Amazon Beauty Finds: August 2022

My assistant, Amy, is joining me today to share some of our most recent Amazon Beauty finds. Not to say these can’t be found elsewhere, but Amazon makes it so easy.

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If you’re a member of our JLS Insiders Facebook Group, then you may already know Amy. She’s been with me for several years, doing a lot of the behind-the-scenes admin work, and during that time we’ve become good friends. We’re about the same age, and we each have three kids (2 in college and one younger) and husbands who work in I.T.

Amy has thick, curly hair, whereas mine is thin and straight, so we have different needs when it comes to hair products. We each have a few of those in here, as well as some other beauty products from Amazon that we’ve been using and loving lately.

#1.PMD Personal Microderm Classic (Jo-Lynne) // I just started using this, so I can’t speak to the long-term benefits, but I love how my skin feels the day or two after I use it. It’s so much smoother and softer. (You only use this once a week, so I set a calendar alert to keep me consistent.) You can watch the video and read the reviews on the website to see how it works.

#2. Tangle Teezer (Amy) // My daughter turned me on to this, as I’ve been using a Wet Brush for years. This seems to go though my hair easier with less breakage. It also helps form my curls better than the Wet Brush.

#3. Mighty Patch (Amy) // These are a life saver if you still get breakouts. They dry them up overnight without leaving a mark.

#4. Method Hand Soap (Jo-Lynne) // I’m a huge fan of method hand wash because it’s a more natural option to the other drugstore brands, but I wanted something a little more upscale looking for my new bathroom (which is black and white.) I saw these sleek black bottles, and ordered them immediately. They’re cheaper than the more “bougie” brands I was looking at, and they will look great with my decor.

#5. CeraVe Foaming Cleanser (Jo-Lynne) //I have dry skin, but my teenage daughter loves this. It’s affordable, and it does a great job cleansing her oily skin.

#6. Mally Beauty Poreless Face Defender (Amy) // I have used this for years on top of my makeup. It takes away any texture and shine my makeup didn’t quite cover, and I use it during the day for any touchups. I don’t go out without it.

#7. Viviscal Hair Growth Supplements (Amy) // Perimenopause has done a number on my hair. It is thinner than it’s ever been and seems to be much more prone to breakage. I have been taking these for a few months, and I do feel like my hair is a bit fuller than it used to be. I am going to give it another month to see if I notice a real difference.

#8. Fancii LED Makeup Mirror (Amy) // I did purchase the Rikki mirror during the #NSALE, but mine arrived broken, and after reading up on issues with it, I decided to try this. I absolutely love it! It looks great on my counter, and the lighting is just what I needed.

#9. PCA Skin Nutrient Facial Toner (Jo-Lynne) // I started using this after a friend raved about it, and I just read that it’s actually for oily-prone skin? Maybe because it’s summertime, but I use it morning and night and I don’t feel like it dries out my skin. (It’s also for aging, so there’s that.) I love the scent, and it has lactic acid for refining pores and gentle exfoliation.

#10. Laura Geller Baked Balance & Brighten Color Correcting Powder Foundation (Amy) // Nobody likes wearing heavy foundation in the summer, so I decided to try this to see if it would give me enough coverage without clogging up my pores when I get hot. So far, I love it. It feels super light, but it’s buildable so I can add more if I need to.

#11. LilySilk Pillow Case (Amy) // I actually prefer this over the more expensive SLIP pillowcase because it has a zipper closure that keeps it on. I have curly hair, so making sure I use a pillowcase that protects my hair and skin in a must.

#12. Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Moisturizing Body Oil (Jo-Lynne) // This one is my older daughter’s recommendation. She has extremely dry skin and hates the feeling of lotion, so she started using this body oil as soon as she gets out of the shower while her skin is still damp. She loves how it keeps her skin soft and moisturized all day and overnight, and it doesn’t leave that sticky film that lotion sometime does.

#13. Gisou Honey Infused Hair Perfume (Amy) // My daughter requested this for her 21st birthday this year, and it is the sweetest scent. A little goes a long way, and keeps her hair smelling great until her next wash.

#14. SMARTAKE 13-Piece Drawer Organizers (Amy) // We just moved, and I now have a cosmetic drawer in my bathroom and needed a way to organize all my makeup. These fit the bill perfectly, and I love having all my makeup sorted and out of site.

Jo-Lynne, here! I had to laugh at this because we just had our master bathroom renovated, and I also now have a cosmetic drawer in my bathroom. I just so happened to order the exact same drawer organizers in the 28-piece set. So, I can second this recommendation. These are great!

#15. Kerastase Paris Resistance Ciment Thermique (Jo-Lynne) // I’ve shared this heat-activated blow-dry styling cream before, and I just went back to using it. My hair dresser recommended it; it’s designed to treat and protect weakened and damaged hair, and it also claims to make the blow-dry two times faster as it tames hair. I especially like it in the summer because it helps tone down the frizz from the heat and humidity.

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  1. Air travel is still unpredictable, but I would not let that dissuade you. Direct flights are a must though. Just make sure you sign up for the airline’s app before you go. If your flight does get majorly delayed or canceled, at least american makes it easy to rebook yourself right on the app.

  2. I would suggest you carry on your luggage. The stories I’ve heard about luggage getting lost etc is worrisome. Yes, Flights continue to be canceled out of no where, so if you can fly direct it’s worth it. The chance of of a checked bag making it to its destination with a direct flight is high. It’s the non-direct flights that are an issue.

  3. My order during the NSale for the PMD device was cancelled 😡.
    I am not on Instagram so if you have posted before and after pics of your master bathroom, I’ve missed it. Will you do a daily post on it, please? seems like there may be a day in these dog days of summer when it would be a good time.

  4. Great post! Your content is always interesting and helpful. You’ve been working hard these past weeks! Thank you.

  5. Loved this post. Good to hear about these products from both you and Amy. Great info.

    Yes, the summer is whipping by. One of my little niece’s started Kindergarten a week ago today, while other kids don’t start for another 10 days in my area. I’m working a part time job and to be honest I dread all the schools starting as I know on the two days I go in early that the traffic will be a lot worse than it’s been during the summer. But the kiddos need their education and I’ll adjust to the traffic.

    My friends recently flew from Little Rock to Orlando with no issue whatsoever, and they were concerned because of all they’d heard. They were at a convention with lots of folks who flew and didn’t hear any airline cancellation stories, Soooo…hopefully when you’re ready to fly to Nashville, it’ll be easy peasy.

    Have a blessed upcoming weekend.

  6. Please reconsider driving your daughter to view college campuses. We flew several weeks ago and now are horribly ill with Covid. It will be years before we fly again. The plane could not have been colder if it had been a meat locker. Five days in the hospital and still horribly ill. Walking or bike riding sound great!

    1. JoAnn, So sorry to hear about your covid. Not fun. My husband and I had it back in Nov. and missed Thanksgiving and Christmas. Took forever to not feel fatigued. I still don’t have my smell back and if I do get a scent of something its a terrible smell. Some I can’t describe, but lately the one I have on and off is dishwasher soap. 🙁 I sure wish you both a quick and full recovery. We don’t plan to fly for along time. I just don’t want to deal with the delays, cancelations and of course covid is still out there and not ready to get it again. However, we live our life normal now, as you just have to or you’d go nuts.

  7. I have not taken my PMD device out of the box yet, but plan on doing so this weekend. And like you,I will put a reminder in my phone. I just ordered two of the detangler hair brushes from Amazon. Thank you so much for sharing it with us.

  8. Just a different view on the LilySilk pillowcase. The SLIP cases do have zippers– I have two. I tried the LilySilk pillowcase first and the zipper broke on the first wash. It was not as sturdy as the SLIP cases, which are more expensive but have held up well.

  9. Hello thanks for all you do!
    I’m actually sitting on a delayed flight!
    Yes we hv had a horrific summer delays, lack of
    Pilots, covid etc…..
    If you don’t mind driving it would be stress free!
    Airport packed this morning at six and everyday!
    Nashville would be a wonderful Sobro
    Hotel Hyatt house nice for stay.

  10. I flew in April with connecting flights and checked luggage with no problems. My daughter just flew out west to visit us with checked luggage and connecting flights. There was a 15 minute delay on leaving and that was all. Masks are required at ALL times in airport and on the flight. I think it depends on the airport you are flying out of. With a direct flight from Philly to Nashville it should not be a problem. When I lived in Colorado, Chicago was always a nightmare with late flights, overbooking and lost luggage. I’m sure there are some busier airports that are a nightmare.

  11. We’ve traveled without a hitch about once a month for the last year, and it was only last week we got stuck in DC, trying to get back to Maine. American couldn’t get us out for two days so we had to drive and even then we had to fight to rent a vehicle that was being returned in a different state. I second what everyone is saying about doing carryon if possible. We had to check our bags for this trip, and wouldn’t you know it we had to wait hours to retrieve them. I did put an AirTag in the luggage, though, so I could at least see it was at the airport. They just didn’t have an employee to go get it. 😐 I will say the refund process went smoothly.

  12. These are fun posts. Not sure what makes others Amazon orders so interesting to me, but they are! Just my 2 cents on traveling-this strain of Covid is very contagious & most that I know that have/had it didn’t fly. Just caught it from going every day places like work, groc etc. We’ve flown often in the past 6 mo (just came home from west coast) & the only issue we had with delays was mechanical once & we just switched to a different plane. No luggage issues at all. We love to travel so we take the bad with the good because it’s worth it to us. It keeps us young!

  13. I flew internationally last month and had no flight delays or Covid issues. We traveled with carry-on bags only though, so can’t speak to checking bags. My husband and I both took packets of Emergen-C with us on the airplane as well as vitamin D, C and Zinc which we took every day while traveling. We were fine and came home healthy and fine. And we were close to tons of people!
    The pandemic is over and airlines are getting a better grip on a scheduling and more reliable service. Masks and Covid tests are no longer required. We flew United business class and had no problems.

  14. Hi! Wondering what Amy’s verdict is on viviscal supplements? I’m looking for something for thinning hair 😩 thanks !😌

    1. Hi Nikki, I was taking them last year and my hairdresser couldn’t believe how much new growth I had. I quit taking them for awhile, but started back again in June, and I’m definitely seeing new growth again. It’s a slow process, but seems to work better than anything else I’ve tried. Hope this helps!

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