Book Recommendation: Standing In The Rainbow by Fannie Flagg

Standing In The Rainbow by Fannie Flagg

If you’re looking for light, fun, clean summer reading material, check out Standing In The Rainbow by Fannie Flagg.  The link is in my sidebar under “What I’m Reading”.

Fannie Flagg is one of my favorite authors for “fluff fiction” as I like to call it, and Standing In The Rainbow did not disappoint.  Ms. Flagg has a knack for developing quirky, lovable characters and she just plain knows how to spin a story.

This story was particularly interesting to me, and here’s why.  Let me give you an excerpt and see if you think the same thing I thought when I first read it.

In the late 1920s and early 1930s, as more and more electric lines were strung down county roads to farmhouses, the long, lonely days of isolated farmwives living far away from their nearest neighbors were suddenly filled with warm and friendly voices.  They were the voices of other women coming into their homes via the radio.  As early as 1924, women all over the Midwest known as “radio homemakers” began broadcasting, supplying the wives with new recipes, tips for raising children, household hints, gardening advice, local news, and entertainment, but most important, a daily visit from a good friend.

The second I read that I almost gasped in surprise and delight.  The very first blog!  Did you think that too?  What a riot.  It just goes to show, there’s nothing new in the world.

The book goes on to tell the story of one such “radio homemaker”, Neighbor Dorothy.  It depicts small town life in middle America beginning in the 1946 and following the characters to the present.  It’s a very fun read, perfect for lounging at the beach (or the lake).  Let me know if you decide to give it a try!