Another Contender for the Holiday Photo Card

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  1. gorgeous picture

    this is the way to do it – take pictures way before the holiday season!

    1. Yep! Now that they’re older and they don’t change as much from month to month, we do this every year. Try to get a family shot at various times in various places and then pick the best or use a collage. MUCH less stress, and if I get an offer to review holiday photo cards for the blog, I don’t have to rush around and try to get a shot. 🙂

  2. Wow beautiful, Jo-Lynne! Your family is so picture perfect that you’ve managed to create two perfectly parallel lines with the slope of your daughters’ heads to that of your and your hubby’s and son’s heads. Clearly it’s time for me to go to bed for noticing something like that.

  3. Definitely a contender.

    How much longer before the kids catch up with you in height?! My 13 year old daughter has passed me!!!

    We usually take ours on beach near cottage in October – however the weather here has been so cool it’s almost autumnal already!

  4. What a nice family photo! We also do that-take pictures throughout the year and then find a nice one for Christmas. 2 years ago, our family Christmas photo was taken on our vacation to Maine in front of the Portland Head Light. Maine is beautiful; however, on our one and only trip to Maine, it rained for most of the week.

  5. Great picture! And your location looks very familiar. We were just there! Hope your vacation was as fabulous as ours was.

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