Bootcut Jeans with a White Tee & Spring Scarf

Bootcut Jeans with a White Tee & Spring Scarf

I’ve been debating whether or not to post this outfit because the scarf sold out, and it was sort of the point of the post. Womp, womp.

Of course, there are tons of lightweight scarves out there right now and probably quite a few in your own closet, so I decided to soldier on. Hopefully this post will provide you with some outfit inspiration whether you shop your closet or shop similar styles at your favorite retailer.

Bootcut Jeans with a White Tee & Spring Scarf

The long-sleeve tee I’m wearing is part of the Nordstrom winter sale, and it’s only $10. It’s a great layering piece, and I also like to wear it alone with scarves, as seen here. It has that super long high-low hem, which you may or may not like. Banana Republic has a more traditional style here. I like a scoop neck for wearing with necklaces. It’s more flattering than a crewneck on most of us, and sometimes I get tired of wearing v-necks.

Bootcut Jeans with a White Tee & Spring Scarf

Bootcut Jeans with a White Tee & Spring Scarf
I actually wanted to style this scarf with a light pink tee, but my pink tee is short-sleeved, and it was cold the day we took these pictures.

Would you wear a scarf like this with a short-sleeved tee? Now that I’m looking at these pictures, I’m not sure. Even though it’s lightweight and has spring colors, and I think some short sleeve tops are cute with scarves, I usually try to wear a thinner one with short sleeves. This one has a lot of material and tends to look bulky even though it’s lightweight.

With skinny scarves making a comeback, I am thinking this one might look a little dated. I do love the material, though. I think the color combination is so pretty.

Bootcut Jeans with a White Tee & Spring Scarf

I wore bootcut jeans just for something different. I feel like I style skinnies all the time, plus I really like these Sam Edelman brown suede booties, and they look great with bootcut jeans.

Bootcut Jeans with a White Tee & Spring Scarf

I kept my accessories simple. These triple hoop earrings go with so much, and although they’re small, there’s enough to them to be visible. At $29, they’re a great basic to have in your jewelry box.

Bootcut Jeans with a White Tee & Spring Scarf

My handbag is old, but this color is easy to find. It’s funny, for a few years I almost never matched my bag to my shoes, and now I find myself matching more often than not. It’s completely optional to match your shoes to your bag these days — it’s all personal preference.

How do you handle this in-between weather? I think this outfit is a great transition outfit. If you live in a warmer climate, you can swap out the booties for open toe booties or even wedge sandals. I do prefer bootcut jeans with a bit of a heel; otherwise you can look stumpy.

Bootcut Jeans with a White Tee & Spring Scarf

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scoopneck tee (similar at Banana Republic) // bootcut jeans (similar on sale) // Sam Edelman Blake Booties in Woodland Suede (also at Bloomingdales) // similar cognac leather hobo handbags here, here and here; faux leather here // pretty, lightweight scarves here, here, here, and here // Stella & Dot triad earrings

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55 thoughts on “Bootcut Jeans with a White Tee & Spring Scarf

  1. Love this look! And I agree: the scarf, being full like it is, looks best to me with your long-sleeved tee. I also like wearing scarves with a white tee as it helps hide if the tee is a little thin. With a short-sleeved tee I’d wear q thinner scarf. Also, you look considerably taller in the boot-cut jeans! Very pretty outfit today. ????

  2. Nice outfit! Thank you for showing a boot cut jean. As someone with chunky thighs, I’m not comfortable with skinny jeans so I appreciate the different look. Enjoy your day 🙂

  3. I live in Savannah GA so this is what I have worn all winter. We have had such a mild winter. My winter clothes are just sitting in my closet. I love your casual outfits. I am retired so they are perfect for me. I only dress up for church. Can’t wait for your spring collection with Cyndi. Love your blog, Jo Lynne.. You do a great job.

  4. When my mom passed away a few years ago, I inherited some of her skinny scarves (about 5 in. wide but still long, like a regular scarf). Since you mentioned that type of scarf in your post today, I was wondering if you could do a post sometime on how to style skinny scarves. I love them for those transitional seasons when a heavier scarf is just too much. In fact, I’m wearing one today with a turtleneck.

  5. Wow, you definitely need to wear boot cut jeans and these booties more often – your legs look amazing!!! They go on for days!!! I’d take this look any day!’m

  6. Love the entire outift! It was nice to see you style bootcut jeans…the only jeans that really work for me. You look amazing in those jean, very long and lean. I love the scarf too….I love the entire look!!

  7. Hi jo-Lynne – have you ever styled tieks or do u have any? I see people rave about them but they are an investment for real!

  8. Hey babes! Before I even read the post, I ordered your darling hi-lo tee. I can replicate this look by Thursday, with any luck. Just need to lose about 25 pounds while I wait for the tee to arrive.

    You look smashing! Such a simple outfit but you radiate confidence and a bit of springy sunshine. Glad you soldiered on even though the scarf is sold out online. We can all do a little reconnaissance for something similar in our closets. I have one from Loft Outlet that is almost identical. Now to find it. Before Thursday.

    Have a warm week!

  9. Love your outfit! Not sure when you are getting into Nashville. Friday is going to be in the 70’s and stormy but the rest of the weekend sunny and 50’s. Hope you and Cindy have a great time! I live 30 min outside Nashville..

  10. You look great in boot cut jeans. They make your legs look longer and leaner.
    I know the new trend is for skinny scarves but I love my infinity scarfs. I have them in several weights. So, I’m going to keep wearing them. I love the soft colors in your scarf. Perfect for this time of year.

  11. You look cute in your outfit. I have the similar scarf Nordstrom had out for Fall and I believe you even styled it. I could easily wear it for transition. Transition from Winter to Spring is hard for me. I want less bulky sweaters and lighter colors, but then end up being too cold. We are having cool rainy temps and they say low snow levels for later in the week. 🙁 This is odd for Oregon to have so much snow this last Winter. I’m ready for Spring. I use to love my bootcut jeans, but then once I started wearing skinnies, I can’t go back. I have learned though to never say NEVER when it comes to styling. 🙂 I’m sure we all will be back to our wearing bootcut jeans and skinnies, someday, will be totally out. I wish styles would stay as ANYTHING GOES. Please share pictures of your Nashville trip with Cyndi.

  12. I love this transitional look. You’ve inspired me to search my closet as I know I’ve got a pair of boot cut jeans somewhere. I also agree that the scarf might be a bit much with a short sleeve tee. A 3/4 sleeve shirt would look nice with it though,I think.

  13. AYW is very proud of you today I am sure! Currently in class at your suggestion. Fellow short waisted curvy so love to see your style!

  14. I like this transitional outfit on you! Being in a warmer climate, I would have to wear either a 3/4 sleeve or short sleeve top, with a less bulky scarf.

  15. Ok JoLynne…..have you lost weight?? (You are looking thinner in your pictures.) I love todays outfit. I think I will order a few of those tees. Such a great price point. I’m with you about the big scarves. I think maybe they have been overdone. I am looking forward to your spring series with Cyndi, and seeing some of the smaller scarves styled. Thank you for keeping us looking great.

  16. You look beautiful in these photos, Jo-Lynne. The colors look so pretty on you. And, the jeans – they accentuate your legs beautifully. Looking forward to your collab. with Cyndi.

  17. I love your hair like that, Jo-Lynne! And the bootcut jeans look amazing on you. Skinnies do too of course, but bootcuts can really seem to elongate any leg!

  18. Great outfit! I love scarves but have a difficult time styling them … they look great on your blog but feel too bulky on me. I suspect I need a lesson in tying/wrapping. Would love to see on blog post tutorial on this subject. Or am I alone in being scarf-challenged? ????

    1. Try Wendy’s Lookbook, 25 Ways to Tie a Scarf, on YouTube. It is a great video on scarf tying and just under five minutes. Like all YouTube videos, you can pause it at any time. If you see anything you like, Wendy did companion videos on exactly how to tie each one.

      1. Oooh, that is really good. I just watched it. I have seen one like it that was making its rounds for a while that was good as well – very similar to that. It’s really helpful to study those videos.

    2. Hey Julie, it doesn’t come easily to me either. I have watched some videos, as Abby suggests. I also did a tutorial a while ago, but it didn’t address infinity scarves. With infinity scarves, I just spend some time working it till I like how it looks, but sometime I can never quite get it to suit myself. 🙂

  19. I wear boot cut jeans often, but find myself wearing them with my pointed toed Stetson Cowgirl boots, and wearing my booties with my dresses and tights or my skinny jeans.

    I handle the transitional weather here in Western North Dakota on a day to day basis, using layering pieces like tanks, cardigans and vests, and sometimes cuddle duds 😉

  20. Hi Jo-Lynne,
    Can you share where your scarf is from in case it restocks? It’s still chilly here in Chicago and spring scarves are a must.
    Also, I love a good boot cut jean. I think it’s a classic look that is very flattering on every shape so keep them coming.


    1. Hi Ann, sure, it is Nordstrom, and I got it in the BP. department. If you’re in Chicago, maybe stop into a Nordstrom store and take a look? Often when things like this are gone from the site, I’ve seen them in the store still.

  21. You look absolutely incredible in those bootcut jeans! I own only skinny jeans, but after seeing your photos, I want to try on some bootcut styles.

  22. Love, love this outfit!! You look great! I have always loved boot cut jeans. I also like the tee with the scarf and the bag. Super cute!!

  23. I have to say you look amazing in the boot cut jeans!! You really should style them more often. Legs for miles and not sure if it is the jeans but you look like you have lost weight?? Maybe it is the clean eating and running. I need to get on that routine! I love your blog!!

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