Coffee Talk 02.19.17

Coffee Talk with Jo-Lynne

Is it just me, or is February flying by? It’s hard to believe that at this time next week, I’ll be wrapping up my weekend in Nashville.

Cyndi and I are meeting up down there, and we’ve scheduled a couple of photo shoots with local photographers. I think it will be fun to work with someone other than our husbands for a change. We also want to wrap up a project we are working on that we actually started when we were there last year. Procrastinate much? LOL!! And somewhere in there, we hope to fit in some shopping because we are starting 27 Days of Spring Fashion on March 1st.

I’m hoping the weather is nicer than it was when we were there last year. We about froze. It was really quite miserable, and we weren’t doing photo shoots that time. We planned this trip for a little bit later in the season (we went in January last year) hoping for nicer weather.

Speaking of weather (because I can’t seem to write a post without a weather report) we’ve been enjoying unseasonably mild weather this weekend. It started out about 26 degrees yesterday morning, and I was pretty uncomfortable shooting two spring looks, but by noon it was 60, and I think it hit 68 before it was all said done. Plus, the sun was shining so it was absolutely glorious. I was reveling in the sound of kids playing outside again, and there was even music playing at one point. The birds are singing outside my window this morning, and it’s already 55, so I’m excited for another spring-like day.

Of course, this is what Pennsylvania does to you. You get a few mild days in February, and you start to think spring might be on its way, and then March blasts you with frigid temperatures and biting winds. April isn’t always kind to us either, but for a few days in February, we get a glimpse of nicer days to come. I’ll take it while I can get it!

Speaking of 27 Days of Spring Fashion, I’d love to hear from you. What would you like to see this time?

For those of you who are new to my blog, 27 Days of Spring Fashion is when Cyndi and I team up to share a new outfit every day for 27 days (excluding Sundays) to show you what’s trending and give you a bunch of outfit ideas for spring. We do one of these for every season. While I don’t believe in being a slave to the trends, I think it’s helpful to know what is in style, and then we can all figure out how to make it work for our individual lifestyles, body types, budgets, etc.

It’s always a bit overwhelming to start a new seasonal style series. I want to include a variety of trends as well as different styles and levels of formality, and I have so many ideas floating around in my head. It’s tempting for me to style one casual outfit after the next because that’s my lifestyle, but I try to remember that many of you work outside the home or have events to attend and want ideas for that too. Plus we are all in different parts of the country (even the world!) so what is weather-appropriate here may be different than where you are. Organizing all of my ideas and the various pieces I’m purchasing into outfits that show variety and keep it interesting is a challenge, but it’s fun!

During these style challenges, I try to walk the line between being a personal style blogger (showcasing my personal style) and being a resource for you, so I’m open to your ideas and suggestions. I’ll do my best to incorporate as many as I can.

UPDATE: Oooh, I just got back from my run and discovered a DL1961 sale! Two days only, $50 off your order with code FLASH50! I recommend any of the Emma styles as well as the Florence cropped with the frayed hem. They also make bootcut and straight styles for those of you looking for those. Oh, and this is a great white jean.

With that, I’m off to get ready for church. I hope you have a blessed Sunday!