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Yes, I’m Alive.

I got off the plane yesterday and hit the ground running. Today was slated as the official launch of my reinvented style blog, now with a business partner and a grand total of 14 contributors. That’s right, Chic Critique is no more.  Make sure you check out All Things Chic because we have a ton of great content, and this week we are posting multiple giveaways daily!

You can imagine the amount of work it is to launch a new site while at a blogging conference and then running TEN giveaways the week you get back. I did take the time to finish reading my book and snuggle with my children last night before I turned on the computer. There’s no place quite like home, is there?

This morning I interviewed a child passenger safety advocate and one of the test engineers with Britax. I can’t wait to share what I learned, although my 11-year-old son who doesn’t yet weigh 65 pounds probably won’t be amused when I tell him he should still be in a booster seat.

Meanwhile I have about 800 photos I want to upload and edit from the conference last week, and of course I want to write my recap post, but pesky responsibilities like dishes and laundry keep getting in my way.

This is one of those posts that is starting to sound like a lot of noise, even to me.  My instincts are saying, DELETE! DELETE! But I’m going to publish it so you know that yes, I am alive, and as soon as I come up for air I’ll be sure to fill you in on all the happenings last week at Blissdom!

Meanwhile, you can check out the posts that have been linked up to my Blissdom Recap Linky and the photos at the Blissdom 2011 Flickr Group.

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