More Fun with Nordstrom Looks

Well, it looks like most of us will be staying home for a few more weeks! Meanwhile, I continue to get requests for outfit inspiration while sheltering in place, so I’ve put together some more Nordstrom Looks for you today.

outfit details

Whether you need practical work from home outfits, stylish loungewear, or activewear to help you stay fit, I tried to come up with something for everyone.

#StayHome Outfit Inspo

#1. Effortlessly Chic WFH Outfit

Keep it cool and comfortable when working from home in these wide leg pants and low heeled sandals. Tuck in your top for the most flattering silhouette.

#2. Casual Cool

If you prefer dresses to pants and shorts, this relaxed t-shirt dress is comfy enough for staying home and polished enough for running to the store for more TP.

Top it off with a denim jacket for structure, and this canvas tote is washable, so you can sanitize it when you get home. It also holds a 15″ laptop!

#3. Yoga or Channel Surfing

Whether you’re streaming workout videos or crashing on the couch for a Netflix marathon, this outfit does it all.

These are such soft, comfy leggings, and I love the pop of color with a neutral cardigan.

#4. Virtual Happy Hour

Virtual Happy Hour Outfit: Meeting some girlfriends for a virtual happy hour? Dress for the occasion in this cozy but flattering sweater and layer necklace.

Meeting some girlfriends for a virtual happy hour? Dress for the occasion in this cozy but flattering sweater and layer necklace. And don’t forget the wine!

#5. Snuggle Up

Staying in? Snuggle up in these comfy short pajamas and the ultimate in softness Barefoot Dreams throw.

Pamper yourself and then hunker down with a good book. #lifeisgood

I hope these casual, comfy looks give you some outfit inspiration while you’re making the best of it at home.

Don’t forget, Nordstrom offers free shipping and free returns, as well as curbside pickup — even more important now that we are trying to stay out of public places.

And be sure to sign up for The Nordy Club so you can start earning points toward Nordstrom Notes today. There are other great benefits too, such as beauty & style workshops and priority access to style events (like the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale.)

Finally, be sure to follow my Nordstrom Looks page so you’ll see when I add new outfits.

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29 Responses

  1. Thanks for the inspiration!  Do you think it’s appropriate to wear a suede Moto jacket in the spring?  It’s like the blush one you bought recently but in the “beige”color.  Thank you!

  2. You shared some great options!  I’m so glad I am part of the Nordy Club.  I hope that your weather today won’t be too bad!  The one advantage of the storms hitting here overnight is that we sort of slept thru it. 🙏 y’all stay safe!

  3. These are fun posts.  It’s nice to see whole outfits of different categories this way.  Have you bought any Caslon tees this season.  I have some from seasons past I have been very happy with, but I have not found them consistent in recent years.

    Have a good Monday dreaming of that sweet little guy!

  4. Those Millers have me all 😍.They look like they’d have more cushion. I love my regular ones, but I bet these will be comfy and open the door for more women to wear them. Hope you have a wonderful Easter. XO

  5. So excited about your puppy!!!  I have to admit, we actually talked about that being a great virus project at our house.  Our Kelly is 13 and is already not in great shape, so we decided it wouldn’t be the right time.  BUT… I will totally live vicariously through you.

    We’ve twice intro’d a new dog to an old dog.  I learned a lot the hard way with the first round. Our first dog was a very passive Shih Tsu…and introducing a rambunctious Lab puppy was a little rough on her. Instead of letting them work it out (while they were closer in size), we shielded the older dog way too much, which was a mistake.

    You may already do this with Savannah, but the best piece of advice we ever received was to get a bell and hang it at dog level on the door you want Ozzy to use to “go” outside.  Every time you take him out, have him ring the bell, either by paw or nose.  And every time he rings it, either on purpose or accidentally, take him out so he associates the sound with going out.  All our dogs learned this really quickly and it was a HUGE help.  

    Ooh, he’s SO cute… so excited for you!!!

    1. I had never heard of that, until a few other readers suggested it, and it sounds like a great idea. We did not do that with Savannah, but she knows how to get our attention.

  6. Hey JoLynne!! I love how you put outfits together. It makes it so easy to buy online. I usually go to the stores. I like to try on. This is good to have so you can pick out the most perfect outfit!! Thank you for posting.
    ……….Linda W.💚🌷🌷

  7. I smiled when I read that you included a  virtual happy hour outfit. My daughters live 6 hours away. We’ve done virtual happy hour a couple of times🥂 I’m thankful for technology. My husband reminded me how different this would be if it had happened say 10 years ago before we had all these options! 

  8. These are so cute. I like seeing the various pieces of an entire outfit all together in one place like this.

  9. Your new puppy is adorable!  I’m sure it will be a very happy day when you pick him up!  Thanks for the outfit inspirations.  I will sure be glad when I can start wearing my Spring tops.  I’m growing weary of my sweatshirts and sweaters.  It just hasn’t been warm enough here yet  to quit wearing them.  Hope all the big storms bypass you!

  10. Love the outfit inspirations on Nordstrom! I finally put on my white jeans and mules with a cute top for Easter dinner. It was nice to finally have a  reason to ditch the joggers and slippers as comfortable as they are. Like I told my daughter I’ve been wearing my UGG slippers daily since getting them for Christmas. Great cost per wear( I use your theory now lol) . We were suppose to have rain today but didn’t get any. It’s a little damp but sun and warm temps hopefully coming tomorrow. Thoughts for safety to all of you caught in that storm moving through. As if there’s not a lot going on already. 

  11. Great post.  I have a question.  Can you recommend a sports bra that has some cup support? I hate to wear them because they flatten my chest out.  The one you posted looks like its no support. Your weather sounds terrible. We are having warm and sunny days in NW Oregon and suppose to for the next 8 or more days.  Today is 64 and its suppose to be 71 by Friday.  Its so nice.  Hope your rain ends soon.  

  12. I have a bobeau hanging in my closet and never wear it because I don’t like it with my jeans and pants. Coincidentally today I received my order for leggings from Nordstroms. I’ve been wearing the leggings all day and love them. On todays post I see the bobeau with black leggings. I tried them on together and now I have a new outfit.
    Thank you!

  13. How do I access your looks at nordstroms site?  I too am so happy about that puppy.  Such beautiful boy!

  14. Well, I’ve been sporting that Snuggle Up look more than I care to admit…although not nearly as cute as that!
    Puppy news is super exciting! If there ever was a perfect time for that, now would be it. And I’m sure will definitely liven things up around there, won’t it?!

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