Maine Vacation: Lighthouse Tour

Yesterday was rainy, so my mom and I took the kids and went into town. We had lunch with my aunt at one of our favorite seafood joints. I had a delicious bowl of Haddock chowder. Mmmmm . . .  R thought so too.  She was like a little seagull hovering over my bowl with her mouth open the entire time I was eating. Of course, I broke the cardinal rule of dealing with begging seagulls. I fed her. So she didn’t leave me alone until my bowl was licked clean. Next time I’ll have to remember to order her one of her own.

becca chowder

Today Paul and I left all three kids with my mom and went on a lighthouse tour.  The drive to Bar Harbor on Monday took us on a highly traveled, congested road with lots of tourists and every imaginable store. But today our trip took us on a more remote path where we enjoyed many miles of two-lane roads with walls of green on either side and an occasional house or farm to break up the monotony. And we passed through several picturesque towns along the way.

Our first stop was in the town of Lincolnville, where we had lunch at one of our favorite Maine restaurants. This is the site of our annual family reunion, but we couldn’t wait for Sunday so we cheated and grabbed a couple bowls of lobster stew before getting back on the road. We ate in the sunroom, overlooking the water.

Then we headed on down to Rockland to the Rockland Breakwater Light. I took a picture, but it’s really hard to see the lighthouse waaaaaaaaaay down at the end of that one-mile breakwater of granite rocks. We only walked about half-way down and came back.

Rockland Breakwater Light

Next stop, Owl’s Head Light. A nice couple offered to take our picture together.

Owls Head Light

Then I took this shot from down below.

owls head light maine

Last stop, Marshall Point Lighthouse in Port Clyde. This was my favorite. When we arrived, the foghorn was going off, adding to the ambiance. The keeper’s house is also a museum and gift shop, so that was a fun diversion.



On the way home, we took back roads and passed through several small fishing towns.  I love seeing the small clapboard houses with their colorful buoys hanging on the sides of the garages and the lobster traps stacked on the lawn.  Many of these modest homes are located with gorgeous views of the water, and I couldn’t help but try to imagine life in one of these small coastal towns.  Maybe we will retire here one day.


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26 thoughts on “Maine Vacation: Lighthouse Tour

  1. Love the lighthouses. I’ve never been near a real one as we live inland. The one I took a picture of on holidays was a cheat. It was on a lake. :v)

  2. Thank you for sharing your vacation with us! We’re not going on vacation this summer so I get to live vicariously through you :).

  3. Breathtaking views everywhere you look!! I’ve enjoyed reading your latest vacation posts and oohing and ahhing over the pics. We will be in that area too (I believe) around Tenants Harbor and Port Clyde so it’s neat to see what might be in store for us.
    Enjoy the rest of your trip and all the yummy FOOD!

  4. Beautiful pics!! No wonder you love your Maine vaca! Get spoiled by mom, and get to hang out in all that grogeousness! 😉

  5. So awesome! I’ll say it for the 3rd time—I’m excited for you and jealous for me!

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