The Shoe Color Trend Everyone is Loving This Fall

We’re leaving this morning to take C to college in Massachusetts, and R starts back to high school in just over a week. Surreal doesn’t even begin to describe my feelings on the matter. Fortunately we’ve been keeping busy with making lists, packing, and shopping for all the things.

Meanwhile, DSW reached out about partnering on another post, and the girls were all in. I mean, what teenage girl doesn’t love shoe shopping? I thought it was amusing that all three of us picked white or off-white shoes.

Not only does DSW have a wide selection of on-trend shoes at great prices, they have a large accessories department with lots of backpacks, water bottles, and other back-to-school necessities.

R added this stainless steel water bottle to her order because she always brings water with her to school, to stay hydrated throughout the day.

She also chose these Birkenstock Arizona slides in the white, which is super on trend right now. She already has the Mayari in the mocha, and she likes them so much, she decided to add the Arizona to her closet.

We often have warm weather well into the fall months here in Pennsylvania, so she will get a lot of wear out of these before she has to pack them away for winter. These run true to size, and they have adjustable straps for the perfect fit.

C went the opposite direction from sandals, and she picked out these lug sole hiker boots in the off-white. She has a pair of Crown Vintage hiker boots from a couple years ago that she wears a lot in the wintertime, and they held up great, but she was due for a fresh pair.

These will be perfect for Massachusetts in the fall and winter. They came with an extra pair of laces with more vibrant colors, but she liked this neutral pair best. These boots run true to size, or size up if in between.

And I was thrilled to find these Marc Fisher booties for under $100. They come in four colors, and I chose the beige suede because I love how it pairs with the light wash jeans that are trending this season.

These are the pull-on style with a 3″ woodgrain block heel and the snip toe that is very much on trend right now. They’re very comfortable right out of the box; I wore them around for an hour or so they day we shot this look, and they felt great on.

Don’t blink, mamas! I feel like it was just last year that we were shopping in the children’s department for back-to-school shoes, and now both of these girls wear a larger shoe than I do!

Whether you’re shopping for little kids or big ones, they can start off this new school year in style with a range of sizes and trendy, seasonal styles at DSW.

Birk Arizona Slide // Marc Fisher Mayden Bootie // Crown Vintage Tatham Bootie

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23 Responses

  1. Love everyone’s choice, our DSW is loaded with great shoes and more boots coming each week. My heart is with you, it’s so hard to have them leave 😢

  2. Great pictures of you and your girls! Praying for safe travels and sweet emotions. Praying smooth transition for everyone. I understand totally. We’ve walked this road before.

  3. Good Luck in the next few days Mama. I remember well dropping each of my 3 off at University/College.
    But we adjust – we give them wings..blah blah blah…lol. Your new normal will settle in eventually and watching her thrive will make you happy….but its the getting there. Have fun with the dorm decorating and the excitement for her will take over hopefully. Thinking of you.

  4. Really like your outfit. What jeans are you wearing and is that top from Nordstrom’s?

    Best of luck with move-in!!! Exciting times!

  5. Good morning ! Thanks for the great post. May I ask what jeans you are wearing with the Mf boots ? Best wishes to you and your family today. It is always difficult to push them out of the nest. But it is what we raise them to do. Fly!

  6. I agree with yesterday’s post. Loft is just not what it used to be. I check they’re website often, but not much there! Makes me sad, because I have more clothes from Loft and AT than any other store. Main thing for me is the short tops – I don’t know anyone who likes them – so unflattering!

    1. Actually, the shorter tops work much better for me, especially with higher waist jeans. The super long tops that started with the low rise jeans don’t work for me, and I am so happy with the shorter lengths, since I am only 5’1”. Of course, short belly shirts are a whole other thing!

  7. I’m a sucker for the beige suede, too! I am loving your daughter’s boots, but my sis said I’m too old. 🙂

  8. Hope you all arrive safe and sound. And, as they say, what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger! I always say that to my kids, but don’t necessarily like it when it applies to me! I’ll be thinking of you!

  9. DSW is rocking it! Great choices for all. Safe travels up north and good luck settling Caroline in. Can imagine your bittersweet emotions. Thinking of you.

  10. Bon Voyage! What an exciting chapter you all are starting.
    I LOVE those lug sole boots and they are reasonably priced. Last year I bought a pair of Timberland Sneaker Boots, are they out of style now?

  11. Great post on DSW. We’re fortunate to have one in our area. I have a 12 year old granddaughter who wears a women’s size 10 and another granddaughter that just turned 8 and wears a women’s size 7! DSW makes shopping for them so much easier, with styles that meet the needs of their age and size.
    Prayers for you and your family as you head north. Driving in this miserable weather can certainly be a challenge! How exciting for your daughter to start this new chapter of her life! 😘

  12. Great post! I buy many of my shoes at DSW. There’s a large selection of styles and good prices.
    Best of luck with the college move-in with Caroline! Prayers for her to do well and make some wonderful friends. Also prayers for you Jo-Lynne, as you send another child off to college. I did it three times and it doesn’t get any easier. We all just want our sons and daughters to be independent and happy!

  13. I’m going to pray for you and your family as soon as I get done typing this comment. Many of us know what you are going through…..did 3 kids to college myself. I can’t wait to hear how the weekend goes, so be sure to update us when you can. Prayers for safe weather travels and good all around family time. Before you know it, she will be coming home for the holidays. You know its just around the corner. 🙂 LOL That is the most special time to have them come home all excited to be home, sharing their experiences and loving mom time.

  14. Time does go by fast and I know this will be hard on all of you. 😢 When my son moved across the country I had a very hard time. I try and remember how I felt when it was my time to move out of the family home. I was terrified and so excited to be on my own! But my mother let me spread my wings and so thankful she understood it way my time to fly. 💕. It does help, even if it has been 7 years since he moved away I still struggle at times. Prayers for a safe trip and hope your daughter has a wonderful year! 🥰

  15. Great pictures of you three lovely ladies! I like the shoes that each of you chose. I hope that Caroline was able to drive some today, to get more experience under her belt. 🙏🙏

  16. What an exciting but also emotional time for you all! Wishing Caroline a great first year and hope she settles in well! My thoughts with you Jo Lynne in the days ahead 💕
    Safe travels!

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