For Just One Week, I Want to Be One of THOSE Moms

coffee take two

For just one week of my life, I would like to be one of those moms who has it together. Just a week. That’s all I’m asking. Is that too much, really?

One week without going to the wrong doctor’s office, or taking the wrong kid to the doctor’s office, or going to the doctor’s office on the wrong date, or getting the appointment time wrong, or missing an appointment that somehow didn’t make it to my calendar… does anyone REALLY listen to phone messages these days??? They should really TEXT appointment reminders, jeez.

I was pretty proud of myself for remembering that my kids had dentist appointments this morning. I was patting myself on the back when I sent a note with my son so that he would be dismissed from school without me having to arrive and call up for him and wait.

I was pleased that I managed to get everyone picked up at the right schools at the right times and made it to the dentist office with a minute to spare despite the fact that I missed my turn and somehow got lost in the neighborhood behind the practice and had to turn on my GPS to right myself and get back to my destination.

It was all going so well . . . until I got to the reception desk to check in and they started looking quizzically at their computer, trying to locate our appointment.

Um, I believe your appointment is scheduled for next Tuesday, May 13th.

How the heck….

I looked at my calendar, and sure enough:

Tuesday, May 13, 10:30am
3 kids to dentist

So, WHY, pray tell, do I have the exact same thing written in my calendar on Monday, May 5th????

I think my look of complete and utter defeat caused them to take pity on me. They looked at the system and noted that they did actually have a cancellation this morning. If I was willing for the kids to be seen consecutively, rather than all at once, they could fit them in.

Since I was there already, and all…

Well, yes, that would be wonderful, thankyouverymuch.

Thank goodness for the Kindle app on my iPad and a fully charged battery… small mercies that I happily embraced.

I left the office two hours later with three sets of clean teeth and an appointment sheet detailing our next nine…. yes that is 9 appointments. Between sealants and baby teeth that need to be pulled, we somehow have accumulated nine more dental appointments and nine more opportunities to get it right… or wrong… which is the more likely scenario based on my track record.

And all of this on one cup of coffee this morning.

I ask you this: How is it that chauffeuring my kids to dental and orthodontia appointments has become a full-time job? And what do people with more than three kids do? 

I’m serious here, folks. Is it like this everywhere? Because these are ON TOP OF the umpteen orthodontia appointments I have on my calendar with two kids in braces. Oh, and let’s not forget about my own medical appointments that I am trying to fit in. Color me overwhelmed.

So here I am, back at home, dutifully entering each of our next NINE dental appointments in my Google calendar, and I hereby declare a Monday do-over.

Starting . . . NOW.

Seriously, though, I post this so you know that I do not, in fact, “have it all together” — even though I’m told so often it seems like I do. I am truly such a spaz, you have no idea. No one has it all, I’m sure of that. And this right here is proof that organization is NOT high on my list of accomplishments.

So moms, whatever you’re struggling with today, know that we all struggle with some things some of the time. Now let’s all sing it together. Let it go . . .