Coffee Talk 02.19.17

Coffee Talk with Jo-Lynne

Is it just me, or is February flying by? It’s hard to believe that at this time next week, I’ll be wrapping up my weekend in Nashville.

Cyndi and I are meeting up down there, and we’ve scheduled a couple of photo shoots with local photographers. I think it will be fun to work with someone other than our husbands for a change. We also want to wrap up a project we are working on that we actually started when we were there last year. Procrastinate much? LOL!! And somewhere in there, we hope to fit in some shopping because we are starting 27 Days of Spring Fashion on March 1st.

I’m hoping the weather is nicer than it was when we were there last year. We about froze. It was really quite miserable, and we weren’t doing photo shoots that time. We planned this trip for a little bit later in the season (we went in January last year) hoping for nicer weather.

Speaking of weather (because I can’t seem to write a post without a weather report) we’ve been enjoying unseasonably mild weather this weekend. It started out about 26 degrees yesterday morning, and I was pretty uncomfortable shooting two spring looks, but by noon it was 60, and I think it hit 68 before it was all said done. Plus, the sun was shining so it was absolutely glorious. I was reveling in the sound of kids playing outside again, and there was even music playing at one point. The birds are singing outside my window this morning, and it’s already 55, so I’m excited for another spring-like day.

Of course, this is what Pennsylvania does to you. You get a few mild days in February, and you start to think spring might be on its way, and then March blasts you with frigid temperatures and biting winds. April isn’t always kind to us either, but for a few days in February, we get a glimpse of nicer days to come. I’ll take it while I can get it!

Speaking of 27 Days of Spring Fashion, I’d love to hear from you. What would you like to see this time?

For those of you who are new to my blog, 27 Days of Spring Fashion is when Cyndi and I team up to share a new outfit every day for 27 days (excluding Sundays) to show you what’s trending and give you a bunch of outfit ideas for spring. We do one of these for every season. While I don’t believe in being a slave to the trends, I think it’s helpful to know what is in style, and then we can all figure out how to make it work for our individual lifestyles, body types, budgets, etc.

It’s always a bit overwhelming to start a new seasonal style series. I want to include a variety of trends as well as different styles and levels of formality, and I have so many ideas floating around in my head. It’s tempting for me to style one casual outfit after the next because that’s my lifestyle, but I try to remember that many of you work outside the home or have events to attend and want ideas for that too. Plus we are all in different parts of the country (even the world!) so what is weather-appropriate here may be different than where you are. Organizing all of my ideas and the various pieces I’m purchasing into outfits that show variety and keep it interesting is a challenge, but it’s fun!

During these style challenges, I try to walk the line between being a personal style blogger (showcasing my personal style) and being a resource for you, so I’m open to your ideas and suggestions. I’ll do my best to incorporate as many as I can.

UPDATE: Oooh, I just got back from my run and discovered a DL1961 sale! Two days only, $50 off your order with code FLASH50! I recommend any of the Emma styles as well as the Florence cropped with the frayed hem. They also make bootcut and straight styles for those of you looking for those. Oh, and this is a great white jean.

With that, I’m off to get ready for church. I hope you have a blessed Sunday!

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  1. I would love to see tops that can be paired with jean shorts. I have jean shorts from Vanity Fair that I love, and I would love to see more tops that go with them. They are not quite knee length.

    This weather has me stir crazy for spring!

  2. I really go for your casual style too, but an occasional dressier look is good too. Most interested in colors and accessories that will help me to put together outfits I have and what does your core wardrobe include. I’m going on a cruise in June and need ideas for the comfiest shoes, sandals and outfits. I don’t wear shorts, so can we wear capris or crops? Phew…..I gave you a LOT!

  3. Everday around town , date night and walt disney world theme parks ,we have annually park hopper parks and only live a hour and half from there so will be there a lot. Of course anything you style will look great. Find myself matching looks you share all the time

  4. Good Morning Jo-Lynne! For Spring, I would love to see more options for incorporate flats beyond with jeans and not looking frumpy.. Seems whatever I do, there”s lots of walking! Thanks for asking for ideas! Love your fashion blog and personal touch!

  5. Hi Jo-Lynne! I’m glad y’all are enjoying a little taste of Spring. This week our highs will be in the 60’s & 70’s. I’d like to see you style at least one goof. In other words, show us an outfit that really doesn’t work, tell us why, then make adjustments so that it does work, sharing the changes, in case they are not obvious. I suspect there are some common mistakes we make, trying to be fashionable and on trend. My biggest upcoming challenge is going to be putting together outfits for the 3-4 weeks Larry is in the hospital, so that I’m stylish and very comfortable without taking my whole closet or wearing the exact same outfit several times. Knowing I will be stressed and tired, wearing complimentary colors near my face will be key. Have a blessed day!

    1. That’s a great idea to show an occasional goof. I feel like I’m getting better at not having those, but maybe showing the process of putting an outfit together (with some combinations that don’t work as well) would be helpful sometimes.

      1. Yes to white jeans that are made of thicker material. No see through white pants for me! We can wear blue jeans on our ‘dress down/spirit days’ on Friday.

  6. We have had a warm weekend too in the UK. everyone is out gardening and garden centre visiting it seems. It will no doubt get cold again. It always does try to catch us out like that. Hard to believe 2 weeks ago we had snow.

  7. Good morning-
    I would like to see basic outfits that can go from working at home to running errands and looking like I’m put together. I live in Minnesota, where it’s in the 50’s -60’s this weekend but they say a major snowstorm is coming next weekend-ugh!! So what I’m saying…layering outfits ( ideas with jean jackets, anorak jackets or a spring cardigan or two!!). Another idea-outfit to wear to a outside sporting event-baseball game or an outfit to wear to a concert. Just a few ideas…

    Thanks for all your great posts & outfits!!!

    1. Minnesota here too! As we heard towards spring on the calendar, I’d like to see layering as well. It easily goes from 30s in the morning to 60/70s afternoon and back to 40/50 when the sun goes down.

  8. I don’t want to get your hopes up, but I am in Nashville this weekend visiting my daughter who is in college here. It was a little chilly yesterday but today will be sunny and in the 70’s! They already have blooms on their trees. Hope the good weather continues for you. I enjoy your blog, although I never comment. We seem to have the same body shape so it is nice to get some fresh ideas of what works for me. Thanks!

  9. I echo many of the comments already made!
    Would love to see daytime graduation, graduation party, and other “dressy casual” spring daytime event looks along with a cover up option as the weather can be unpredictable here in suburban Chicago. All with a lower heel (but still stylish shoe) please!!
    Also “stylish fan” clothes for the many kids baseball, softball and soccer games I will attend this spring.

  10. Now that i’m older, I don’t feel as comfortable in shorts for summer. I’d like to see more casual skirts to take their place for woman 50 plus. Also, whether to tuck your shirt or not. I find with skirts, the shirts lately are too long to wear outside, making a dumpy look. Looking forward to the Spring fashion blogs to come and enjoy your time in Nashville. 🙂

    1. That is exactly why I don’t wear more skirts. I don’t care for the front-tuck with skirts, and that’s all I know to do with those longer tops. Fortunately more cropped styles are coming back in style!

  11. Remember the ” color me beautiful book ” how about advice and matching appropriate colors to different complexions that might be fun !! I think it makes a big difference , always enjoy your blog!

  12. Both you and Cyndi are brunettes so what about suggestions for us fair skinned, blond, red heads? I agree with some who have wanted alternatives to shorts because jeans and even crops are hot in the summer. What about capris? I love skirts but you have to look for a shorter, fitted top. Some of us also don’t like sleeveless and almost everything is sleeveless in the summer. Thanks for your blog!!

    1. Hey Kathy, do you follow Cassie at Hi Sugarplum? And what about Deborah at Fabulous After 40? They are both blond and have similar styles. They also do more work wear, for those looking for that. I agree with the sleeveless issue – I’ll keep that in mind for sure. Capris have been replaced by cropped styles (which are really pretty much the same thing, lol) and I’ll definitely be styling those for spring/summer! 🙂

  13. I love your posts- I like hearing about the weather! All of the suggestions for the spring style series sound great and I want to thank you again for introducing me to dl1961 jeans- my first venture into premium denim. (Took the plunge when Kelly Snyder told us about a sale in Adore Your Wardrobe and just ordered a second pair when you updated us! )
    You always cheer me up!

  14. Hi Jo-Lynne,
    My son is graduating high school and has a daytime ceremony in the beginning of June. I’d love some ideas on what to wear. I also would love ideas for classic shorts and top combinations. Always love jeans outfits too!!! Thank you for all of your work!!!

  15. We have a hospital foundation fundraiser on the last Friday in April. It’s a cocktail party although guys won’t be wearing tux.edos. Guys will be
    In I suits or trousers or dress shirts with a jacket. Gals in short cocktail dresses and or slacks and tops that are dresssy.
    A cute cocktail dress idea for a ‘cool’ pear shape would be welcomed.

    We are attending a late afternoon wedding the following weekend.
    June begins outdoor grad parties.

  16. Hi Jo-Lynne, the weather is 30 degrees above normal where I live. Crazy, but enjoyable! I would like to see the do’s and don’ts for wearing necklaces. Explain why a necklace works for a neckline or outfit and why another necklace would not. I like many of the other suggestions listed, thanks for asking for opinions. I hope your trip to Nashville is wonderful and I can’t wait to hear about it. To be a fly on the wall while you and Cyndi are shopping! LOL!

  17. Love your blog the info is always
    So helpful
    I would like to see also classic shorts
    Tops for the 55 and above ladies..
    Casual summer dresses
    Not a fan of capris
    Thanks all your inspiration!

  18. Hi Jolynne
    Thanks for letting us know about the DL sale. I’m hoping to place an order but each time I click on yout links it takes me to the home page of their site.
    Could it be because I am not in the US? Are you aware of other retailers offering the sale prices?
    They don’t take returns on international orders so I’ll need to do my size research well (meaning going through your posts!)
    Thank you!!

    1. Hey Aisling, so I tried clicking the product links and it takes me to the home page as well. That’s odd. So I don’t think it’s an international issue. The return issue is annoying. I am a 29 in DL1961 Emma and Florence, although I tried a 28 in those cropped Florence, and they seemed to fit (remember, I lost some weight in the fall.) I think the 29 is pretty consistently equal to a US size 8 and the 28 is equal to US size 6. I do wear a 28 in AG legging jeans (don’t know if you have any AG) but the 29 seem to be more comfortable for DL1961 Emma legging jeans. I hope that helps.

  19. I love your causal style and outlook on trends. I like to see options that are more moderate in price. Keep up all your hard work, I appreciate your dedication and openness.

  20. Hey Jo-Lynne!!! I LOVE Nashville. In fact, we plan to retire there. I went to Lipscomb and now both of my kids attend there. Hopefully you girls will have great weather. One of my favorite places to eat is SATCO (San Antonio Taco Co) We used to go there all the time when I was in college and now my kids love it and we try to go whenever we’re there. It’s pretty much on the Vandy campus. Tacos and queso…does it get any better? I’m going to try not to be jealous of y’all. Have a great trip!!!

      1. There used to be one downtown, but I thought it closed. I could easily be wrong???? I hear a lot about Bar Taco on 12th and there’s a new restaurant I want to try in Brentwood called Uncle Julio’s. (Just in case you’re looking for suggestions)????

  21. My son is graduating from college in Arizona. I think it will be pretty warm. I would love to see some styles for the warmer weather.

  22. Hi Jolynne, I just got the Talbots spring catalogue in the mail. I love their collection this season. Classy, touch of preppy, feminine, bright. Have you ever considered styling some Talbots items? Have a great day!

    1. I used to shop there when I was much younger, ironically, since it is historically more geared to middle-age women, I think. I might stop in and see what I think. I just looked a bit online, but they charge for shipping, which is unfortunate. Their prices are pretty good, and there are some cute things, but as I analyze each piece I’m drawn to, I don’t know that they would flatter me. It’s hard to tell online, though. I’m planning a trip to the mall this week, so I’ll definitely stop in.

      1. Hi Jo-Lynne, Talbot’s new catalog also has some great pattern mixing ideas that are nice for those who are new to pattern mixing and their casual clothes seem to be much more trendy than they’ve had in the past.

        I always enjoy the clothes and styles you show and would also like to see daytime graduation outfit ideas.

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