Coffee Talk 01.28.18

Good morning, friends! This has been a week, I’ll tell you what. The first half of the week flew, but I feel like I’ve lived a month since Thursday.

Thursday is when everything broke down — my blog, my back, and various and sundry mishaps that made me question all day if it was a Monday or a full moon or what. It took us several hours yesterday to finally fix the blog. For those who understand such matters, I had a plugin that was messing things up.

When we finally zeroed in on the plugin and deleted it, magically everything went back to normal! But man, until then, how frustrating to try to work. I wish my back was an easy of a fix!

I’m not even sure I’ve mentioned my back here yet. I know I shared on my Insta Story, but sometimes I forget what I say where. I was trying not to whine about it because no one likes a complainer, but I’m 4 days in with no relief, so now you get to hear me complain.

Honestly, though, I’m not really intending to complain. I’m just telling you what’s going on, but anytime I talk about anything going on in my life that isn’t peachy keen, someone tells me I’m complaining. #lovetheinternets

Anyway, it does seem like I have more than my fair share of annoying ailments. Is this just old age? I mean, I was JUST getting my running mojo back… it is hard not to be frustrated at this point.

This back thing has happened before, at least twice. The first time it was so bad, I could hardly turn my head, so I went to the doctor and he gave me a bee venom injection. Yes, for real. He’s an MD with holistic tendencies. LOL! It worked, but I do not relish the thought of going through that again, and I can at least function this time, so I’ve been living with the situation. I am pretty sure the 2nd time it happened, it went away on its own, but I don’t know that it lasted this long.

What it is is just like a “crick” in my back, on the inside of the right shoulder blade. The pain goes into my spine sometimes, and occasionally radiates down my right arm. When I’m up and walking around, I’m fine, but sitting really bothers it (hi, I sit at the computer for 8-10 hours a day!) and laying down isn’t too fun either. Although when I got rid of my pillow so I can lay flat in bed, I’ve been doing better at night, which is good. I didn’t get much sleep the first night.

All that to say… I’m nearing the end of my rope, and if it’s not miraculously healed when I wake up tomorrow, I guess I’ll call the doctor. I have a physical therapist who is amazing, but I would have to go through the doctor to get to him, I think, and I know the doctor will want to do the injection. And maybe I should just do that and get it over with. At this point, I’m leaning towards that solution.

I haven’t been very good about keeping heat on it or taking ibuprofen, so I probably have no right to complain. It’s just that I’ve got stuff to do, yo! I have a hard time stopping long enough to do any of the things that might help, but I realize at some point I will have to. No lectures about slowing down, please. I know, I know… fortunately today is Sunday and it’s a good day to take it easy.

Okay, so enough about that. Despite the technical difficulties and my body breaking down, we managed to get two outfits shot yesterday, and my husband offered to take us all out to dinner last night, so that was nice.

We finally finished Season 2 of The Crown last night, and I’m so sad it’s over. Does anyone know when Season 3 comes out? Please don’t tell me I have to wait till next fall…

I’m still finishing up This Is Us. I watch that one alone (no one in my family has any tolerance for the drama) and with 5 people vying for the TV, I only get to watch an episode or two a week. Sometimes I even forget I have it to watch.

Every time a new episode of Fixer Upper comes out, my 12 y/o daughter and I eagerly download it and watch it, so those will be over soon. I’m super bummed this is their last season.

What other shows should I watch? Anything new I can start, now that everything I like to watch is ending?

I also want to finish reading The Magnolia Story and Lauren Graham’s Talking As Fast As I Can, and then I can get into another novel. My daughter gave me the Lauren Graham book for Christmas, and I started it and then started the Gaines’ story, and I haven’t finished either.

This is what social media has done to me. I used to read a book like one of those in a single afternoon. It’s such a sad commentary on our culture, isn’t it? I mean, if I’ve lost all ability to read a book from start to finish, how on earth are our kids supposed to learn to do so with all the distractions at their fingertips? I really try not to think about it too much.

Speaking of kids, my son spent the night with a friend at one of the two colleges he’s been accepted to, so I can’t wait to hear more about that when he gets home. It should be good for him to see the dorms and get a taste of college life, and hopefully this experience will help him make up his mind about which college he wants to attend, as he still hasn’t made a commitment.

It is surreal to think of him not being here with us, but I know it has to happen sometime.

Last night when I was out to dinner with just Paul and the girls, one of them said, “This is going to be what it’s like next year when D’s off at college. Just the four of us.”

Yep. I guess so.

It’s all good, though. As long as I know he’s where he wants to be and he’s having fun, I think I’ll be okay. As one of you pointed out once before, it’s not the first one that’s so hard to let go, it’s the last. And that makes sense. The house will still be full and plenty chaotic with the two girls at home, but when it’s time to send my youngest off to college and I’m looking at an empty nest, I may not be as chill about it as I am with this one.

So anyway, what are you all up to today? After church, I have no plans. I really am going to try to take it easy, read a book, lay on a heating pad, and see if I can get to feeling better.

Before I let you go, don’t forget, registration for the next session of Adore Your Wardrobe closes on Tuesday night, and the course starts on Wednesday, January 31st! If you’ve been on the fence, don’t wait to long. Kelly does not accept late registrations.

I guess that’s about it for me! Hope y’all have a lovely and restful Sunday.

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  1. Ugh, back issues are the worst. I’ve struggled with painful flare ups for nearly 20 years, so I know how miserable it can be. I wish I had some sound advice, but I usually end up just riding it out with ibuprofen. I went to a chiropractor years ago and my issues got even worse, so I’m a bit of a baby about seeing anyone about nowadays. Really hoping yours resolves on its own and soon!

  2. I had similar back/shoulder pain a week or two ago after being away from home for a few weeks and sleeping in a different bed. At least a few times since then I’d place a tennis ball on the inside of my shoulder blade (while lying on the floor); every minute or so I’d move it to a different pressure point in that area. I found that it really helps, especially if you do it regularly.

  3. Hi Jo-Lynne- Just now reading your post as we had a busy Sunday after church. So, so sorry to hear about your continuing back problem. I too, have a “pinch” near my left shoulder blade after lifting weights a couple of weeks ago. It is slowly getting better- but backed off on the weights and doing lots of stretching! I pray that yours gets better very soon! I always appreciate how real you are and please don’t ever think that you can not share your thoughts about anything on your blog. I know you have prayer warriors out there and God hears our prayers! Also, I just tuned in to “Victoria”, which I watched last season and didn’t realize it was in the second season. You would probably enjoy it! Take care! xo

  4. I’m catching up today, as yesterday was a rather busy one. I can’t say much that hasn’t already been said, but, you definitely keep things real and I appreciate that so, so much! I hope you’re feeling better today. Back pain is no fun! Please continue being you! You’re authentic and you make us feel like we really know you. 
    I love the show, This is Us, but the season finale is on after the Super Bowl, and I already have my box of tissues ready as I know this is going to be an emotional finale. #imacrybaby  I watch reruns of Gilmore Girls, and Parenthood on Netflix. I wish I knew of something new to watch, but I don’t. 
    Again, I hope you’re feeling better, and find a solution. 

  5. Are you familiar with the jack Rogers brand of sandals ? I love all the different colors for summer. I was also wondering your feeling so on the Lilly Pulitzer brand. Do you think it’s too predictable or too young for the over 40? I do own some tropical prints 

    1. Yes, I like them but I feel like when I tried them in the past they sat up too high on my foot or something. I can’t remember why I couldn’t wear them. As far as Lilly P, I think it’s a regional thing. 🙂 There is a store up here but I rarely see anyone wearing it. It’s way more popular in the south or in wealthy pockets of our area closer to the city. For me personally, it just doesn’t really suit my style aesthetic, but I can definitely appreciate it on those who like it. If you like it, go for it! 🙂

  6. Jolynne, I am not sure if I am going to answer your question about your back, but as a nurse I am going to try. First AGE…..UGH, yes, there come a time in your life (well at least mine), when after a few incidents, I was like WHAT IS GOING ON??? I am 51 and have always power walked, gone to the gym etc….Well a few years ago, I was building a stream in our back yard and those 40-50 pound long rocks wacked my back out for the longest time. It was brutal. Then came the balance issue. I have been a single mom for 15 years, but beside that, I am one of those women who thinks they can do anything. I love getting on my ladder and doing stuff. Clean the gutters, fix something, chainsaw a branch. Well, one time the ladder fell over. No biggie, just sore for a day or so. Then a year later, I am walking down my stairs and “bam:, down I go and those rails did not stop me. So, clearly, I have noticed ‘with age’, my balance is not what it used to be, and my whole body is just different with the things I do. I lay on a heating pad all of the time. But to keep my comment from going on forever, I will tell you what has worked. When I stretch in the morning, I do a lot better in the day!! My father passed away 2 months ago from complications of end stage dementia. Well, my mom and I took care of daddy in their home. Sadly, as his ability to do anything gradually faded, he became total care. We had our caregivers come into the house, but before I did any lifting, pushing pulling or anythingm, I put on my back belt that I got at Target. Someone may be out there laughing, but my mother broke her back and her doctor did not diagnose her for 12 weeks. As a result she has no feeling from the knee down and her back pain can be brutal. So, I am taking measures now, so at 60 or 70, I have good back health. You may want to ask your doctor for a mild muscle relaxer. On occassion, when I was really getting daddy up, it did a number on my back. So there were weeks where I took one right before bed because I just over did it and it really loosened up my muscles overnight as I was sleeping. Since he has passed away, mom and I made a comment on how our backs seem to be doing better. I went to work out last night and I am not sure which machine I may have overdone it on, but I woke up with a tight muscle right in the middle of my back. Sometimes, I will use the Icy Hot patches on my back (well, actually, I live with those things on). But all day I have been wearing my back thing because it just has been holding me in a bit. Think of an ace wrap that you would put on your childs sprained wrist or ankle. As we age, we need to be more aware of our limitations and just ADJUST. I can still do what I could when I was 20 or 30, but I have to take a little more time and thought so I don’t really hurt my back one day like my mom did, or lose my balance and fall. I hope that helps. I feel for you with your back pain. It is no fun! I don’t think that anyone who complains about their life is a whiner. We all have our own struggles and it is nice to get situations off of our chest from time to time or listen to someone else and in some sort of way I think “gee, I am not the only one with these issues”. So, it certainly does not bother me. I hope your back gets to feeling better.

    1. Wow, that is all very interesting. I don’t even know what I did to cause this, although I did work out the day before, but my trainer is pretty good about knowing just how far to push me. That said, I do think I need more stretching, on a regular basis. It is evident in how I keep “tweaking” these muscles in different parts of my body. Thanks for all your input.

  7. Some people, especially larger chested women, just are not meant to run any more by a certain age. Reduce to walking with hand weights for a good workout (we have hills in our neighborhood, so we get that extra effort in our walks) and you will take the bouncing stress off your spine. (Coming from a couple of decades of experience on you with a top heavy build and back problems, too.) Also, when I’ve had back problems, I go to a chiropractor. The new school chiro doesn’t use the harsh adjusments of the old school. I’ve had great results walking into the chiro’s office all bent over and walking out standing straight, once again. Just passing along my successes in back problems.

  8. Love your blog!  Try the series “Grace and Frankie” on Netflix!!  It’s an awesome show and great to binge watch! 

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