6 Top Spring 2017 Fashion Trends

I've gathered the top spring 2017 fashion trends you will want to add to your wardrobe this season! Click through for shopping links.

We often talk about wardrobe basics and essentials, but today we’re going to talk about some fun spring trends to consider adding to your wardrobe this season.

None of these will be new to you most likely, but it’s always nice to have a comprehensive list in one place. Once you feel like you’re set with your spring wardrobe essentials, you may want to take a look at this list of spring fashion trends and consider adding one or two to your closet.

6 Top Spring Fashion Trends

#1. Bell Sleeves

bell sleeves spring trend 2017

It’s all about the sleeves this year, and bell sleeves are taking the world by storm. Go big or go home! This isn’t the most practical trend going right now, but it is fun, and almost anyone can wear them. You just want to take note of the placement. If you have wide hips, you may not want a long bell sleeve that draws attention to the hip area, but there are some short bell sleeve tops as well. On the other hand, I am busty, so I avoid bell sleeves that are aligned with the chest area; I prefer an elbow-length bell sleeve or longer.

Here are some cute bell sleeve styles that I like:


#2. Cold-Shoulder / Off-the-Shoulder / One-Shoulder Styles

Spring Trend 2017: Off the Shoulder / Cold Shoulder / One Shoulder Tops & Dresses

If it’s not about the sleeves this season, it’s about the shoulders! The off-the-shoulder and cold shoulder styles are back for another season, and I’m also seeing a lot of one-shoulder pieces this spring.

The cold-shoulder style is nice in that you don’t need a strapless bra. If you want to embrace the off-the-shoulder or one-shoulder styles, I just ordered this strapless bra, and I love it. I wore it one night in Savannah, and it stayed up and didn’t feel terribly uncomfortable. I walked all over town in this thing, so I can attest that it stays put. It runs a bit small. I tend to fluctuate between two sizes, and I needed to go with the larger in this bra.

Here are some cute cold-shoulder / off-the-shoulder / one-shoulder styles you may want to browse:


#3. Raw Hem / Step Hem / Cropped Flares

Spring Trends 2017: Cropped Flares

The tops aren’t having all the fun this season. We’re also changing up our pants — namely the hemlines. If you love denim as I do, you have likely noticed the trend towards raw hems and step hems. Crop flares are also trending. As much as I love my denim, I have been hesitant to jump on the bandwagon with these trends. I do like the raw hems and released hemlines, but I’m not crazy about the step hem, and I just cannot abide the idea of a cropped flare. That said, I could not leave them out of a post on spring trends, so here we are.

I’m linking some popular styles below. I’d love to hear your thoughts on this one!


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#4. Stripes

Stripes: Spring Trend Watch 2017

I like this trend because you can wear stripes as bold or as subtle as you like, and almost anyone can wear them. The trend this spring is towards seaside stripes — think beach umbrellas and weathered awnings.

Here are some of the striped styles I’m loving right now:


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#5. Florals

Floral Trend for Spring 2017

For many years, I wouldn’t be caught dead in a floral print, but florals have been gaining in popularity for the past few seasons, and they’re all over the place this spring so I finally decided to dip my toe in the trend. I like to mix a feminine floral with a tougher distressed denim as seen HERE. Give yourself a few bonus points when you mix stripes and florals.

Here are some floral styles I like.


#6. Wedge Sandals

Spring 2017 Trends: Wedge Sandals

Wedge sandals have been trending for a few seasons but they’re as hot as ever in 2017.

Here are some of my faves:


Which of these spring fashion trends are you adding to your closet this season?

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30 Responses

  1. Hi Jolynne! Thank you for clearing up why bell sleeves seem to overwhelm my pear-shaped body!!! You have saved me precious time, sister! What are your thoughts on light denim washes on jeans? They’re everywhere! I purchased a pair at WHBM this week and I am on-the-fence about them. I am in my early 50s….am I too old for this trend? You can be honest ???? As far as frayed hemlines, I like the raw- or release-hemlines vs the frayed ones. I think they add interest but don’t draw too much attention.

  2. Enjoying your blog and links! I am a mid 40″s working mom from Bucks County, PA. So I can identify with your style and choices.

  3. It’s fun how the styles change enough to make shopping fun (like I didn’t like shopping enough…ha ha).
    That’s a good tip about the placement of your bell sleeves. I like the shorter ones just for the fact they don’t get in the way when I’m doing things!!

  4. I usually don’t follow trends per say….I just wear what I like….well, boy am I in luck this year ha! I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE wedge heels and unless it is a flat that is what all my other stuff is – yeah for me and then the cold shoulder tops – LOVE, LOVE, LOVE and again these are so much more practical than the off the shoulder cause you can wear a real bra and easily move your arms up and down – ha. Finally, I LOVE the new bell sleeves…one comment I will make if you choose a long sleeve make note of what you will be doing i.e. eating is sometime challenging as I found out last Easter when I wore one….oh well, what we won’t do for fashion. So…I dedicating this the fashion year for “ME” (finally – ha)

  5. Thank for the recap on some of our choices for spring trends. I am loving the bell sleeves, mostly because I usually where tops with sleeves (even though I live in TX. Lol) I also love the cold shoulder tops and actually bought a “striped turtleneck cold shoulder top” I know it sounds like an oxymoron, but I loved it. I plan on investing in some new wedges but if any body is looking for great comfort and style, then they should get the Clarks Annabel Eirwyn from Zappos because I paid over $100 for mine last year and these are $76.95 (great quality and not too high). The Sand color goes with everything and I could walk all day in them!

  6. I’m with you on the cropped flare. I’m just not having it nor the step hem. Hope it fades fast. But, I’m loving the florals! Such a pretty way to dress up anything! Thanks for sharing these trends in one post.

  7. Hi. I love this this of trends! Thank you for putting it together. There are some fun ones this year. While I love all the wedges you chose do you have any suggestions for ones with a lower heel? I’m 5’10″” and don’t want to completely tower over everyone! Thanks.

  8. I do love a bell sleeve and a wedge sandal. As for the cold shoulder, off shoulder, one shoulder, I think it screams middle aged woman. My husband and I were walking through the outdoor shopping area at our local mall and he spotted these trends several times before we got to our restaurant. Unprompted he said, that looks trashy. I told him that these were all on trend. He said he didn’t care and would I please not buy these. So while I don’t think they are trashy, I will not be joining in. Ladies, if you are on the fence, please ask your husband what he thinks.

    1. My husband thinks the cold shoulder tops are sexy. That said, I had one I loved last summer, which was subtle but classy. I also bought one this year, which has a ladder effect going down the arms with a v neck. He also loved that.
      I do agree with the middle-aged woman comment. I was recently in Florida, and it does appear some women are trying too hard with these tops. I HATE seeing women adjusting these tops and pulling them down constantly so their shoulders show. What a turn off. I do not want other women thinking that about ME. The off the shoulder thing is not for me because of observing that. Bell sleeves-cute too, but I agree with the eating problem. Also not so great for working. Flared crops? Um, no thank you. I do really like the faded denim coming back. I always wear with a darker top to offset.

  9. Hi Jolynne! I look forward to reading your post everyday and for the fresh ideas for my wardrobe that you provide. I love all the spring ideas from today. I actually just bought the wedge sandals from today’s post and can’t wait to wear them. I’m also loving the unfinished denim hem lines and am even into the crop flare jeans. I recently made myself a pair of these. I had purchased a pair of jeans from old navy that were flare legged jeans and didn’t like where the hem hit me so I took a pair of scissors to them. Now I love them!!
    Thanks for your fresh ideas and wonderful posts. I hope you’re having warm weather in PA today.

  10. Earlier this week I refashioned a pair of straight leg jeans into skinny ankle length with a slightly frayed hem. My first attempt I shortened the length but kept the hem and just wasn’t loving them. LOVE them now and happy they should get more wear.

    On the denim trends, do you think they will stick around for at least a couple of years? I recently discovered Articles of Society denim and want to buy a couple more pairs, but the ones I like all have a frayed, raw or released hem. If this is likely to be a short lived trend, maybe now is not the time to invest in more than 1 pair with the trendy hem styles. Thoughts on the longevity?

  11. I just want to say thank you for this awesome site. I love your style and enjoy shopping your thoughtful styles because it saves me a lot of time and money! I even like some of your “miss” finds like the boyfriend jeans from the other day, so please post link anyway if you can. Thanks again.

  12. Well it looks like a trip to Nordstrom is in order as I need (i mean want, lol) the cold shoulder top and unfinished hem jeans. I like bell sleeves if it’s a short sleeve shirt, i have short arms so they wouldn’t work as a long sleeve.Not a huge stripes fan but what the heck, I’ll try it on anyway 🙂
    You look great in all these trends!

  13. Thank you for this post!! I totally love your blog – to be honest, I started following your blog because of your amazing name!! 😉 I don’t see many people with our name! 🙂 Anyway, was going to ask you about capris….I have several very comfortable ones from previous years, but wonder whether they actually are too grandma like (nothing against grandmas….but our teenage girls roll their eyes whenever I get my capris out :):))
    Thanks for your input!!

    1. Your comment made me laugh. My kids are mostly too young to notice my clothes yet, but I have trouble finding shorts that fit. I love my capris!

    2. As to your question about capris, cropped pants and ankle length pants are more on trend at the moment. There’s not a huge difference between those and capris. I think the key is making sure they follow the line of the leg and that they hit your legs at a flattering point. You don’t want them ending mid-calf where your leg is the widest; you want them to end lower, where your leg narrows. Hope that helps.

  14. I enjoyed seeing more of the spring trends, whether I embrace them or not. I do love my bell sleeve tops I’ve purchased. Belk is having a really good sale right now. I contributed to their profits yesterday. We’re in a severe weather lull at the moment. I’m hoping it’s done!

  15. Great post, thanks! I need a denim skirt for summer and think I’ll order one with a released hem. I recently sent back a pair of jeans with a frayed hem because I thought they looked silly. And I just ordered that striped cold shoulder top from Nordstrom that you styled in a recent post. I don’t own any cold shoulder tops but I’m excited to try one. Hopefully I’ll love it. I ordered a top you showed on your Nashville shopping trip that I really like. Thanks for all the good suggestions! I have a question about shorts. Are they all wider this year? I’ve ordered several pairs that all had to go back because they looked ridiculous on me. Are fitted shorts out of style?

      1. It’s so hard to find stuff that fits, isn’t it? I ordered the Wit and Wisdom shorts from Nordstrom that Jo-Lynne tried on in one of her posts and the 1969 denim Bermuda shorts from GAP Outlet and the dark denim Bermuda shorts from Banana Republic Outlet. They looked fitted through the legs on all the models but not on me. My legs are slim, but not THAT slim!

  16. I just can’t go for the cold shoulder or the off the shoulder style. I prefer the bell sleeve style that is trending. I love a wedge sandal. The rope wedge reminds me of a pair I had in high school in the 70’s. 🙂 Thanks for all your work to put this post together. 🙂

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