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California Wine Club :: Kiara Cabernet & Zinfandel

This month the California Wine Club delivered two bottles of hearty red wines to my doorstep. I got to try the Le Vigne Winery 2007 Kiara Private Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon and the Le Vigne Winery 2007 Kiara Private Reserve Zinfandel. Both are award-winning wines, and I can see why. They both changed my standard opinion on their varietals. See that? I even learn new words doing product reviews!!

I like a good Cabernet, but I often find them better with food. Specifically a nice juicy steak. This Cabernet, however, was so smooth that I enjoyed it alone. I drank it with a friend one crisp, chilly evening. I would totally order this again.

The Zinfandel, though, was the true surprise. I have never liked Zinfandel, or so I thought. I have always found it to have too strong of a taste. But this? Was like butter. NO WONDER it has won so many awards. Unfortunately I didn’t get a photo. My camera was out of battery. Boo. I would buy a whole case of that Zinfandel, that is how much I liked it.

Once again, Musings of a Housewife readers are eligible to receive 4 bottles of wine for the price of 2 if you purchase a membership to any of the California Wine Clubs. It can be a gift, or for yourself, and there is no obligation to continue. The promo code is PHILLY12. Every bottle is 100% guaranteed so there’s really no risk involved.

Make sure you are following @cawineclub on Twitter and “like” California Wine Club on Facebook to stay up to date on all their latest wine finds and special offers.

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