Casual Summer Outfit with Flatform Espadrille Sandals

Today I’m styling flatform espadrille sandals for a casual summer outfit perfect for the modern mom about town.

These Sole Society Audrina flatform espadrille sandals with Joe's Jeans rolled hem denim shorts and LOFT linen sleeveless v-neck is the perfect summer outfit for the modern mom about town. Fashion for Women Over 40

Well, this is it! The final day of my 22 Days of Summer Fashion style collab with Cyndi Spivey! There was a point in the middle of this challenge when I honestly thought I wasn’t going to make it to the end, but now that it’s here, I can’t believe it’s over. Ha!

For my final post in this series, I have a super casual outfit featuring a huge trend this summer — flatform espadrille sandals. I love this trend because it gives you the extra height of a wedge without much of a heel drop. They can be heavy, but they’re generally quite comfortable to walk in.

Sole Society Audrina Flatform Espadrille Sandals in Taupe

These shoes are selling out everywhere, but there are tons of variations on this trend, and you can certainly find a pair if you poke around. I’ll link to a bunch of options below. I tried to find some less expensive ones, but I didn’t come up with much. Feel free to leave your recommendations in the comments.


I kept it simple with a casual summer outfit that is something I’d typically wear working from home and running the kids around on a warm summer day. This is the Sleeveless Linen V-Neck from LOFT, and right now everything in their store is 50% off with the code JULY4TH. The free shipping on all orders promotion ends tonight, so take advantage of that while you can! I like the relaxed fit of this top, and the neckline is flattering without being revealing.

These Sole Society Audrina flatform espadrille sandals with Joe's Jeans rolled hem denim shorts and LOFT linen sleeveless v-neck is the perfect summer outfit for the modern mom about town. Fashion for Women Over 40

I typically pair navy with white, but I decided to wear my rolled hem jean shorts for this post. They are a light enough blue that there’s some contrast against the shirt, but they keep the outfit casual and less fussy than my white jean shorts. I’m not one to shy away from wearing white, but I don’t feel like I have to be as careful when I’m wearing blue denim.

Loving these "flatform" espadrille sandals - perfect with shorts for summer!

I love how this crossbody bag almost exactly matches the color of my sandals. It is an old color, but this bag is still available in updated shades.

R Minkoff is getting in on the 4th of July sale action and there are tons of cute styles on sale if you’re in the market for a new handbag. TONS of blush and pink bags are marked down, and the Mini M.A.C. in Biscuit is a great neutral for summer. If you’re in the market for a neutral tote, this Unlined Tote in Almond is stunning.

Loving this casual summer outfit with "flatform" espadrille sandals. Such an easy but chic outfit for casual summer days!

Alex and Ani sent me a little birthday gift — this cupcake charm bracelet, one of their new pull chain bracelets, and a ring with my birthstone.

My birthday is tomorrow, and I’ll be 44. I’m not one to be coy about my age. It is what it is. I can’t say that 44 doesn’t sound crazy old sometimes, but I’ve been in my 40s long enough that it should no longer be shocking. I try not to think too much about the number and focus on being thankful for every day that I’m healthy and strong.

R Minkoff Mini M.A.C. Crossbody

I finished off the outfit with my Dalton Initial Pendant and large hoop earrings, although later in the day I swapped out the long pendant for my 3-disk necklace. I decided I preferred something in the neck of the top rather than hanging down in front. Something about the shape of the neckline and the sleeveless style didn’t quite seem to work with this pendant.

At any rate, this is an easy summer look that feels put together without being fussy for my casual mom life. I hope it inspires you to find something in your closet that makes you feel confident even if you’re just hanging out at home with the kids. It’s amazing what throwing on a few accessories and a pair of cute shoes can do for your state of mind!

Loving these flatform espadrille sandals for a casual summer outfit perfect for the modern mom about town.

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LOFT Sleeveless Linen V-Neck (50% off + free shipping with code JULY4TH) // Joe’s Jeans Rolled Hem Denim Jean Shorts (on sale for $99) // Sole Society ‘Audrina’ Flatform Espadrille Sandals — similar HERE, HERE and HERE // R Minkoff Mini M.A.C. // Dalton Initial Pendant // Hoop Earrings // nail polish: CND Creekside

Be sure to visit Cyndi and see the summer outfit she’s styling today, and come back tomorrow for a roundup of stylish swimsuits for moms. Oh, yes. I’m going there!

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35 Responses

  1. Happy Birthday, Jo-Lynne!
    I think you should give yourself the day off. You’ve earned it!
    Best wishes for a lovely birthday.

  2. I’m going to wish you a Happy Birthday for tomorrow, as I may not get the chance to be online then. You’ve helped my style loads this year, and I feel I look a lot more current. Thank you.
    It’s fantastic you’re not keeping your age a secret. I’m 38 this year, and I’ve decided to have a great big party for my 40th. Life can be tough, so why not celebrate when you make it through with successes and mistakes too.
    You look amazing anyway. I’ve got two kids, planning one more, and if I can manage to look anything near what you do I’ll be popping the champagne!
    May you have a wonderful day with loved ones, and wishing you much love, laughter and fun with fashion in the next year. ????

  3. Happy Birthday Jo-Lynne….my stepmom and I were just discussing getting older yesterday. And after having been to quite a few funerals lately, we start to realize that getting older is truly a privilege!! And style (or lack thereof) has nothing to do with the number!!
    I used to have a pair of shoes like this…and funny you said they can be heavy—because that’s exactly why I ended up giving them away. But mine weren’t the espadrille version, so maybe that makes a difference??
    Loved this series!!

    1. Yeah, these are a tad heavy. I was actually going to return them after we photographed them. Then I put them back on later for a mirror selfie and ended up keeping them on the rest of the day. I guess I’ll keep them. Ha! I got used to them, is my point. And the inside of the straps is super comfortable.

  4. I went to Loft last night and while I was grabbing things to try on I picked up the black peplum sweater you featured yesterday. i am not a peplum person. I don’t think they look good on me but this black top was so nice. It laid perfectly and I ended up buying it. I wouldn’t have given it a second look had I not seen it on you.

    Enjoy your birthday!


  5. Happy birthday, Jo-Lynne! I just recently stumbled upon your blog, and I love your approach to fashion. Thank you for sharing your age. You look fabulous! I’ve never been shy about sharing my age, but turning 50 was more difficult to handle than I had ever experienced. I’m going to be 52 later this year, and will continue to count my blessings.

    1. I am not looking forward to 50, I can say that! But I know so many fabulously stylish women in their 50s, I will just be encouraged by that and hope it’s a seamless transition. 🙂

  6. Love, love, love your casual summer outfits! I am a teacher, and my summer wardrobe consists of similar outfits. You do a great job, however, of adding a little something to each ensemble to make it stand out!

  7. Happy Birthday Jo Lynne!!!! I am so thankful for you and your blog… one of my joys of each day is to read your blog! (you and Cyndi 🙂 ). Thanks for all you do and have a wonderful day!

  8. Happy Birthday Jo-Lynne! Have a wonderfully blessed day! You are so right, it’s just a number! I’m thankful for each year the Lord gives me.

  9. Happy birthday!

    And thank you for getting out of my stay-at-home mom yoga pant slump.
    You got me back into Jeans , I didn’t think that would happen.
    I look forward to your blog every day.

  10. You look great for any age!! Happy Birthday and many blessing to you in the coming year. Your humor and common sense approach to fashion is a gift to all of us!! I took a trip to Paris and London for my 50th so maybe you could do the same and make it a special event to look forward to. It’s not so bad but i did like the way I looked at 40 a lot better!! I try to keep things in perspective and remember 1 Peter:4 where God reminds us our beauty is that of our inner self…..a gentle and quiet spirit which is of great worth in God’s sight… I’m still working on that one:). Enjoy!!

  11. Happy Birthday to a stylish woman! 44 is young, but no matter what our age is, what’s most important is how we live our life looking to God for guidance and how we treat the people around us. I turn 50 this fall and that number sounds weird for sure! Thank you for sharing your fashion and lifestyle ideas! 🙂

  12. Happy Birthday! I turned 64 on May 30th, and I can honestly say that the time from 44 to 64 has gone so fast! It seems when your children get older, you spend more time away from home at events they’re participating in, and those days just fly. You are right to enjoy every moment with thankfulness.

    Here’s a quote I send you for your birthday: “Years are a gift—they add, rather than take away from our lives. With every year, we are richer with experiences and the wealth of knowledge that accompanies them.”
    -Joni Parsley

  13. Happy (early) Birthday!! Hope you have a great day tomorrow! I turned 47 in April, and, as you mention, I try to just be thankful for the health and strength God has blessed me with rather than get hung up on the age I am. I tell myself that having teenagers around my house keeps me feeling young (except when they’re adding to my gray hairs 😉

    Appreciate your blog – always one of the first ones I check in on every day!

  14. Happy (early) Birthday!! Hope you give yourself a much deserved break and do something fun!
    Great outfit to round out your series too. You can’t beat cute + practical in my book. 😉

  15. Hope you have a very Happy Birthday! Blessings for a wonderful year ahead with lots of new adventures! I’ll be 59 in September! Not sure I am ready for that, but hey, it’s just a number!!

  16. Someday, it’ll be warm enough here to dress like this 🙂 You look great! Happy birthday! Mine is today, too. Only I’m 46. Gulp.

  17. I didn’t get to read your email until today. I love the outfit you’re styling. So cute!
    Happy, happy birthday today! I hope it’s amazing!
    I love your fashion sense immensely. You’ve helped me more than you know. But, I also love your style of writing. You are candid, authentic, and funny! So again, Happy birthday! You’re a work of beautiful art!

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