Clean Grooming For the Guys

Greetings, friends! I’m super excited to partner with Every Man Jack and introduce you to a clean grooming brand for men. While things are a little uncertain right now, there’s no better time to take care of ourselves and our loved ones.

We’re fortunate that it’s not too hard to find clean beauty products for women these days, but what about the guys?

Every Man Jack: Clean Skincare for Men

That’s exactly the problem that Ritch Viola, the founder of Every Man Jack, set out to solve back in 2007.

Today, what started in a small office in San Francisco is now an entire product line of clean, affordable grooming products for men.

Every Man Jack: Natural Deodorant for Men

I’m also super excited to share that Every Man Jack is now making hand sanitizer!

That’s right, in response to the coronavirus and the shortage of hand sanitizer across the nation, Every Man Jack got busy and started producing their own.

They sent us a couple to sample, and we’ve each been keeping one in a cupholder our cars.

Now when we have to go out and about, we can clean our hands as soon as we get back into the car, before touching the steering wheel or anything.

Just like all Every Man Jack products, their hand sanitizers use as many naturally derived or plant-based ingredients as possible, and they’re cruelty-free, paraben-free, phthalate-free, gluten-free, aluminum-free & vegan.

I love how they contain coconut oil, so they don’t dry out your hands like commercial hand sanitizers can, but they do include over 60% alcohol, as required to be effective against flu and virus germs.

Even better, Every Man Jack is giving a FREE hand sanitizer with every order over $20 through the end of April! (No code needed; the hand sanitizer is automatically added to every order. You won’t see it in the cart, but it should come with your order.)

In addition to their new hand sanitizers, Every Man Jack has a whole line of shaving essentials including razors, men’s face wash, shave gel, and face cream.

They sent us an assortment of products to try, and I talked Paul into testing them out for me.

All of their razors have an open flow design and a lubricating strip with olive oil, chamomile & herbal extract to moisturize, sooth, and protect the skin. They also come with a display stand and four cartridges to get you started.

And this Shea Butter shave gel has a rich foam formula with hydrating Shea butter and coconut oil, soothing aloe, and a refreshing coconut fragrance.

Every Man Jack: Clean Skincare for Men

There are also face lotions to help sooth and moisturize post-shave.

These have sun protection too, which is awesome because I don’t know about your guy, but mine would never think to put on sunscreen every day.

I love that Every Man Jack helps make sun protection part of his daily shaving routine, especially now that we’re making an extra effort to get outside for a while every day.

Every Man Jack: Clean Skincare for Men

Every Man Jack carries a line of aluminum-free deodorants as well. These deodorants use cotton extract and witch hazel to absorb wetness, and lichen extract (a natural antibacterial agent) to help control odor-causing bacteria.

There’s no better time than now to detox from those aluminum-filled deodorants you use now. Our favorite scent is the Cedarwood, with the fresh herbal scents of rosemary and sage.

FYI, it can take the body some time to respond to natural deodorant. While it might feel like it’s getting a little funky, it’s actually helping his body rid itself of nasty toxins, so tell your guy to be patient with it.

Aluminum Free Deodorant for Men

Every Man Jack also has men’s hair care and body wash products, and a line of products specifically for guys with beards.

I was joking with Paul that men across the nation are going to start sporting beards, now that so many are working from home. Well, if your guy is trying it out, or if he’s been wearing one for years, Every Man Jack has beard oil, beard butter, beard balm, a beard comb, and more!

Paul is a huge fan of a 2-in-1 shampoo + conditioner, so I was happy to see that they offered that combo.

And finally, there’s a whole set of men’s hair styling products.

This fiber cream claims to add thickness and texture with a strong pliable hold and low shine.

Paul’s hair will stand straight up without hair gel, so this product is perfect for him because it holds it in place without making it look stiff and shiny.

Every Man Jack: Clean Grooming Product for Men

Every Man Jack products use as many naturally derived or plant-based ingredients as possible, and all of their products are cruelty-free, paraben-free, phthalate-free, gluten-free, aluminum-free & vegan.

Plus, they use at least 50% recycled plastic in their bottles, so you can feel good about supporting a company that strives to make their products in a way that’s ethical and sustainable as well as free from harmful ingredients.

Now, if your guy is like mine, he may not exactly be seeking out clean grooming products for himself. But if you make it easy for him, he may be happy to have clean alternatives to his current grooming products.

Every Man Jack: Clean Grooming Products for Men

You can purchase these products easily online and at retailers such as Target, Whole Foods, and Walmart. But now, they’re making it even easier to clean up your man’s grooming routine with a new subscription box program delivered right to your doorstep!

If he’s new to Every Man Jack, you can start him off with trial sets in order to discover his favorite products, or you can dive right in and build his first subscription box with full-sized versions of their best-selling products across all categories.

With a Clean Box subscription, he will save 10% on every order, and shipping is free over $40.

Every Man Jack: a clean grooming brand for men

Every Man Jack wants to challenge to the men in our households to reconsider the quality, standards, and ingredients of the products they use in their current grooming routine.

Is your guy up to the challenge? If you show him a better alternative, I bet he’ll be easy to convince!

Every Man Jack: Shaving Products without the Junk

I love supporting small businesses all the time, but especially during these tumultuous times. If you’re in need of clean men’s grooming products or hand sanitizer, definitely consider Every Man Jack. To entice you to try out their products, they’ve given me a discount code to share with you!

Use code jolynneshane30 for 30% off your order through April 22. This applies to all products on the site, as well as your first subscription, but it does not apply to kits and gift cards.

Be sure to stay in touch and get alerts of new products by following Every Man Jack on Instagram.

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