Spend, Save, Splurge: Summer Sandals

We’ve been having an unusually mild spring here in Philly, and I’m not mad about it.

In anticipation of sandal weather, I’ve got a spend/save/splurge roundup with the season’s best sandal trends along with some of my favorite classics for your shopping inspiration!

Spend, Save, Splurge: Summer Sandals

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Conventional wisdom suggests that we spend or splurge on items we will wear a lot and the classic pieces want to have in our wardrobe for many years, and save on the trendier styles that we may only wear a few times or tire of quickly.

Personally, I tend to buy most of my shoes in the spend or splurge categories. I appreciate a good quality shoe, and I find the comfort worth paying a little more for, but there are certainly times when it makes sense to save.

Of course we all have different budgets to work with, so I’m using a wide scale here. Hopefully there’s a little something for everyone!

Spend, Save, Splurge: Sandals

Please note: The prices displayed in the shopping widgets below do not always reflect the lowest sale price. Be sure to click through to to see the final promotion.


It’s pretty easy to find cute sandals under $50, as they don’t require as much material as boots and sneakers. I rounded up a bunch that I’ve tried recently as well as a few more that I think look good.

SPEND: $50 – $150

I feel like this price range is the sweet spot between quality and value, and I could have easily added another 20 pairs to this section. There are sooo many adorable sandals out there right now in this price range, I finally had to make myself stop adding to this widget.

I tried to get a good mix of flats and heels, and I also threw a few comfort styles in there for those who need them.

Also, don’t forget that Bloomingdale’s is running a “private sale” through 4/29/19!

SALE ALERT >> Take $25 off every $100 you spend at Bloomingdale’s on regular price items labeled “PRIVATE SALE SAVINGS WITH CODE: PRIVATE” . On almost everything else, Loyallists get a $25 Reward Card for every $100 spent. This offer is valid on items labeled “LOYALLIST POWER POINTS.”

The Bloomies sale includes almost all Sam Edelman, Stuart Weitzman, Marc Fisher, and Tory Burch. (Most Millers are part of the Loyallist Power Points offer, but a few colors qualify for the $25 off every $100.)

SPLURGE: $150+

My favorite shoe brands to splurge on are Tory Burch and Stuart Weitzman. I could have filled this entire section with the Stuart Weitzman Spring Collection because I love every. single. one.

I also threw in a few luxury designer brands like Gucci and Jimmy Choo, but honestly, I think you can get the same comfort and quality in some of the lower priced designer brands.

I hope this post was helpful! Do you have any of these? Which ones would you recommend?

This post contains affiliate links. When you shop through my links, it helps support my business (at no additional cost to you) so thank you!

photos: Alison Cornell

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  1. How do you stop the heels of espadrilles from getting ruined? I have worn mine twice while driving and the right heel is already starting to come undone.

    1. I take my right shoe off while driving… of course not a tie up shoe or boots but anything I can get off and on pretty easy.

  2. I love summer sandals. Most of my purchases typically fall in the “spend” category. I love a few of those Sam Edelman sandals are really cute. Those block heals from Old Navy, though look really nice and wow, only $24.

  3. Oh I love shoes but our spring weather is so inconsistent we are still wearing enclosed shoes at least until May ( if it’s warming up enough). I bought a pair of the thicker heeled espadrilles in beige by Sam Edleman they were 90 but got them on a shoe sale for 50. I tend to watch for the sales. I’m trying to replace my wedges so that’s on my radar. We are headed to the states in a few weeks and I seem to always find shoes to bring home so hopefully what I’m still looking for I’ll find. I do try to stay with the thicker sole or a wedge I haven’t had my plantar fasciitis flare up in years so I wear flat slides only for short spurts. Thanks for such a great selection and options. Unless it’s a shoe that feels like a slipper and will be around forever I’m not splurging lol

  4. Such cute shoes for spring and summer. I have a hard time resisting shoes. Unfortunately, by the time I add in the Canadian exchange rate The $139 ones I loved and clicked on becomes $197 plus shipping and handling and I’ll probably end up paying customs at the door if they choose any other shipping other than the postal service. Sigh. It’s the save category for me if I order online. Hopefully I can get lucky and find some similar stuff at places Nordstrom rack or Winners/Marshalls

    1. That’s a bummer about the exchange rate and shipping. What a pain. I have a lot of Canadian readers, and I hate that you all can’t get the same prices we can here.

  5. So funny you mentioned the TB Miller sandals and a knock off at Famous Footwear. My daughter & I were in Famous Footwear on Tuesday and saw them. Also their Report sandal, is another excellent knock off of TB Miller’s. We both bought the Report sandal since neither of us cared for the Canyon patent leather featured in your post. We each bought a pair in the tan color and since their sale was Buy one get one free, we only spent 30.00 each! To be honest, I tried on the TB Miller sandal and though I’ve coveted them for a couple years, I found them to not to be all that comfortable, thus I never felt compelled to pay the 200.00 price tag. I actually found Famous Footwear’s knock-off to have much more support. And I’m not sure about this but I’ve read reviews from other Bloggers that the TB Miller scuffs up pretty bad unless you only wear them, say out for lunch.

    1. Yeah the canyon patent looks a little cheesy to me in the picture, thanks for recommending the Report pair. I’ll try to add them to the widget when I get home.

      I can’t speak for anyone else but I’ve worn my sand patent Millers to death over the past 3 years, and they still look new, no joke. I even wear them to the beach and pool. My makeup leather pair has some dirt stains on the footbed, but I haven’t noticed any nicks or scratches, and they were worn almost daily all last spring/summer. I agree that $200 is steep for a pair of casual shoes, but on a cost per wear basis, I feel that mine have more than paid for themselves. For anyone worried about wear and tear, I recommend going with a patent leather pair.

      1. I tried on the fake TBs (Canyons) at TJ Maxx.  I thought they looked fine, but they were not as comfortable as the Millers (to me at least – the middle piece was awkward).  Still, for the price, I’d have given them a try if they fit.  Both the real ones and the fakes are too wide for me though (I don’t think of my feet as narrow, but whatever).  I have coveted a pair of those Millers ever since I started reading your blog, and I’ve tried them on here and there (was excited to see them in Nordstrom Rack the last time I was there), but the 8 is too short, and the 8.5 is too wide. 🙁  

  6. Hi Jo-Lynne. I can’t ever seem to find how to email you so it’s here. It might be too casual what what about a post on how to wear ball caps? I can’t see to pull together a cute look with one. We do have those bad hair days. Thanks!

    1. Oh, I’m sorry! That’s not good. My Contact page was under the About tab, but I just moved it to its own tab in the menu bar. But comments work too. 🙂

      I’ll see what I can do! I love baseball caps for the beach b/c my hair always looks so bad. I should wear them more on “those days” here at home.

  7. I love this post.   I do love a comfortable shoe and usually buy in both the  Save and Spend Categories. Take a  look at Soda brand at Tilly’s.com and the pointed toe faux suede loafers from lulus.com. I’ve found several styles that are, cute, comfortable and affordable. 

  8. Hi! Thanks for the post. I have several pairs of Sam Edelmen sandals and always find them comfortable. I have the Sam Edelman Circus “Canyon” look alike TB Miller sandals in almond and white. I really think they’re cute and not cheesy at all. :o)

    1. I agree with Debbie. I also own the Canyon sandals and think they are super cute. I have them in the almond color. They are a great neutral sandal. I like the TB pair but can’t seem to justify the price. I do own some TB and even an LV handbag. Somehow I can justify the price of them. Ha! Anyway, just wanted to let everyone know they are cute and not cheesy.  This was a great post. I love that you highlighted sandals at different price points. I always look forward to your posts!

  9. Have you tried any of the “sneaker sole” sandals? They have thick white soles. Just returned from  the Dominican Republic and saw lots of women wearing them. A friend  bought a pair and said they were the most comfortable sandals she owns. At first, I thought they were ugly, but after seeing them on her feet, they’re kind of growing on me. 

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