Kingsbury is one of my most favorite authors.  Start with the Redemption  series.  
    Enjoy the time with your kids at home.  The time goes by so quickly!  
    Happy Easter!  He is risen! 

  2. What a wonderful project to do with Becca, Jo-Lynne. That might just become a thing you two do together for years to come. And thank you so much for mentioning my book! My daughter was actually the inspiration for Finding Georginia. She was living in NOLA and said “Mom, what if . . .” As for books I would reccomend, I just finished Where The Crawdads Sing by Delia Owens and loved it. I’m now reading America For Beginners by Leah Franqui and it’s excellent, too. And I just downloaded A Well Behaved Woman as it sounds like my kind of book. I hope everyone has a wonderful day. I’m spending the afternoon with my grandchildren — dinner and an Easter egg hunt. I’m as excited as they are!

  3. I read A Well Behaved Woman last month and couldn’t put it down either!  Both of my daughters go to college in RI and I have toured Marble House.  The information at the house and at the Breakers does not portray Alva in a positive light so I was happy to read a different portrayal.
    Happy Easter!

  4. YES, THE TOMB IS EMPTY BECAUSE HE IS RISEN!  Oh, how that brings a smile to my face and joy in my heart.  Our weather is simply gorgeous today which I am so thankful for.  Have a blessed day!

  5. GM and Happy Easter! We are off to church soon and then to brunch. Glad you were able to enjoy a day of rest and reading. I don’t hear you say you do that often and I think it’s important to take time out of your busy schedule. Thanks for sharing those books and I do the same with an aurthor I like. Right now I’m reading books by Elin Hildebrand and I really enjoy them.  Also wanted to mention that my Something Navy Lily flats arrived this week but unfortunately, they were too big. I ordered my usual size 6 but they were slipping out just walking around the house when I tried them on. So they went back 😟. I had high hopes for wearing them this spring and they looked so cute on you.  I may have to go into Nordstrom and try on a 51/2? 
    Enjoy your day with your family. 

  6. Would love to see some photos of the finished urns. Also, anything by Karen Kingbury. The Baxter Family Series is a good place to start. Happy Easter.

  7. Good Morning!  I’ve been following your blog since I was pregnant with my firstborn child (boy), and now I have a little girl also. As your daughters get older, it makes me happy to think about the days I will be spending with my little girl as well. — thank you!

  8. Amy Tan is a great author. We are reading The Bonesetter’s Daughter for book club this month. We have read another by Amy Tan and loved it. The Great Alone was another “can’t put it down” book. So many books, so little time. I cannot wait to start on flower pots (still too early for us). I have a ton of pots and buckets, and I love filling them with color.

  9. Happy Easter! Glad your family is all home for the weekend. That is one thing I treasure with kids married and in college. My daughter is due today with her first baby, our first grandchild. Its not looking like today is the day, but you never know. Thanks for the book recommendations. I am always looking for a good book to read. Enjoy your Easter and family!

  10. Ooh, that sounds like a good book–thanks! I’m trying to remember if you were the blogger who recommended “Becoming Mrs. Lewis” by Patti Callahan. It’s my new favorite read! Easter blessings to you and yours. He has risen indeed!!!!

  11. I am so thankful for you and Cyndi. I’m single and older and not well versed in fashion. I shop for some of the
    looks at re sale and goodwill and when I find them, I’m so excited. I found cargo pants and a striped blouse yesterday and wore it to work! Thanks for all the help you give us! Happy Easter!

  12. Happy Easter!  He is risen indeed!  Maybe Becca could do a post on how to put together flower pots.  I’m so challenged in the gardening area.  I love pots of flowers, but am not good at deciding what to put in them!  Enjoy your day with your family!

  13. Before I moved to Florida, Colleen Faulkner and I lived in the same neighborhood, and our daughters played ball together. Small world. 
    Where The Crawdad Sings is an excellent book. 

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