My Morning View . . .

This is why there is no Fashion Friday this week. I am sitting in a recliner, sipping coffee looking at this:

Happy Weekend!

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13 thoughts on “My Morning View . . .

  1. Looks beautiful! I bet you are looking pretty fashionable this morning:). Are you out of your pjs yet? Or is it a tank and jeans shorts kind of day? Hope you are having fun! I am so jealous you get away for two weeks straight!

    1. I actually AM out of my pjs – I wasn’t when I posted that tho. LOL. It’s definitely a shorts and tank top kinda day except that it’s only gonna be a high of 77 so I’m wearing a t-shirt instead. I did bother to shower and put on makeup for the first time since I got here, so there’s that. LOL.

  2. If you’re looking for new places to go, take a trip down to Stonington (down Route 15, to the very southern tip of Deer Isle – about 80 minutes from Bar Harbor). You can also catch the ferry to Isle au Haut (Acadia) from there… I love Maine! The shedders were about $3.25/lb (if bought from a fisherman) when we were there two weeks ago, so eat up and enjoy!

  3. I dream about being full time blogger and travelling to different vacation spots every month. It is a kind of dream I know will never happen, though 🙂

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