Coffee Talk 02.09.20

It was a long week, but a busy weekend here in Casa de Shane! Paul was away in San Francisco all week for work, and as if right on schedule, Becca came down with the flu.

The weather was rainy and miserable too, which seemed fitting. We just hunkered down and took it easy. I made a couple batches of soup, and we watched a lot of TV.

By Friday, Becca was on the mend, and David came in for dinner. Paul got home later that night, and I slept better than I have in weeks. There’s something to be said for having the whole family under one roof.

Paul, Caroline, and I spent most of yesterday at car dealerships… that was exhausting, let me tell you! I usually enjoy the process, but by the end of the day, I was no longer at the top of my game.

We should have walked away and reviewed our options over the weekend, but instead, we agreed to purchase the last car we drove without much negotiation. I had done my homework, though, and it really was a good deal.

I can’t help but wonder if we could have gotten the price down a bit more if we’d waited a few days and played it cool, but Caroline is thrilled, and I think it will be a nice little first car for her.

We don’t get to pick it up until Monday, though, so she was bummed not to get to drive it home last night. Oh, well, waiting is good practice.

Speaking of waiting…

I finally saw my doctor to read the MRI for my hip on Thursday, and the first thing he said when he walked into the room was, “You’ve lost weight!”

That made my day.

He asked what I’ve been doing, and I told him intermittent fasting, and he was all for it. I knew I liked this guy.

The scale has actually gone back up a little bit in the past couple of weeks, and while I know the scale doesn’t tell the whole story, it was nice to have someone else notice a change.

I took my measurements again yesterday, and they’re still down a good inch to inch-and-a-half, so that was reassuring too. That’s what really matters, after all.

I keep reminding myself that IF is a lifestyle, not a diet, and I’m in it for the long haul. The health benefits are worth it to me, even if I never lose another pound.

I’ve been listening to the Intermittent Fasting Stories podcast every time I’m in the car or go for a walk, and it really helps to hear different people’s stories. Everyone’s journey is a little bit different, and I glean new insights and information from each one.

I’m also about half-way through The Obesity Code, and it is so good.

A lot of the research studies he references, and the history of how our processed food culture came to be, is familiar to me from the research I did back when I was discovering the real food movement.

(How ridiculous and sad is it that we need a movement to discover real food again? The processed food industry has really messed us up as a culture.)

He takes it all a step further than that, though. He totally debunks the calories in/calories out theory that has been our diet dogma for so long, and unlocks the root cause of obesity.

Spoiler alert: It’s insulin.

The more I read, the more I’m in awe of his work. I want to give a copy to everyone I know, but that would be awkward…

So anyway, back to my hip.

The MRI revealed an anterior labral tear — a common injury with no quick fix. Well, the quick fix is surgery, but I’m not there yet. We are going to take the wait-and-see approach, and hope it heals on its own.

The steroid pack I took last month helped temporarily, but the pain came back as soon as I was done with them, so this time he put me on an anti-inflammatory to see if we can get it to calm down that way.

Exercises can help too, so he wants me to continue working out with my trainer. She actually referred me to this doctor, so he knows her and trusts her to work with me safely. When I told her what the diagnosis is, she immediately started modifying our workouts.

He wants me to alternate slow jogging and walking with shorter strides, so I’m not doing the same repetitive motion over and over, and I’m not stretching that muscle too far.

The desk situation is also a factor, so I’m going to try to sit at my desk less if I can possibly help it. I want to order one of those adjustable table-top desks so I can stand some of the time.

No one knows why I tend to get so many weird injuries with no obvious cause, but I guess some people are just injury-prone.

I also wonder if it’s because I didn’t get active until later in life. I was in my late 30s when I started running and working out regularly, so my body wasn’t conditioned for it.

Anyway, I’m just glad I finally found a doctor who gets to the bottom of things and wants to keep me active.

The MRI also showed an ovarian cyst, which might shed some light on why I’ve been having such horrific monthly cycles. I need to see my GYN to follow up on that. I tell ya, getting old is for the birds.

Well, this was quite the ramble!

I don’t even have any relevant pictures to break it up. I’ll get a picture of Caroline with her new car on Monday; we were too tired yesterday to even think about it.

This week, the counter people are coming out to measure for my quartzite, and I’m hoping to get my new cooktop and vent fan installed.

As far as the blog is concerned, I have a Q&A planned for Tuesday, a massive Try-On Haul coming to you on Friday, and 3 new transition looks besides that!

If you have any questions for the Q&A, email them to me with FEB Q&A in the subject line, and I’ll do my best to get to them all.

I’m also adding regularly to my Nordstrom Looks page, and I recently updated my Amazon Shop, so be sure you’re following me in both of those places.

And that’s all I’ve got.

It looks like the sun is shining and the wind has died down, so I’m going out for a walk/jog before church.

I hope you have a relaxing and blessed Sunday!

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33 thoughts on “Coffee Talk 02.09.20

  1. Wow, that is a lot of news for the Shane household! I remember when I got my first car so I know that this is an exciting time for Caroline. Thank goodness for the MRI and an excellent doctor and I hope that you will be feeling better in all areas very soon. Have a wonderful day!

  2. Sounds like we shared a very similar week. Our son had the nose cold for a few days( I gave him zinc tablets for cold boosting) which seemed to help. I had my second colonoscopy this week and as usual I don’t seem to handle how I feel afterwards very well. I think it’s the sedation that leaves me nauseous and sick to my stomach. However the results were great once again ( I get this done due to family history) then my husband came down with head cold number two !! So I’ve been helping him to get mended over the weekend, He is self employed so taking a day off is hard.. plus we had a full day of freezing rain which left inches of ice over everything.. But yesterday and today the sun is out.. and tomorrow is a new week.. Sorry to hear you’re dealing with some health issues. Sometimes Things just happen no matter how good we are  at trying to stay healthy and fit. Glad to hear Becca is on the mend as well.

    1. In total, about 5-6 pounds. But most of that was the first couple weeks. Now I’m holding steady, which is fine. I don’t really want to lose much more, but I’d like to stay at this weight or below. I think it will click in after a few more weeks. It takes time.

      Are you in the Delay Don’t Deny FB Group? Lots of helpful advice in there.

  3. I love your Coffee Talk posts. I learn so much (about you and about other really relevant topics.) I hope your hip improves soon. I am finding all the information about IF so interesting. I am Day 21 today. I am still very hungry, and I think I may have a bit more energy (hard to tell since I am on the go all day every day). I am still having some headaches, but nothing horrible. I have lost a few pounds, and overall 1.5 inches (.5 inches in 3 areas) so that is progress. Cannot wait to see the new car – I still remember the morning of my daughter’s 16 birthday when she went out (in her PJs in March) and sat in her “new to her” car. She was thrilled. Have a great Sunday.

    1. That sounds exciting. As far as being hungry, are you doing a squeaky clean fast? No cream or sugars or anything but black coffee, tea, or water? From what I understand, that’s one of the keys to adjusting without being hungry. I still get hunger pains from time to time, but nothing extreme.

      1. I drink only plain water during my fasts (in fact, that is mostly all I drink even during my open window. Once a week I have half a glass of wine with dinner.) I am sure my body will adjust to the changes. Seeing all the stories on the Facebook page, I know that I will keep at this until I feel and see the changes that so many others are seeing. I want to lose the 10 pounds I have gained, but more importantly I want to feel healthier and more energetic. Thank you for inspiring me to try this.

        1. I just read something that made me think of you. I’m at the end of The Obesity Code where he is answering common questions about IF. He says salt can help headaches. Maybe add some to bone broth.

  4. I’ve listened to the same podcast. I’m 49 and I’m really glad to be doing IF for all of the health benefits it may bring. For me, energy is one of them! Have a wonderful and restful Sunday!

  5. I know that you are so happy to have Paul back home and that David came in for the weekend.  And Becca being better is a good thing.  I can’t wait to see Caroline with her new car!  At least insurance is cheaper on girls than boys.  I finally woke up and realized that I have been consuming way to much sugar, making my digestive system real unhappy, so at the beginning of this past week, I’ve backed off.  Because we live in a very rural area and 30+ miles away from a store with quality fresh vegetables, processed and frozen foods will remain a part of our diet.  However, that does not mean that I can’t make better choices when buying groceries.  I really wish I hated sweets!  Have a blessed day with your whole family!

  6. Congrats on purchasing a car for Caroline! She must be thrilled. Car shopping….. Ugh……😝 its up there with root canals for me. It just takes hours and all the haggling just wears me out. Its exhausting! Sometimes your time is more worth saving the little bit. Sounds like you got a good deal so congratulations! Hope the anti inflammatory meds help with your hip. Its aggravating to try to live a healthy lifestyle and get injured but that’s life. Enjoy your Sunday!

  7. Sorry to hear about your hip injury. My son just got his license too and he is ecstatic! Luckily, we were able to pass on our spare 8 year old Toyota and he has already made it his own. Watching him at this stage in life brings back so many of my own memories when I was his age. Too be young again ❤!

    1. That’s nice when you have a car to pass down. We passed down Paul’s Honda Accord to David, but not C is in need of something. Paul’s car is a manual, and she’s not interested in learning that. I don’t want her driving my MDX all the time, so it’s good for her to have something of her own. I hope it lasts her a good long time. I drove my first car for over 10 years! LOL!

  8. I began IF a month ago. At first the scale didn’t move but about week three I was four pounds down- Yay! Like you it’s ticked up a bit, but I feel better and I see a difference overall. I will definitely keep going as I feel better, have more energy and sleep great. Thank you for sharing your journey with us!

    1. Glad you’re having success! I saw that Gin posted a chart in her FB group about typical weight loss pattern with IF, and it looks like it’s normal to see weight loss the first couple weeks (mostly water) and then level off for weeks 3-6 while the body adjusts, and then when autophagy kicks in, it starts moving again. I’m on the brink, about 6 weeks in, so looking forward to that!

  9. So glad you are enjoying The Obesity Code.  That was the book that started me on IF. The chapter on artificial sweeteners convinced me to give up the diet cokes-a daily habit for at least 30 yrs! 

    1. Yes! good for you! I read a lot of that beginning info many years ago, and I got off Coke (never liked diet) and was the best thing I ever did. It was cool to see this book bringing all that info to light again, and then taking it a step further to really tackle the weight loss.

  10. Hope your hip heels on it’s own!!  I wanted to thank you for introducing Gin and her FB group.  I’ve listened to her book and plan on buying the obesity code .   I enjoy IF and feel a lot better!  Hope you have a great Sunday 🙂 

  11. Well at least you know and can follow drs orders. Car shopping can be exhausting. Hope no one else gets flu. I’ve got sinus crud. Probably all our changing weather. I may just lay on sofa all day.

  12. Hi Jo Lynne!

    Intermittent fasting is the BOMB. The Obesity Code makes it all clear. After I read it, years of guilt and self-flagellation rolled off my back. IF broke the game for me. I exercise, sure, but for the fun of it, not to stay a certain size. Whew!

    1. I just finished The Obesity Code last night. Read it all afternoon. It is loooong. I really hope people will stick it out b/c if you’re not like me and totally fascinated by the subject, I can see how someone might give up on it. But it makes so many things clear. I need to read again after a few months and maybe will be able to retain more of the info, but at least I get the big picture. I am waiting to get to the point where I’m really in autophagy, I think I’m on the brink. I’m 6 weeks in.

  13. I have a labral tear in my hip, too!!  The best results I’ve had was physical therapy along with an anti-inflammatory. That was last Fall and now I’m still babying it and continuing some exercises at home that my PT gave me. I’m hoping to avoid surgery, but we’ll see.  I’d really love to get out and walk on nice days, but I’m afraid I’ll make my hip worse. Yay for being 59 3/4. 😟

    1. Good to know. I did walk yesterday and I feel like it’s not good for it… but ugh, to not do any cardio will really put me in a blue funk. I guess I’ll keep doing my 30 min and listen to my body and not push it. I slowed it down at the end, when I felt like I had kind of done enough.

  14. Congrats on your daughter’s car! I am glad you are getting to the bottom of your health issues. I rea!ly need to go in for a yearly check up this year and also probably get a mammogram

  15. Truly enjoy these post… thanks for sharing! I also do IF and find it beneficial.  Can’t wait to see Caroline and her new car.  Such an exciting time!
    Pray you feel better soon.

  16. FEB Q&A –
    This is probably an odd question, 🙂 I have noticed that bloggers sit in the passenger seat when making video’s. Is this intentional, you sit there just to take a video then get on the drivers side to drive? Do you have a driver? Do you just sit in your driveway to do this? Just curious. Seems odd.

    1. That is so funny. I think they are usually in the passenger seat if their husband or someone else is driving. If they are alone, they are probably in the driver seat. I know I always am. But maybe it looks backwards because of the camera?

  17. I was diagnosed with a hip labral tear a few years ago. I hope you can get it under control. I have found a cortisone injection works better than pills. Also lots of stretching. I’m down to only needing one shot a year and so no surgery needed at this point! Hope for the same for you! 

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