Best of BlogHer ’11

BlogHer was incredible in so many ways. I feel exhausted and exhilarated and inspired, and did I mention exhausted? Not to mention jet lagged.

Rather than writing out a 1000-word essay on my BlogHer experience (been there, done that) I thought I’d give you a Best Of list. So without further ado . . .

Best Dinner On The Town :: Nobu

Best Party Food :: Udi’s Snickerdoodles


Best Champagne :: Le Grand Courtâge Use the code PARIS for 20% off your order. Cheers!


Best Book Launch :: Digital Mom’s Breakfast Get your copy of the Digital Moms Handbook NOW!!


Best MIRL :: Meeting Megan of Sorta Crunchy and Laura, a.k.a. The Hollywood Housewife

Laura, Jo-Lynne and Megan
Laura, Jo-Lynne and Megan

Best Swag :: Lands’ End


Okay, I’m a bit partial. I got to hand out these super fabulous Lands’ End swag bags to twelve lucky bloggers in the Secret Style Suite.

But MY favorite personal swag was the ViX Ipanemas I received at the Cheap Sally party :: So cute and comfortable. I get comments on them everywhere I go.

Best Party :: Secret Style Suite, of course!!!

Jo-Lynne, Julie, Kelly, Colleen and Whitney

Best View of San Diego :: Elevation Suite atop the Hard Rock Hotel


Best Partner in Style :: Kate Lord, The Shopping Mama

Jo-Lynne Shane and Kate Lord
Jo-Lynne and Kate in our Lands’ End Day Outfits

I’ll tell you all about working the Secret Style Suite later this week, when I have time to catch my breath and regroup (preferably as I lay beside the lake with sunshine glittering on the water and a cool breeze tickling my skin.) Yes, we’re on our way to Maine for our annual vacation. Expect lots of pictures and very few words from my corner of the internet over the next 10 days.

Disclosure: Lands’ End generously sponsored my trip to BlogHer11, and a special shout out goes to Nicole Feliciano of Mom Trends who hooked me up with Lands’ End and gave me the opportunity to work with Mom’s Fashion File in the Secret Style Suite.

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8 thoughts on “Best of BlogHer ’11

  1. Amazing recap!! And I totally meant to meet up with Kate from the shopping mama – I thought I saw her in the hallway but didn’t want to go up and be like ‘are you….?” Cause I did that once and was wrong. LOL! (no lie. the girl thought I was crazy and convo went no where)

    Sounds like a wonderful time!!

  2. Just to clarify on your favorite swag, the flip flops, they are actually ViX Swimwear 🙂 Hope you enjoyed our CheapSally party!

  3. Looks like it was truly amazing! I really am planning on going to my first Blogher next year……though I say it every year….but next year hopefully I will see you there!

  4. Great to meet you again, Jo-Lynne. I love reading everyone’s re-caps and seeing how they spent their time. Hope our paths cross again soon.

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