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Greetings and happy Saturday! I’m having some technical difficulties this morning so I’m hoping I can get this posted. Crossing my fingers!

Instagram Roundup | Winter Outfit Ideas

It’s been almost a month since I posted an Instagram Roundup, so this one is a bit of a doozie! I’m going to focus more on my daily outfits and what I actually wore and skip over some of the looks you’ve probably already seen on the blog, although I’ll share a few of those that feature an item that’s currently on sale.

If you’re the type to buy ahead, or like to purchase classic pieces at a discount, this is the best time to shop for winter clothes. Of course, inventory tends to be picked over, so that’s the challenge — finding what you want in your size. But if you do, you can get some great deals.

Also, I’m trying something new today to save time. Rather than linking all the items under the picture, I’m linking to my page. You should be able to click on the pictures of the items to shop, if you desire. Hopefully the links are all up to date, I usually double check them all as I link each piece in a post, but it was do it this way or not get a post up this morning. (See above re: technical difficulties.)

Let’s get started!

This is an outfit I wore to church a few weeks ago when it was like 2 degrees outside. I am not even joking. Two degrees in Philadelphia is crazytown. And our church meets in a school gymnasium that does not have heat. Or if it does, you’d never know it. Everyone was layered up and wearing coats that week.

winter outfit: wool paloma coat over green mockneck sweater

These pants I’m wearing are fleece lined. I KNOW. Amazing. But bad news… I have NO idea where to tell you to get a pair. They came from Goodnight Macaroon like a bazillion years ago. They look like nice ankle pants, but they are soooo warm. I also layered a striped turtleneck under one of my warmest sweaters and wore my UGG boots. I love these boots because they’re warm and waterproof but also fairly dressy. Then on top I wore my Paloma coat, and yes, I kept it on for most of the morning. Get all the outfit details HERE.

winter outfit: wool paloma coat over green mockneck sweater

I wore this next outfit to a meeting with my accountant. Exciting life I lead! I was going to a professional office so I wanted to look nicer than my average so I wore this cowlneck tunic with black jeans and black booties, and I wore my new favorite grey cocoon coat. Get all the outfit details HERE.

winter outfit: grey cocoon coat with plum cowlneck tunic

This is one of my basic daily outfits that I actually wore to a family Christmas gathering, but I posted the picture weeks later to share the idea of a simple but classy outfit made of closet classics – cashmere v-neck sweater, AG skinny jeans, black suede mules. Then I just added a few of my favorite accessories – pearl earrings, silver link bracelet, mixed metal pendant necklace, and red nail polish. All details HERE.

winter outfit: grey cashmere sweater with skinny jeans and black suede mules

You may recognize this lavender sweater from this blog post where I paired it with white jeans. I wore it around the house one day with my favorite AG jeans and these white loafers. I’m still not sure I love these loafers… they’re a little safe. But I’m going to try them a few other ways and see how it goes. Get all the outfit details HERE.

winter outfit: lavender mockneck sweater with AG raw hem ankle skinny jeans and white loafers

This was a date night outfit. We met another couple for dinner, and I dressed up for the fun of it in this cashmere sweater dress I picked up at Bloomingdale’s for something like 60% off. There are still a few sizes left. Definitely size up in this. I’m wearing the medium. I also highly recommend a slip. I linked my favorite HERE.

winter outfit: cashmere sweater dress with OTK boots

This was a church outfit. It was still pretty chilly this week, and I wanted to be sure to be warm enough so I layered again. I tend to shy away from layers because they feel bulky to me, but sometimes it is necessary.

This striped tee is from J.Crew Factory, and it’s really good, but I think sold out now. The sweater is also sold out. It was an #NSale purchase. I wore my chocolate brown OTK boots and dark blue jeans. OTK boots are warm, and that was the main reason I chose them. Plus I just don’t wear these as often as I’d like. These were ALSO an #NSale purchase. Sorry!

But I think this is one of those outfits you can replicate with similar items – striped tee, camel cardigan, dark wash skinny jeans, brown OTK boots. Or even swap out OTK boots for ankle boots, and wear a different color cardigan. Go with what you have in your closet. All details HERE.

winter outfit: striped tee with camel cardigan and chocolate brown over-the-knee boots

This casual outfit was from a day at home. This sweatshirt is soooo soft and comfortable. I know the price tag is ridic, but I love it to pieces. I don’t have very many super casual tops like this, so I find myself wearing it a lot when I just want to be comfy but still want to look cute. Well, heck, I always want to look cute. Who doesn’t? Ha!

And these Hudson jeans are also really comfortable. People can never believe it when I say this, but I actually don’t even own sweatpants or yoga pants right now besides my running tights and leggings. I have one pair of joggers that are no where near as comfortable as my favorite jeans. My summer cropped joggers are super comfy, but the winter ones I bought with the intent of wearing them at home when I want to be reallllly comfortable just aren’t all that. And they weren’t cheap. So hmph. All details HERE.

CHEERS sweatshirt

I wore this outfit to meet a friend for breakfast on a weekday – just one of my favorite cashmere v-neck sweaters, skinny jeans, flat black leather OTK boots, and my grey cocoon coat on top. All details HERE.

J.Crew wool cocoon coat

This textured bell sleeve sweater is 50% off the sale price right now, and it’s really soft and cozy. It comes in a slew of pretty pastels. Also these jeans are $75 and I really like them. Sizes are limited, but they do seem to come and go so it’s worth keeping an eye on them if you like them. All details HERE.

LOFT pastel pink sweater with Madewell Roadtripper skinny jeans

Another casual day at home. I probably left the house to run a few errands, but maybe not. I still tend to put on shoes when I’m just here at home. For one thing, my kids break a glass at least once a week, and I’m always the one who ends up stepping on some random shard that didn’t get picked up by the vacuum cleaner. Sometimes I wear slippers, but more often than not, I put on loafers or ballet flats. I love how these leopard mules level up a basic black turtleneck and jeans. And I just picked up this purse to show you how cute it is. Ha! It’s only $48 too. All details HERE.

winter outfit inspo: black Vince turtleneck with AG skinny jeans and Michael Kors leopard mules

I wore this outfit to see Les Mis in Philly one night. This grey cowl sweater was an #NSale purchase and no longer available, but I just basically paired a grey sweater with black jeans and black booties. I wore my Paloma coat on top because it’s warm and it makes me feel super stylish with the asymmetrical zip and dramatic fur hood. All details HERE.

winter outfit

Last week, it warmed up enough to ditch the heavy winter coats so I went out to run some errands one day in my taupe suede moto over a black donegal turtleneck with skinny jeans and my black suede mules. All details HERE.

winter outfit: taupe suede moto with black turtleneck and black suede mules

I wore this last Saturday to run errands with the girls. It was another mild day. This striped sweater is a great little transition piece. Unfortunately these booties are sold out so I linked to similar, but mine have a lower heel, which I like. I wish they’d bring them back! All details HERE.

boyfriend jeans and ankle boots

This picture only went on my Instagram Story because I am persnickety about how my Instagram grid looks so I don’t like to post 2 mirror selfies beside each other. I know, OCD much? Anyway. This is what I wore to have drinks with a friend. I ended up putting my leather jacket on top.

I struggle with the taller ankle boots that are trending and skinny jeans. I had to cuff my jeans, and I feel like it looks awkward. Even if I fold them under the other way, for a cleaner line, they look funny where they hit the top of the boots. If I tuck them, they bulge a little bit.

So I ended up buying yet ANOTHER pair of ankle boots, which you’ll see in a picture below, that have a slightly taller and wider shaft than these, and they work better with my jeans tucked in. Fashion is hard, y’all. (And expensive when you buy 2 pairs of basically the same boots, trying to make them work with your jeans.)

I don’t have a LTK link for this outfit since I didn’t post to my IG feed, so I’ll link everything below the picture as I often do.

black and white striped sweater with black jeans

sweater // jeans // booties // bag

I wore the plum sweater dress again with tights and OTK boots to church last week. I swapped out the accessories for more of a daytime look. Get the details HERE.

cashmere sweater dress

I came home and put on this casual outfit to watch the Eagles game. This is another picture that only went on my Insta Story, and I don’t have links to the outfit anyway. My brother and SIL gave me this sweatshirt for Christmas, and I love it. It’s fleece lined and so soft and cozy. I can’t find it online anywhere though.

casual converse and jeans outfit

I wore this outfit to the mall one day earlier this week. This plum leather jacket is a few years old, and I really should wear it more. It has a detachable grey hood made of sweatshirt material that gives it a fun casual vibe so I usually wear it over a t-shirt with jeans as seen here. It has knit panels on the backs of the sleeves so it’s really comfortable to wear all day, and it’s actually fairly warm too. I linked up similar products since most of this outfit is old. Get the details HERE.

plum leather jacket with t-shirt and jeans

This is the outfit I wore to my husband’s 20th anniversary party at his work. I can’t believe we are old enough to be celebrating 20 years of employment but here we are! People at his office know about my blog, so I wanted to be sure I looked the part of a fashion blogger. Ha!

These are the ankle boots I mentioned above with the taller shaft. They’re Nine West, and I found them on Amazon for $39. #SCORE! I just bought the Sam Edelman ones that are giving me fits, and they were over $100, so I didn’t want to buy another pair of pricey boots, but I was determined to find a pair that work to achieve the look I want, so I ordered these and they worked out! I’m hoping the SE boots will still work with some outfits because they’re gorgeous boots and they’ve been worn so I can’t return them, but these Nine West booties achieve the look I’m going for much more easily. All details HERE.

colorblock sweater with black jeans and black leather jacket

I came back home and changed into blue jeans and loafers for the rest of the day. The black jeans I wore to my husband’s office are kind of snug (I still haven’t gotten serious about dropping those holiday pounds) and these are super comfy because I sized up. And of course flats are more practical for hanging out at home than booties with 3” heels.

colorblock sweater with blue skinnies and mules

I wore this outfit here at home one day this week. I love this red whipstitched sweater on dreary days, and it’s also going to come in handy for Valentine’s Day next month. Not that V-Day is some major season or anything, but it is so dreary this time of year, I’ll take any excuse to don a bright red sweater! Not that I really need an excuse… but with all the neutrals that are trending right now, the red does kind of jump out at you.

Also, these jeans are the Vigoss Jagger for $64, and I give them my official denim-snob seal of approval. I wore them all day and they didn’t bag out at all, and I daresay they’re as comfortable as my AGs. What I don’t love so much about them is the wash – I think that’s where you can tell that they’re cheaper jeans, the way they sandblast the lighter areas isn’t done as nicely, but for the price, they’re excellent jeans. I just wish they were an inch longer. They’re 27” and I prefer 28” or 29” – but if you are petite, you may really like these! Details HERE.

red sweater with blue skinnies and ballet flats

This is an outfit I wore to meet with an attorney earlier this week, so again, I was trying to look somewhat decent for being in a professional office building. Plus any excuse to dress up a bit works for me! Everything I’m wearing is pretty basic, and you’ve seen it all before. I just ordered this layered necklace from Stella & Dot, and it’s a really great little piece to have. I find myself going for it often. I like the delicate styles like this better than bigger statement necklaces, for some reason. They just seem to suit me better.

camel cashmere sweater, leather jacket, skinny jeans, and L.K. Bennett pumps

Also, those shoes look black, but they’re actually a gorgeous oxblood color, AND I just noticed that they’re 40% off! These are the L.K.Bennett pumps I reviewed for Zappo’s a few months back. Here’s a better picture of the shoes. Get all details on the above outfit HERE.

L.K. Bennett Sersha Pumps in Oxblood Suede

And finally, the outfit I wore yesterday to the mall and to my daughter’s basketball game last night. Nothing new in the world, just keeping it real, yo! Details HERE.

black turtleneck outfit

Without the blog pictures mixed in, I realize this is mirror selfie overload, but I was asked a few times in my reader survey what I REALLY wear, and this is it!

Okay, crossing my fingers this baby actually posts. Hope y’all have a great Saturday!

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