Happy Easter! #CoffeeTalk

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Greetings and happy Easter! I’m happy to report a gloriously beautiful morning here in eastern PA, very fitting for Easter Sunday.

Who remembers the Sandi Patti song, Was It A Morning Like This? It’s been running through my head all morning.

When I’m able, I always go for a run on Easter Sunday mornings before church, and I like to play Sandi Patti’s Was It A Morning Like This? and Steve Green’s Easter Song.

I know, I know. The 1980s called and they want their Christian mix tape back, ha! But I have a feeling there are a few of you who will know exactly which songs I am talking about.

Unfortunately I cannot run today due to a nagging hip injury, but I can get out and walk, and I plan to do that as soon as the temperatures warm up. It’s chilly right now, but it’s supposed to climb into the mid-60s by afternoon.

My neighborhood is beautiful right now with so many flowering trees, and the farm on the property is so lush and green. The cows are usually outside grazing, and in the evenings, the cicadas sing. I can almost forget about everything going on in the world when I’m out there.

Speaking what’s going on in the world, we got word on Thursday that PA schools are officially closed for the rest of the year.

We’re behind many other states on this, which is odd because we were one of the first to shut down, but I think it’s because our school year goes into June, and many who were canceled already were supposed to end in May.

I was hoping they might be holding out to do something in June to give the kids and teachers some closure, but alas. It was not meant to be.

I know it’s for the best, and I’m thankful this wasn’t a milestone year for any of my kids, but it’s still sad. My youngest, especially, had so much she was looking forward to this spring. While not exactly a milestone year, it is her last year of middle school.

Anyway. It is what it is, and at least now we can plan accordingly. I’m just glad our mitigation efforts seem to be working. It looks like we’re flattening the curve, and we’re going to get through this.

Unfortunately, it may be a while yet before we can start getting back to normal.

If the coronavirus hadn’t shut it down, we would be at a resort on the Eastern Shore of Maryland right now.

I’m sad to be missing our trip, but somewhat comforted by the fact that it’s been too cold to really enjoy it… although I guess it’s going to be nice this afternoon.

Our stay was supposed to be Friday to Monday, so we would have had one nice poolside day, I guess.

Anyway. It was clearly not meant to be. I feel like I’m saying that a lot lately!

Case in point, we’ve officially rescheduled our 25th wedding anniversary trip to Paris for May 2021.

We weren’t able to get a refund on our apartment, but they gave us 80% of our rental fee as a FSC (future stay credit) to use within a year of our canceled trip, so the best we could do is reschedule for next May and hope that the world returns to some semblance of normal by then.

Honestly, at this point, I’d happily cancel the whole thing and take a refund, but that wasn’t an option.

I also canceled our plane tickets, or more or less put them on hold. They will allow us to use the value of our unused ticket and seat purchase toward a future trip.

It’s kind of a bummer not to be getting any of our investment back, but hopefully we will end up using it eventually.

Right now, I can’t even imagine a world where we can just pick up and fly across the ocean. Paris has been hit hard with COVID-19, and I expect borders will be closed for quite some time.

Even by next May, I don’t think we will be completely done with this virus. We may not even have a vaccine by then, not that I’m going to be lining up to be a guinea pig for a new vaccine. So we shall see… at this point, we had no choice but to rebook and hope for the best.

I also need to see if our travel insurance will apply to rescheduled trip. It surely didn’t do us any good with this one.

And to add one more to our string of #coronacancelations, my daughter’s Quebec trip with her French class was officially canceled this week.

And the word for 2020 officially is…. CANCELED.

Can we just cancel 2020 and get a do-over???

This one is the biggest bummer of them all because this was truly a once-in-a-lifetime trip for her.

Paul and I will eventually make it to Paris, and our family will have other opportunities for a weekend getaway, but she was so looking forward to this trip with her French class.

Her French teacher is one of those special ones you remember forever, and Becca was blessed to have her for both years of middle school. I’m sure she makes the trip an absolute blast, and I’ve heard from other moms that it’s one their kids never forget.

I feel like a broken record, but all I know to say is, it wasn’t meant to be.

I do have some fun news to share with you today, though!

Meet Ozzy

I shared in Tuesday’s Facebook Live that we are looking to add a 2nd dog to our family, and we think we found him! This time, we’re going the puppy route.

After doing quite a bit of research, we found a good local breeder with a litter of goldendoodles that are ready for adoption! We were able to visit earlier this week, and it all checked out, but we can’t bring our puppy home until next Monday when he’s 8 weeks old.

Of course the kids are beyond excited, and we’re all doing lots of research to make sure we know how to care for a puppy, and how to integrate him into our home with an older dog without upsetting Savannah too much.

I’m open to advice on puppy training and introducing a puppy to an older dog, but please don’t make this a rescue vs breeder debate. 

I have a heart for rescues. Savannah was a rescue, and that was our first choice; but we couldn’t find a dog through a local rescue organization that worked for our family.

We’re also thinking Savannah may take better to a puppy than another full-grown dog, so we decided to try the puppy route this time around. We did our due diligence to find a reputable breeder that we feel good about, and we’re super excited about our new addition!

I’m sure it will be an adjustment for all, but this seems like the right time. We were planning on this summer, but now that everyone is at home for the duration, it made sense to go ahead and get him now. This way, there will be plenty of attention to go around, and I’m also hoping it will provide some good family bonding.

Even my 20-year-old son, who averages 23 hours a day in his room, is excited about the prospect. He’s always wanted a bigger dog, and he was an active part of the family discussion on what to name our new pup.

Everyone has very strong opinions, as it turns out, and we all like different types of names… Toby, Kobe, Matisse, Ozzy, Howard, Larry, Wilson, Nelson, and Parker were all on the table at one point; but we finally agreed on Ozzy.

I like it. I think it suits him!

It was quite a rowdy discussion, and I can see how this new puppy is already bringing our family together, so that’s neat to see. I feel like we need something to look forward to and get excited about right now, and this certainly qualifies!

Yes, I realize a puppy is a big commitment, but as I said, it’s something we were planning to do within the next few months anyway, so it made sense to move our timeline up a bit so we have more time to spend training him and acclimating him to his new home.

As for today’s plans… We have our Zoom worship service this morning, and then I have a ham dinner planned for mid-afternoon.

I picked up a ham at The Honey Baked Ham Co. earlier in the week, and Caroline is going to make mac-and-cheese. I have some asparagus to grill and a loaf of French bread to heat up, and I also grabbed a red velvet cake when I picked up my ham, so that should finish the meal off nicely!

At some point, I’m planning to take a nice, long walk. And I’m sure I’ll spend some time on the deck once it warms up this afternoon, soaking up the sunshine.

So that’s the latest in #coronadiaries! Even though it’s not the Easter weekend we had planned, we’re trying to make the best of it.

I hope you all have a very blessed Easter Sunday, and get to enjoy some time with family and friends… whether in real life or FaceTime/Zoom.

He is risen!