COFFEE TALK 02.16.20 ☕️

Good morning! This will be a much shorter Coffee Talk than the past few weeks. I don’t have nearly as much to share, and I’ve also been puttering around this morning and left myself with only about 30 minutes to write this post!

Our week started out with picking up C’s car that we bought last weekend. Funny, that seems like a month ago, rather than this past Monday.

She’s thrilled to have her own set of wheels, and I’m thrilled that she’s no longer tooling around in my MDX, so it’s a win-win!

A few of you asked what we got for her. After driving a couple Civics, an Impreza, a Prius, a Corolla, and a couple of Jettas, we decided on a 2016 Jetta.

I was Team Civic, and that was her second choice, but she really loved the interior of the Jetta — Paul has a GTI, so it was familiar to her.

What tipped the scale was finding a 2016 Jetta in practically brand-new condition and at a really great price. It doesn’t have any upgrades, and it had been on the lot for a while, so the price was lower than any of the other options we were considering.

We weren’t planning to get her anything that new, but when we found this one, we couldn’t turn it down. We drove several much older cars with way more miles that were going for the same price. Oh, and this one was even certified by VW!

It also happens to be red, so it’s a really sweet car for a teenage girl, and she’s delighted. I believe I promised a picture…

She’s been loving the extra freedom, and it came in super handy on Friday when I needed to drop my own car off at the shop and pick it up later in the day.

Usually we have to work those trips around Paul’s work schedule, but she was able to take me both ways when it suited my schedule, which was really convenient. Having a teenage driver in the house certainly has its perks!

In other news, our kitchen reno project is finally going to start moving again this week.

The new cabinet that’s replacing the desk in the kitchen comes in on Tuesday, and my new counters get installed on Thursday. Then the painters come next Monday to start working on the cabinets! To say I’m excited is a vast understatement.

I’ve picked out handles for the cabinets, which we need to order ASAP. The painters are going to install them for us before rehanging my cabinet doors (they will be painted off-site) so I need to have them by next week.

We also picked out our backsplash, which is scheduled to go in the week after the painting is done, so it will be a whirlwind few weeks. The next thing I know, it will be March, and my kitchen will be brand-spanking new!

Later in March, C and I are flying to Boston to attend my cousin’s bridal shower, so that’s something else to look forward to. I got those tickets squared away yesterday, so that’s one more thing I can check off my to-do list.

And that’s about all I’ve got! I’m off to get ready for church.

We’re going to pick up D afterwards and go down to visit with my in-laws this afternoon, so that will be fun. I haven’t seen them since the holidays.

Have a relaxing and blessed Sunday!

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18 thoughts on “COFFEE TALK 02.16.20 ☕️

  1. I love the new car! So fun! Do you have any good recommendations on where to stay in Boston? I’m currently planning a weekend away!

  2. This was a very informative post!  The older we get the faster time seems to be flying by.  You are definitely going to have a very busy and exciting few weeks.  I can’t wait to see pictures of the refurbished kitchen!  The rain had moved back in here and will be here, on & off, thru Thursday, I believe.  Thankfully, even though yesterday was chilly it was very sunny.  Enjoy your day!

  3.  Caroline  looks  so happy with her car.  that smile is awesome !   My daughter  who just turned 17 has no interest in driving at all.  one she will come around.  have  a great time at  your in laws.  

  4. That’s interesting that you mention you have an MDX. We’re heading to Reno today to check out the 2020 Car Show and the MDX is one my husband wants to definitely look at. Could you let me know what you think of your MDX, good or bad or meh. Thanks!

    1. I’m very happy with it overall. It’s a 2017 and they’ve since added Android Auto and Apple CarPlay. Mine doesn’t have that. I don’t like the transmission but I’m pretty sure that has been changed too. I’ve thought of upgrading but it still feels new to me and it’s paid for so I’ll keep it for a while. I enjoy driving it and I think it looks nice.

    2. Tina,
      Take a look at the Nissan Murano fully loaded SUV. We were huge Acura RDX/ MDX fans and owners for years. Went to a car show a couple of years ago and compared the Acura MDX to Nissan Murano and were pleasantly surprised. Way more safety features, better Navi package and $20K cheaper 😲 The Murano seats are so comfortable. Ended up buying a fully loaded Murano. Are loving it. Happy car shopping! Going to an auto show is a smart way to car shop and compare features. You can sit in car after car with no aggressive sales rep bothering you.
      – Yelena

      1. I so agree with you! We were Acura/Honda people and last year purchased a fully loaded used Nissan Murano. Love it and all of the features! The interior is beautiful.

  5. I have been a loyal VW owner since my first car. Some people want a new car every time they blink but I would far rather be “green” and keep my cars longer. I am wondering about doing your backsplash before your freshly painted cabinets are back in place….I would be worried that they would get marked-up while the backsplash is being done….

  6. Congrats to Caroline! My son turns 16 in April, and we are giving him his dad’s Honda CRV- a 2015. And buying his dad a new car!

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