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Black Stripes + Utility Jacket

Hey guys! Happy Friday! I’m getting a slow start this morning. We were out late last night — we saw Phantom of the Opera in Philly, and it was AMAZING. We took the two older kids, and my daughter (who is a HUGE Broadway musical fan) was totally bewitched by the experience.

My son enjoyed it too; he’s just less demonstrative in his appreciation of such things. It’s always quite an effort to get into Philly (traffic was a beast) but I’m always glad we did it once we get there.

Today’s outfit is nothing groundbreaking, but it’s a chic and easy casual look to throw together for just about any fall activity you can conjure up. I can’t think of a better fall outfit combination than a utility jacket and stripes, can you?

This utility jacket is a few years old, but this one looks great and it’s less than $44. I also like the looks of this one. It’s not as green as it is taupe, but I think I like the olive green ones best. I also ordered this pretty burgundy one at Old Navy, and it just came in yesterday. It will totally work with this outfit as well.

I like how utility jackets have a drawstring waist that you can cinch for a more fitted look.

I tend to wear my utility jacket with blue jeans, but I really like it with the black for a change.

This stripe shirt is actually navy and white (shhhh… if I hadn’t told you, you wouldn’t have known, right?)

I honestly think it can go either way. It’s hard to find a good striped tee these days, and I love this one, so I’m going to call it black when it suits my purposes. Another option would be this striped tee or this black and white striped sweater.

I added taupe booties to bring a light color into the bottom of the outfit so it’s not all so heavy. These boots are the bomb dot com. I love them. So comfy and they have a great casual vibe with just a little bit of an edge to keep your outfits modern. I throw them on with t-shirts and jeans all the time, and also with sweaters of course.

I wish I’d thought to throw on a scarf with this. It could use a pop of color — leopard would work, or a plaid. The necklace works, though, and keeps it less fussy and more appropriate for warmer fall weather, which is what we seem to be having again!

It was 72 here yesterday and will be again today. I’m not complaining, though. We’re going to the high school football game tonight, and there’s nothing worse than freezing on those metal bleachers. I’ll enjoy this little reprieve while it lasts.

Now that I think about it, this is probably the perfect outfit to wear tonight.

shirt (option) // similar jacket here and here // black jeans c/o (option) // booties (on sale!) // necklace // earrings // bag

photo credit: Alison Cornell

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57 thoughts on “Black Stripes + Utility Jacket

  1. Great look, I love the utility jacket. I’m in Michigan and the weather this year at my sons football games was delightful. I never even needed my big jacket.  Now soccer tomorrow will be a different story! Lol!

  2. I was just suggesting to my mom (the 70+ model on my blog) to get an utility jacket, but she pooh poohed me!! Do you think it’s too young for older women??
    And you’re right—I would have never noticed that the stripes are navy. I figure navy and black are perfect together, so it doesn’t matter anyways!!
    Have a great weekend, Jo-Lynne!!

    1. I think a utility jacket is pretty ageless, but I guess I do see more young and middle aged women wearing them… maybe b/c it’s kind of a trendy thing? Although it’s becoming more of a classic, I think. They’ve been popular for quite a while.

    1. I would totally see it again! This was my first time seeing it, believe it or not. I didn’t even know the story. It was amazing – it was a Broadway production. We actually bought season tickets this year to the Broadway Philly shows. We’ve never done anything extravagant like that before (it feels extravagant, lol) but my daughter loves live theater, and the kids are getting older and I want to expose them to some culture before they’re off on their own.

  3. Hi Jolynne, cute outfit! Quick question, do you wear socks with the low cut booties? If so, I assume they are the low, no show kind but I’ve never found any that actually don’t slip. Can you recommend a brand? 

  4. I need to put my olive green utility jacket to work more often.  I love this look!  Have a fabulous weekend!

  5. Love that jacket and those booties.  The Phantom of the Opera is my son’s one and only favorite musical.  My husband even likes it.  My daughter and I love Musical Theatre (I even have a minor in Theatre), but the boys are “eh”.  However, this is one musical the whole family can enjoy.  I don’t know what it is about it, but the guys tend to love it!

  6. This is one of my favorite fall looks and so may color combos that work!

    So just curious… what did you wear to Phantom of the Opera?!

  7. This is my kind of outfit! I have the striped tee and agree it can go black or navy! I’ve gotten so many uses out this striped tee and it washes up beautifully! Now I need a taupe utility jacket! Be Blessed!

  8. Another great combo !!!! You are correct that no one would know that the stripes are navy. I like this color of utility jacket as it is different than the olive. Please style the burgundy one from Old Navy. Burgundy is a favorite color of mine in the fall and winter. Glad you enjoyed the show. My husband is from NY and we visit his family every summer. So while we are in NY, we always spend a few days in the city with the kids and see a Broadway show. If we are ever in Philly, I will have to make plans to go as it sounds phenomenal too. Enjoy your weekend. *Lisa*

    1. So fun. I’ve only seen a show on Broadway once, but it was cool. The one thing that surprised me was how bland the theater was (and small.) In Philly, the Broadway shows are all at this gorgeous old opera house. It’s stunning. So that was my only disappointment about Broadway in NYC – I was surprised by the theater, lol.

  9. Really cute outfit.  I’m glad you posted it because I have all the pieces and had not put them all together for some reason!  I’m going to wear a variation of it to church Sunday,  with burgundy instead of black jeans and a taupe cardigan.  The booties make the outfit for me.  And you’re right about the shirt looking almost black!  I got it after you featured it, and the stripes are so dark that it’s hard to tell they’re not black.  But then again, maybe it is my aging eyes! Lol  Enjoy your weekend!

  10. Love it! I need to start remembering my black jeans. I rarely wear them, but they would be a welcomed change when my typical blue jeans version of this go-to outfit gets over worn!

  11. Love the burgundy color one – I might have to see if they have that in Canada! Although we are in full blown winter mode up here with another 5-10cm of snow expected today. My mom and I went to Ireland (where she is from) just before I started college (Looong time ago) and saw CATS in Dublin. Soooo awesome! I have seen a bunch since then including Phantom – so glad to hear you all enjoyed it.

    1. Omigosh, I love, love, LOVE Cats. I saw it twice in the same run one year — I had a friend in the show and she was able to get me cheap tix. I never expected to like it, but I LOVED it.

  12. I love this look on you! So classic with great style.
    We love Phantom too! So glad you got to go.
    Have a fabulous weekend!

  13. Phantom is my favorite opera! My daughters took me to see/hear it in Chicago a few years ago. They grew up hearing me play the cd in the car on our road trips. They were pretty young and didn’t like the part with the scream! I have the same navy striped tee and agree that it’s very hard to distinguish whether it’s navy or black. Love your outfit.

  14. I really like the casual outfits , I don’t have to think to hard about putting it together. I have the olive utility jacket , would that work too ? Have a wonderful weekend!!!

  15. Love how you took basics that a lot of us have in our closets and made it look chic. This is exactly up my alley and I don’t know if I would have thought to pair the Breton/utility with black jeans and booties. That’s why I love your blog. Relevant, accessible, and cool!

  16. Ha! I’ve got quite a few items that are so hard to tell if they are navy or black. I like your idea of making them whatever suits your need. I think I’ll adopt that strategy????. Enjoy the ballgame and warmer temps while you can. Freezing at ballgames is fun for about the first 5 minutes…LOL. Have a terrific weekend!❤️

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